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Scarnettis of Sandpoint

Titus Scarnetti ca 4708
Perhaps Sandpoint's most notorious noble family, many of Sandpoint's elderly Varisian locals still haven't forgotten or forgiven Alamon Scarnetti's assault on their people more than 40 years ago, even with Alamon 20 years in the ground at the Sandpoint Cemetery. 

The Scarnettis of Sandpoint 
Now headed by Alamon's only surviving son Titus (age 45 in M1 4712, 52 in 4719) one of very few Sandpointers to escape the Burning of Sandpoint in M10 4708the family controls Sandpoint region's mills and the lumber industry.  The Scarnettis are a traditional family, who cling to old Chelish 
Lucia Scarnetti ca 4708
values that are, according to some, outdated today. Titus Scarnetti is married to Lucia Scarnetti (nee Charvos) (age 37 in 4712, 44 in 4719). Younger than him but no less traditional, she usually remains aloof at the new Scarnetti Manor. Lucia reveres Iomedae the Inheritor, former Herald of Aroden and patron demigoddess of her family. 

Lucia Scarnetti: "The Charvos, like the Scarnetti, are old Chelish stock. My ancestors were strong in the faith of Aroden, blessed was His name. We still maintain the old virtues. The Lord of Hell has no hold on *our* hearts. Aroden is gone now, and Cheliax is fallen to Evil, but we do not despair. Here on the wild Varisian frontier, hope yet remains!" She clenches a small pale fist. "To drive back the Darkness and seek a better dawn!"

Titus & Lucia Scarnetti had one surviving child from the sack of Sandpoint, their 15  year old (in 4712) daughter Benta, captured in the sack of Scarnetti manor M10 4708, but ransomed along with Lucia back to Titus a year later, in M10 4709. Her older brothers Dario (then age 16)  and Gradon (then age 14) perished at the blades of Nualia's goblins, who burned Scarnetti manor. Following captivity by the Lamashtu cult, Benta was not believed to be marriageable, causing Titus to seek another heir (in 4715 Benta joined Windsong Abbey as a novice of Saranrae). As of M1 4712 Lucia was pregnant with Titus' fourth child. Some whispered that any child of Lucia will likely be born tainted by the Mother of Monsters...
Pathfinders met Scarnettis 20/7/4712. Scarnetti child born 27/7/4712 - healthy baby boy, Titus Alamon Quillux Scarnetti, delivered by Quillax the Pathfinder. Age 7 in 4719.
Pathfinders visited again 4/6/4713

The Scarnettis are also influential in Magnimar, led by Titus’ cousin Gradon and elderly aunt Urtilia Mendion, Alamon’s sister. 

Scarnetti Manor, Sandpoint

Titus also has two sisters, the elder Amona is married with children in Magnimar. 

Alicia Scarnetti ca 4708-4718 AR
The younger is Titus' baby sister, the shapely and glamorous  Alicia Scarnetti, some twelve years younger than him.  She vanished (29/10/4708 AR - 29/3/2015 AD) in the Sack of Sandpoint, and was believed dead until her unexpected return one year ago (16/2/4718 AR - 30/10/2017 AD) - she claims to have spent the years on another world! Age 40 in 4719, but having missed nearly ten years of Golarion's life (less than 17 months passed on Ghrenrek-4 from late M11 4445 -16/5/4447 BCCC) she now looks much younger, about 30-32. 
Alicia is said to be a woman of easy virtue, having had several notable paramours such as a Kaijitsu scion and the adventurer Lance Harcourt. While away she also developed sorcerous powers (Sorc-5). She also seems to be a Seeress, with the gift of strange visions.

Titus Scarnetti has a notorious liking for his Shoanti 'indenture' girls, and a half dozen Shoanti girls serve at Scarnetti Manor as housemaids, milkmaids, and farm girls.  They typically wear (at most) short dresses of plain unbleached cotton. Titus' long-suffering wife Lucia is said to turn a discrete eye to Titus' 'romantic' shenanigans, as long as they stay firmly outside the villa...

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