Saturday, 16 February 2019

ep 70 25/4/4719 AR 'General Stom & Claw up a tree, K I S S I N G...' (5000 XP/+1000 Claw)

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8:04am  2019-2-16 Smon Has entered the room
8:08am  2019-2-16 sandor sunneson Has entered the room
sandor sunneson: Morning Simon 
Smon: Morning Ferg 
Smon: last session -
Smon: brush up on what happened after you left
sandor sunneson: I thought we were all ready to kick off, surprised Jorian wasnt logged in, he is sometimes in well early before game starts 
8:10am  2019-2-16 joriandrake Has entered the room
joriandrake: hello
Smon: >> sandor sunneson: I thought we were all ready to kick off, surprised Jorian wasnt logged in, he is sometimes in well early before game starts 8:10am 2019-2-16 joriandrake Has entered the room<< 
sandor sunneson: morning chaps
Smon: Morning Jorian 
joriandrake: and here I noticed the room and was fearing I knew the 20 minutes later start time wrong
Smon: GM: I'm going to say that as Shieldbiter fades out from his position with Quillax & Drakhaien on the clifftops he is replaced by Sandor.
Smon: I have a bad cold & sore throat so the requested 11am end time today will suit me
joriandrake: get better then, drink team
joriandrake: tea
Smon: On coffee right now, will switch to tea later
Smon: Do you recommend black tea, lemon & ginger, or peppermint? 
sandor sunneson: Have a hot toddy this evening Simon, the nasty whiskies are good for that
joriandrake: peppermint/earl grey would be my choice
Smon: ok will go for peppermint I reckon, no earl grey in flat
sandor sunneson: good choice, hot wet tea, is Keelia playing this am too?
sandor sunneson: Sandor will make his way from the cliff top towards the giants abode
Smon: Should be - if she knows what day it is yet 
Smon: >>Sandor will make his way from the cliff top towards the giants abode<< If you would like to start outside the giant fortress gates can do that.
Smon: Give me an init roll Sandor & I'll slot you in
sandor sunneson: Help my comrades, if it means heading from there from cliffrop so be it 
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 2, (+3) = 5 
joriandrake: ah right, the not exactly ideal spot of starting the battle while outside not being cleared either
Smon: bbn has advtg init
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 19, (+3) = 22 
sandor sunneson: lol, Sandor wakes up from a snooze finding himself surrounded by carnage and confusion, and jumps to it 
Smon: OK #22 puts you up next as we resolved Claw on #24 at end of last session
sandor sunneson: who is there around to attack?
Smon: Looking through the fortress's bust-open gates you see:
The wooden walls of this wide timber room are adorned with dozens of trophies, some of which seem to be still alive judging by their feeble twitchings and cries. The majority of the trophies are animals—bears, aurochs, giant lizards, and a few monsters—but here and there hang the mutilated bodies of orcs or humans. A great fire pit lies in the room’s center, forming a layer of smoke near the ceiling some fifty feet above, while additional torches guttering on the walls only add to the room’s foul scents. Slabs of dubious meat roast slowly over the central fire, while a balcony twenty-five feet above the eastern half of the room looks out over the hall.
There are 3 fire giants and 7 hill giants in the hall, several of whom are moving to intercept Claw as he flees back down the stairs to your right from the landing above, on which stands a laughing fire giantess wielding a massive hammer.

Smon: 2 fire & 4 hill are still seated around the fire pit while 1 fire and 3 hill are standing and moving to intercept the goliath, Claw.
joriandrake: (Claw went inside on his own last session, alarming the people in there to our presence, while Quillax and Drakhaien are about the same spot outside, sniping and blasting with cloud/lightning, Shieldbiter burned mammoths and those are rampaging around too)
Smon: map
sandor sunneson: Is Claw fleeing towards a door? 
Smon: Quillax & Drakhaien are up on the 300' high cliffs to the north, out of sight of your current location as the fortress blocks the view.
Smon: Yes he is fleeing towards you as you stand in the doorway.
sandor sunneson: He'll get ready to run and follow Claw 
Smon: Behind you on the slopes overlooked by the ballistae, panicking burning mammoths are stampeding up and down.
sandor sunneson: How injured does Claw look?
Smon: just a scratch from a 14' long giant maul - was 38 dmg halved for rage & minus stone's endurance
Smon: However the giants will intercept him before he reaches the exit - he has already gone on #24 and they are up on #11
sandor sunneson: Sandor will look to attack the giants who will intercept Claw
Smon: It's #24 Claw #22 Sandor #18 Quillax #11 giants #9 Drakhaien
sandor sunneson: and go into a rage
Smon: OK you can Rage and charge in to intercept the fire giant sergeant who is moving to block Claw's path to the exit
8:31am  2019-2-16 JamesDevil Has entered the room
sandor sunneson: cool
JamesDevil: morning
joriandrake: hi 
Smon: Hi James! Good timing. Been bringing Fergus up to speed.
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
14 (+11) = 25
4 (+11) = 15

JamesDevil: Keelia will be late, she's not sure how long she'll be though
sandor sunneson: on the sgt fire giant
joriandrake: I beleive she already has that one storm cloud active, firing lightning turnly
Smon: GM: Claw hits the ground at the bottom of the stairs, heading for the exit. A fire giant & 3 hill giants move to intercept him - 2 fire and 4 hill are still seated, but are picking up rocks. Suddenly Sandor Sunneson runs into the haul and charges the fire giant sergeant as it (he) moves to block Claw's path!
JamesDevil: yep
JamesDevil: rosk inside th eroom?
JamesDevil: rocks*
Smon: yes
Smon: this is all in the giant hall
JamesDevil: ...ok
Smon: OK Sandor you reach the fire giant, roll to hit
Smon: AC 18 
sandor sunneson: 1 hit
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 8,
Smon: no fire dmg of course
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 2, 6, = 8 
sandor sunneson: 18 damage
sandor sunneson: sorry 17, (+8
sandor sunneson: 9+8
Smon: you do +9?
sandor sunneson: 4(STR)+2(Rage Bonus)+3(Rage Damage)+2 
Smon: Sandor runs up and slashes at an armoured leg, stinging the giant wasp-like. It grunts and turns in his direction, giant greatsword raised.
JamesDevil: so it now has a great sword not a Earthbreaker?
Smon: If you STR is 18-19 that is +4. +2 sword is +2. Rage bonus Bbn 17 is +4
Smon: This is one of the 3 fire giant soldiers at ground level in the hall, not the leader on the balcony.
Smon: So you do +10 Sandor
sandor sunneson: ok, cheers GM
JamesDevil: ? it was 3 hill and 7 stone +1 1 fire last week
Smon: 3 fire & 7 hill, no stone
JamesDevil: k...
Smon: JamesDevil: exits?
joriandrake: (test test)
Smon: GM: 7 hill giants and 3 fire giants are lounging in the hall around the fire pit, while a female fire giant commander in gold embossed plate is seated on the balcony above.
JamesDevil: based ion the tiny map i'm guess in east and south

Smon: from last week's log
Smon: You guys are going to need to start paying more attention at this level or your PCs will die.
JamesDevil: anyways pushing on
Smon: #18 Quillax calls down more lightning on the hill giants in the spire excavation pit
Smon: /roll d20+1
Smon rolls 1d20+1 and gets: 20, (+1) = 21 
JamesDevil: noce
sandor sunneson: cool
sandor sunneson: ouch
joriandrake: real nice
Smon: Worsening weather gives her +d10 so 3d10 now
Smon: sorry 4d10
Smon: /roll 4d10
Smon rolls 4d10 and gets: 1, 3, 8, 9, = 21 
Smon: One giant is zapped for a third time, nearly dead now. The 3 hill giant miners are turning back to flee into the spire entry at base of the pit, their morale broken by the electrical onslaught.
Smon: #11 Giant's turn
Smon: Before Drak can get off another shot from the cliffs, the 3 hill giant miners flee down the pit and into the Guiltspur entry, disappearing from view
Smon: A burning mammoth stampeding downslope runs into 2 more fleeing upslope
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 6,
sandor sunneson: lol
Smon: it turns back joining them as they run back up to the ballistae, trampling them
sandor sunneson: only you would roll a 6 
Smon: /roll 4d6
Smon rolls 4d6 and gets: 2, 5, 5, 6, = 18 
Smon: all take 18 fire dmg and the ballistae are knocked about and damaged
Smon: The 2 hill giants mammoth-handlers down at the gate spend the round getting their 2 non-tarred riding mammoths back under control; the sight & stench of their burning comrades was quite disturbing!
joriandrake: Drakhaien is really glad to be at good distance from the mess
Smon: In the great hall the giants around the pit finally (after 2 rounds) get to their feet, lobbing rocks at Claw & Sandor
Smon: Claw AC 19, what is Sandor AC?
sandor sunneson: AC21
Smon: fire giant rock at claw
Smon: /roll d20+11
Smon rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 10, (+11) = 21 
Smon: hits claw
Smon: 29 dmg
JamesDevil: halfed?
Smon: yup - blunt dmg fire giant rock at sandor
Smon: /roll d20+11
Smon rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 16, (+11) = 27 
JamesDevil: k
Smon: 29 dmg to sandor, halved for rage
Smon: The giant Sandor attacked swings his greatsword at him
Smon: /roll d20+11x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
3 (+11) = 14
4 (+11) = 15

Smon: 2 misses 
sandor sunneson: relief 
Smon: General Stom stands from her throne and throws a rock from the balcony down at Claw
Smon: /roll d20+12
Smon rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 9, (+12) = 21 
Smon: hit
Smon: /roll 4d10+8
Smon rolls 4d10+8 and gets: 6, 5, 8, 5, (+8) = 32 
Smon: 32/2 = 16 dmg
Smon: 2 hill giants throw rocks at Claw
Smon: /roll d20+8x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x2 and gets:
5 (+8) = 13
11 (+8) = 19

Smon: 1 hit, 21 dmg /2 = 10
Smon: 2 hill giants throw rocks at Sandor
Smon: /roll d20+8x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x2 and gets:
2 (+8) = 10
4 (+8) = 12

Smon: miss!
sandor sunneson: 162/186
JamesDevil: 150/236
Smon: finally, the 3 standing hill giants reach strike range of Claw (10' reach) swatting at him with their greatclubs
Smon: /roll d20+8x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x3 and gets:
5 (+8) = 13
15 (+8) = 23
16 (+8) = 24

Smon: /roll d20+8x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x3 and gets:
16 (+8) = 24
15 (+8) = 23
7 (+8) = 15

Smon: 2 atts each, 4 hits total
Smon: 18x4 = 72 dmg, /2 rage = 36 to claw net
Smon: OOC lucky that (a) Sandor took some heat off Claw and (b) giants are so big you can actually run between their legs (in Claw's case he needs to duck) 
Smon: #end turn
JamesDevil: ooc Keelia will be on in 15 mins
sandor sunneson: that was the plan, we escaping James?? 
JamesDevil: probably best, i can fly up to the roof once we're out, you?
Smon: #9 drakhaien your turn - the giants in the pit have fled down out of sight, and the mammoths by fleeing upslope are mostly covered by the fort - I'll give a 2 in 6 chance each you see one to shoot
joriandrake: Drakhaien will shoot the fleeing, almost dead giant then use bonus action to hide back again
Smon: /roll d6x3
Smon Rolls 1d6x3 and gets:
4 = 4
6 = 6
4 = 4

Smon: ok you can't see the mammoths though you can hear the sound of them stomping the ballistae
9:04am  2019-2-16 Keelia Has entered the room
joriandrake: So I got no targets currently?
Keelia: I'm here, don't die!
sandor sunneson: He can't fly, but he can see if there is a way of getting up onto the roof
JamesDevil: hurray!
joriandrake: hi keelia
Smon: GM Drakhaien you are actually in bow range of the 2 hill giants & 2 mammoths inside the gate - 340' horizontal & 300' vertical, you have 600' range w longbow
Keelia: hi guys!
JamesDevil: Hi Kiki
Smon: so could snipe at one of them?
Smon: Hi Keelia!
joriandrake: Drak will snipe
joriandrake: preral target is a more burned and trampled hill giant
Smon: Quillax you just lightning bolted the pit giants again and they fled down into the Guiltspur entry at base of pit
joriandrake: preferal*
Keelia: excellent - I LOVE lightning 
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+10x3 and gets:
2 (+10) = 12
6 (+10) = 16
2 (+10) = 12

Smon: Your preferred giant took 98 dmg before getting into cover Quillax 
joriandrake: ac 16
Smon: Pretty sure just 2 rolls Drakhaien for advtg? Anyway a 16 hits (AC 15 for good hide armour)
joriandrake: Elven Accuracy feat extra reroll was included
joriandrake: first a base bow damage
Smon: ok
joriandrake rolls 1d8+5 and gets: 6, (+5) = 11 
joriandrake: and sneak snipe shot
joriandrake rolls 8d6 and gets: 2, 4, 5, 6, 1, 3, 1, 5, = 27 
joriandrake: 38 hp shot, Drak hides again, turn end
Smon: Drak plants an arrow in a giant mammoth-wrangler then falls back from the cliff top
Smon: Next round
Smon: #24 Claw your turn - there are giant clubs a-swingin and boulders flying everywhere it seems
joriandrake: "I love to shoot at unaware enemies" Drakhaien mentions to Quillax. "It is also nice to avoid the chaos below, and the burning mammoths running around"
Smon: Luckily ole Sandor came to the rescue!
JamesDevil: ok, am i at the exit door?
Smon: You can run under the fire giant sgt's legs and out the door - do you Disengage action?
Smon: if not 4 giants get opp atts
JamesDevil: i did that at the end of the last session minus the disengage
Keelia: Quillax turns to Drakhaien briefly to agree, the lightning reflecting eerily in her eyes, but she turns back to track Claw's progress
Smon: end of last session you grappled, attacked Stom, then jumped off balcony moving towards door
JamesDevil: so there was more than 40 foot to the door?
Smon: Quillax cannot see Claw but she can hear giant yells, mammoth shrieks etc
JamesDevil: can i disengage and fly on the lower of the 2 roofs?
Smon: >>more than 40 foot to the door<< From the giantess Stom, yes
JamesDevil: once i'm outside?
Smon: 30' will get you outside
Smon: You disengage and head outside?
JamesDevil: yep
joriandrake: (lure enemy into bow range)
JamesDevil: then i'll fly onto the lower of the to roofs, the once to the east
Smon: OK Claw ducks between the fire giant's legs as it swings at Sandor and races outside, where three burning tar-mammoths are milling around, the nearest 15-20' away
Smon: You can duck east to the west wall of the lower roof, the corner there should be safe from stampeding mammoths, then next turn jump-fly up to roof.
JamesDevil: sweet, onto the roof I go an move as far north as possible (to reduce the chance of them seeing me when they come outside)
JamesDevil: k, i'll do that
Smon: OK you complete your 40' move, turn ends
Smon: 3 rounds of rage so far btw
Keelia: (if you can hide for 1 minute, you can swap back to wind walk form)
JamesDevil: yep
Smon: #22 Sandor your go
JamesDevil: its fine, i have a plan 
sandor sunneson: Sandor will also disengage and leave the room
Smon: The angry fire giant sgt raises its sword, Sandor ducks back and follows Claw outside
Smon: Sandor you see Claw reach the wall just to your left/east
sandor sunneson: Is the wall climable?
Smon: Yes - DC 20 Athletics
sandor sunneson: would that be an advantage roll??
JamesDevil: your raging
Smon: Yes & you can start climbing it now but won't be on the roof at end of turn
sandor sunneson: of course, will go for that 
Smon: OK I'll be kind & say you can sheathe sword and climb even though you have a shield on 
Smon: roll athletics
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
6 (+9) = 15
14 (+9) = 23

Smon: Sandor runs up Claw & so gets about 15' up the wall 
Smon: (otherwise 8')
Smon: It's 25' up to the roof
JamesDevil: Claw treeads his fingers to give him the boost
Smon: yup
Smon: #18 Quillax I think nothing in range of your lightning now
JamesDevil: Theres about to be a butt load of giants coming out of that building tho 
Keelia: Seeing Claw and Sandor having trucked it out the entrance, she'll ready her lightning to strike there. 
Smon: Yes but Q & D don't have line of sight on the fortress doors from where they are at the north end of the valley
Keelia: Ah
Smon: /roll d6x3
Smon Rolls 1d6x3 and gets:
5 = 5
3 = 3
6 = 6

Smon: Even the burning mammoths are out of sight behind the fort (& may be out of range too)
Keelia: But she could hear all the fighting?
Smon: Nearest targets are about 450' away at the stockade gate
Keelia: She would be able to suspect there was some serious drama happening possibly due to her companions?
Smon: Giants are very loud, so are burning mammoths 
Smon: yup
Keelia: And the noise has increased significantly enough for her to assume that they were all heading in that direction?
Smon: what direction?
Smon: You haven't seen Claw since he flew down to the fort
Smon: But it sounds like he's got in a big fight
Keelia: from the north side. Noise normally = Claw 
Smon: Shieldbiter has faded out
JamesDevil: normally yes 
JamesDevil: o, did Fergus leave?
Smon: You think the fort doors must be open and the sounds coming from inside there
Smon: Probably Claw charged into a bunch of giants
Keelia: Q will take a bird form and go for a little float on the winds northward to see what's going on and bring her lightning with her.
sandor sunneson: Ja, headed up onto the roof beside Claw
Smon: Q flies as bird southwards & down towards the fort?
Keelia: I think she's known him long enough that large amounts of noise = claw either causing drama or in it 
Keelia: Yes, south, where all the angry giant noise is coming from 
Smon: GM: As a bird you have 60' move, double 120', double for dive = 240' so you can actually nearly reach the top of the fort (60' high main section) in one round
Keelia: excellent 
Smon: Quillax-bird flies down, the sounds getting louder. As she swoops over the fort she sees Claw & Sandor burst out of the open fort doors, giants close behind, and start climbing the wall (end turn)
Smon: #11 giants
Smon: Down at the stockade gate the 2 giant mammoth wranglers are thoroughly demoralised now. They abandon their 2 charges, each climbing up into the two towers flanking the gate, where the tower canopies take them out of sight of Drak's sniping.
Smon: /roll d4
Smon rolls 1d4 and gets: 2,
Smon: The burning mastodons flee east round the tower, scrambling up the slag pile or heading north-east to the excavation pit at the Guiltspur spire.
Smon: /roll d6x3
Smon Rolls 1d6x3 and gets:
3 = 3
3 = 3
3 = 3

Smon: Luckily for them none actually plunge into the pit.
Smon: /roll 4d6
Smon rolls 4d6 and gets: 3, 5, 3, 6, = 17 
Smon: A confused melee of giants led by the fire giant sergeant follow Claw & Sandor outside.
Smon: The fire giant swings at Sandor (advtg as climbing) 
Smon: /roll d20+11x4
Smon Rolls 1d20+11x4 and gets:
11 (+11) = 22
15 (+11) = 26
20 (+11) = 31
11 (+11) = 22

Smon: hit & crit
Smon: /roll 18d6+14
Smon rolls 18d6+14 and gets: 4, 3, 5, 1, 6, 5, 6, 3, 6, 4, 3, 1, 6, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4, (+14) = 86 
Keelia: damn
Smon: 86/2 rage = 43 dmg sandor
Smon: A hill giant swings at Claw
sandor sunneson: 129 left
Smon: /roll d20+8x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x2 and gets:
1 (+8) = 9
12 (+8) = 20

Smon: 1 hit, 18 dmg
JamesDevil: 96/236
Smon: Behind them 2 hill giants throw rocks at Sandor (advtg but AC > 23 for cover from fire giant)
Smon: /roll d20+8x4
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x4 and gets:
1 (+8) = 9
7 (+8) = 15
5 (+8) = 13
5 (+8) = 13

Smon: miss
Smon: The rest of the giants are still in the hall.
Smon: Quillax you saw a fire giant & 3 hill giants chase S&C out of the hall, because of their location in the crook of the walls though only a couple could melee them
Keelia: Bright the lightning on anything possible 
Keelia: *Bring, even 
Smon: #9 Drakhaien - moving back to the cliff edge you can now see the 3 burning mammoths below you
Smon: no giants are in line of sight
joriandrake: Drakhaien will turn cloudy and hover closer to the action but keep enar the 'Mountain peaks' to be able to turn back and snipe from above when in a good position, my whole turn likely is spent on movement
joriandrake: near*
Smon: Turning into a cloud takes 1 minute/10 rounds
joriandrake: using bonus action to dash (to be even more movement)
joriandrake: ok, then I do that
Smon: and you are incapacitated while transforming
joriandrake: (I am not in a good position to shoot from anymore, and climbing would def take longer and be riskier)
joriandrake: hm
joriandrake: well no
joriandrake: you are right
Smon: You can move back from cliff edge and start transforming - this puts you out of the combat
sandor sunneson: he is right, he is the GM 
joriandrake: Drak remains there, readies his attack to shoot first enemy he spots instead
joriandrake: I meant no, I changed my mind no transformation
joriandrake: it would probably take me out of the whole battle (20 turns or so)
Smon: not counting mammoths? You ready to shoot first giant you see?
joriandrake: Readied attack on first enemy in sight, turn end
joriandrake: yes
Smon: ok
Smon: Next round #24 Claw
Smon: You can Disengage the giants and fly up to roof?
JamesDevil: Disengage, fly onto roof, move as far back as i can to ward Quilax
JamesDevil: end turn
Smon: Quillax is probably a lot safer than you are.... Claw takes a massive wuxia flying jump 25' up onto the roof of the steading, above him he sees a little swift bird fluttering about cutely 
Smon: Claw moves away from the edge of the roof, easily balancing on the sloping timbers.
Smon: This puts him out of sight of giants down below unless they move out a good distance
Smon: next round he could move round tower corner to stay out of their los.
JamesDevil: he also flips them off as he flies up
Smon: #22 Sandor looks like you need to use your action to climb up so no Disengage, roll DC 20 Athletics w advtg
joriandrake: flying barbarian flips the bird
sandor sunneson: Sandor too will folllow Claw away from the edge of the roof
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
3 (+9) = 12
2 (+9) = 11

JamesDevil: :0
sandor sunneson: boo 
Smon: Failed by 8 so you slip back down the wall!
Smon: The giants laugh.
Smon: BTW you have +6 Prof & +4 STR so +10 on check
JamesDevil: ooc I hope he can try agin!
JamesDevil: again*
Smon: fail by 7, you still slip back
Smon: I'll give him a second check counting it as an attack on the wall 
Smon: try again S
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+10x2 and gets:
20 (+10) = 30
8 (+10) = 18

JamesDevil: Boom
sandor sunneson: Would you like a beer Simon?? 
JamesDevil: ooc the wall copllapses, everyone dies
sandor sunneson: meteor hits the area, everyone dies 
Smon: Sandor takes a flying jump - grabs the wall 20' up, since you critted I'll be kind and say you haul yourself over the lip as the giants get their opp atts
Smon: /roll d20+11/x2
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 8,
Smon: /roll d20+8x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x2 and gets:
12 (+8) = 20
19 (+8) = 27

Smon: /roll d20+11x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
10 (+11) = 21
8 (+11) = 19

Smon: 2 hits (just) - Sandor you take 28+18=46 dmg/2 rage = 23 dmg as you haul yourself onto the roof beside Claw (end turn)
sandor sunneson: 106
Smon: #18 Quillax-bird
Keelia: She soars over them and with a flap of her wings, rains down lightning on the Giant that just smacked Sandor. It also propels her out of the way of her own attack 
Smon: Checking Call Lightning, you can't move the origin point of spell (over the pit) so you can't lightning bolt the giants at the fort gate with it.
Smon: You would need to recast it
Smon: btw it's raining so your lightning is on 4d10 now
Keelia: sure. She'll recast it above the entrance 
Keelia: And she'll aim at the giants. 
Smon: checking spell...
Keelia: If any giant is within 5 feet of her target, they also get zapped
Smon: yup fine - no material component - Quillax bird flutters her wings and thunder rolls as storm forms above the fort.
Smon: /roll d4
Smon rolls 1d4 and gets: 2,
Smon: You can get either fire + hill, or 2 hill?
Keelia: which one hit Sandor?
Smon: fire + hill
Keelia: then that pair please 
Smon: ok if using level 3 slot roll 4d10
Keelia: Little birdy brings the pain.
Keelia: Dex save against 19
JamesDevil: Pheonix Power!
Keelia rolls 4d10 and gets: 7, 4, 3, 6, = 20 
Smon: /roll d20-1x2
Smon Rolls 1d20-1x2 and gets:
1 (-1) = 0
4 (-1) = 3

Smon: both take 20 dmg
Keelia: She'll loop around, keeping her teammates in sight but staying high and hopefully unseen
Smon: The giants roar in pain and surprise as the lightning zaps down from above, rain pouring down.
Smon: Quillax loops round behind the tower of the fort, keeping out of giant sight
Smon: #11 Giants
Smon: Miserable and demoralised the giants retreat back into the fort, slamming the doors shut behind them.
Smon: Burning mammoths mill around...
JamesDevil: ok....i think we should take this time to regroup
Smon: OOC I'd like to go out of combat sequence now and summarise the next few rounds as you are in no immediate danger
Smon: /roll 20d6
Smon rolls 20d6 and gets: 4, 1, 5, 5, 2, 2, 3, 5, 1, 6, 6, 3, 4, 4, 1, 3, 3, 5, 2, 1, = 66 
joriandrake: Fine with me, Drak will try to move (60 feet with dash bonus action) and still ready bow to shoot turnly if nothing happens, will turn cloud if others say to do that
Smon: Drak you could put the burning mammoths out of their misery?
joriandrake: "No immediate danger" and rolls 20 d6 o.O
Smon: That was 5 rounds fire dmg to the tarry mammoths 
joriandrake: hm, yes, shoot them so things quet down and perhaps giants poke their noses out again
Smon: The horrible trumpeting screams of the mammoths fall silent one by one as deadly longbow shafts lance down into eyes and necks.
Smon: (Drak finishes them off - deduct 3 arrows) 
joriandrake: (Drak tries to navigate so that he has sight from above on the gate and such)
Smon: Drak moves round the clifftop west and south until he has a bead on the fort doors. Claw & Sandor, you are on the steading roof in the rain - what are you doing?
JamesDevil: Claw comes off the roof and starts mocing whats left of the baristas to rest against the fort door, trying to barricade it shut
JamesDevil: moving*
Smon: OK - is Sandor helping?
sandor sunneson: sure
JamesDevil: "we still need to deal with the herders that went into the towers
JamesDevil: "
Smon: GM: Ok between you, you take a minute and move all three of the damaged ballistae to lean against the doors - they open inward though so it would only be a short delay to the occupants.
JamesDevil: its something at least
JamesDevil: odd for fort doors to open inwards though
Smon: Yes, downslope you catch glimpses of hill giants watching you from the two stockade towers.
joriandrake: Drak will shoot at towers if getting a sight of occupant giants
Smon: No Drak is far too high up to see them, he only sees the tower roofs
JamesDevil: Claw will start stealthing that way
Smon: There's no cover for stealth
joriandrake: Drak readies attack, assuming giants will try to flee as they are the only ones left outside
JamesDevil: ok, he will say in giant:
JamesDevil: "you on in the towers, this is your one and only 
JamesDevil: chance to flee without us chasing you down"
Smon: roll intimidate DC 9
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 19, (+5) = 24 
Keelia: nice
JamesDevil: "ok, do we want to rest for a while then take on the giants who will also have rested?"
Smon: The 4 giants scramble down from the towers, open the stockade gates and flee south down the valley, their two loyal mammoths following them to happier climes 
Smon: Have Inspiration Claw
sandor sunneson: good plan, clever thinking
joriandrake: triggered shot at one of them
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+10x3 and gets:
16 (+10) = 26
15 (+10) = 25
17 (+10) = 27

JamesDevil: "we can bottle neck them more easily in ther doorway this time"
joriandrake rolls 1d8+5 and gets: 4, (+5) = 9 
JamesDevil: sigh
joriandrake rolls 8d6 and gets: 1, 6, 6, 5, 6, 2, 3, 3, = 32 
joriandrake: 41 hp due to triggered readied attack, no further shots planned if they continue to flee
JamesDevil: "again, group vote, rest up the cliff then come down and finish the fort or move on?"
joriandrake: (not sure Drak is in ear-distance)
Smon: ok Drak puts a 41 dmg arrow in a giant as they flee
JamesDevil: "I for one don't fancy having to fight our way out if something goes wrong ahead of us"
Keelia: Quillax comes to land on his shoulder and twitters agreeably
Smon: GM: Drak can't vote as not in earshot
JamesDevil: Claw yells
Smon: Drak can likely see his comrades atop the fort
Smon: OK Claw yells v loud - likely the giants below him hear it too
joriandrake: OK, will turn to cloud and then float there
Smon: Drak floats down then reforms (2 minutes) atop the fort.
Smon: No more giant activity.
JamesDevil: "so Quillax agree we should rest somewhere safe"
Smon: The cold rain pours down, chilling the gentleman elf.
joriandrake: "Well, what is it?" The elf asks once resolidified
JamesDevil: "the clifftop seems reasonable
JamesDevil: "then we can come back down, and bottle neck the giants in the doorway and finish them off"
joriandrake: "Where I came from?" Drak raises an eyebrow, rain drops dripping from his nose and ears
Smon: GM You can all roll Insight
Smon: DC 15
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+1 and gets: 17, (+1) = 18 
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 3, (+6) = 9 
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+6x2 and gets:
2 (+6) = 8
19 (+6) = 25

joriandrake: 25
joriandrake: no
joriandrake: just 8
joriandrake: Insight is the only thing I had no advantage on sorry
JamesDevil: ooc Keelia?
Keelia rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 7, (+13) = 20 
Keelia: not great
Keelia: only 20
Smon: Claw & Quillax - the giants seemed fairly poorly organised & poor morale, considering that fire giants are known for their militaristic zeal. They clearly had some fairly sophisticated battle plans set up but didn't implement them well.
joriandrake: (Eye for Detail: actuall 8+6=14, gotta learn my own abilities better)
Smon: Quillax recalls going up against Stone Giants at Hook Mountain years ago - 12 rocks = nearly dead in one round 
Keelia: She remembers that clearly 
joriandrake: 12 rocks what? stones were thrown at them?
Smon: They may be having leadership or other morale issues.
Smon: GM: You can all take 5000 XP at this point.
JamesDevil: "seems like their leader may be lack proper control over their subordinates, they should killed up all
Keelia: Whoo!
sandor sunneson: cool
Keelia: Quillax chirps in agreement
JamesDevil: "they were being disorganised and sloopy..."
joriandrake: ok, thanks for the game Simon
sandor sunneson: nicely finished
JamesDevil: are we ending here then? or continuing?
Smon: 30 minutes more, let's get you to a good point first
sandor sunneson: I'm leaving at 11
JamesDevil: k, cool
joriandrake: ok
Smon: You *seriously* need to do some planning/strategising, now is a good time
Smon: If you think you can just walk in anywhere & kill everything I don't think you'll last too long at this level.
JamesDevil: we tried last week, it just went wrong, anyway has there been any response from the giants in ther fort?
Smon: After 3 minutes they are still inside
Smon: Hm, more like 5 minutes now
joriandrake: Drakhaien wasn't the one who LeeroyJenkinsed 
JamesDevil: "hmm, we could try to Parly with their leader, like i said, something was wrong...."
joriandrake: "After our recent attack? Unlikely, but still worth a...shot"
sandor sunneson: On the map, what part of the cliff top are we at?
JamesDevil: "everyone step back"
Smon: You are standing on the fort roof.
Smon: Drak floated down & joined you there.
joriandrake: "I would prefer not to fall off the roof"
JamesDevil: Claw will drop off the roof and move around to the be 40 foot from the entrance
Smon: It is quite steep & the rain is chilling you (except Claw).
sandor sunneson: Ok, sorry got confused, thought we were rendez vousing at cliff top, fort roof makes snse
JamesDevil: "if more than the leader comes out, we run"
JamesDevil: "
Smon: Claw climbs down and stands 40' from the fort doors.
sandor sunneson: is it worth havinbg a quick short rest to regain HP?
JamesDevil: In Giant: "To the leader of the giants in the fort, we wish to parlay"
Keelia: Quillax-bird will launch herself back into the air, still maintaining the lightning storm (probably has 3-4 minutes left)
sandor sunneson: too late 
JamesDevil: any response from the giants?
Smon: There is a pause. Then the female fire giant calls back through the door. "This is General Stom! You are cute, little one! What is your name? Why don't you come in for a chat?"
joriandrake: eh, Drak changes to cloud again to move back where he was to have a sight on gates of fort and inside too if it comes to battle
Smon: "You were rude, to try to steal my hammer! You should say sorry!"
Smon: GM: OK Drak is changing back (1 minute)
joriandrake: (being on the roof now is possibly the worst location for my archer)
JamesDevil: "I am sorry, I have a hammer like that of my own, i was drawn to compare it"
joriandrake: (comparing big weapons  )
Smon: "He he he. You are funny. What do you want here?"
Smon: (Drak changes back to cloud and wafts back up to the clifftops west of the valley)
JamesDevil: "The green Orb to the east, what is it, and are you charged with defending it?"
Smon: "The Green Spire? That is the Guiltspur!"
Smon: OOC there is no orb - Bill misread the map
JamesDevil: ooc ah, k
JamesDevil: "ah, it is as we suspected and do you guard it?
Smon: "Yes, the great dragon Cadrilkasta brought us here, at the command of Lord Karzoug. But she has been gone for months. I expect she is dead."
Smon: "You are a brave little man... I have a deal for you, if you will come inside and talk?"
JamesDevil: "hmm, interesting, if see if dead then do you have any reason to be here any longer?"
Smon: Roll Persuasion Claw
JamesDevil rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 5, (-1) = 4 
Smon: LOL
JamesDevil: pfft
sandor sunneson: 
Smon: -1 CHA bonus eh 
joriandrake: Not really willing to give up their castle
JamesDevil: "how about we meet at the door?"
Smon: "Reasons... yes... very well."
JamesDevil: Claw walks to the door way, but does not step inside
Smon: The great doors open and you see Stom standing there, hammer in hand, behind her three fire giants with rocks ready. Stom sighs and throws aside a broken ballista to get a clear look at Claw. She seems amused rather than hostile.
JamesDevil: "you seem bored rather than angry"
Keelia: Quillax readies her lightning in case the conversation changes tone
Smon: Stom looks down at Claw, grinning quite lasciviously. "I am not bored now you are here, my little man! You were brave to enter my hall. I have a deal for me. Bring me the head of Chief Jubbek, and there will be peace between us. You may even keep his Sin Shard - the one the dragon left him."
joriandrake: (Claw, heart-trob of giants)
JamesDevil: Claw Smiles "this seems like a most profitable deal, for both of us!"
JamesDevil: Claw holds out his hand to shake on it
Smon: Stom nods. "Beware, the Shard has driven him mad with Wrath."
Smon: She kneels down at his proferred hand, her own massive paw enfolding his hand and forearm.
JamesDevil: "I know the power of Wrath myself" claw smiles
Smon: "You are lucky I am in a good mood, and you did not kill any of my fire giants."
Smon: "I am sure you do. Your people are known for their undisciplined rage."
JamesDevil: Claw nods "I think we are both lucky, I will inform my group of our arrangement and return to you with you enemies head"
JamesDevil: "Out rage serves us well in battle"
JamesDevil: our*
Smon: She nods. "The quickest route to Jubbek is down the Guiltspur excavation. He has guards, and concubines, and a great tiger he is fond of."
Smon: She smiles. "It is a pity you are so tiny, or...." she winks.
JamesDevil: Claw minks back "it is a shame you are so large"
Keelia: Quillax lets the lightning dissolve as she twitters with laughter above them
joriandrake: o.O
JamesDevil: "thank you for informing us as to what lies ahead"
JamesDevil: Claw will step back and walk back into the rain
JamesDevil: with a smile on his face
Smon: >> Claw minks back "it is a shame you are so large"<< Stom giggles girlishly. She watches Claw go, a smille on her dark and fiery countenance.
JamesDevil: ooc see sometimes taking works! even for a barbarian
sandor sunneson: Well done Claw, we have a job to do
Smon: The rain is clearing up as Claw rejoins Sandor & Quillax. Drak has just resumed elf form on the cliffs above.
sandor sunneson: right chaps, have a good weekend, excellent GMing Simon and excellent negotaition James, hope to see you all next Sunday
Smon: Watery sunlight peaks through the clouds.
JamesDevil: See you Sandor, good game
sandor sunneson: Sandor will short rest to regain HP
Smon: OK Claw have a bonus 1000 XP
joriandrake: Drak stays a bit there to dry up
joriandrake: thanks for game and bye everyone
Smon: Are you all going to SR up on the cliffs?
JamesDevil: I think so
joriandrake: it could be done yes
joriandrake: Drakhaien will keep watch in that case
Smon: OK you float/fly up to join Drak on the cliffs where you can SR and spend hit dice in time for next session
11:00am  2019-2-16 sandor sunneson Has exited the room
JamesDevil: awesome DMing Simon!
Smon: cheers 
joriandrake: later
JamesDevil: Claw is such a stud *flex*
Smon: LOL
Keelia: thanks Simon 
11:01am  2019-2-16 joriandrake Has exited the room
Smon: Do you have a plan for next time?
JamesDevil: right, see you all next week!#
JamesDevil: Guiltspire, work our way through it
Keelia: Sounds good to me 
JamesDevil: kill what gets in the waay, maybe see the concubines...
Smon: You may not want to de-cloud right at the Guiltspur.
JamesDevil: not sure about the Tiger, depends how big it is
Smon: rem the 10 rounds of incapacitation
JamesDevil: we'll climb down the cliff then
JamesDevil: Anyways, see you!
Smon: 300' cliff - ok for Claw...
Smon: can't fail the checks
Smon: not good for Drak & San
11:04am  2019-2-16 JamesDevil Has exited the room
Smon: Keelia you there?
Keelia: hi yes, 
Smon: If you are un-jetlagged could you come up with a basic plan for them?
Keelia:  I'll think about it 
Smon: The group is suffering from lack of a 'caller' to keep them in some kind of order
Smon: OK thx
Keelia: Sure thing - I'll step up again as coordinated cat herder 
Smon: Thanks! 
Smon: Nearly lost Claw last week when he Leroyed in solo 
Keelia: I know
Keelia: I'll keep an eye on him. I should be on time next week. My sister is away so no distractions
Smon: Bill knows giants are deadly because SB attacked 3 fire giants & got his dragon butt kicked
Keelia: I'll spend some time re-reading the logs and work out the best way forward
Smon: 1 round later he was flying away
Keelia: We don't have that common sense 
Smon: Thanks Keelia, great.
Keelia: Probably for our start of the next session, we'll wind walk to just outside the Spire.
Keelia: We can scope it out and then make a plan from there for getting in
Keelia: I don't like the sound of dragon or tiger but we'll work it out 
Smon: OK - there is a hidden area between spire & east cliff good for de-clouding
Keelia: That sounds perfect
Smon: map here
Keelia: probably a good place for a long rest also so we go in with full spells
Keelia: that map looks like where we are right now?
Smon: LR is a week - you can LR but would make most sense to fly back to Jorgenfist for that, only 8 hours by wind walk!
Smon: Yes the green is the Guiltspur
Smon: picture
Keelia: that might be best. If we are going against a dragon and a shard wielder, I would want a few more spells under my belt. I didn't burn a lot but I would also want to pick up some more indoor friendly ones.
Keelia: I guess we can pose it as the first option for the group. I have enough spells to manage for a good chunk of a dungeon and the others are probably ok not to LR. 
Smon: ok - obv the giants can reorganise in a week.
Smon: so upside & downside
Keelia: all the more reason to probably continue. Yeah. Ok, then we would likely go straight to GS and land in that little hidden area and aim for a blindspot approach.
Smon: there's only one entry to the spur, at the bottom of the excavation
Keelia: Or, take out whatever sentries we can. We have enough flight options that we could also go in from above - if that crystal is like a tower
Smon: that you know of
Smon: the spire looks solid but has an opening 30' below ground level at the bottom of the excavation pit
Keelia: Then we'd have to try for stealth (which we'll mostly fail :D) or possibly ... some major AOE
Smon: The three giant miners you were zapping fled into the Guiltspur
Smon: Actually you can see the feet of one at the entry, he must have died of his wounds
Keelia: We'd probably have to try to track them down and deal with them before they got there and gave warning.
Smon: the rest of his body inside the spur entry
Keelia: ah, so they got there
Keelia: which means they have warning.
Smon: yup
Keelia: Stealth is our best bet. I'd need to see a map of the area. There has to be air vents or something we could make use of as a backup entry
Keelia: Q would likely need to do some stealth. At night. As an owl perhaps. 
Smon: it looks solid
Smon: it looks like it was half buried in basalt
Smon: likely a lava flow from Earthfall 10,000 years ago
Keelia: Unworked stone - great for an earth elemental but how to get the others inside...
Keelia: I'm almost tempted to take us all to the top of the spire and just slide down it.
Keelia: Claw has fly and Q feather fall, so just the other two to try to get down...
Keelia: OK. Let me think about this a little 
Smon: It's a few hundred feet high, peaking above the surrounding cliffs
Smon: ok will post log now. Have a great weekend!