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Matrix Sorcica writes:
Hi, very interested in this. Do you have notes, campaign outline, lessons learned etc.? I read your campaign blog, but find it difficult to extract the reasonss as to why you mashed the two AP's the way you did.

My answer:
I didn't write an outline in advance, I don't do a huge amount of prep. The basic idea was that Karzoug's rise and the quest for the Sihedron proceeded in parrallel and the PCs & GM would usually have a choice what to do next, to get away from the very linear feel that bugged me running Crimson Throne. I also did not want the "let's get to the end of the line" feel I felt running Crimson Throne, where the goal was always to beat the BBEG at the end of book 6. I felt it was better to have too much material and do what interested the players. I was trying to get something of a living world feel within the constraints of an AP.
Lessons learned - well I found I worried too much trying to convert countless weird monsters from PF Bestiary 2/3 to 5e, in retrospect it worked best when I just ignored them, maybe used an existing 5e monster, maybe made something up whole cloth. Shattered Star especially, but Runelords also in places, suffers from too many strings of static monsters sitting in rooms. It worked best when PCs could evade or negotiate, or a bunch of monsters ganged up in one big fight.
I did find that 5e play balance remained good even at high level; unlike in Pathfinder the battles never felt trivial.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Postscript - Alicia Scarnetti

The planet Ghenrek-IV, a long way away from Golarion.

The village green of Thusia, around midnight, 16/5/4447 BCCC.

Alicia Scarnetti, younger sister of Titus Scarnetti:
"Excuse me... Lord Thuruar? Lady Meda? If you would... Can you find out about my world? Are the Rune Lords victorious?"

Archpriest Thuruar looks puzzled at Alicia's words. Meda smiles, shakes her head.

"No, Alicia. Only yesterday the forces of Light won a great victory. The one called Mokmurian is dead, the threat of the Rune Lords ended, for now. That campaign is over..."

Simon OOC literally - :)
Chris OOC: It seems that many campaigns are drawing to a close?

"In that case Lord Thuruar, please Banish me home, like you did those other girls."

Hakeem Godslayer:
"Good bye, Alicia. This world is a little colder without Rey."

Alicia looks around Thusia one last time as Thuruar grips his Athena-owl focus and intones the ritual of banishment.

"Rey, Bjornolf, Ursa..."

Alicia Scarnetti:
"Much colder, Hakeem..." her voice on the breeze, and she is gone.

"The cost has been heavy, Hakeem. Let it be enough. Let the days of peace begin now."

"The night grows cold. Come, all of you, into my Hall."

Sunday, 29 October 2017

ep 64 22-30/6/4713 AR & on, Mokmurian defeated, Runelords Unrisen (for now).

Clank slays Mokmurian with the Sword of Greed, turning him to red quartz. Runelord Karzoug possesses the corpse and monologues, mocking the group and promising that the souls of the slain will feed his power. Group find the Therassic Library, Clank falls for the Librarian (repaired by Quillax). Wind Walk to Riddleport, Conna the Wise persuades the stone giant army to go home. Riddleport celebrates, gives heroes freedom of the city (with 1000gp medallions).

It seems that without the deaths of thousands intended by Runelord Karzoug, the Runewells will not soon provide him enough soul energy to escape whatever prison binds him.

Back in Magnimar there is much rejoicing; Mayor Grobaras makes the PCs Lords of Magnimar.

Quillax Druid 18 - Lady of Wolf's Ear & Warden of Jorgenfist, including the Therassic Library.
Claw Goliath Barbarian 18 - Warden of the Storval Stairs & Lord of Ravenmoor (Hellknights recalled).
Yukiko Cleric 16 of Irori - given Kaijitsu estate in Magnimar, and made Abbess of Windsong Abbey.
Sephiria Kaddren is also formally made Lady of Hook Mountain, including Turtleback Ferry & Fort Rannick.

Sheila Heidmarch takes reports from the Pathfinders; the Guiltspur is likely too heavily defended to make retrieving the sixth Shard of Sin practical, at least for now.

And now the years of peace begin...

The End (for now)

Quillax Final Account

- Defeats some Hounds of Tindalos
- Fight and Defeat Mokmurian and his minions
- Bring Conna to Riddleport and she convinces fighting to stop
- All members of the party are honoured with Lordship/Ladyship and lands


We stepped away from the Library doors and their spell of calming and headed East to check out a door by a collapsed wall. The collapsed area had opened a hole which we were able to climb through and bypass the locked door. 

The walls of the room were completely smooth except a small crack, putting me in mind of the Hounds of Tindalos which we had encountered before and before I could comment this to my companions, three Hounds slipped out of the crack. Two of Hounds headed for me and one for Yukiko. We engaged the Hounds. While we were fighting the Hounds, I heard a Giant chanting somewhere nearby and the doors opened after we had killed two of the Hounds. Some monsters stepped out from what appeared to be an old lecture room. Beyond the doors, we could see Mokmurian, a Stone Giant, sitting upon a giant chair. He was very small for a Stone Giant. The threw a fireball and hit Clank, Claw, myself, and the remaining Hound.

The Owlbears from the lecture room attacked us and Clank killed the Hound while Claw worked on the Owlbears. We fought the beasts and had to deal with Mokmurian throwing fireballs at us. We could see he had some sort of reddish fire shield around. 

Once the owlbears were dealt with, Claw drank a potion of Enlarge and charged down the room towards Mokmurian. We all moved carefully through the room towards him, dodging Mokmurian's scorching ray as best we could. Claw landed a very solid first blow on Mokmurian and they traded blows while Mokmurian still threw spells at us, while we either attacked with steel or magic. It was Clank who landed the fatal blow with his Sword, turning Mokmurian to Red Quartz.

While the stone spell was spreading, Mokmurian's eyes turned emerald and a strange voice spoke through him, which we understood to be Karzoug, Runelord of Greed. He mentioned armies of Xin-Shalast, a legendary city. And he gloated that the Stone Giants that were fighting and dying in Riddleport were feeding his power and bringing him closer to revival.

We knew that anyone that died while wearing the Sihedron would power a RuneLord, but we did not think of it on this scale. 

Conna urged us to bring her to Riddleport so she could stop the fighting. 

We agreed but wanted to check the Library for any further information. She warned us that opening the Library doors without the key would cause the Shining Child to appear and try to kill you, but luckily for us, we collected the key from Mokmurian's body. 

The Great Library was unusual in that it was primarily made up of a large shaft in the floor. Numerous glowing crystal lanterns lined the walls and there were runes carved into the wall. It was run by a Librarian Clank who was 10,246 years overdue for his maintenance check and was moving badly. I did a quick repair so it could move more easily and we were informed that there were 24,491 scrolls, books and manuscripts available to us. We asked for anything on Karzoug, Atasnis, Lord of Wrath. There was only one crude looking book on Wrath, but there were some on Karzoug. 

Clank asked to stay with the Librarian and as he had been my loyal companion for some time, I was pleased to grant his request, and promised to send some GolemWorks repairmen to help sort his companion. 

We hurried to Riddleport through WindWalk and once we had found a safe place to return to solid form, we found ourselves faced with two leaders of the Giants. 

The first was Teratinus, Commander of the Giants, who had retrieved the Kreeg Mauls (and who's pet dragon we had killed). Upon recognizing us, he moved to attack us but was held by back the second leader. Conna convinced them that Mokmurian was dead and that their deaths would only power another. 

Her words were so powerfully spoken, that the Giants agreed to stop immediately and leave. We could see that all the Stone Giants had the Sihedron on the back of their necks as they walked away from us. Conna bid us farewell and left with them.

We stopped in at Riddleport to explain that they were now safe and were each given a necklace that marked us as friends of Riddleport and that anyone we spoke to there should help us. 

After that, we returned to Magnimar and festivities were thrown in our honour. We were made Lords and Ladies of Magnimar. 

I was given Ladyship of my home, Wolf's Ear, as well as the Library of Thassilon where Clank and his companion construct resided. 

Yukiko was given the Sandpoint Glassworks and made Abbotess of Windsong Abbey. She was also given Kijitsu Estate in Magnimar.

Claw was given Lordship of the Storval Stairs and Ravenmoor.

Sepheria was given Ladyship of Hook Mountain.

Researchers from the Pathfinders reported back that the by shopping the Army at Riddleport, we stopped Karzoug temporarily. 

As the next shard is in a heavily guarded area, Sheila has indicated that she is hesitant to launch a mission for now and the Pathfinders are waiting while more research is done.

I have decided to retire from the Pathfinders for now, having been involved in many adventures. I will guard some of the treasures that have been given to my care and will protect both my home and the Library of Thassilon, where my companions and those known to them will be welcome but intruders will face my wrath. I will clean up the building, destroy any remaining monsters, and restore the Librarian.

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ep 63 22/6/13 Fortress of the Stone Giants #2

Joined by Shieldbiter the Dragonborn, the group fight down to the next level, reaching the door to the Therassic Library.

22-Oct Journal]
- An ally Dragonborn "Shieldbiter" gets sent by his Dragon Gods to assist us in freeing the two dragons
- Free Econtredor and Sulaminga
- Kill 2 Lamia
- Kill 2 Trolls Hurek and Durek
- Defeat Giant (it runs away on very low health)
- Fight 4 stone giants. Kill 1 and the other eventually flee.
- Kill Fat Giant in the psychic attack room
- Slip past Stone Golem guard because all of group is as tall as Giants (Clank hidden behind Q).
- Kill the 4 Iron zombies and the Headless Lord.
- Kill ForgeFiend.
- Affected by Calm Emotion spell by Great Library doors. Go take a short rest.
I was somewhat surprised by the sudden appearance of a Dragonborn, who appeared to be surprised by his own appearance (still holding a mug of ale).
We challenge him and he identifies himself as a friend, nicknamed Shieldbiter, send by his Dragon Gods to assist and free the mentally enslaved dragons. I decide to watch him carefully but as we are outnumbered, any assistance, however unexpected, is currently welcome.
Koriah, Yukiko, and Conna are able to hold off the Stone Giants in a narrow pass, allowing the rest of us to concentrate on the mind controlled dragons and the Lamia.
Before being engaged by the Stone Giants, Yukiko managed to cast Dispel Magic on one of the Dragons, Econtredor, and he is mentally freed. Shieldbiter shouts to the Dragon and he decides to assist us while he gets revenge and goes to attack the Lamia that enslaved it.
I cast Dispel Magic on the other Dragon, Sulamina, and she also listens to the Dragonborn, moving to attack the Lamia.
Claw killed one of the Lamia and the other called for Hurek and Durek, two trolls, who appeared from the next room, before she cast Charm Monster on Sulaminga again. The Lamia then tried to run.
Econtredor gave chase, taking a hit from his enslaved sister but continues his attack on the Lamia.
I decide that destroying the Lamia is better than another dispel and cast Wall of Fire on her and the Trolls. Unfortunately, it doesn't do enough damage and so Sulaminga attacks her brother and the Trolls roar an alert. I can hear some very enormous Giant approaching.
Shieldbiter flies up and kills the Lamia with his crossbow, which frees Sulaminga from the Charm. Claw attacks one of the Trolls and I send Clank flying on his wings towards the approaching Giant.
Econtredor decides he is done and retreats while the Trolls continue to attack Claw. The Trolls tries to run and Claw pins one. I mount the broom and take to the air for a clear shot with a flames cantrip at a Troll then follow Clank towards the approaching Giant to hold it off. Sulaminga decides to run and follows her brother, leaving Claw and Shieldbiter to the Trolls.
An enormous Giant covered in glowing Thesselonian runes steps around the corner. He does an Earthquake Roar, which knocks over Yukiko, Koriah, and Conna as well as all the Giants they were fighting. Luckily Clank and I were in the air and the others were too far to be affected.
Shieldbiter kills a Troll with his family sword while Clank dives in against the Giant. The Econtredor and Sulaminga escape past the Giant while the Troll continued to attack Claw. The Giant struck Clank and I doing a great deal of damage. I shape changed into an Adult Red Dragon for additional health, strength, and to prevent the Giant getting past me to our allies. The Giant struck Clank and I again, damaging Clank severely.
Shieldbiter and Claw continue their fight against the Troll with Claw landing the fatal blow. Clank disengages from the Giant at my command and I attack in fury. The Giant runs.
Shieldbiter and Claw slip past me to head out to the other fight with the Stone Giants. I hesitated but then followed them instead of giving chase to the other Giant.
I roared a frightening roar and two were caught in the fear of it. Shieldbiter killed a Stone Giant before one of the Stone Giants decided to run. Conna takes advantage of the situation and shouts at them in Giantish to try to convince them to give up. She is very convincing and they disengage and flee at her words.
We spend a brief moment looting the corpses before we follow Conna through a tunnel towards the South East that descends deep. We guess we are about 800 feet underground and are possibly below the Black Tower.
The workmanship looks very familiar suddenly - no corners or cracks, which puts me in mind of the Hounds of Tanderus - the demon dogs which can enter the realm through a sharp edge. Luckily, there are no cracks in these walls. I also notice an abstract pattern, which reminds me of the Thorassic Spire, where Sepheria was entranced at the Library. This area had obviously used to be inhabited by Librarians. I encourage the group to move quickly past this area.
There is talk that deep somewhere there is a clockwork servant Librarian, of a similar look to Clank.
The halls became too small for my Dragon form, so I shifted to a Goristo. We stepped into a room and were attacked psychically. We all avoided the mental attacks and the odd shinking spell. We looked over to see a fat Giant, looking surprised that we were unaffected.
I charged him and knocked him prone and Claw landed the killing blow. We looted his breastplate and continued forward. Since Clank was still badly damaged, I carried him on my back.
In the next room was a RuneSlave Cauldron, which would be used to enslave Giants. It released a noxious gas which poisoned anyone that identified as Good Alignment. I managed to avoid being poisoned and as we started forward, a large Stone Golem stepped into the room and stated "Destroy all non-Giants". It scans us and allows us to pass since we were all extremely tall and Clank was hidden behind me. We sneak Clank past it.
The next room was very cold and a Headless Lord stood covered in blood but unmoving in front of a line of Ogres and Hill Giant iron statues, encased in plate-mail. We considered the Headless Lord could possibly be a statue, but when Shieldbiter started to discuss about attacking them, the statues came to life and instead attacked us.
Shieldbiter and Claw engaged the Headless Lord. I put Clank in a safe spot and charged one of the Iron Zombies, destroying it.
While the zombies attack, the room seems to be getting darker. Shieldbiter lands the destroying blow on the Headless Lord and the darkness fades away. We continue to attack the zombies, with Shieldbiter landing another kill and I took out the last two.
I could sense the Headless Lord's empty neck was some sort of scrying screen and that we were being watched. There was nothing to be done about that but move on to the next room.
The next room contained a Forge Fiend, a mechanical monster that spewed fire. Again, I left Clank outside to continue his repairs. The room was hugely tall - at least 100' high. Claw attacked the Forgefiend and I switched to a Baby Red Dragon form to be fireproof. The Forgefiend tried Flesh-to-Stone on me, but I was able to avoid it. Claw killed the Forgefiend, which spewed out lava, burning Claw and Shieldbiter a little.
We moved onto the next area, which was marked as the Great Library (in Thesselonian). Written on the door are meditative prayer to the Peacock spirit, which we had come across once before I was affected by a Calm Emotions spell.
We decided to take a short rest before we tackled the door again.
While we rested, Shieldbiter was suddenly swept away by the same magic that had deposited him earlier. We assumed that the Dragons must have made it somewhere safe and his task was complete so his Gods had called him back.
We had no time to puzzle over his disappearance as we had to focus. We turned our attention back to the double doors of the Great Library and were able to open the doors. We could see that there were doors to the North and South and a single door on the far end of the room.
We waited for the others to catch up.

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ep 62 To 22/6/13 House - Magnimar - Jorgenfist; Fortress of the Stone Giants #1

After gathering components from the Varisians near Sandpoint 14-20/6/13, Yukiko conducts a Hallow ritual on Foxglove Manor. The House fights back with fear and phantasms, but eventually as dawn breaks 21/6/13 gives up and slides into the sea, its evil vanquished at last.

21/6/13 Dinner with Haldmeer Grobaras, he gifts Yukio a 10,000 gp diamond necklace. Giants have reached Riddleport and will soon be besieging the city, which expects to hold out for a week or two. Group agree to go to Jorgenfist and eliminate Mokmurian, the giant leader.

22/6/13 At dawn Quillax casts Wind Walk, for 300 miles the group travel all day, reaching Jorgenfist towards evening, and descend into darkness. Yukiko & Claw meet Conna the Wise, widow of the previous giant chief, who offers to aid them against Mokmurian.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

ep 61 13/6/13 Doomsday Door #8 - closed

While Yukiko's ritual weakens the Groetan crypt defences, the rest of the group press on, destroy 12 Groetan mummies, then ally with the undead Groetan high priest to defeat Ardathanatus and close the portal on demon lord Yamasoth.

- Yukiko does Ritual of Sanctification
- Destroy 4 x Will-o-wisp type creatures
- Burn 12 mummies
- Convince Mummy Lord Kandamereus to assist us against Ardathanatus
- Destroy 2 x Stone Golems, 2 x Gongorian Crab demons, and 4 x Sinspawn
- Kill Ardathnatus, prevent Yamasoth from entering via the Doomsday Door, retrieve Shard of Envy (secured in Ioun Stone)
Journal :
Yukiko decided to try a Ritual of Sanctification to suppress the magic runes in the trapped hallway. She could run the ritual for an hour. The runes in the hall turned silver as they were suppressed.
Beyond the trapped hall, we find a column with runes inscribed upon it. It tells us to present the Key to the End Times and State the Grotin Prayer to be recognised as an Acolyte.
We don't know the prayer and shortly after we entered the room, the runes began glowing brighter and swirled into four wispy figures, which we assumed were Grotin Guardians but looked like will-o-wisps. They attack us and we fought back, destroying them. The runic words dissipated upon their defeat. We could see globes of blue light shaped like skulls within the walls, but they were held back by Yukiko's magic. Upon a brief, closer inspection, we could see the skulls were surrounded by runes of light.
We hurried into the next room where there were four sarcophagi around the four corners with a fifth in the middle, with the lid partly opened. Claw peered inside and saw a skeleton with skull damage. It appeared that the corpse had gotten up and been struck down again. Claw closes the lid, just in case, and he decides to run ahead and see if he can see anything. The rest of the party started back to the previous room where there were further doors, when Claw came running back with a small horde of mummies behind him. Other mummies rise up out of the sarcophagi around us. Claw killed one but due to the sheer numbers, I decided to lay down a Wall of Fire, catching 7 mummies in the initial wall, destroying them. The rest of the mummies mindlessly strode into the fire and burned away.
We proceed along the burial chambers and find a sarcophagus with 2 doomsday locks. A Mummy Lord steps out and introduces himself as Kandamereus. We convince him, using Ardathanatus' Diary (Secrets of the Black Fire) in which he had admitted his crimes, that we were not the threat and we were only there to stop Ardathanatus. He asked us a series of questions about the state of the world, which we answered, and Claw invited him to come fight Ardathanatus with us, which he agreed to do. I was able to pick the second doomsday lock, which we turned the key in the first, and we were able to proceed towards the Door.
The next door was guarded by two stone golems carved with Ardathanatus' face. We fought them and after some struggle, I struck down the first and Claw struck down the second. Before proceeding through the next door, Kandamereus informed us that Zolerim had another Doomsday Key on his person, so Koriah quickly ran off to fetch it so we could proceed. When she returned, we moved into the next room. 4 Sinspawn, 2 demon crabs, and Ardathanatus stood in front of a pulsing 'breathing' door. When the door exhaled, anyone of Good or Lawful mind, were injured. When the door inhaled, anyone of Evil or Chaotic mind were healed.
Claw charged in and started to attack. As we were again outnumbered, I cast Fire Storm, striking every enemy in the room. Ardathanatus cast Blade Barrier, which caught all of us but Claw. Most the enemies headed towards Claw and the Crabs grabbed hold of him. We headed towards him to try to rescue him. Koriah killed a Sinspawn. Clank killed a crab demon and a sinspawn. Another Fire Storm took out two more sinspawn. Claw was able to avoid getting beheaded and Kandamereus killed the final crab.
As we fought against Ardathanatus, we could see the door slowly widen. Knowing we did not want that door to open, I shapechanged into an Adult Red Dragon and planted myself in front of the Door, preventing it from opening further. Koriah killed Ardathanatus and, as feared, his death opened a portal briefly behind the Door. Yamasoth tried to push through by I held it shut against his first shove. Claw held it shut against the second shove. He did not have a third attempt as the portal closed, preventing the Demon Lord from entering our realm.
Taking human form, I plucked the Shard from Ardathanatus' body and trapped it within the Ioun Stone. I got a vision of a Towering Green Spire in Varisia, most likely the Gilt Spire on the Storval Plateau, which we knew to be part embassy, part laboratory, and part portal.
Kandamereus excused himself back to his crypt and we looted the bodies.
We would need to make our way back to Magnimar, but perhaps we would sanctify the upper church and the Foxglove Manor first.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

ep 60 11-13/6/13 Beyond the Doomsday Door #7

Group returns to Magnimar for a 2-night long rest, continues exploring. Ardanthatus ritual might be completed within the next day or so...

Claw Account

[24 – Sept]
- Collected stash of secret scroll
- Killed 6 Sin spawn
- Free Gien Kafig
- Killed 2 Chain devils
- Killed 4 Wraiths
- Killed 1 preist (Zolerim)
- Translated the secret scrolls
- Obtained a Luck Blade
After recovering from our rest in the Night Hags chamber, we were told by Nildus Thilano that another priest – Gein Kafig – may still be alive. Continuing to explore the current floor we discovered an apparently unstable portal we decided that it was too unstable to risk traversing, so we moved on. As we continued search the floor we found a library occupied by Rick Peakes, an unusual creature that had no mouth and appeared to speak using telepathy. Merely looking at the creature caused a wave of fear to wash over the party, Claw found himself unable to enter the room (which he blamed on his fear of books).
When Quillax asked Rick if she could read the books he told her that he was ordered by his master to guard them from anyone other than him. Searching the room Quillax found a hidden door, inside of which were a small stack of hidden scrolls.
Continuing onwards we were attacked by 6 Sin Spawn, during the attack Zolerim – The traitorous priest that sided with the Medusa we had defeated previously – Launched a fireball into the fray hitting both our group and the Sin Spawn – before retreating into a nearby room. After finishing the Sin Spawn were defeated we rushing into the room to find Zolerim standing next to a table with two Chain devils standing over the sleeping form of Gein. Using mental chains that appeared to sprout from Gien's head the Chain Devil stuck at Claw, as the fight the went on Zolerim unfortunately escaped the chamber.
Quillax restored Gein to consciousness and we pulled back to Magmannar (via a toilet shaft to the amusement of all involved) to recover our resources and drop off the two preists. While we rested Shiela translated the documents from the hidden stash which revealed the location of a special Cold Forge that could be used to rejoin the shard of sin.
We returned to the abbey through the toilet route again, and continued down further. As we continued down the stairs a small devil appeared claiming to be sent by the Efreet that Quillax had planar shifted earlier in the dungeon and offered her a luck blade as a reward. We ended a room with a wall that Quillax recognised as being made from a wall of stone spell. Creating an opening she uncovered a path that lead a cave that opened into the sea, judging from the tide (which was out at the time) at high tide the current room might experience flooding.
Stepping into the next room we heard Zolerim call out for Rick. Quillax disguised herself as Rick and claimed that she had brought the rest of the party as a sacrifice. With this Zolerim summoned four wraiths from the surrounding coffins to attack us. A well timed Turn undead spell from Yukiko sent the wraiths fleeing, we cut down two of them before bringing down Zolerim before the remaining wraiths returned.
After searching Zolerim's room off to the side we press forward into a room covered in tapestries with a collapsed path to one side with a small opening and a Doomsday locked door ahead. Attempting to unlock the door triggered a spike trap, deciding that we might be able to bypass the trap if we used the small opening in the collapsed hall we found it to be extremely difficult if not outright impossible for Yukiko and Claw to traverse.

Monday, 18 September 2017

ep 59 11/6/4713 AR Beyond the Doomsday Door #6

Quillax Claw & Yukiko proceed down through Groetan tunnels with Koriah Azmeren & Clank, defeating demons of Yamasoth & rescuing a priest of Erastil.

Quillax Account

- killed 5 Skulks - 1 runs away
- Open another doomsday lock and go to different, less safe part of dungeon (close door behind)
- copy down prophesies from art work
- kill 2 demon craps (qlippoths)
- Defeat Night Hag (it runs away) and free some souls
- Banish Gorista / Minotaur and free old priest
- Free Efreet and salamander companions using planar shift
- collect important armour/halberd loot
While we were regrouping, we were ambushed by six skulks that came from the direction of the cistern - probably from the unexplored hallway. The attacked with acid arrows and damaged my fire elemental form heavily. Koriah and Yukiko worked together and killed a skulk and I took water elemental form to help negate the acid. Clank and Claw engaged skulks on different sides of the hallway and Koriah manages to shove one into the cistern with her aklas where it struggled while Yukiko assisted me with healing magic. Claw killed a skulk and gave chase after one that attempted to run. Koriah killed a skulk while I drowned the one in the cistern. Claw killed another but one escaped us and was too quick for us to chase. While we quickly gathered the loot and dealt with injuries, we heard a scream from the direction the skulk ran off (down the stairs). Koriah told us that this level was occupied by the priests and the lower levels were sealed off. All the tunnels under Windsong Abbey were build by the Cult of Grotis and the cult members had sealed themselves inside the tunnels (most likely as undead).
Having heard the scream, we decided to go through the nearby Doomday Locked door and investigate that first. We used the same key and combination and were able to enter. There was an odd moon globe which revealed to have a skull like face representing Grotis, which leered at us. It lit up more as we approached. We understood this to be an Orb of Grotis, common in Grotin temples, which serve as windows for powerful Grotin clerics to look through, so it was likely that one of the Grotin clerics was aware of us. Koriah mentioned that this area made her somewhat afraid as it had not been secured by the Windsong Priests, so we would likely run into Grotins as well as other enemies.
[3000 xp each incl Koriah and Clank]
We head down the stairs and enter a room with frescos that had to be at least 10000 years old. It was decorated by the representation of Grotis' Herald (before he was transformed). There were prophesies on the mural referencing recent events from our era (start of the Age of Lost Omens) and even the fall of the Aslanti. We take some time to copy down the prophesies for later study.
Koriah hears some scuttling noises down the hall and I go to investigate. I shake off some vertigo, possibly of some mental attack or some charm on the room. Inside a demonic entity shaped like a crab (Qlippoth, demon of Yamasoth) rises up out of the floor. Koriah hears another behind. We split the party with Koriah and Claw heading behind and Clank and I attacking the one in front. The Crab demon attacks Clank and spears to try to implant an egg in him, unsuccessfully due to his metal construction. Koriah later informs us she dodged a similar fate. Yukiko banishes one and then Claw and Koriah kill the other.
[2000 xp each, incl Koriah and Clank]
We decide to bypass this level and head down to the one below, which had a room showing the sinking of Aslanti. We collect an odd blue crystal Aslanti every burning lamp and spread out on guard as I open a door. Inside there is an Efreet and some fire salamanders. The Efreet is working on a suit of armour made of horucalcom sky metal, which is the rarest of sky metals known to warp time (initiative bonus). There is a completed halberd at her feet. She bids us go, as she is almost done and would prefer not to fight us. We close the door.
Clank alerts us to movement and a vicious Night Hag suddenly is in our midst, attacking Yukiko. We attack the Night Hag, and I manage to Whelm it, but the Hag disappears into the Etheral Realm where we cannot follow. Seeing a door move, I go to close it in hopes of trapping the hag inside the room, but she appears and casts Confusion on us. Claw, Clank, and I are all confused, but Yukiko and Koriah are not. Unfortunately, in my confusion, I struck Yukiko, but did not cause her much damage. The Hag catches most of us with Lightning Bolt and after some more fighting, the Hag retreats and does not return. Those still affected with Confusion are returned to their right mind.
I open the door again to try to talk to the Efreet and get a face full of fire, so I close the door once more.
[2000 xp each]
We step into the Night Hag's chamber for a short rest to heal and free the trapped souls in the soul jars so the Hag cannot turn them into demons.
Without any direction, we pick a hallway at random and end up at a door that smells like acrid animals. Claw opens the door and reveals a minotaur. He fails to persuade it and it starts to head to attack us, but Yukiko banishes it.
[3000 xp player characters only]
We hear a quavering voice from the Southern-most cells and find an old man, Nildus Thilano chained within. Koriah recognises him and we free him by Claw ripping off the cell doors and breaking the chains. He tells us that the Doomsday Door is much lower down under us, and he informs us that he was tortured and was going to be sacrificed first to the polymorph plague. He also tells us there is treasure in the chest by the desk.
[600 xp each]
After being healed somewhat, Priest Nildus speaks with Koriah and she tells us that the armour the Efreet was smithing was for Ardathanatus for when he opens the Door. The ritual is set to take place in 3 nights time. We decide to steal the armour. We have him wait down the hall while we position ourselves in front of the door, which we push open confidently.
We manage to convince the Efreet we do not want to fight, but to send her home, and she agrees. I invoke a planar shift and send all the fire creatures back to their home plane. We collect the unfinished armour and the completed halberd and consider our next move.
[2500 xp each]
Loot - all loot provided to James to track in his spreadsheet.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

ep 58 11/6/4713 AR Beyond the Doomsday Door #5

[3-Sept journal]
- return to WindSong Abbey with Koriah
- open Doomsday Lock
- fight 6 skulks and a clockwork golem
- investigate workshop and find important notes
- fight 4 skulks and Giantess
We met at the Pathfinder's Lodge to discuss our next steps.
Casamir (Koriah's father) told us that on the third level of the Temple of the Windsong there may be a magical stash. There is a hidden panel in the floor at the base of a statue of Desna. The statue itself is a female angel with butterfly wings).
We agreed that Casamir would stay at the Pathfinder's while Koriah would travel with us back to Windsong Abbey. We returned by way of Transport Via Plants and found that little had changed in our absense. The bodies lay where they had fallen, undisturbed except by the hunger of scavengers.
We crossed the Abbey to the Doomsday Lock to the basement levels of the Abbey. Koriah warned us that the lock also required some sort of combination, not just the key, so we returned to the Abbot's rooms and searched until we found a poem which appeared to be the combination.
We returned to the lock and stood well back, using Irizati's mage hand and Claw's long-distance vision, we translated the poem and successfully opened the lock without issue. We all hurried inside as the door was bespelled to close quickly.
[2000 xp for each player character]
We followed the stairs down and came upon what seemed to be primarily storage areas for beer. The rooms had been ransacked with barrels destroyed and lots of debris on the floor. We picked our way into the room carefully and I started to poke around the barrels, startling a Skulk from it's hiding place. It attacked and Claw, Koriah, and I responded in kind. While we battled the Skulk, we could hear the heavy tread of some sort of metal golem or clockwork approach. When it entered our sight, we could see it vented glowing green gas, and the grinding of it's gears indicated it had not been maintained.
Koriah landed the fatal blow on the Skulk and in the same move managed to pull the Golem over with her aklys, forcing it prone. Irizati took advantage of this and landed a series of shots which did a large amount of damage.
While we were engaged with the metal golem, five more Skulks appeared around the room and fired at us with Inubrix Sky Metal arrows, which passed through iron and steel like it was not there. Irizati, first hit, swiftly removed himself from the room and turned invisible. The rest hit Claw, Yukiko, and Clank. The Skulks then hid themselves in such a way that it was like they were invisible. I took Earth Elemental form and struck at the golem with Clank assisting me; it was Claw who finally destroyed it.
Koriah struck at the one Skulk that had not hidden itself and Yukiko, having taken much damage from the Inubrix Sky Metal arrows, cast Bless on us and retreated to hide away from the Skulk's aim. Irizati struck at a Skulk and was struck in return, dropping him but not yet killing him.
Claw landed the fatal blow on one Skulk then chased after one which was running away; the one running was chittering in a language we could not understand (later identified as Under-Common) and therefore was of great interest. Koriah, following Claw, killed the retreating Skulk while Yukiko brought Irizati back to consciousness. A Skulk attacked him and so he retreated once more to safety.
I killed the Skulk that went after Yukiko, Clank killed another, and Irizati claimed the last kill.
[3500 xp each, including Clank and Koriah]
After checking the Skulks for anything of interest, I moved down towards the room which the Golem had come from. There was nothing of interest so we headed the direction the Skulk had been attempting to retreat.
Koriah remembered that there should be some stairs around somewhere and Claw spotted several the footprints of a giant sized creature, some weeks old.
We found a cistern of fresh water. Claw jumped in and swam to the bottom, finding a small 1 foot egress to somewhere outside but none of us could fit through there, so he returned to the surface.
We then found a small workshop, which contained various sets of tools and some very important notes on crafting clockwork golems. The scrolls seemed to contain information that even the GolemWorks craftsmen may not know. These were carefully tucked away for further reading as it appeared to contain information that would allow tranfering Clank's "brain" to another body as well as the best way to destroy some golems.
Heading into the next room, Claw shuddered back with four arrows in his chest, then another 3. He shook off the damage and prepared to engage the Skulks while Irizati cast Mass Suggestion in Under-Common, managing to encourage two of the four Skulks to assist us against the Giants (Suggestion was summarized as: Help up against the Giants because they are very bad). This became very useful as a Taiga Giantess, Ikoradmus, squeezed into the room moments later. Yukiko had cast Guardian of Faith by the door, which struck the Giantess.
Koriah moved into the room to support the rest of the party and the Suggested Skulks attacked the Giantess. The other two Skulks struck at Claw and Irizati.
Claw killed one of the enemy Skulks while I engaged with the other and Irizati shot at the same. Yukiko cast Flame Strike at the Giantess, which was particularly useful as we recognised that the Giantess has some sort of regen ability which the fire stopped temporarily.
Clank killed a Skulk while the Giantess struck one of those attacking her. We struck together against the Giantess and I took flame elemental form to help prevent her regen. Yukiko's flame strike killed the Giantess and then the remaining Skulks turned on us as there were no more Giants in the area. Claw killed one and Irizati the other.
We dug through the Giantess' bag to see if there was anythign interesting but only found some gold and gems.
While we treated our wounds in preparation for continuing, word was sent by magical means that Irizati was needed to attend an urgent matter and he bid us good luck and darted back the way we came, off to meet a companion who would spirit him away to his new challenge.
[3500 xp each char inc Clank and Koriah]
Koriah's status :
- full HP
- XP = +7000
5 x +1 Short Box (one to Yukiko)
1 x +1 Short Box (Yukiko)
42 undamaged Inubrix Sky Metal arrows
18 damaged but repairable Inubrix Sky Metal arrows
12 bottles of wine
2 x masterwork craftsmen tools - advantage on one check per day - engineering, carpentry, stone masonry, etc
golem / clockwork scrolls, including information on changing clank's body and destroying clockwork golems - worth approx 5000gp
5500 gp worth of misc gold, gems, etc from Giantess

Sunday, 20 August 2017

ep 57 7-11/6/4713 Beyond the Doomsday Door #4

Kill medusa, rescue Koriah & Casimir Azmeren, return to Magnimar for 4 nights' rest & recuperation. Invited to dinner with Lord Mayor Haldemeer Grobaaras.

Quillax Account

- kill redcaps
- loot bodies
- kill 2 vrock
- kill ettin, redcap, and medusa
- free Koriah Azmeren
- convince redcap bard and mephits to leave
- fetch Koriah's father and return both to Magnimar
- get invited to dinner by Lord Mayor
When the Recaps returned from the banishment, we worked together to kill them. After collecting anything useful, we went to investigate the Southern door in the next room, which opened to the covered bridge which would lead to WindSong Tower. The enclosed bridge's stained glass revealed two Vrock which were attempting a summoning. We interrupted with ax and magic, with Yukiko banishing both.
Claw heard footsteps and we prepared ourselves. A sleepy-looking Ettin and Redcap opened the door. Behind them, we could see a large bathroom and an eerily accurate statue of Koriah Azmeren in the corner. A female's laughter came from behind them, which was revealed to belong to a Medusa, Sufestra.
Irizati cast Held Monster on the Ettin and the Medusa cast Confusion, causing Clank and Claw to struggle some under the spell. Despite that, Claw killed the Ettin and helped with the Redcap. Irizati prevented the Medusa from casting further spells by encapsulating her in a Force Cage. Her snake-hair could still cause us issues but she was prevented from doing anything until the Force Cage wore off. It gave us a chance to look around and prepare.
When the Force Cage dropped, we attacked, with my Water Elemental form Whelming the medusa, grappling and restraining her, allowing us all to attack her. Irizati landed the fatal blow with his gun.
We used a stone salve to revive Koriah and determine she was trapped as a statue for about three weeks. She tells us she had seen her father in the Pharis Pharasmi (large central tower / magical lighthouse) and would not leave without him.
Furthermore, she tells us that the culprit is Arnathanatis, who was the high priest of the Goddess of Death. He went mad and blamed the Abbot (priest of Ayomedey) and murdered him. Having been the second highest priest he would have inherited Windsong except he had committed murder within the Council. He had returned to reclaim his place in the Abbey. And was still completely mad.
As we headed out to fetch Koriah's father, we heard the singing again, and decided to stop a possible ambush by dealing with it directly. The singing came from a RedCap bard and her pet dust mephits. We were able to convince them to leave. She tells us to beware the Skulks and alluded that Arnathanastis most likely had the shard with him.
When we retrieve Koriah's father, he tells us there was a traitor amongst the Clerics. Zolerim, priest of Nephis, who violated the Windsong Abbey truce and helped kill the Abbot.
Having secured everyone we knew of that was alive, we returned back to the Pathfinders Lodge to bring them to safety.
We were told more of Arnathanastis. He had gathered a hoarde of monsters, recruited from Hallow Mountain (Wrath's) and Fogstar Mountains (not far from my birthplace). The Doomsday Keys, for the proper Doomsday Door, were held in a vault which he was probably trying to open. We spent a couple of days preparing ourselves and were also invited out to feast with the Lord Mayor.
He told us that the Stone Giants were clashing with the Shoanti in Jorgenfist. Riddleport also needed support. The Hellknights had been sent out towards Wolf's Ear (my home) region and would be grateful for support in Ravensmoor once we dealt with Windsong Abbey.
Additional note: Groetus's people were known to reside between Wrath and Greed but were generally avoided by both Rune Lords and their people. It is also very likely that they are undead, having transformed themselves with a terrible ritual. We have been warned to beware of traps, skulks, and giants.
- Crossbolt quivers with 24x screaming bolts. (medium sized)
- +1 full plate armour, medium sized
- Great Ax of Life Stealing
- Composite Long Bow with 10x +1 Elf-Bane arrows
- 3 x Eagle's Splendor potions (adv on CHA checks) - Yukiko claimed
- Masterwork disguise kit of an Elven Princess - Yukiko claimed (adv to bluff rolls over identity while wearing)
- Holy symbol of Mistama demon lord of cruelty and deception (sold)
- +2 chain shirt, size medium. (sold)
- doomsday key - labelled A10? - will open a lock for the lower dungeons level access on the North Side of the Abbey
- magical dagger - +1 frost katar (1d6 extra frost damage)
- non-magical diamond necklace - saved for resurrection components. Diamonds worth 2500gp
- one stone salve

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

ep 57 5-7/6/4713 Battling in Windsong Abbey - Beyond the Doomsday Door #3

After flying back via Wind Walk & resting up in Magnimar nights of 5/6 and 6/6, Quillax Claw & Yukikio return the same way to Windsong Abbey, joined by Irizati the gunslinger warlock. Irizati dispels stomach-demons in the old cathedral then the group battle ettins, redcap archers, fight to upper level where they defeat a hideous undead bugbear and his mummies.

Quillax Account

- loot RedCaps
- return to Magnimar for report + long rest + collect Irizati then return to WindSong Abbey
- Irizati banishes 2 Nyogoth
- kill 4 Ettin
- trigger a trapped headdress which Yukiko claims
- kill Zombie BugBear Luthask + 3 other zombies
- kill 2 RedCaps - 2 are still banished (6 rounds remaining)
- Claw is still cursed with Mummy's Rot (cannot be healed and will slowly take damage until death unless cured).
We decided, as we were rather drained, to take the opportunity of Leblond's call to another emergency to windwalk out of the Abbey and back to Magnimar to collect Irizati and report back to the Pathfinders and see if any more information was forthcoming. We were informed that RedCaps are not normally found in that area, but usually much farther North.
After taking a long rest, we windwalked back towards the Abbey. We stumbled across a still smoldering farm house, which was on fire when we had passed it a few days ago, so we stopped to investigate the area. There were several Ettin tracks heading back towards the Abbey, including one set which was absolutely enormous. We windwalked back to the ridge line where Claw unfortunately alerted some sentry and the bugle of an alarm horn sounded. We hurried into the ruined tower this time, rather than the part of the Abbey we had explored before. The tower was quite obviously purposefully desecrated and would need to be consecrated again at some point in the future when the area was rendered safe.
As we stepped inside, two Nyogoth uncurled in the middle of the room. Nyogoth are also known as Hollow Ones, creatures with an endless hunger, which are not from our plane of existence. Irizati cast Banish and we waited for the time to pass, keeping guard. Seconds after Irizati confirmed the banishment was complete, four Ettin charged into the room. One was exceptionally huge, which matched the footprints by the burned farmhouse. That one had a helmet on one head and bandages around the other as a makeshift helm, and a breastplate with a badly written symbol of wrath upon it.
We engaged them, with Claw throwing a javelin to start and Irizati immediately turning invisible to present a lesser target. I cast Wall of Fire around the minions while Yukiko cast Bless. Clank moved up towards the Ettins, who also moved towards him taking damage from the fire wall but also hitting him. Yukiko was able to get an attack of opportunity, which drew the Ettin Boss' attention towards her, doing a fair amount of damage.
Irizati killed one of the minions with his guns, while Claw attacked another. Clank struck out with his Sword and killed the last two minions, with one turning to stone. He then attacked the Boss Ettin. Yukiko healed herself somewhat and the Ettin Boss lashed out at Claw. With a combined effort, the Ettin Boss was weakened and Clank landed the killing blow.
[1660xp for all including Clank]
While we checked our injuries, I could hear some sad (occasionally off-key) music in the distance. It sounded ethereal which meant that a bard was probably involved. The singing was high-pitched and put me in mind of the RedCaps.
As we progressed, Claw found a barrel of wine and started to guzzle it down, so I slapped some Keoghan's ointment on him to prevent alcohol poisoning and the upcoming hangover.
We came up to two doors. We decided to barricade the Northern-most door with some rubble and progressed through the Southern-most door, which then we saw both doors went into the same room. Unfortunately, Clank fell into a pit trap, and we had to fetch him up with some rope. Luckily, he was immune to the poison.
While I tended Clank's damage, Irizati and Yukiko spotted a headdress hanging on the banister rail and went to investigate. Unfortunately, they triggered a sonic trap which lashed at us all, causing Clank more damage, but they secured the headdress. Yukiko claimed it after looking it over and deciding it would suit her as it covered her face. As a sort of apology, she cast Mass Cure Wounds.
Moments later four RedCaps came down the split staircase (two on each side) and shot at me with those damnable crossbows that had done so much damage to Clank before. Only one bolt struck me but it caused Yukiko and Claw to once again be afraid and the RedCaps ducked back around the corners, except for one, which Irizati managed to reflect the spell and charm it. Irizati successfully cast suggestion on it also. Claw raged and flew up, attacking and killing a Redcap. After pulling out the arrow, I climbed on top of the broom and cast Moonbeam on the other pair. Clank took wing and flew up to join Claw, watching for more enemies while Yukiko cast Bless. The RedCaps all ran away except the charmed one.
Claw went up the Southern-most stairs while I chased the other pair up the Northern-most stairs with my Moonbeam. Yukiko followed me up the northern stairs, while Irizati and Clank killed the charmed Redcap to be safe. Then Irizati followed Claw and Clank followed me. The northern stairs led to a room which smelled of death, rot, and zombie. The RedCaps open the door in front of us and shot me again - twice this time.
Claw and Irizati appeared from the side door and Irizati cast Hunder of Hadar on the zombie bugbear Luthask that we could see in the next room. All the zombies including Luthask came towards us.
We engaged in battle and I took fire elemental form for my health. Between fire and moonbeam, the zombies were worn down slowly. Irizati was then suddenly attacked by Redcaps who charged through the side door and booted him, knocking him prone, then started attacking him. He was able to roll to his feet and banished them.
Claw engaged the zombies, joining myself and Clank in the fight. Clank killed a zombie and Yukiko cast a mass heal spell to counteract the damage we were taking. Claw ran through the moonbeam and engaged the zombies in the other room. Luthask struck Claw with a curse of Mummy's Rot. Yukiko cast and killed a zombie. Irizati killed the other zombie with his gun from the other doorway. Claw and Luthask traded blows, with Clank and I striking as we could. Yukiko landed the killing blow on the Bugbear Zombie with Sacred Flames.
We took a moment to catch our breath while Irizati focused still on the banishment of the pair of RedCaps.
[3400 xp each, including Clank]
[Note - 6 rounds until RedCaps come back. Moonbeam still running. Quillax as Fire Elemental.]
Loot this session:
- 64 gp off the bodies
- Giant garnet eye - sold for 5000gp
- small sized studded leather - sold for 5000gp
- death bill - medium sized weapon
- Bundle of keys with numbers A1-A22 ; A4 and A10 missing
- Headdress (claimed by Yukiko)

Monday, 7 August 2017

ep 56 5/6/4713 Redcaps - Beyond the Doomsday Door #2

Party enter the Windsong Abbey gatehouse by the top floor, meeting fierce resistance from Redcaps under Roy Flaxbeater, who drags Yukiko down a pit trap. Eventually 9 Redcaps including Roy are slain. Party decide to retreat and rest. Leblond, assured matters are in hand, is called elsewhere.

Image result for Pathfinder Redcap

Quillax Account
Summary [6-August]
- Chase and Fight Red Caps through several floors, eventually defeating 7+. More are out in the courtyard.
Journal [6-August]
Flush with victory over the Giants and concerned that we had alerted everyone to our presence, we searched for a way in. Claw flew up to the top floor and looked inside, spotting a group of RedCaps playing games. They spotted Claw but told him to go away. He returned to us and informed us about them.
We decided to engage them since we didn't want anyone running away to alert more guards. Claw flew back up and tried to drag one out the window but the RedCaps were strong and slippery and instead, it was Claw who was hurt.
I used by djezet cup with some of Claw's blood to try to act as a distraction but it did little more than make two of the RedCaps amazing friends. I then tried a Wall of Stone behind the RedCaps to keep them from running away but they swiftly tore through the wall before we could get the party up to the top floor, so instead, I went for a Wall of Fire until Claw made it back up to the top floor.
We tried various bits of magic and outright damage but the RedCaps were numerous and stronger than we expected and they fled, taunting us.
We considered chasing but we had heard them chattering about traps and wanted to move at a careful pace. Plus, we got distracted by the treasure chest. Claw ripped the lid of the chest off and we dumped the contents into a bag of holding before moving after the RedCaps.
On the floor below, we dodged a trap that would have caused us great harm should we have come through the main entrance and passed some human sized cages, which felt haunted by the previous occupants.
[600 xp for avoiding trap]
We made our way down to the next floor, spotting two RedCaps sentries. Claw and Yukiko engaged them but the RedCaps were able to run. We gave chase. Not to be completely denied, Claw threw a javelin and killed one. Leblond shot the other but it escaped into another room.
Yukiko cast a light spell, revealing a group of RedCaps. Clank moved up and was struck by four bolts, striking him down. The bolts were bespelled to cause a sort of fear so that Claw and Yukiko were unable to move forward towards Clank or the enemy.
I brushed past them and was able to drag Clank back to safety, catching sight of four RedCaps wielding the powerful crossbows which had brought Clank down.
Leblond, unaffected by the fear, shot his thunder arrow and struck some of the RedCaps.
Yukiko shook off her fear and was able to cast Aid, getting Clank to his feet where he was able to start his self-repair. Likewise, Claw overcame the fear and charged out towards the Tower towards the crossbow RedCaps.
Still enraged over my poor Clank, I Called Down Lightning on them and Leblond shot at them.
As we were starting to get surrounded, Yukiko darted into the room and cast Turn Undead and it caused most of the RedCaps in there to be afraid. (For future reference, RedCaps hate the gods so much that the can be turned by Holy Clerics.) Unfortunately, not all were afraid and were able to slap their companions into bravery.
The arrow group ran and hid, so we used the opportunity to run into the room with the RedCaps. Clank started forward to help Yukiko, Claw started back towards us, I started throwing fire at one, and Leblond attacked the same.
Yukiko, under attack, cast Spirit Guardians after we were all in the room. Clank struck out and killed three that were surrounding her. Claw came in and dove into the fight while I threw a heal at Yukiko. Leblond used his lightning arrow and hit four of the Redcaps.
The RedCaps brought Clank down again but Yukiko once more brought him to his feet. Leblond killed two of the RedCaps and with the leader alone remaining in the room, he decided to be suicidal and dragged Yukiko into a trap, knocking her out. The RedCap died but we were able to fetch Yukiko out and slapped some Keoghan's ointment on her wounds to bring her back to consciousness.
My storm raged in the background and we knew that several Redcaps with crossbows hovered somewhere outside waiting for us.
A bit of magic suddenly swirled around Leblond, summoning him to deal with an emergency. He ducked out a window and disappeared into the shadows with our thanks for his help.
[5460 xp each, including Clank]
[ Non-Journal note:]
Treasure chest contained:
- 922 silver
- 600 gold
- 1 pouch of gems (7 gems = 700 gp)
- 40 lbs of religious silverware (about 1300gp) which Yukiko expressed a firm requirement that it should be returned to the various churches.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

ep 55 4-5/6/4713 Windsong Abbey - Beyond the Doomsday Door #1

PCs Quillax, Claw, new arrival Yukiko and the elf Ranger Leblond are sent by Sheila Heidmarch to Windsong Abbey, where Pathfinder Koriah Azmeren vanished a little over 3 weeks ago, shortly before the heroes battled Tirana for the Seven Swords of Sin. Plant-door to Sandpoint, meet the Scarnettis, Lucia blesses Quillax for her aid.
Leblond consults with an old Varisian fortune teller who tells of Redcaps and hill giants in the Windsong ruins. North on Quillax-elk to Windsong Abbey, wipe out a 5-giant hunting patrol (3 hill 2 ettin) on the road then rest in a copse.

At dawn, attack the drunken Windsong giant garrison, wiping out 6 hill giants and 4 ettins in a brutal slaughter, the Swords of Greed (Clank) and Gluttony (Claw) slaying many.

Journal [30-July]
- Leblond and Yukiko join the group
- Travel towards Windsong Abbey with detour by Scarnetti Manor
- Defeat Giant scouting party (2xEttin, 3xHill Giant)
- Defeat (mostly sleeping) Giants in Windsong Abbey town square. (6xHill, 4xEttin)
In early summer [June equivalent], we were summoned to the Pathfinder's Lodge by Sheila. She introduced us to Leblond, an Elven Ranger (cousin of my friend, the betrayed ranger Shallulu), who Sepheria and I had met before when dealing with the Foxglove issue [August 2016], and a newcomer Yukiko, a priestess of Inari.
We were bid to take them with us on our journey to Windsong Abbey, where high-level Pathfinder Koriah Azmeren had gone missing three weeks previous. Before disappearing, she had reported back concerns over the large number of giants in the area.
After checking we still had the Dusky Rose Ioun stone, I Tree Walked us to the Hansley Farm, the nearest area I knew with large enough trees, then we walked to Scarnetti Manor as I wished to check on the the Lady Scarnetti and her child and see what news could be gathered.
The farms once overrun with undead were untended but as we approached Scarnetti Manor, we saw his servants tending to the fields.
After conversing with Titus and Lucia, we were directed to Wisher's Well, where a Varisian caravan traded; it had come from the North by Windsong Abbey and would have more up-to-date news. Many of the caravaners recognised Leblond as he was known in the area and we spoke to Pilla, a gypsy fortune-teller, who said she had found something interesting before being chased off by a Giant before she could secure it.
As Pilla knew Leblond for the past 40 years, she gave us more information, handing over a small pointed cap of crimson felt soaked with blood. The hat belonged to a Red Cap a murderous fey which soaked up blood with said cap. She told us that smoke was seen rising from the Abbey but the Lighthouse still stood. Additionally the area around the Abbey was badly damaged, as if an earthquake had destroyed it and the south-east tower was nearly felled. She had seen someone in the Lighthouse in a window, possibly a monk looking for help but she was not able to be sure. She did tell us that the Giants were wielding the Krieg weapons which we had failed to prevent the Stone Giants from taking. As an additional boon, she drew us a map of the area so we would not go in blind.
To speed our journey, I took Elk form and carried us all towards Windsong Abbey. We arrived to the surrounding area around midnight to see by the moon's light that the land had been scorched and half-eaten livestock carcasses spotted the area, while ash from the purposeful destruction still floated in the air.
We could see the Lighthouse still stood as we had been told and that the Gates set into the wall had been destroyed. The Gatehouse and the Chapter house still mostly stood as did the curtain wall, although all were damaged in some way. Windsong Tower connected to the Abbey by the elevated walkway still stood above the water of the ocean.
We could hear heavy footsteps approach and quickly ducked into a nearby building. It was damaged but it provided us cover.
A group of giants (3 Hill and 2 Ettin) approached, carrying slaughtered oxen. We decided to attack and catch them by surprise.
Our combined efforts stuck down the giants, including those that tried to run. After Claw had eaten his fill of the (partly roasted) oxen, and Yukiko had raised one of the Giants as undead, we retreated back to the trees about half a mile away to rest. Claw stood guard with Clank. While they heard footsteps in the distance, we were not bothered.
The next morning, the hovel we had launched our attack from had been destroyed. Claw made use of his new ability to Fly to peer over the curtain wall. He reported back that there were four sleeping giants and one very drunk one relieving himself in the graveyard.
We decided to get closer to decide whether or not to attack. Claw flew Leblond up to the top of one of the Wall's Towers and then opened the door for the rest of us.
As the Giants were sleeping, we decided to attack. Yukiko cast Silence around the sleeping Giants and sent her undead one to attack the last (the one in the graveyard). While we were attacking the ones in the Silenced area, an Ettin stepped out of a building.
Clank was wielding the Scimitar of Greed and Claw the Falchion of Gluttony and with magic and bow, we struck at the Giants.
Mid-Fight, we could hear something large in another Tower and shortly after a Giant had appeared from the trap door and started throwing stones at Yukiko and Leblond on the other Tower. The Zombie fell in our defense and slowly we defeated them.
More Ettin appeared and prolonged the fight but we were successful in the end, even when the last few giants decided to run.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

ep 54 18/5 to 3/6/4713: Seven Swords of Sin #6, Victory Over Tirana, Rest & Train.

*Week Long Rest Rule Now in Effect*

PCs defeat Tirana at the cost of their fire giant friend (blasted by Disintegrate then drowned in the stream) and gain the Alar'ahai, the Seven Swords of Sin. Asheia Sword of Lust returned to Wen Histani in Ilsurian for 10,000gp as agreed. Party returns to Magnimar for well-deserved rest.

Two weeks later Sheila Heidmarch asks them to investigate disturbing reports from Windsong Abbey...

Continuing PCs
Quillax - Druid 15
Irizati - Warlock 13
Sephiria - Rogue-1/Wizard 13
Claw Barbarian-14

Falchion of Gluttony - This +2 Falchion Ungarato is an improved Sword of Life Stealing and does +2d6 Necrotic damage on any hit if target is not Construct or Undead, with the wielder gaining the same amount in Temporary hit points, up to the victim's hp maximum (thp do not stack, use the best roll). On a Critical Hit, the victim, if not a construct or undead and not slain outright, must make a DC 15 CON save or perish as their life force is sucked into the blade.

Scimitar of Greed - A blade of magically hardened gold tempered to incredible durability, Chellan is a +2 keen scimitar (critical hit on 19-20) that functions as an adamantine weapon for purposes of overcoming damage reduction and bypassing hardness. The ornate sword is incredibly dense, causing it to deal a base 2d6 points of damage, but it can only be properly wielded (one handed, finesse) by characters with a Strength of 18 or higher—all other characters must either wield it as a two-handed weapon or have disadvantage on attack rolls with the weapon. If the sword scores a critical hit, the target must make a DC15 CON save or be turned into a crystalline statue, as if by flesh to stone. Characters turned to crystal by Chellan appear to be made of ruby, diamond, or some other valuable gem, but are in fact merely colored quartz of little value.

Rapier of Pride - Although known as the Sword of Pride, when empowered Baraket appears to be nothing more than an elegant basket hilt seemingly made of glass or highly polished crystal with no blade, as the deadly length of this +2 spell storing (as ring) Rapier is invisible. The sword may be used as a ranged or melee touch spell attack focus at +2 to hit (as per wand of accuracy). Baraket grants its wielder one extra attack per attack action; with advantage on the attack so long as the opponent cannot see through invisibility. Additionally, on a critical hit, the sword casts Weird upon the target and all of that creature's allies within 30 feet (use the Wielder's INT +Prof for spell save DC).

Journal [16-July]
- Grunar died
- Tyrannah is defeated
- 7 Swords of Sin are collected and 4 are charged/empowered
- Neril retires from Pathfinders
Having determined we couldn't get through without shutting down the generator, we ran back up and I quickly turned the generator off and we hurried back down. Re-entering the room, we could see the force barrier was down. As we hurried towards Tyrannah, she started to throw fireballs at us; Grunar was immune to these and simply pushed forward. The first hit all of us but Sepheria. I took earth elemental form and burrowed under the ground. The next fireball hit Irizati, Claw, and Neril.
Claw was able to get into javelin range and he threw one at Tyrannah, but it burned up before it reached her. Irizati misty stepped a bit out of the way as he was not faring well from the fireballs. Another fireball struck Claw and Sepheria. Neril ducked in and tried to grab the sword from Tyrannah's hand but he was slapped back and electrocuted by some sort of red tendril. Changing tacts, he struck her and was immediately burned by her fire shield. Irizati hid with his Greater Invisibility while he evaluated the fight.
Tyrannah cast banishment on Sepheria, Claw, and Neril, causing them to disappear. Grunar struck Tyrannah twice and I moved (underground) towards her position. Tyrannah cast Disintegrate on Grunar. The Fire Giant survived the spell but Tyrannah struck him down a few moments later.
I popped up from underground and tried to swipe at her but I failed to strike her and she failed to strike me. I ducked back underground and after some consideration, I reached up out of the ground with only my hands, was able to grab her ankles, and dragged her towards the small river where Grunar had fallen. Irizati took the opportunity to shook Tyrannah twice. She lashed out at him with Scorching Ray and Irizati fell to the ground, visible and unmoving.
I dragged her further into the water, attempting to drown her and unable to use her spells, Tyrannah tried to use the Sword of Lust against me, but I was able to resist. After some struggle, I was able to wretch the sword from her hands and held it aloft, out of her reach and attempted to keep her under the water. She managed to slip out from my grasp and she clambered from the water just as the others returned from their banishment.
Sepheria cast Disintegrate on Tyrannah and killed her. Neril dashed across the room and was quick to save Irizati from his fatal wounds with some healing ointment.
With Tyrannah's death, the ritual is interrupted and all the swords fall. As we examine them, we realise that they are all Swords of Sin - somehow she had managed to get all 7 of them together, so this was a far more dangerous ritual than we had even realised.
[3000 xp each]
Neril decides to retire from the Pathfinders to train more Monks, but promises that we will see him at some point in the future and we were instructed to investigate the troubles at Windsong Abbey after our well-deserved rest.
Not for the Journal -
- We give the Greed Shard and the swords of Sloth and Envy into Neril's safekeeping
- We were able to empower or charge some of the Swords of Sin using our Shards. The Scimitar of Greed, the Rapier of Pride, the Falchion of Gluttony, and the Longsword of Lust are all active and cannot be held with opposing swords or shards.
- With a quick application of magic, we plant walk and return the Sword of Lust to Wen Histani as promised and she gives us 10000gp, which is placed into our account [2000 xp each]
Follow up:
- Quillax learns how to make Keoghan's ointment and makes several doses
- Quillax learns to make tuning forks for Planar spell ; makes 3 - one for home plane, one for elemental air plane, and one for elemental fire plane.

Sin Compatible Dangerous
Greed Sloth Lust
Gluttony Pride
Sloth Greed Pride
Envy Wrath
Envy Sloth Wrath
Lust Gluttony
Lust Envy Gluttony
Pride Greed
Pride Lust Greed
Wrath Sloth
Wrath Pride Sloth
Gluttony Envy
Gluttony Wrath Envy
Greed Lust

Sunday, 9 July 2017

ep 53 18/5/4713 Seven Swords of Sin #5

Party progress through level 3 of the Council of Truth dungeon, defeating monsters and gaining a powerful fire giant ally.

Quillax Account

Journal [9-July]
- Sepheria did some post-revival shopping
- Neril disappears for a while; Sepheria gets a magical boost to clear death related issues
- Defeat Ochre Jellies, disable some traps
- Defeat some cultists and close planar vortex
- Befriend Fire Giant (via Irizati's suggestion spell) and free him. He leads us towards Tyrannah
- Defeat 2 cockatrice.
- Defeat a Dragon, an Efreet, a kobold and 3 earth elementals in a magic-draining room.
- Ritual still in progress but nearly done. Need to turn off generator to get through to next room.
Whilst waiting for the others, Neril wandered off, leaving Irizati and I to wait for Sepheria and Claw. After encountering the same spectral ram's head on the stairway that had attacked me, the pair made it down the staircase without too much damage. I cast Greater Restoration on Sepheria to clear away the post-revival health issues and she revealed the quick shopping she had done in case we had another sudden emergency.
We proceeded through the fire elemental trap room into the next room, which Neril had pointed out the 2 inch gap above the door and had spiked open. I found an electrical trap on the floor and managed to avoid getting shocked but couldn't disable it. Claw clomped into the room and set off another trap; this one bringing four ochre jellies up on an old elevator/lift. Sepheria cast fireball, catching the jellies in the burst but the four jellies became five when Claw hit one with his long sword and it split in two. He decided to stomp on it instead. I dropped a flaming sphere on the jellies and Irizati shot and managed to kill two of the jellies. Sepheria killed another with scorching ray and Claw killed the last two with his Earth-Breaker.
Sepheria spent a little time disabling the floor traps in the room in case we had to hurry back at any point. We opened the next door and spiked it open because it also had the gap above the door. Having done that, we looked up at a group of cultists chanting around a planar vortex summoning a shadowy demon, which became a Vrock demon that was being powered by the cultists. Sepheria cast fireball and killed five of the six cultists, which also broke the links to the demon from those cultists. Irizati cast banish and sent both the demon and cultist from our plane. The demon stayed away permanently but when the cultist returned, Claw and I killed him. We took a short time to help Irizati cast the ritual Banishment to close the vortex. I grabbed the spikes from the last door and we moved on to the next room.
There was a Fire Giant - Grunar - chained in between two pillars. Claw messed up his attempt at persuasion and the Giant started to struggle and pull down the pillars on himself and us. Sepheria cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter and only Claw and I took any damage from the falling ceiling before Irizati cast mass suggestion and calmed the Giant, getting him to agree to help us against Tyrannah. We freed him from the chains and helped him get out of the room. Grunar told us of the dangers ahead as he smashed through a wall, revealing a room that must have belonged to Tyrannah. We collected the most useful items from her room and hurried after the Giant who was striding through the room where the ochre jellies had been. He set off a trap we missed but Sepheria was able to disable it and we headed into the next room where a swirling vortex glowed in the centre of the room and four statues of Zil stood in each corner.
Note: Zil are the scourge of the ethereal plane. They look vaguely like enormous ants/beetles creatures
I dropped a Wall of Stone around the vortex and we hurried towards the next room. Claw paused to grab some loot laying on the floor. Beyond the next door was a hallway. To our right were two cockatrice and their resulting statues as well as two angelic whirlwinds, who tried to warn us off. To our left, red glowing light and warmth. Irizati banished one of the whirlwinds and Sepheria banished the other. Grunar attached and killed one of the cockatrices while we attacked the other and I killed it.
Additional note: cockatrices are good for alchemy ingredients if you can harvest them carefully and not accidentally turn yourself to stone.
In the next room, there were two dragons and a lot of lava/heat. I cast Wall of Stone and we tried to hurry past them while they attacked the wall. A kobold stepped into sight in the next room and summoned 3 earth elementals. Sepheria tried to banish them but the glowing stones in the room absorbed her spell. Behind us, the dragons were still working on breathing through the wall. Trapped between two sets of enemies, we decided to try to take out the elementals as quickly as possible to reduce the number of enemies surrounding us, killing one. Without magic, it was hard work and the dragons broke through the wall and it turned out it was not two dragons but a dragon and an Efreet.
We struggled against the number of enemies but Irizati was able to misty step back down the hall and banished the dragon, giving us one fewer enemy to fight at the same time. With a combined effort, Grunar killed the Efreet, then the other two earth elementals. I killed the kobold, then we retreated down the hall to where Irizati was holding the dragon banishment and when the dragon returned, we surged forward and eventually killed it.
Looking at the next room, we could see Tyrannah working on her ritual but we could not get through to her without turning off the generator. I cast some healing spells on the party and we took a moment to plan.
[9037xp each]

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

ep 52 18/5/4713 Seven Swords of Sin #4

Journal [2-July]


- Neril rejoins group
- decide not to take on a guy in a room which is raining swords
- Fight a dragon and water elemental + find dragon's hoard
- Fight 3 chuuls.
- Sepheria has a short-lived case of death and is resurrected in exchange for money and magical items
- Neril scouts ahead + find traps
- Partial group fights 3 fire-elementals then waits for others.


Neril caught up to us while we were resting in the scrying pool room. As we were all together and going to approach a room full of water, I cast water breathing and water walk on the group. Neril cast pass without a trace and scouted slightly ahead of us as we walked towards the water and he spotted an obscured side room. He heard something dip below the water and upon further investigation, realised it was a large black dragon which was trying to swim and sneak beneath the surface. He also spotted a rising water vortex that he recognised as a water elemental. Upon his reporting back, we decided to check out the side room before working out how to get around the dragon.

Moving towards the reddish glow, we peered into the room. There were hundreds of swords falling from slots in the ceiling into slots in the floor creating a never-ending loop of raining swords. In the middle of the room, a man knelt with a sword grasped in his hands. We decided to quietly back away as we were running out of time.

As we moved back to the cavern, the dragon rises out of the water with the water elemental. Sepheria banished the latter and the former breathed acid on the group then ducked under the water. I cancelled the water walk and took water elemental form and we headed after the dragon. it was a fierce battle with all of us engaging with the beast under the water but eventually we wore it down and Claw landed the killing blow. Sepheria was able to maintain the banish and the water elemental was also vanquished.

We were able to find the dragon's treasure hoard and amongst the coins, we also found a runecarved +1 keen longsword. Most of the group took a short rest to regain their strength.

[xp 2660 each]

After crossing the lake, we crossed into a room which was split by a waterfall poisoned by alchemical run off from the generator room. Neril teleported to the opposite side and started to investigate the doors there. Sepheria drifted across the room on her broom to join him but as she crossed over the water, three chuuls popped out and lashed at her. She misty stepped over towards Neril but the Chuuls followed, striking her with a poison that caused paralysis. We started to charge across the room towards her but it was a great distance. Neril attacked the Chuuls to try to defend Sepheria but was unable to stun them. Irizati cast banish on two but the third struck Sepheria hard and Neril shouted to us that she was dead.

Enraged, Claw grappled the Chuul and it responded by trying to drown him, unsuccessfully due to the water breathing spell. Claw struck it down and after checking with us, Irizati allowed the other two to return from the banishment. Neril killed one and I landed the fatal blow on the other.

[1320 xp]

We knelt around Sepheria and had a quick discussion. There were temples in the city and they would likely be able to bring her back from the dead if we moved quickly. Claw and Neril took her body and the bag of holding with all the items and cash and ran back to the city. They were able to trade money and magical items for her to be brought back.

Claw stayed with her while Neril returned to Irizati and I as we were running out of time before the ritual completed. Neril started to scout ahead, leaving Irizati and I behind but, worried about him facing danger alone, I followed him down the floating spiral staircase, getting blasted off the stairs, and found him investigating a room with three buttons. He pressed a button and the doors slammed shut, trapping him inside. I could hear him moving around and after a short while, the doors unlocked. I opened it and looked into the face of a fire elemental. Seeing Neril duck through the opposite door and close it behind him, I also closed my doors and called for Irizati.

He joined me and we opened the doors. He banished two of the fire elementals and we were able to take out the third with Neril ducking back in. Once all three were defeated, the fire wall traps ceased to flame and Neril and Irizati spiked the doors open on either side so our companions could follow and (hopefully) the trap would not reset while the doors stayed open.

Neril explained he had found some traps in the next room and we decided to wait for the others to catch up.

[ xp 2400 each - for Q,N,I + part xp for S+C for resurrection]

Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Fearless Goblin Killers ep 2, 18/5/4713 AR

A week later their Captain sends the Fearless Goblin Killers and another Black Dog squad to Thistletop, where they defeat the mighty goblin wizard Gogmurt with his firepelt cougar and Big Chief Ripnugget, ending the goblins' reign of terror over the Sandpoint Hinterlands.

XP: Party advance to level 3 with 900 XP.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Fearless Goblin Killers ep 1, 11/5/4713 AR

In the ruins of Sandpoint, 5 new Black Dog mercenary recruits (a human, a gnome, a wood elf, a dwarf and a dragonborn) are sent by their Captain into the tunnels under the Old Glassworks one fine morning, to root out a nest of goblins lairing there. They discover what looks like an ancient Thassilonian shrine to Lamashtu, kill 14 goblins and 4 human Lamashtu cultists including a priest, and find a Runewell and some interesting objects.  A staircase leading down further into the depths is avoided, and they all return alive to report their success.

Image result for lamashtu

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ep 51 17-18/5/4713 Seven Swords of Sin #3

Vivisectionist, potion dispenser, 2 shambling mounds dunk Quillax & Sephiria in scouring bath, scarab pharaoh, clean lab with construct swarms, Scrying Pool - scry Tirana and rest overnight, then probably 6 hours to Ritual completion. Lust is in the air...

Lustful Shambling Mounds Want Our Women! For Dunking!
Tirana and the Sword of Lust

[11-June] journal
- Kill vivisectionist
- Find some near-dead creatures, put them out of their misery.
- Make some health potions out of recently deceased creatures
- Kill 2 shambling mounds
- Find sarcophagus, decide to leave alone
- Kill a Granule Construct and an infected Split-Street gang member
- Activate and use a scrying pool (complete with voyeuristic cherub statues)
- Start Long Rest (inside Leomund's Hut)
[700xp for exploration + 4125xp each = 4825]
- Culling Googles (HP-visibility aka death watch + death save reduction 3/day?)
- Greater Healing potion - 4d4+4
- Uzbin Parault's Spell Book
- 2 Ioun Stones - red and green (each need attunement)
- Rune-engraved Kurkiri (not enchanted but could be)
- Ingredients to make a water-walk potion or a water-breathing potion
- vials of acidic/electric water from the Green-House/Shambling Mound room.
- some boots
- the gloves from the chest
We headed downstairs from the "hedgehog's dilemma" room and found two options: South and West. We took the Southern Hall which had two doors, both marked "Recycler". We used Mage Hand to open the Southern-most door and I peered inside, then reported back what I saw, which was some sort of medical operation/torture room with a Hound of Archon dissected on the metal table. Claw charged in and caught a face full of GlitterDust, blinding him temporarily. The vivisectionist then tried to throw a fireball at us but Sepheria counterspelled it and cast Hold Person on him. It didn't take long to kill him and we found some interesting items on him, including two Ioun Stones (Red and Green) and some fascinating goggles.
Note - Deep Red Ioun Stone = Dex Increases by +2 (max 20) while it orbits the wielder's head. Green Ioun Stone = Cha increases by +2 (max 20) while orbiting the wielder's head. Stones orbit at 1-3 feet from head. Enemy can try to steal/snatch from air. Attunement required for each Stone.
We found the diary of Uzbin Parault and a spell book. It contained a recent reference to Tirana. She attempted to dominate him psychically but according to his notes to he was able to avoid this, however, his subsequent notes and actions indicate he may not have actually been completely successful.
The other half of the Recycler Room (divided by a flimsy partition wall) contained a Device which when fed with a recently deceased form (must be almost immediately after death), it will extract the remaining life-force and produce a healing potion. We tried this with the vivisectionist and the few pitiful monsters that were caged in the menagerie in the room beyond the torture room, which I put down out of pity.
While the recycling Device worked, Sepheria harvested some potion ingredients from the poor beasts that were already dead, particularly from the Dead Brass Dragon Wrymling. Sepheria was able to determine the instructions and I could work out that the Device could be moved but it would need careful handling and a constant power source such as the generators currently powering it.
We progressed through the caged corpses to the next room, labeled "Green House". We mage handed the door open and revealed a carpet of thorns on the floor and an electric blue pool of water. As we peered inside, a Shambling Mound rose out of the foliage. Claw charged in, ignoring the scratching thorns, to attack. Another rose out of the leaves across the room.
I could determine that due to their adaptations to the electric water, they were resistant to fire and cold and lightning would only make them grow. Luckily, Claw carried an ax and Irizati carried the Blight Spell and the first Shambling Mound was defeated. Rather unluckily, Sepheria and I both got dropped into the water by the second one. The water burned like acid and ate away anything non-magical. We were able to get out of the pool and we concentrated on killing the second. Eventually, Irizati landed the fatal blow.
We took a few minutes to deal with our injuries and consume some potions, while Claw jumped into the acidic water to fetch out the stone chest that we spotted. Unfortunately, it came with another wave of acidic water on both him and me, which hurt as much the second time around and required more healing.
We made use of the broom to fly to the next room, avoiding the carpet of thorns. Claw was able to jump over the thorns by using a table as a platform and so avoiding further plant-based damage.
We found a recently created room inside that room and upon opening a door, found a sarcophagus, which, despite it's attempt to compel Sepheria to open it, we decided to leave alone. A Pharaoh of Ascension and Lord of the Scarab Beetles was not something we wanted to deal with. We used the broom to get back to the Recycler room and to help Claw get back we employed some rope tied to the table so he could drag it closer) and all made it without further damage.
We collected the next healing potion and threw in another recently deceased monster then headed back to the stairs to then head West.
The first room we came to had an odd wind-tunnel entrance. There was a door and some bookshelves on the opposite side of the room and in the middle, there were two large tank/tubes - one filled with orange liquid and the other that was broken.
I tentatively stepped inside and a Granule Construct swirled up from the broken tube and tried to infect me, which I sneezed out. At the same time, a member of the Split Street Gang that had tried to attack Gadkah's stall stepped out from the bookshelves, obviously infected by the Granule Construct.
Sepheria quickly cast Banish on the Construct and we concentrated on the Gang Member. Unfortunately, he landed a blow on Claw which infected him and a rapier strike on me. Irizati shot him with a couple of bullets. Sepheria cast Shatter on Claw to try to destroy the Granules and it was extremely successful with the Granules weak to Thunder-type attacks. Claw coughed up bits of dirt and landed the killing blow. We all retreated outside of the wind tunnel air locks and Sepheria allowed the Construct to return - as hoped, it couldn't get past the air locks and between a Shatter and my Thunderwave, it was destroyed.
The next room contained a scrying pool - they key we found previously was necessary to activate it. Claw decided to try first, which nearly drowned him as it enfolds the user's head in some sort of water tentacle. With a water-breathing ritual completed, Irizati, who is trained in scrying, used the pool and told us that he could see Tirana in some sort of cavern, past steaming geysers, across a river, with six swords floating and glowing red while she wielded the sword of Lust in a ritual. He could see no one in her immediate vicinity (about 10 feet around her).
Between seeing the ritual was still in progress and Gadkah's information on the length of time the ritual would take, we decided to risk a rest to replenish our strength and deal with our injuries. We took a moment to duck back to the Device and throw in another body and I used the rest of my spells to cast healing spells on anyone who needed it and Sepheria cast a Leomund's Hut for us to rest safely within.
[4825xp total]