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ep 83 25/1/4720 - Leng

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Cadrilkasta the Blue Wyrm


Bob the Dhole

Smon: GM: At the end of last session you returned to Magnimar for a 1 week Long Rest, is there anything you want to do there?
JamesDevil: hmm
Keelia: make more potions / keo'n
Keelia: and look for another bag of holding. Never did get around to that
Keelia: although I still have a handy haversack on my list but I prefer my bag of holding in case I have to cart out someone's dead body again
JamesDevil: hmm, wierd Gorak is missing from my apps inventory :/
Smon: Keoghtom's am I right it's 5 days & 250gp to make a jar with 5 doses?
Keelia: I've got batch of 5 every 2 days for 125gp on my sheet
Keelia: healing potions are 1 day + 25gp and can make 5/day
Smon: That's nice.
Smon: OK so you could make 3 batches of Keoghtom's.
Keelia: sounds good
Smon: Roll Investigate for bag of holding
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 3, (+3) = 6
Keelia: for investigation
Keelia: well boo
Smon: Apparently no one has a bag of holding.
Keelia: She'll make use of Claw's - leaving everything non-vital at home
Smon: GM: Since you are a bit short of adventurers, if you are planning to go to Leng today, Sheila Heidmarch offers to send Seoni, a 12th level sorceress Pathfinder, along with you.
Keelia: sounds good to me!
5:17pm  2019-6-01 joriandrake Has entered the room
Smon: Hi Jorian!
joriandrake: evening, sorry for some reason I recalled half hour
Smon: This is first time at 6pm.
joriandrake: as in 6.30
joriandrake: ok
joriandrake: Is this time now permanent?
Smon: >>GM: Since you are a bit short of adventurers, if you are planning to go to Leng today, Sheila Heidmarch offers to send Seoni, a 12th level sorceress Pathfinder, along with you.
Keelia: sounds good to me!
5:17pm 2019-6-01 joriandrake Has entered the room<<

Seoni greets the three of you in the Magnimar Pathfinder lodge, Heidmarch Manor.

"Hello. It is an honour to be accompanying you - I will try not to die! I mostly employ area-effect spells like fireball and chain lightning, I hope these will be useful."
JamesDevil: "We'll do our best to keep you alive" Claw smiles
Smon: >> Is this time now permanent?<<

Planning to go to Wednesdays 6pm from next Wednesday.
Keelia: (LOL @ try not to die )
Smon: Seoni nods seriously to Claw.
"Thank you!"
joriandrake: (ok, Wednesdays should work, but have to get used to it)
Smon: Seoni: "I can use Haste to assist you in battle, Lord Claw."
JamesDevil: "that would be most useful, thank you!"
joriandrake: "Greetings, if you think you're outmatched just try to disappear. Not everyone needs to be on the front, or even visible." Drakhaien nods and smiled at Seoni as he greets her.
Smon: Seoni smiles at Claw: "Remind me if I forget!" She turns to Drakhaien and nods seriously.
"I can cast Invisibility, but it will cancel other Concentration spells such as Haste."

GM: Are you tree striding back to the Guiltspur & heading for the Leng portal?
Keelia: Quillax looks the Sorceress over and nods. "We watch out for each other, shout out if you're getting overwhelmed. If everyone has what they need, let's head out."
Keelia: Yes, tree stride to Guiltspur
joriandrake: (was the loot stuff shared/sold?)
JamesDevil: I think we shard it
joriandrake: ok
JamesDevil: shared*
Smon: GM: Quillax casts Treestride again in the Lodge gardens and brings everyone a short walk from Guiltspur.
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 3,
JamesDevil: brb
joriandrake: (if the mask is attune required I do that at the town Simon)
Smon: At Guiltspur general Stom is still in command, she greets you and seems quite excited by the prospect of the upcoming war. "They say Lord Karzoug will return within months! Then we will march on his enemies at last!"
joriandrake: "We will march, but it is also fun to let them march into a trap instead" Drakh remarks
JamesDevil: back, now with food ^^
Smon: The Nightgaunt Mask needs to be worn for an hour to attune.
JamesDevil: "This is fantastic news Stom!"
Smon: Stom nods happily to Claw.
joriandrake: (was there time to do already since last session Simon?)
Smon: (you have had a 1 week long rest in Magnimar so yes) Stom has a fire giant guard escort you down to the mists over the Guiltspur library.
Smon: You descend into the depths...
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 2,
joriandrake: ( think I'll swap out the nightmare ro for the mask in attunement, does anyone want it? it causes nightmares if you strike with it, might work for our warrior or perhaps Seoni)
joriandrake: rod*
Smon: (Seoni will attune the Rod since you need it to reach Leng!)

No faceless statues, flying polyps, dark nagas or other horrors bar your path, and after travelling an hour or so you reach the Portal chamber, the Abysium reactor humming away to the south east.
joriandrake: (good)
Smon: Over fifty feet across and nearly a hundred feet wide, the ceiling
of this immense chamber stretches up into the darkness like a
silo. The walls glitter with sparkling blue and purple crystals,
with those higher up giving the illusion of colored stars above.
A stone door sits at the end of a wide hall to the south, while
to either side of this entrance, three large black metal doors
loom in the walls (although one set of doors to the northwest
has been smashed to rubble). The far side of the room features
a wide alcove in which a fountain of glowing blue liquid ripples,
but the most significant feature of the massive hall is the vast
pit that takes up the majority of the floor, leaving a ten-footwide
ledge around its edges. Silver light shines up from a
roiling bank of fog thirty feet down in this immense pit, and
now and then, immense rumblings and sloshing sounds, like a
whale floundering amid the waves of a distant beach, echo up
from the silver-limned depths.
Smon: GM: The south-west door opens and out scampers Morcruft the Leng ghoul, waving to you.
"Hello! Hi! We go to Leng now? Yes? Morcuft is ready!"
Keelia: "Yes, come along Morcruft."
JamesDevil: "Thats the plan Morccruft"
joriandrake: Drakhaien hands (handed?) over the rod to Seoni, ass a sorceress it should beuseful to her, even if not going into melee (and I attuned the mask in freed up slot), Drakh also sent his Necklace of Adaptation into party chest if anyone wishes to wear and attune it, could also be used by Seoni atm
Smon: Morcruft scampers over to Quillax's side, looking up at her deferentially.
Smon: GM: You remember what to do now right?
joriandrake: "I'm sure yo uwish to get home quickly, but remember that we aided you since the start. I don't care for a reward from you for getting back, but at the very least I expect no treachery." Drakh tells the ghoul
Keelia: The radiated powder comes out for part of the ceremony
Keelia: And everyone needs to go into the water
Smon: Morcruft nods repeatedly. "No treachery! No! Morcruft good ghoul!"
joriandrake: Drakhaien smiles at the creature "Great! Then we won't have to annhilate you."
JamesDevil: claw rolls his eyes at Drak
Keelia: "Let's go jump into the water while Seoni sets up the ritual."
JamesDevil: GM - How deep is the water?
Smon: GM: You all get into the fountain - it's about 3' deep - while Seoni casts Nightmare from the rod, causing strange purple black spectral forms to cluster at the edge of your vision, then scatters Abysium powder on the water. Nothing obvious happens... Drakhaien remembers that the final stage is for you all to jump into the silver mist, where the terrible Dhole roils forever.
JamesDevil: "well this will be fun...."
joriandrake: Drakh turns to Quillax "I will wear the mask. It is nice, but I can't speak when wearing it, so it will limit my spell options, WOn't even be able to use Message. Just wanted to note this."
joriandrake: He dons the black, horned mask
Keelia: She nods.
JamesDevil: Claw walks to the edge of the pit
JamesDevil: "are you all ready?
JamesDevil: "
Smon: Claw sees the endless mist, and the dim impression of something enormous moving deep within.
joriandrake: Drakh steps beside QUillax, bow readied
JamesDevil: Claw reaches out and clutches Q's hand
Smon: Morcruft (also washed) steps forward beside the four adventurers. Seoni looks down and gulps.
JamesDevil: "we've come this far, whats a jump into a death pit going to do eh?"
Keelia: "Let's go." Quillax nods
Keelia: She squeezes Claw's hand and leaps
JamesDevil: Claw jumps into the pit
joriandrake: Drakh pats the shoulder of Seoni gently in encouragement
Keelia: "Jump Morcroft," she commands as she leaps
joriandrake: Drakhaien then walks into it
Smon: Claw and Quillax leap; Morcruft follows at Quillax's call. Drakhaien and Seoni follow a moment later.
Smon: /roll d4
Smon rolls 1d4 and gets: 1,
Smon: ouch
JamesDevil: -.-
Smon: You plunge downwards - Quillax and Claw feel their own reality wash away, and a sensation of vertigo as they float in a silver void, glimpsing the immense coiling writhing dhole-shape moving rapidly upwards...
Keelia: Quillax pulls her magic towards her, if need be, she'll plane shift them all herself.
Smon: Drakhaien is still plummeting through the mist when he sees the 30'-wide head of the dhole rising up towards him Seoni & Morcruft...
JamesDevil: Claw readies his sword, he'll be damned if he's going to die with a weapon in his hand
JamesDevil: without*
Keelia: "Get hold of each other!" Q snarls, reaching out for Claw.
Smon: /roll d20-1
Smon rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 8, (-1) = 7
Smon: Drakhaien roll init, you need to beat 7
joriandrake: oh heck
Smon: Morcruft init
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 17, (+5) = 22
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 17, (+6) = 23
Smon: Seoni init
Smon: /roll d20+3
Smon rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 14, (+3) = 17
joriandrake: Drakhaien hopes he can push/pull/drag Seoni away from it to just avoid battle with the creature
JamesDevil: woot!
Smon: Before the Dhole's maw can hoover anyone up, Seoni Drakhaien & Morcuft plunge past it, out of the mist and into the starry weightless void.
joriandrake: (I doN't plan to fight sharks in a sea, and I doN't plan to fight dimjensional monsterswhen traveling planes)
joriandrake: yay
Keelia: Q rolls over, clinging to Claw, to check those behind her.
Smon: As Quillax holds Claw she sees three tiny dots high above her in the misty silver void.... Then all of you feel solidity reforming around you...
Smon: *phooph!*"
Smon: Night. Cold.
joriandrake: Drakhain knows the real danger just begins, he readis bow again and carefully looks around, ready to hide at any moment if there's darkness or a place for it
Keelia: She clings to Claw though her feather fall is unlikely to slow them much
joriandrake: yay, night
Smon: You are sprawled on 40' wide stone platform extending out from a ragged mountainside.
JamesDevil: "i think we're on the ground now Q, but thanks for the thought"
Smon: The platform is attached to the side of an ice- and snow-crusted shelf of land over a hundred feet
across clings to the side of a mountain cliff. Above and below,
dark storm clouds roil and obscure sight of the sky and ground,
while to the left and right, the sheer black side of the cliff extends
as far as the eye can see. A freezing wind whips through the air,
carrying with it a strangely mournful howl. A forty-foot-diameter
pagoda-like structure, its domed roof supported by two thick
pillars, is attached to the ledge via a short flight of stone steps,
leading to a column-lined avenue flanked to each side by three
immense stone sphinxes. The avenue leads up to the cliff face, in
which wait two immense thirty-foot-tall black stone doors.
Smon: You are under the pagoda.
joriandrake: The rogue turns his colourful cloak out revealing it's black on the inner side, then wears it as such
JamesDevil: Claw wraps his winter coat over Seoni "Thank should keep of the chills"
Smon: Portal. The
air between the two pillars maintains a swirling ripple,
similar to a vertically aligned but mostly transparent
JamesDevil: "Q you you might want to turn into something a little more...built for this altitude"
Smon: Morcruft picks himself up, looking happy. "Me home!"
Smon: He peers over the edge of the pagoda. "Long way down."
Smon: Seoni nods gratefully to Claw as she wraps the huge fur cloak around her.
Keelia: "Welcome home then," she says to Morcruft. "Let's get to those doors so I can shift."
joriandrake: Drakhaien looks around to spot any danger, or native onlookers
JamesDevil: Claw starts heading towards the doors
Smon: Morcruft looks up. "Ruh-roh..." he points at the sky, where you see a swarm of flecks, rapidly approaching.
joriandrake: Drakh holds his hand up to note pause to the barbarian
joriandrake: ... welll, battle it is then, I asume
JamesDevil: ooc he's scooby doo
Smon: Drakhaien sees them too, counts 16 night gaunts, like winged faceless gargoyles, about 6 seconds to incoming...
joriandrake: do they look hostile? if yes He tries to hide in darkness before they are in range
JamesDevil: Claw pulls out his sword "they look hostile"
Keelia: "If Morcruft doesn't like them, they're probably hostile."
Smon: GM: Are you fleeing for the doors or fighting them? The avenue of faceless sphinxes provides a solid surface and places for Drakhaien to hide.
Keelia: Q shifts to an Earth Elemental form
JamesDevil: "speaking of, Morcuft, HIDE"
joriandrake: hide/flee
Keelia: She jerks her hand towards the doors, waving the more fragile members towards them where they could hide
JamesDevil: Claw will cover the retreat to the doors while backing up
joriandrake rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 5, (+17) = 22
Smon: GM: Seoni casts Haste on Claw as she heads for the doors. Morcruft & Drakhaien duck in amongst the sphinx-statues.
joriandrake: stealth 27
Smon: Morcruft hide roll
Smon: /roll d20+12
Smon rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 10, (+12) = 22
Smon: Morcruft and Drak seem to disappear, Quillax rises up in stone Q-lemental form from the rock of the ledge. Claw raises Garvok. Roll init please
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 17, (+3) = 20
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+4 and gets: 1, (+4) = 5
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+4 and gets: 3, (+4) = 7
JamesDevil: -.-
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 8, (+6) = 14
Smon: Morcruft 14
Smon: /roll d20+3
Smon rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 4, (+3) = 7
Smon: Seoni 7
Smon: Nightgaunts
Smon: /roll d20+3
Smon rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 13, (+3) = 16
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 7, (+5) = 12
Smon: #20 Quillax your go, the Nightgaunts are about 40' away.
Keelia: She'll move more towards the doors and ready an attack.
joriandrake: (I doN't think I fought nightfaunts before, are these birds, demons?)
Keelia: gargoyles of sorts
Smon: They are extraterrene
Smon: GM: Quillax reaches the enormous doors built into the mountainside.
Smon: She readies a stony fist.
Smon: Seoni does the smart thing and falls prone at Claw's feet (very Frazetta style)  as swarms of Nightgaunts fly in, clawing and grabbing at him...
Smon: They ignore Quillax, probably because she is too big to carry off....
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Smon: Claw is Hasted by Seoni so +2 AC, is that AC 19?
JamesDevil: oc al she's a rock >.>
JamesDevil: yep
Smon: ok 14 to hit
Smon: /roll 32d20
Smon rolls 32d20 and gets: 19, 4, 2, 9, 8, 15, 6, 20, 11, 8, 9, 6, 16, 5, 19, 19, 5, 14, 17, 3, 19, 13, 15, 18, 9, 3, 3, 5, 4, 1, 7, 2 = 314
Keelia: Jesus.
JamesDevil: 9 hits i think
Smon: 10 hits & 1 crit by hands I count
JamesDevil: and not raged
Keelia: Oh, I saw the final number and thought that was damage.
JamesDevil: ah, k
Smon: You have endless rage
Smon: horns
JamesDevil: lol, i forgot again
Smon: /roll 16d20
Smon rolls 16d20 and gets: 5, 3, 18, 9, 11, 2, 15, 1, 2, 20, 5, 1, 4, 18, 6, 20, = 140
joriandrake: this still hurts...
Smon: 3 hits & 2 crits
Smon: /roll 11d6+20
Smon rolls 11d6+20 and gets: 3, 4, 6, 4, 6, 3, 3, 2, 6, 5, 3, (+20) = 65
Smon: /roll 1d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 1,
Smon: 68 from claws > 34 dmg
Smon: /roll 9d4+10
Smon rolls 9d4+10 and gets: 3, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 4, (+10) = 28
Smon: 28/2 = net 14 from horns
joriandrake: (I'd already be dead)
Smon: The swarm of nightgaunts whirls around Claw, tickling & goring him, lifting him off the ground. He gets his opp att at one flying away
Smon: Claw roll one attack
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 20, (+13) = 33
JamesDevil: :x
joriandrake: yay
Smon: crit - there's a massive explosion as Garvok detonates!
JamesDevil: errr, poor npc....
joriandrake: wait, is this the exploding sword?
JamesDevil rolls 4d6+11 and gets: 3, 5, 2, 1, (+11) = 22
JamesDevil: slash
JamesDevil rolls 14d6 and gets: 5, 1, 5, 6, 6, 2, 2, 2, 4, 5, 5, 6, 2, 2, = 53
JamesDevil: fire
Smon: Morcruft & Drakhaien each 2 in 6 chance in blast area
Smon: /roll d6x2
Smon Rolls 1d6x2 and gets:
1 = 1
4 = 4
Smon: Poor Morcruft
joriandrake: he hides well, maybe he has rogue levels to evade the full damage partially?
Smon: GM: Claw roll your brutal critical dice too.
Smon: /roll 4d4
Smon rolls 4d4 and gets: 4, 3, 3, 2, = 12
Smon: Claw catches 12 nightgaunts in the blast area.
joriandrake: NICE
JamesDevil rolls 3d6 and gets: 3, 1, 6, = 10
JamesDevil: o, i need to make my save as well
Smon: Claw's damage bonus is +9 STR +4 Rage +3 weapon = +16 I count
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+4x2 and gets:
5 (+4) = 9
17 (+4) = 21
JamesDevil: made the save
joriandrake: oh right, they will roll saves too, I forgot
Smon: So 21 on dice + 16 = 37 weapon dmg to Nightgaunt
Smon: Explosion was 53 fire damage, Dex DC 19 right?
Smon: So Claw takes 53/4 = 13 fire
JamesDevil: yep
Smon: Morcruft
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 5, (+6) = 11
Smon: "Oww!" Morcruft yowls in pain as the flames wash over him.
Smon: 73 hp left
Smon: Nightgaunts need a 16 to save
Smon: /roll 12d20
Smon rolls 12d20 and gets: 8, 9, 8, 6, 15, 15, 11, 18, 15, 1, 13, 5, = 124
joriandrake: yay
JamesDevil: burn in my angry!
joriandrake: Claw, the future fierly runelord of Wrath
Smon: The nightgaunts are blasted and burned; the one Claw wounded crashes dead to the ground.
Smon: /roll d12
Smon rolls 1d12 and gets: 4,
joriandrake: (I wonder how many still remain atm)
Smon: However the others are still bearing Claw aloft, bringing him over to the cliff drop with obvious malign intent...
Smon: #14 Morcruft
Smon: Seeing several Nightgaunts turn in his direction, Morcruft breaks cover, dashes to the double doors - at his touch they swing open...
Smon: The walls, floor, and vaulted ceiling of these twenty-foot-wide
halls are tiled with reflective slabs of polished purple stone,
scarred here and there with cracks and discolorations. Darker,
almost black, striations run through these tiles, and when
viewed from the corner of the eye, these veins seem to pulse
with deeper darkness. Towering statues of regal-appearing
men loom at the ends of side passages to either side of the
main hall.
Smon: Morcruft ducks in, screeching to Quillax: "Come in! Safe here! Lots of Ghouls!"
Smon: #12 Drakhaien your go.
Smon: 1 Nightgaunt is dead, 11 burned; 4 were outside the blast area when Garvok exploded.
joriandrake: Drakhaien will step out from cover to shoot at one of the enemies carrying Claw
Smon: /roll d4
Smon rolls 1d4 and gets: 2,
joriandrake rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 1, (+11) = 12
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
8 (+11) = 19
14 (+11) = 25
Smon: OK Drak steps up and looses a shot as Claw is carried towards the edge - unseen until shoot so advtg
Smon: hit
joriandrake rolls 1d8+5 and gets: 8, (+5) = 13
joriandrake rolls 9d6 and gets: 5, 3, 2, 5, 6, 6, 5, 6, 5, = 43
Smon: It drops dead, releasing Claw as it hits the ground, but the remaining 3 are still able to hold him aloft.
joriandrake: 56
Smon: What else is Drak doing?
JamesDevil: I am 300lb you know
Smon: (3 can carry a Large creature it says!)
joriandrake: Drakhaien's black facial featureless mask seems to suck the dead nightgaunt in as it turns eatheral and ghostly. Then Drak hides again
joriandrake rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 20, (+17) = 37
joriandrake: stealth 37
Smon: (Had a lone nightgaunt carry off & kill a PC in my Sunday game recently)
Smon: Drak ducks back around a statue - out of sight, but the nightgaunts have an idea of his general location.
joriandrake: (The dead nightgaunt is sucked in similar to how ghosts are trapped in ghostbusters, but the prison is the mask's surface)
joriandrake: turn end
Smon: #7 Claw - Garvok reforms in your hand
JamesDevil: attack 1
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 10, (+17) = 27
joriandrake: (good luck on a second crit!)
Smon: Claw sees Seoni is beginning a spell as the nightgaunts close on her.
Smon: /roll d3
Smon rolls 1d3 and gets: 3
JamesDevil rolls 4d6+16 and gets: 3, 4, 2, 4, (+16) = 29
Smon: Claw hits the least wounded Nightgaunt, cutting it in two :0
JamesDevil: next one
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 11, (+17) = 28
Smon: He wobbles as the remaining two struggle to hold him.
joriandrake: (remember you are also hastened)
JamesDevil rolls 4d6+16 and gets: 6, 6, 6, 1, (+16) = 35
Smon: He cuts through a second and floats downwards...
Smon: Haste attack?
JamesDevil: do i count as grappled?
Smon: Yes you are grappled
JamesDevil: attack the last one then
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 11, (+17) = 28
Smon: One nightgaunt attached - not for long...
JamesDevil rolls 4d6+16 and gets: 2, 2, 6, 4, (+16) = 30
JamesDevil: do i even need to roll the fire damage?
Smon: Claw cuts it down and lands atop a faceless sphinx statue.
Smon: nope
Smon: They were on 7 after the fireball
JamesDevil: Claw runs to stand between the enemies and Seoni
joriandrake: wonder if any more left to shoot at
JamesDevil: 4 we're p=out of range of it
Smon: Claw runs over to rejoin Seoni - she yells "Duck!" as she looses a fireball straight up...
Smon: /roll 8d6
Smon rolls 8d6 and gets: 5, 2, 6, 4, 2, 2, 4, 5, = 30
JamesDevil: nice
Smon: 8 more dead night gaunts shower down around Claw & Seoni, horribly burned.
Smon: (sorry 7)
joriandrake: I love the smell of napalm in the evening
JamesDevil: Claw looks at Seoni "this was fun we should do it again sometime" He smiles
JamesDevil: and winks
Smon: Seoni grins up at Claw: "I like your weapon!"

R2 - 12 nightgaunts destroyed, the remaining 4, further back, may be reconsidering their life choices.
JamesDevil: lol
Smon: #20 Quillax.
joriandrake: Drakhaien shoots at one more anyway even if they flee
Smon: Looking into the great hall - beside her Morcruft is calling out. She sees two more Leng ghouls emerging from the shadows, scampering towards her.
Morcruft: "Hello friends! Me bring friends!" He waves to the ghouls.
Keelia: She moves away from the doors to go cover the others, signalling Morcruft to stay inside.
Keelia: She points Drak to move inside and waves at Claw and Seoni to move in.
Keelia: She then throws a couple of produce flames at the nightgaunts
Keelia: If they are within 30 feet, she'll aim for them, otherwise, it's more of a threat
Smon: (they're abouy 80' from Quillax) #16 The remaining nightgaunts turn tail and fly off as fast as they can - Drak you can take that shot then I'll go out of combat.
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+11x3 and gets:
13 (+11) = 24
18 (+11) = 29
20 (+11) = 31
Smon: hidden so advtg
joriandrake: tasty crit
Keelia: nice
joriandrake rolls 2d8+5 and gets: 5, 3, (+5) = 13
joriandrake rolls 18d6 and gets: 1, 5, 5, 2, 5, 5, 4, 1, 1, 1, 6, 5, 6, 4, 1, 6, 3, 2, = 63
joriandrake: 75
Smon: They're about 150' off so just short range for longbow
joriandrake: 76 - and turn end
Smon: A 13th nightgaunt plunges out of the sky.
joriandrake: I am a sharpshooter I can shoot at them vrom over 600 feet too
joriandrake: Drakhaein watches as the falling nightgaunt is fdragged closer and absorbed by the mask too, shows a thumbs up to Quillax, then leasurly walks to them over
Smon: The nightgaunts disappear out of sight round the mountainside. Seoni picks herself up, nods to Claw and heads to join the others at the doors.
JamesDevil: Claw follows
joriandrake: the elven detective is cautious about the newly arrived ghouls, but at least they didn't attack
Smon: Morcruft is talking animatedly with the other ghouls - your Tongues spell from the embassy seems to have worn off; they are speaking in Aklo.
Keelia: Q ushers them all inside, glaring back over her shoulder to check the NG don't try again
Keelia: She crouches down slightly by Morcruft, looking at the other ghouls curiously.
Smon: Q ushers everyone in and closes the doors safely behind her.
joriandrake: Drakh steps to the side / hides then casts comprehend languages without mask, then dons mask again and goes back to listen in
joriandrake: (so I miss 12 seconts of the conversation or so)
joriandrake: seconds*
Smon: The Halls of Leng have a weird, unsettling aura.
The walls of the temple are eerie and unsettling to
look at, and feel strangely clammy to the touch. The
statues you recognise as images of Nyarlathotep in his guise as the Black Pharaoh. The statues seem to shift and move slightly when one looks away and glances back. The cracked discolorations
on the walls look to Drakhaien to have been caused by lightning - dragon breath, perhaps.
Smon: OK Drak picks up the conversation. Morcruft is telling the other ghouls that you are friends, here to kill the bad dragon.
Smon: /roll d20+5
Smon rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 14, (+5) = 19
joriandrake: Drakhaien puts his bow away as he listens, and takes a couple balls to juggle with and have the new undead ausience relax
joriandrake: audience
Smon: They seem a bit reluctant, but are agreeing to escort you through as far as the Great Temple to the Crawling Chaos.
joriandrake: (actually rolling for skill)
joriandrake rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 4, (+11) = 15
joriandrake: Sleight of Hand 21
Smon: Ghoul: "Morcruft we will take them to the Temple, but surely the Moon Beasts and Shoggoth will devour them!"
Smon: Morcuft: "They killed a floaty skull thing! They will get past Temple and kill bad dragon!"
Ghoul sentry: "Hmm."
joriandrake: (I let others do the talking, Drakh is just entertaining atm, silenty with black horned mask worn  )
Smon: OOC 5 min tea break
Smon: drak will need to relay conversation.
joriandrake: ok, brb too then, need a coffee badly myself
Keelia: ok - brb then
JamesDevil: brb
joriandrake: Drakhaien doesn't want to reveal that he understands them yet, there seems no reason for it atm, and he awaits on what Morcruft will act like and say to the whole party
JamesDevil: back
joriandrake: back - damn I forgot to put on coffee, now I woulédn't be able to make it in time
joriandrake: anyway, I'll alarm the team if something 'is afoot', for now Drakhaien will look around to see if there is any ancient writing that's interesting to read
Smon: back
Smon: GM: No writing
Keelia: back
Smon: Mocruft turns and waves you on as the ghoul sentries head back through the entry halls.
Keelia: Q steps quietly after him. (worked stone or unworked?)
Smon: The stone here is worked (the ledge outside counted as unworked). After 120' you reach another set of double doors. The ghouls open the doors...
joriandrake: Drakhaien packs the balls away and readies bow again
JamesDevil: "keep your wits about you Seoni, the hard part is coming next..."
Smon: Seoni eyes Claw sardonically. "I am a 12th Rank Pathfinder you know. I've gone up against Runelord Zutha - and survived..."
She smiles wryly.

You look in:
This forty-foot square room may have once been a fine
entry hall, but today it is strewn with heaps of half-gnawed
dismembered corpses from humans, animals, and things
strangely in-between. Only the freezing temperature keeps
the smell of this charnel chamber from being overwhelmingly
foul. Large black stone double doors stand in the center of the
room’s four walls, with those to the north hanging ajar.
Smon: More leng ghouls - you count another 8 in all - come towards you from the shadows, or through the open north door.
JamesDevil: Claw lights up his sword and holds it high
joriandrake: Drakh hides in the shadows then
joriandrake rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 8, (+17) = 25
joriandrake: stealth 27
Smon: The ghouls looks impressed by Claw's mighty weapon. Morcruft waves his arms excitedly, explaining to them that he brings friends - tasty, tasty friends - not to eat, but to kill the nasty dragon that killed so many ghouls not long ago.
joriandrake: (I listen carefully for any sign of betrayal)
Smon: An aged & wizened ghoul with spectacles on the end of his muzzle steps forward and speaks - you can all understand him.
"Welcome, humans and human-things, to the Temple of the Crawling Chaos!"
He bows.
JamesDevil: "thank you for the welcome"
Keelia: Q stands upend looks over at the ghoul. She looks him over then nods back.
Smon: "My name is Pickman. Whom do I have the honour of addressing?" He adjusts his glasses, squinting at you.
JamesDevil: "Claw gestures to the assembled ghouls, "these are you flock I take it?
JamesDevil: I am Claw of the Bear-killer clan
Smon: Pickman: "We are Ghouls of Leng."
Smon: Pickman coughs. "In my case, formerly of Arkham, Massachusetts, a world you are doubtless unfamiliar with. In any case, you are welcome to try killing the dragon. However..."
joriandrake: o_O
joriandrake: cool there's a world called Arkham, like in Batman
JamesDevil: it more Massachusetts that has me
Smon: "...Our Moon-Beast overlords also have a plan to kill the dragon. They are ...crafting... a Shoggoth. A protoplasmic entity of great power. It will not be complete for a week. I doubt they will take kindly to interruption."
joriandrake: (I woulodn't mind to see a dragon fight a shoggoth to be honest)
JamesDevil: "can we get past them and attack the dragon before they do?
JamesDevil: "
joriandrake: (and we could finish off the wounded victor)
Keelia: [MoonBeast?] Qelemental rumbles to herself
Smon: Pickman: "We can show you the route to the Temple, where the Moon Beasts are. They gave strict instructions not to be interrupted. Beyond the Temple the dragon lairs, atop a ledge, beneath the sky."
Smon: Seoni looks to Quillax: "A ledge? on the mountain?"
Pickman nods.
JamesDevil: "perhaps we can talk them into giving us a chance first, its not like they have anything to lose if we attack first
JamesDevil: "
Smon: Seoni: "Quillax, if we could find the ledge by flying, perhaps, we could avoid another fight?"
Keelia: She nods, and summons up her magic for a wind walk spell
Keelia: waiting until they are finished conversing to cast it
Smon: GM: Remember wind walk leaves you incapacitated for 10 rounds each way so you need somewhere safe to do it.
JamesDevil: "maybe we should just ask first? the worse that can happen is that they attack us
JamesDevil: "
Smon: Seoni asks Pickman about the other doors - he says north is to the abattoir, south to the Bone Pit of the Gugs, west leads to the Temple.
Smon: Seoni looks to Claw. "Worth a try I suppose."
JamesDevil: "Any opposed to the talk firstt approach?"
Smon: Pickman:
"As you wish. To reach the Temple, take the west doors - turn right at the T junction, then take the left door. From there, Stairs go up to the Temple. The Moon Beasts will hear you coming."
Keelia: Q shrugs, then drags a finger along the stone to signal an option of going around.
Keelia: No need to go thru temple, perhaps, at all?
Smon: Seoni turns to Pickman: "My friends and I need a few minutes to talk in private, back in the entry halls. Excuse us..."
JamesDevil: "I'd rather that they didn't attack us during the dragon fight"
Smon: Seoni starts heading back through the east doors from the charnel room, beckoning the three of you to follow her.
JamesDevil: Claw follows
Smon: The leng ghouls just shrug and watch you.
Smon: Quillax & Drakhaien are you going too?
joriandrake: Drakh shrugs in the shadows and sneaks after
Keelia: Q drifts after them
Smon: Once you are all back in the entry hall, Seoni shuts the doors and turns, whispering.
"This should be safe for a minute - long enough to cast Wind Walk... "
Keelia: Q glances at the others to check they are ready.
JamesDevil: Claw shrugs "its as good enough option as any"
Smon: "If we find the dragon and it doesn't spot us approaching, we could turn back to solid just up the mountain from its ledge..."
JamesDevil: "agreed"
Smon: Seoni shivers. "Brrr it's cold. Don't want to stay here too long."
Keelia: Q summons up her magic and casts wind walk on them.
joriandrake: our ghouls is not here either right?
JamesDevil: ooc is she still wearing Claw winter coat?
Smon: Yes, she pulls the huge coat tighter, it's dragging on the floor.

OOC It's high altitude & sub zero, so Claw feels right at at home - Drak & Seoni will be making CON saves soon.
Smon: Your ghoul stayed with the other ghouls.
joriandrake: if Morcruft isn't here Drakhaien tells the others heh as cast comprehend languages and heard that th ghoul doesn't seem keen currently on betraying them, although we are 'tasty allies, not to eat but to kill dragon'
Smon: GM: Quillax casts Wind Walk and you turn to clouds - wafting out the entry doors, you see receding specks in the far distance that could be nightgaunts, flying away.
Smon: Are you flying clockwise or anticlockwise round the mountain?
joriandrake: "...but I don't trust that Arkham ghould, he comes from the territory of some Massachusetts, sounds just like Nyarlhotep and Shoggoth, probably another evid godling"
joriandrake: evil*
JamesDevil: clockwise i think
Smon: Clockwise will be turn right/south.
Smon: OK?
Keelia: works for me
JamesDevil: yep
JamesDevil: worse case we turn round
joriandrake: Drak-cloud float-sneaks after them
Smon: You fly round the mountain - in the distance, more mountains...
JamesDevil: no sign of a ledge then?
JamesDevil: damn, anticlockwise it is
Smon: Nope. As you come round to the far side of the mountain, you see the mountains descend to a vast cold grey waste, and in the far distance, unspeakably immense semi-humanoid jackal-headed forms... Quillax recalls them from her dream vision in the embassy.
joriandrake: no turn back we get there soon enough if we goaround
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 2,
Smon: Luckily you don't seem to attract their attention.
joriandrake: I'll float ahead to sneak scout in the air better
Smon: You continue round the mountain, following Drak's point that you are already half way round.
Smon: (no cover in the air though, but you can keep close to the mountain)
joriandrake: (I'm essentially 'lightly obscured area' myself now so I can still benefit from Skulker feat to hide more naturally, thus I think I am best to scout ahead depsite that  )
Smon: The air is unnaturally still and cool. Now you see the view to the north
is far more overwhelming, for here, a ragged black mountain
range extends to the horizon. In the distance, brooding upon
the range’s highest peak, is an unsettling and impossibly tall
castle, its towers rising up as if a hand were reaching skyward
toward the gibbous moon. Kadath in the Cold Waste - the very home of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, Messenger of the Outer Gods!
Smon: Moving ahead of the others, Drakhaien finally spots the ledge a little bit further down the mountainside...
joriandrake: I learned gibbous as word today
Smon: A twenty-foot-wide cavern opens onto a high mountain ledge
here. The air is unnaturally still and cool, and a mound of
rubble into which an immense nest of sorts has been built sits
against the cliff side to the south. And upon the mound slumbers an immense blue dragon, richly bejewelled!
joriandrake: Drakh floaty-shakes to gain attention of others then lowers closer to ledge
Smon: Drak points out the ledge location to the others. Drak roll Stealth.
joriandrake: eeek
joriandrake rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 15, (+17) = 32
joriandrake: 32 yep
Smon: dragon (when awake)
joriandrake: SImon - might soon be a good time to end session?
Smon: yup
Smon: ending 9pm
JamesDevil: yea sounds like a good time
joriandrake: oh
joriandrake: I thought the dragon is a pervert, I mean i didn't think you meant 'bejewelled' literally
joriandrake: gold plated, even
Smon: Drak surveys the dragon - it seems to be slumbering only lightly - and rejoins the others on the steep mountainside above the ledge.
Smon: GM: Drak take +18,000 XP.
joriandrake: "pst, dragon inside, on mount of rubble so no loot"
JamesDevil: "any ida what kind of dragin it is? fire? cold? stc?"
Smon: It's blue.
Keelia: blue = ice?
joriandrake: "bejewelled"

Saturday, 18 May 2019

ep 82 16/1/4720 AR - Destruction of Mesmalatu (& rest 17-24/1/4720 AR)

Guiltspur - The Embassy of Leng

5:39pm  2019-5-18 Smon Has entered the room
joriandrake: hello Simon
Smon: Hello all
JamesDevil: Hi simon
Keelia: I just realised that I hadn't written down I have TWO level 7 spells. so I have one extra option!
Keelia: Hi simon
JamesDevil: we beat the Skull! can we have a reward now plz?
joriandrake: quick, memorize something anti-lichy
Smon: Time rewinds...
DESTROYERBILL: 10 epic boons
Smon: And the skull attacks again
DESTROYERBILL: we all get 10 epic boons
Smon: All Bill DMing is voided
Smon: last session
DESTROYERBILL: i am so offended right now
joriandrake: I will just be happy to survive this, am not even level 20 yet and the succeed on save or go to zero hp stuff is hard for me, have one of the lowest modifiers for a Con save
Smon: Angry Mesmalatu
Keelia: I still have one extra spell that I didn't know that I had, that's not Bill - that's bad levelling up on my part
Smon: >>Smon: The Adamantine doors are flung open and a VRY angry demilich beholds you, ruby eyes blazing!
Smon: From the shaft high above, Shieldbiter comes flying down as the demilich flies in.
JamesDevil: we we're resting at the bottom of the shaft, how far away is it?
Keelia: He boots it like a football and we all escape ?
DESTROYERBILL: the demi lich is so angry it forgot to use an e
DESTROYERBILL: im just going to use my bow and shoot at it so it cant get me with the insta kill stuff
joriandrake: demiliche?
Keelia: (vry -> very)
Smon: GM: You are in the bottom of the 20x20 pit, the demilich is coming in through the 15' long x 10' corridor to east, ending at the doors to the cathedral.
JamesDevil: well....thats not good
joriandrake: We missed the chance to avoid it
Keelia: no, that might be ok. depending on my init...
joriandrake: (and I looked up vry, I thought it wants to court/woo someone)
Smon: ok roll init pls
joriandrake: (I was surprised, but found it funny)
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 13, (+2) = 15
Keelia: (...I HOPE we don't have an amorous skull coming after us!)
JamesDevil: meh
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 17, (+3) = 20
5:46pm  2019-5-18 Sandor Sunneson Has entered the room
Sandor Sunneson: Evenoing all
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 10, (+5) = 15
JamesDevil: brb
joriandrake: he
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+4x2 and gets:
11 (+4) = 15
11 (+4) = 15
joriandrake: hi,
Keelia: (hi!)
joriandrake: Sandor - init roll time!
Sandor Sunneson Rolls 1d20+3x2 and gets:
16 (+3) = 19
19 (+3) = 22
Sandor Sunneson: what we fighting?
Keelia: (demi-lich skull, very mean b*****d)
Sandor Sunneson: cool but scary
JamesDevil: back
JamesDevil: bah, i forgot adv#
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 13, (+2) = 15
JamesDevil: lopl. same roll
Smon: 3 people have rolled 15, all 3 of you pls reroll a d20 no mods
joriandrake: 15 is hip today
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20 and gets: 18,
JamesDevil rolls 1d20 and gets: 4,
joriandrake rolls 1d20 and gets: 11,
Sandor Sunneson rolls 1d20 and gets: 1,
Smon: demilich
Sandor Sunneson: lol
Smon: /roll d20+5
Smon rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 17, (+5) = 22
Smon: Sandor you rolled 22, reroll pls no mod
JamesDevil: mrsny
joriandrake: we're dead-ish
Smon: mesmalatu reroll
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 11,
Smon: fergus roll a d20
Sandor Sunneson rolls 1d20 and gets: 19,
Smon: OK Sandor wins.
GM: Sandor you are with Quillax Drakhaien & Claw at the bottom of the pit into the Embassy of Leng when the doors are flung open and a floating skull - a demilich - appears. It is currently 15' down the tunnel out of the pit, about 25' from you. What do you do?
Smon: Meanwhile you can see SB flying down from above.
Sandor Sunneson: any advice colleagues?
Sandor Sunneson: Should Sandor charge it?
Smon: SB you can't see the demilich currently but you see your agitated comrades as the doors down the tunnel fling open.
DESTROYERBILL: cover your ears
JamesDevil: beginning soiling yourself?
joriandrake: (wham it so it can't do an area-wide death blast? no clue)
Keelia: "No, don't charge, long range if you can."
Keelia: "Even better if you can keep it from moving closer."
Sandor Sunneson: Cover your ears?
Keelia: "It's got some sort of auditory attack that may kill us."
Keelia: "If it gets close enough."
Smon: Fergus I'll give you 2 minutes to post from
Sandor Sunneson: I'll cover ears and stay with the group
Smon: Sandor hunkers down covering his ears.
Smon: #22 The Demilich - it comes 5' down the tunnel and screams - everyone except SB roll a DC 15 CON save or drop to 0 hp; Sandor you can have +1 on your roll.
joriandrake: great
Keelia rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 1, (+11) = 12
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 12, (+13) = 25
Keelia: jesus.
joriandrake rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 13, (+3) = 16
JamesDevil: SHIT
Smon: On a successful save you are Frightened until end of next turn and cannot approach it.
Quillax drops.
joriandrake: wow, actually not floored -yet
JamesDevil: right attack, we need q up
Sandor Sunneson rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 15, (+11) = 26
Keelia: be great if someone can sort me out with some keoghans in my bag
Smon: #20 lair action on 11+
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 12,
Keelia: preferably so I can get a turn before it because I can possibly save us in three different ways.
JamesDevil: -.-
JamesDevil: we're not in its lair
Smon: /roll 1d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 1
Keelia: or, I'll just go roll up a new character, shall i 
Sandor Sunneson: I'll cover ears and stay with the group
joriandrake: q hp doesn't mean you're dead yet
joriandrake: 0
DESTROYERBILL: your fine your just on 0
Smon: OK it can see all of you except SB and targets you with a kind of necrotic vortex of black mist; DC 20 Religion to ID it.
Keelia: but it's lair action might be the soul suck
joriandrake: (covering ears only gave you +1 to save Fergus, not sure it is worth to give up your whole turn)
joriandrake: - no religion here, but I'll try
joriandrake rolls 1d20+4 and gets: 9, (+4) = 13
joriandrake: nope
Sandor Sunneson rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 7, (+5) = 12
Smon: #20 Quillax roll a death save
JamesDevil: I have -1 to Reg, so not even going to try
Keelia rolls 1d20 and gets: 19,
Smon: (sorry q save was before lich lair action not after - pass)
Smon: #15 Shieldbiter, you are about 60' up. You heard the howl but cannot see the d-lich.
Keelia: (yay, not dead yet. over to you guys  )
Smon: (@Keelia does Quillax have CON save prof from training?)
DESTROYERBILL: ill go down a bit and shoot at the demi lich if possible
Smon: DC 15 perception
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 9, (+7) = 16
Smon: OK when SB gets down to about 30' he sees the skull in the tunnel
Sandor Sunneson: well rolled Bill
Keelia: (yes, it's from one of the previous games, she's had CON trained for a while)
Smon: (15' of move used)
Smon: (thought so, thx)
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+18x2 and gets:
20 (+18) = 38
11 (+18) = 29
joriandrake: yay
Smon: SB puts arrows in both eye sockets
Sandor Sunneson: boom
DESTROYERBILL rolls 3d12+24 and gets: 3, 2, 3, (+24) = 32
Smon: ok it has resistance so 32/2 = 16 dmg
joriandrake: powerful arrows those
joriandrake: and I guess the gems in eye sockets are shattered
DESTROYERBILL: when you have str 30 every hit is a powerful one
JamesDevil: wait it has RESISTANCE AS WELL?
Smon: No the arrows slightly cracked the gems
Keelia: Simon did say before it was like resistant to everything.
JamesDevil: i must have been afk
Smon: SB flaps back up 25/2 = 12' up, 42' total, and grabs the wall 1-handed, auto succeed.
joriandrake: well, it is a lich, so probably mostly immune to magic too, I won't even try it on him...her..or it
Smon: Demilich legendary action
Smon: It uses Vile Curse on Drakhaien "GHTAGHU YTKM DR!"
Smon: DC 15 WIS save Drak
joriandrake rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 6, (+7) = 13
joriandrake: fail
Smon: Drak is Cursed (save ends) - disad on all attack rolls & saving throws
Smon: #15 Drakhaien your go
joriandrake: so, the shaft down here, does it have some sort of teracces or such, to be able to land higher up and still have line of sight?
Keelia: Simon, if I'm brought above 0 hp, can i make a move immediately when i'm conscious?
Smon: No - SB made his own perch on a DC 27 Athletics check auto pass
Smon: >>can i make a move immediately when i'm conscious?<< only on your init
Keelia: thx
joriandrake: understood
joriandrake: Drakh rushes dazed to Quillax
joriandrake: not sure how far she is from him
Smon: About 10' - ok Drak gets to Quilax
joriandrake: He uses a keoghan's on Quillax next (whatever the healing dice of it is)
Smon: Drak takes an action to rub in ointment to Quillax (deduct 1 dose) - NO EFFECT!! The black mist around you is preventing healing!
joriandrake: then uses remaining movement with his Cloak of the Bat to try flee/fly upwards, it won't be much distance but better than nothing
Keelia: 2d8+2
joriandrake: great
Smon: Drak takes an action to rub in ointment to Quillax (deduct 1 dose) - NO EFFECT!! The black mist around you is preventing healing!
joriandrake: cloak of bat is 40 move, moved 10 already so I guess 30 feet upwards as turn ends
Smon: Cloak of the Bat says it is an Action to use?
joriandrake: turn end, move/fly and item use spent my turn and action
Smon: sorry misread it
JamesDevil: hang on a second, have i missed a go? i was on the same int as Bill
Smon: just object interaction, so you could bonus action fly too
joriandrake: no, it is attuned, it needs dim light or darkness, however you said last time that is fine, I alsu flied with it here down at start
Smon: all 3 of you are on 15 James, you last
joriandrake: I was same too James, you come now
joriandrake: bonus action fly too then
JamesDevil: ah, k
joriandrake: the more distance the better (and sorry Keelia)
joriandrake: end turn as such
Smon: Drak you have 70' of fly & can fly 70' up
joriandrake: that Drak does then
joriandrake: not sure what the range is from the edge above to land tho
Smon: It's a long way up
Smon: Drak roll (w disad) DC 15 WIS save to end Vile Curse
joriandrake: (well, at least I can prepare myself better above to go down again if I can)
joriandrake rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 15, (+7) = 22
Smon: 2 rolls
Smon: disad
joriandrake: great
joriandrake rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 20, (+7) = 27
Smon: ok curse ends
joriandrake: I hope others are so lucky now
Smon: #15 Claw - you are Frightened so cannot close distance on demilich
JamesDevil: Claw turns around, grabs Q's body and starts climbing as fast as he can
Smon: OK Claw picks up Quillax and starts climbing - DC 25 with disadvantage, auto pass
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 18, (+15) = 33
Smon: Claw's action he climbs up 20' (half speed)
JamesDevil: just to be sure
Smon: Round 2
Smon: #22 Sandor
Smon: You are the only one in the pit now
Sandor Sunneson: Sandor will follow his comrades and start climbing as fas as he can
Smon: OK Sandor DC 20 Athletics check
JamesDevil: ooc can i shake the fear on my turn?
Smon: Yes fear ends end of your turn
JamesDevil: sweet
Smon: Sandor what is your STR score?
Sandor Sunneson: 18
Smon: have to roll then
Smon: (you auto pass up to DC 18)
Sandor Sunneson rolls 1d20+10 and gets: 5, (+10) = 15
Smon: OK... Sandor fails to climb up. The skull seems to be laughing at him...
Smon: #22 Mesmalatu
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 6,
Smon: The demilich tries to eat Sandor's soul... roll DC 19 CHA save Sandor (no prof)
Sandor Sunneson rolls 1d20 and gets: 1,
Sandor Sunneson: lol,
Smon: Sandor's body ceases to exist... one of her gem teeth glows brightly as she falls back 30' into the cathedral.
Keelia: Um...guess we have to kill it now
joriandrake: we would have to anyway, but yes
Smon: #20 Quillax roll a death save
Keelia: Someone get me up
DESTROYERBILL: well your not dead yet you are in 24 hours if we dont save himbut not dead
JamesDevil: we tried healing you, it didn't work
joriandrake: (not it might, no mist)
Keelia rolls 1d20 and gets: 17,
joriandrake: now*
JamesDevil: 've a got a potion of healing we can try
Keelia: just have to get me out of the black
Smon: Quillax passes. The black mist seems to vanish.
6:30pm  2019-5-18 Sandor Sunneson Has exited the room
JamesDevil: sweet
6:31pm  2019-5-18 Sandor Sunneson Has entered the room
JamesDevil: is the skull below us? or are we out of combat?
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 15,
Smon: The skull retreated into the cathedral.
Sandor Sunneson: About to have dinner, will log back on after
DESTROYERBILL: i say we come back in 24 hours and regroup okay
Smon: The shaft trembles violently - Claw & Drakhaien roll DC 19 DEX saves or fall.
JamesDevil: ok, Claw is going to head back and feed a potion into Q
Smon: sorry not Drak
6:32pm  2019-5-18 Sandor Sunneson Has exited the room
joriandrake: I am flying, not climbing
Smon: Drak is flying yup
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
18 (+2) = 20
18 (+2) = 20
Keelia: question, does a crystal count as stone?
Smon: Claw can have Inspiration for that!
joriandrake: thank gods you didn't drop with Q in tow
Smon: #15 SB
DESTROYERBILL: i fly higher to escape if thats what everyone else is doing
Keelia: (crap, i forgot i had inspiration)
Smon: OK SB flies up 40'
joriandrake: (as long you live, you still got it)
JamesDevil: I've headed back down to heal up Q
Smon: #15 Drakhaien
joriandrake: Not sure Drakhaien knows what happens below, but he needs both hands to fly (weakness of cloak) so he needs to land somewhere to do anything, he double-speeds again, 80 feet more up
joriandrake: end turn
Smon: OK Drak heads up the very tall shaft - you'll get out ok
Smon: (you can fly 120' actually Drak)
joriandrake: ok, Drak lands on edge to ready up to go below next turn
joriandrake: (ah right, notmal speed double plus bonus, thx)
Smon: #15 Claw you are 20' up w Quillax, are you still climbing up?
JamesDevil: can i feed her a potion while i'm holding on?
Smon: DC 25 Athletics, auto success
Smon: takes an action
joriandrake: hehe, nice
JamesDevil rolls 2d24+2 and gets: 5, 23 (+2) = 30
JamesDevil: woops
JamesDevil rolls 2d4+2 and gets: 1, 3, (+2) = 6
Smon: Quillax wakes up on 6 hp
JamesDevil: can i still move? i'll carry her up another 20' if i can
Smon: R3 - the doors slam shut as the Demilich heads off to digest. I'm going to say you're out of combat
Smon: (no it is an Action to climb, unless you have a Climb speed)
Keelia: doors?
JamesDevil: ah, k
Smon: The damaged double doors to the cathedral
Smon: Are you going upstairs for short rest NOW?
JamesDevil: Claw will climb down and start using Keo on Q
JamesDevil: o, right, lets go do that
joriandrake: well... not knowing this once Drakh lands he checks if Nondetection is still active (it works for a hour, but I have cast it before the start of the short rest that got abrupted, might have already ended)
Smon: /roll d100
Smon rolls 1d100 and gets: 78,
Smon: it's ended
joriandrake: ok
Smon: GM: OK the survivors get up to the ruins above, through the illusionary floor.
joriandrake: Drakh using elven eyesight checks if the others survived, he looks into the hole from the edge
Keelia: Ok. We need to go rescue S.
JamesDevil: each keog contains 5 doses right?
Smon: You can rest in the ruined tower on the l
Smon: lake
Smon: yes
JamesDevil: we will, let heal you up a bit
joriandrake: "Can he still be? Wasn't he eaten?"
JamesDevil: "We'll damn we try"
JamesDevil: "where SB?
JamesDevil: "
Keelia: "His body got absorbed into a crystal. We can get his body back and res him if we smash the crystal."
joriandrake: "We need to defeat the demilich anyway, or we can't use the portal.... where is that ghoul?"
JamesDevil: ooc is Bill still playing simon?
Smon: he is typing
JamesDevil: ah, k
JamesDevil: i have a plan that i need him for
Keelia: question - does stone shape work on crystals  ?
joriandrake: (did the undead flee, or got destroyed by the lich?)
DESTROYERBILL: a soul sucked victom of a demi lich is still alive for 24 hours though his phisical body ceased to exist but his soul is still around and when we retrive him by shattering the gems him and his possesions will return
DESTROYERBILL: he not him sorry
6:43pm  2019-5-18 Sandor Sunneson Has entered the room
joriandrake: the dragonling seems to be an expert on this
DESTROYERBILL: i do my reasurch on all monsters from the bestiarys
joriandrake: "Well, we are at a disadvantage now, those attacks of the skull are no skull-joke, and the demilich knows where we are and likely expects us back"
JamesDevil: "ok, heres the plan, we rest up a bit, then head down and kill that damn thing, SB i've got a couple of heroism pots that will prevent the fear effect and you and I are the ones most likely to resist that insta kill
DESTROYERBILL: i am well versed in the work off volo and mordenkahinen and my arch mage freind has his own bestiary i study as well
joriandrake: Drakhaien will ask to loan out that bestiary, seems worth to study
Smon: map of Leng embassy
Smon: Pit is the SW chamber
joriandrake: To be fair, Drakh has not much to gain from a short rest, so just as last time I offer to keep watch again
JamesDevil: "Does that sound like a good plan to everyone?
JamesDevil: I don't have any hit die left anyway, i'll use some keog on Q
joriandrake: (I was always on edge to fail a roll, like the HP one, but ended up not being wounded)
joriandrake: oh nvm I am wounded
JamesDevil: each keog contains 5 does right?
joriandrake: I forgot the necro damage
Smon: Morcruft went back to his lair room.
DESTROYERBILL: i need some healing i recntley faught 4 djinni princesses and only had 3 hit dice left so i still need some healing
Keelia: 2d8+2
Keelia: for keog
JamesDevil: Q only has 6hp
JamesDevil: you'll be fine
Keelia: use it on yourself, i've got HD
joriandrake: I lost 22 hp at throne room
DESTROYERBILL: yeah good point im only 19 off max 343/362
joriandrake: I will also use HD then after all
JamesDevil: you sure?
JamesDevil Rolls 2d8+2x5 and gets:
1, 1 (+2) = 4
5, 1 (+2) = 8
1, 8 (+2) = 11
6, 4 (+2) = 12
8, 7 (+2) = 17
Smon: GM: Secure from view in the tower ruins, you complete a short rest (1 hour passes)
Keelia: yes
joriandrake: (I think our issue here is the curse and auto - zeroed hp ability, not actually losing much hp at once)
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 5, (+2) = 7
joriandrake rolls 2d8+4 and gets: 8, 4, (+4) = 16
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 1, (+2) = 3
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 5, (+2) = 7
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 3, (+2) = 5
joriandrake: eh, I spend another hd
joriandrake rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 8, (+2) = 10
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 1, (+2) = 3
JamesDevil: like i said, SB and I have a decent chnce to avoid resist it, and we can counter the fear effect with the pits of heroism, we'll attack it head on and you guys can range ity
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 8, (+2) = 10
joriandrake: (max hp, which isn't a lot, 129)
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 2, (+2) = 4
DESTROYERBILL: im immune to fear anyway
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 8, (+2) = 10
Keelia rolls 1d8+2 and gets: 4, (+2) = 6
JamesDevil: even better
Keelia: 61 hp after my remaining HD
joriandrake: Drakhaien hopes we can get a battle with demilich at ap lace where the elf can have a decent distance from it to shoot with bow from a better position
DESTROYERBILL: the killing thing is the soul suck she can have more than one soul at a time
joriandrake: "YOu want me to be able to shoot at the skull, it is the best for all of us, maybe we can lure it to a good location?"
JamesDevil: "we'll go and scout it out, it might already be in a good place"
Smon: GM: btw one of you can attune to the nightmare rod now if you like
DESTROYERBILL: anyone got good chraisma saves
joriandrake: "It sensed me, but was unable to pinpoint me when I sneaked to the throne before, so Nondetection-Invisibility might work for scouting"
joriandrake: "I can do such a spell combination once more safely"
Smon: (You stole the rod as it can be used for the ritual to open the portal to Leng)
Keelia: do i need to be attuned to use it for plane shifting?
joriandrake: (yes, but then we would leave Sandor behind)
Smon: Someone needs to attune it to cast Nightmare from it as part of the ritual
Keelia: (i'm not talking about leaving sandor behind, but i was wanting to find out exactly what simon just told us  )
joriandrake: Necklace of Adaptation didn't help a lot until now, no vapors, breath attacks and such, so I could swap that out to attune the rod instead
Keelia: fine with me
joriandrake: ok, Drakh takes the rod then
Smon: In order to activate the portal, a character must expend
a nightmare or plane shift spell (either from spells known or
prepared, or by using a magic item that allows one of these
spells, like the nightmare rod in area E9) while pouring a
handful of abysium powder (obtainable at area E5) into the
fountain. Alternatively, destroying
or deactivating the abysium reactor and destroying the
demilich Mesmalatu causes the fountain to malfunction.
In either situation, a creature that then partially or wholly
immerses itself in the water and leaps into the silver mist
in the pit is transported.
joriandrake: .... eh, the damn reactor
Keelia: we have the powder already
JamesDevil: two options, eitherway we're killing the damn skull
Smon: ok Drakh attunes the nightmare rod - he can use it to cast phantasmal killer on someone he hits with it (no action) or nightmare
joriandrake: I wonder if the demilich would be weaker if the reactor is deactivated
JamesDevil: probably just very angry
DESTROYERBILL: (jokeingly) you shouldent speak ill of the dead
Keelia: interestingly .... "destroying the demilich Mesmalatu causes the fountain to malfunction"
joriandrake: .... is t he reactor room large enough for a good placement for aan attack and a range for shooting with bow?
JamesDevil: only if the power plan is destroyed as well
Smon: "destroying the demilich Mesmalatu causes the fountain to malfunction"

That's what the Whisperstone told you.
joriandrake: I mean, I assume if we deactivate the reactor the demilich might go check out "the disturbance i nthe force"
joriandrake: If the room is large enough for our intent of combat, we could try get the battle there
Smon: map - 5'/square -
joriandrake: the lightning bulb place is the reactor i guess
Keelia: yes
Keelia: where we got the dust
JamesDevil: os SB and Claw could stand on either side of the doors to the skulls room, someone range attacks it and SB and I keep it locked down
JamesDevil: or*
joriandrake: unless I am mistaken, it would still just be 40 feet from door from the end corner in middle of room if we start the battle there, not ideal
Smon: You do remember that the reactor is super radioactive right?
Keelia: yes, but we have dust, so we don't need to do it again
joriandrake: right, skull room, it might be enough to just lure it to the corridor, that should allow Drak to also shoot at it from 120+ range, hopefully
Keelia: and the reactor is neither here nor there, we've got to save our companion first
JamesDevil: yep, SB and claw will hold it in place
joriandrake: I didn't consider the room because the dust, but because I assumed we could lure the demilich there by deactivating the reactor, but the place is not too good for combat either
joriandrake: ...however, we could position in the corridor for an mbush, THEN deactivate the reactor to get the lich move out, I could do that, while flying, then rush back to help in battle maybe
joriandrake: move out of its own room*
joriandrake: (my max turnly speed only flying seems to be 120 feet, I might miss out on one or two rounds though)
JamesDevil: sigh, lets just stick with opening the doors to the skull room, then either SB or Claw will throw something to get its attention to draw it out
joriandrake: fine with me, as long it moves out onto the long corridor
Keelia: Simon - i'm curious, would stone shape work on crystal? It's a type of stone, isn't it?
joriandrake: but those who go throw stuff at it might be in the range of its death blast area
Smon: >>would stone shape work on crystal?<< Yes I would say so, it is a stone object. May be 5' on a side max.
Smon: Can reshape a stone object of medium size or smaller. Range is touch.
JamesDevil: you fancy getting that close?
Smon: eg you could reshape Sandor's gem into a little Sandor shaped crystal stick figure.
Keelia: I don't fancy it, but I might be able to pin it down. I've got boon of speed with my air elemental form, gives me speed and I can get through the keyhole.
Keelia: If I zoom in, and stone shape a crystal and bind it to the floor, I could use my bonus action to disengage and GtFO
Keelia: Then it's stuck, we just open the door and distance attack.
JamesDevil: hmm, will that blow a spell slot?
Keelia: Yes. but not one of my high ones
Keelia: I could also potentially wall of stone it into a narrow area and make the crystal too large for it to pass.
JamesDevil: ok, worth a shot, but if things go side ways GtFO and we'll go with the doorway bottle neck plan
joriandrake: what is the max distance I could in such case use from corridor to have a line of sight on the door of the skull Simon?
DESTROYERBILL: he is curently afk
joriandrake: ok, getting coffee then
JamesDevil: what was the range on its attack? 30' for the 0hp thing right?
Smon: yup 30'
JamesDevil: excellent 
Smon: Stone Shape does not increase the mass of the shaped object BTW
Smon: >>what is the max distance I could in such case use from corridor to have a line of sight on the door of the skull Simon?<< refer to the map I keep posting
Keelia: no, but if I can meld a door to it's frame, I should be able to meld a crystal to a rock floor
joriandrake: back
joriandrake: is a square on map 5 or ten feet?
joriandrake: and which room is the skull's?
Smon: 5' like i told you
Smon: the west room off the big room with the green curtain
Keelia: Alternatively, I could have the floor rise up and grab hold of the skull like a podium of sorts
joriandrake: stone cage?
Smon: Quillax roll investigate
Smon: Drak too
Keelia rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 4, (+5) = 9
Smon: (fail)
joriandrake: passive would be 31 but I roll
JamesDevil: ooc I just thought of a cool Rock Band name - Skull Cage
joriandrake rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 5, (+16) = 21
joriandrake: 26
Smon: OK Drak - Quillax's plan is not really practical in combat, but if the throne were Shaped while it was dormant on it, that could work.
Keelia: excellent
joriandrake: I will tell her then, that the stone of the throne itself might be shaped while it is asleep - if asleep -
joriandrake: "This also means we would need to fight in its own room"
JamesDevil: if its pinned down that would be easier
joriandrake: ... "but (as far I read the map right) that room is quite large and has a long hallways/corridor from the door to the throne, I could use that to shoot from the end of it near the door"
Smon: yes
Smon: but note the stairs up
joriandrake: "...and, if you lock the skull into the throne it owuld not have any negative effect on my aiming either"
Keelia: brb
JamesDevil: you're not the only one with range
joriandrake: ah stairs
Smon: from the corridor there is not clear line of sight to the throne, it is too far back on the higher level
joriandrake: maybe, but I am a Sharpshooter, have no negative on covers
joriandrake: do the stairs go up or down to the room with throne?
Smon: up west into room
Smon: You ran down them last week!
joriandrake: thanks
Keelia: back
JamesDevil: ok, lets do this, over to you Q
joriandrake: so we could set up a stage or platform maybe higher up to make ap lace for better line of sight before going into the room itself
joriandrake: Is QUillax able to shape the walls, then move, then shape throne with one spell use?
JamesDevil: remmebr there a slime in there as well
JamesDevil: fyi
Smon: >>Is QUillax able to shape the walls, then move, then shape throne with one spell use?<< *sigh*
JamesDevil: -.-
Keelia: no
Keelia: Q can shape the throne and gtfo so she doesn't die again
Smon: Keelia can you tell me the plan?
Keelia: Q will 1) wildshape into air elemental
Keelia: 2) move down the hall silently until she gets near the doors
Keelia: 3) go through the lock (can fit thru 1 inch gaps)
Keelia: 4) go over to throne (squeeze past ooze curtain) and stone shape the throne around the skull
joriandrake: as far I understand this is the room of the throne/skull, with throne at end, so my idea was to raise a platform near the door so I can shoot from there while others go into melee, thus enabling me range and line of sight there
Keelia: 5) disengage with bonus action
Smon: Squeeze under ooze curtain?
DESTROYERBILL: or just go earth elmental and go under
Keelia: 6) use boon of speed and double time it out of there
Keelia: Could do earth elemental but I can't see if it's on the throne
joriandrake: sorry if my English wasn't clear
Keelia: actually, that's 2b) peer thru keyhole to see if it's on the throne
Smon: You won't be able to see throne through keyhole, throne is on higher level.
joriandrake: I might have to do that, with the nondetection/invisibility combo to scout the room
Smon: You would have to go through doors, down corridor, then fly up 10' and peek over top of stairs.
Smon: Plus the ooze curtain is opaque
joriandrake: and if it is there, sleeping, it might be safe to mold the walls near the door into a platform too before an attack
Smon: You prob won't know if she/it is on throne until you get past curtain.
joriandrake: (forgot of the slime stuff)
JamesDevil: Jorian she's not wasting a spell for you, just leave it
Keelia: then never mind 2a, just squeeze past ooze and if it's there, it's there, if not, retreat and wait a while, I suppose
joriandrake: ok, no worries, you go in without the rogue archer being to do rogue archery then
Smon: ok
joriandrake: able*
JamesDevil: run up shoot, run back down
JamesDevil: you'll be in and out of sight before its turn
Keelia: jorian, once it's trapped, we can deal with line of sight and stuff, but we need to contain it before we worry about that.
Smon: Do the others wait in the silver mist room while Q-lemental goes in to demilich room?
JamesDevil: yep
JamesDevil: all quiet like
joriandrake: it already used once a legendary attack on me out of turn, I doN't know how often it can do it, and if I run up i'll be in range of whatever
joriandrake: but Drakh should be able to quietly scout invisibly like last time at throne
Keelia: any time simon rolls a 6, its legendary recharges, I think. so assume it's there.
joriandrake: passive inv/perc is good enough to likely see through slime curtain if skull is there
Keelia: *assume it's there = it can do legendary attack
Keelia: if you want to go first and look, be my guest.
joriandrake: ok, well no archer platform then, but it is ok to get on with Nondetection and invisibility for scouting?
joriandrake: Yes I do it, as I think my char is best suited for it
joriandrake: (plus I have the advantage of already having beein in there)
joriandrake: So: Drakhaien casts Nondetection, then Invisibility, then goes into that room sneakily to check where the skull is
Smon: GM: OK you assemble outside, Drak casts Nondetection & Invisibility and goes in to scout?
Keelia: sure, why not.
JamesDevil: yep
joriandrake: I try to be quick, so I can still use at least one shot from invisibility after battle starts if things go well
Smon: OK, SB hangs back in the south tunnel off the silver mist room, peaking warily round the corner.
joriandrake: Thankfully I can still talk to others naturally without breaking the spell, so I can tell my scouting report
Smon: SB is hanging back 60' from the door, are the rest of you (except Q) with him, or further forward?
joriandrake: ok, sneaky sneaky now
Smon: (also, you don't check on Morcruft?)
joriandrake: (and I forgot, I think Skulker feat also helps me with the curtain 'foilage')
joriandrake: Well I asked twice what happened with the ghoul, If I see it I will tell the others of it
Keelia: (we did ask about him sometime back but there was no answer, so I assumed he was just hiding in the corner quietly)
Smon: Drak sneaks to the doors and prises them open - Sleight of Hand
JamesDevil: o yea, we forgot about him
Smon: I said he went back to his lair before the demilich attacked
JamesDevil: we'll check on him after
Smon: ok
joriandrake rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 5, (+11) = 16
joriandrake: 21
Keelia: ah, sorry, I missed that update
Smon: With Reliable Talent Drak carefully slips through the doors to the demilich's room, sneaks up the stairs and over to the curtain. Looking through he can dimly make out the throne, and the skull sitting on it, happily digesting Sandor presumably.
joriandrake: is it moving?
Smon: no
joriandrake: or jsut like last time, with no sign of activity?
Smon: he sees a faint twinkle from a gem tooth
Smon: otherwise much the same, no rod of course
joriandrake: Drakh memorizes the sight, as best he can how many inches the skull is from both sides to be able to tell for targeting aid QUillax better
Smon: The black horned mask is still on the left armrest.
joriandrake: he leaves again, goes back, not risking the mask, taking it would likely alert the lich again
Smon: ok, about 18"
Smon: Drak carefully sneaks out and returns, reports to Q.
joriandrake: once returned still invisible he tells the others, carefully not to bump into them
Keelia: while he was sneaking in, she took air elemental form, so she was ready
joriandrake: "We got the info and best chance now, I still have a couple of minutes of invisibility left, but it will be gone once I attack"
joriandrake: "note that the curtain is a living slime or ooze, so itcounts as extra enemy"
Keelia: She makes herself as transparent as possible and engages the plan.
Smon: OK Quillax flies in, up, sees the curtain.
Smon: She can't see through it, just looks like a pale green curtain across the room.
Smon: The throne should be right behind it, in the middle, about 10' back
Keelia: she'll flatten herself out and squeeze past the curtain
Smon: OK DC 5 DEX (sleight of hand) check to get under it without bringing it down...
Smon: with a waft
Keelia rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 14, (+5) = 19
Smon: Q-lemental breezes under the curtain. Her darkvision picks up the lich skull sitting happily on the throne atop a pile of dust.
Smon: Sandor's waning soul twinkles soulfully.
Keelia: she'll do whatever she needs to to get the stone shape done, but I sort of see her creeping up the back of the throne, to look down, like a holy spectre of righteous retribution
Smon: Nice music J!
joriandrake: (grab me that mask if you can while fleeing plz)
joriandrake: (it was one of the few English favorites of my dad)
Smon: Soul lady Quillax reshapes the throne so it rises up & enfolds the skull with stone tendrils - leaving gaps so you can still attack it.
Keelia: (you can get the mask when we've killed it, since it wasn't in the original plan
Keelia: and she can't get past the ooze with a mask
joriandrake: k
Smon: The skull starts to stir as it's enfolded - Q Bonus Actions away fast; DC 5 DEX again to get under slime
Keelia rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 10, (+5) = 15
Keelia: boon of speed + fly speed of 90 and she is out of there
Smon: Q escapes under the curtain and flies back through the keyhole as a furious scream comes from the skull.
joriandrake: I guess it is battle rush time!
JamesDevil: "I take it you were successful?"
Smon: OK you are attacking now?
Keelia: she can get up to 120 feet away, but she'll go back to the others with a smug gaseous grin 
JamesDevil: "we'll need to take tdown the slime first
joriandrake: I will roll init, but no matter what, my invisible rogue will attack last in team
JamesDevil: Claw drinks a potion of herism, allready
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 18, (+5) = 23
Keelia: yes, will be attacking at least the ooze to start
Smon: Are you running into room & up stairs to landing?
DESTROYERBILL: can i get some heroism
JamesDevil: SB attacking with us?
DESTROYERBILL: ill shoot arrows
JamesDevil: No, i'll stop 30' from the throne
Keelia: Q will return via the door and whirlwind the ooze to get it out of the way
JamesDevil: heroism if for the fear, you already said your immune
DESTROYERBILL: make it 31 or it will get ya
Keelia: then retreat again
joriandrake: right, what Drak can't do, Shieldbiter may be able to, flying/howering to get line of sight to shoot
Smon: Is everyone staying outside while Q goes back in?
Smon: Heroism potion does not give fear immunity per DMG
JamesDevil: yep, then kicking the door in
joriandrake: Drak does, as he is invisible and might get trampled otherwise
Smon: 10 temp hp + Bless
Smon: So Q flies back in alone through the keyhole
JamesDevil: you are immune to being frightened +the temp hp
JamesDevil: Until the spell ends, the creature is immune to being frightened and gains temporary hit points
joriandrake: (bless is still great, for attack & saving rolls)
Smon: same as in DMG
JamesDevil: so the pot doesn't work like the spell?
joriandrake: Simon is right, the potion is not the same as the spell called Heroism
Smon: You are confusing spell & potion
JamesDevil: k, i wouldn't have taken it then
joriandrake: to be fair they did call it stupidly, making this mistake easy
Smon: Quillax you approach the curtain - Q roll init
DESTROYERBILL: ill take it i want blessing
joriandrake: Hey, you still get D4 to your attacks and save rolls
Smon: /roll d20+5
Smon rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 19, (+5) = 24
Keelia: i'm not going to beat that...
JamesDevil: anywayz Claw waits to hear the cyclone from Q
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 11, (+3) = 14
joriandrake: the damn skull is again probably the quickest
Smon: The Demilich (using True Sight) chomps on Q's soul - DC 19 CHA save, you might want to use that Inspiration
Keelia: fuck...
Keelia rolls 1d20+4 and gets: 1, (+4) = 5
joriandrake: ugh
Keelia: inspiration!
Keelia rolls 1d20+4 and gets: 10, (+4) = 14
Keelia: nope.
joriandrake: ugh x2
Smon: OK Quillax gets eaten too.
Keelia: well, I hope someone hears my squeal of the damned
JamesDevil: is that just an ability of a legendary?
Sandor Sunneson: welcome to the club pal
Smon: After a bit the rest of you realise Q's not coming back
DESTROYERBILL: were officaly fucked
joriandrake: I assumed everyone else would charge in too,,,
JamesDevil: FFS
JamesDevil: may as well..
Keelia: nah, you're all fine. just use ranged weapons
DESTROYERBILL: well i dont know about you but i dont think we can win this
JamesDevil: Claw throw a javalin at the slime
joriandrake: I can't do anything else than really stand a chance as ranged attacker, but probably it can't use this ability every turn
DESTROYERBILL: ill shoot arrows as far away as possible
Keelia: bill, i fought an undead hydra by myself with the rest of the party dead before. You have a ranger. Draw off the ooze and let him work.
DESTROYERBILL: well we will try and save you with arrows
Keelia: you and james take on the ooze, jorian can take the skull from a distance.
JamesDevil: sounds like a plan
Smon: If you are going in now then please roll init. NB if you stay half way up the stairs you will be over 30' from it.
Keelia: throw pebbles at it if you have to.
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
18 (+2) = 20
3 (+2) = 5
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+4x2 and gets:
10 (+4) = 14
8 (+4) = 12
joriandrake: Init 23 - but I need to wait for everyone else to move in too, so I can than work invisivly
joriandrake: so this round I am slowest
Smon: roll J, you're not allowed to just roll init whenever you feel like it
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 8, (+5) = 13
Smon: OK so Claw rushes in and up the steps, javelin & greatsword in hand, followed by SB who hangs back nervously behind him, then Drak bringing up the rear.
Smon: /roll d20+5
Smon rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 12, (+5) = 17
JamesDevil: Javlinto the slime
JamesDevil: then run back away from the sword
DESTROYERBILL: i shoot arows
JamesDevil: skkull*]
Smon: OK Claw throws a javelin into the curtain, it collapses sending slime splashing all over the place
JamesDevil: living slime?
joriandrake: yes
Smon: Yeah - you are too far away to be hit by the splatters.
JamesDevil: is it congealing into one or many?
Smon: demilich is visible on its jagged throne, eyes blazing furiously in its cage of stone
Smon: bits
Smon: /roll d20+5
Smon rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 12, (+5) = 17
JamesDevil: etherway Claw is pull back as far as he can from the Skull
joriandrake: well, it is still trapped
Smon: #20 lair action
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 16,
Smon: The skull targets SB with Antimagic, a glowing pink field surrounds SB.
Smon: His bow droops
Smon: #17 Lich turn
Smon: ok you are out of range of all its powers.
joriandrake: (What is this Antimagic? the spell Antimagic Field? something else, does it even count as a spell?)
joriandrake: (I ask because archetype power)
Smon: It's an Antimagic Field centred on SB, covering only him & moving with him
joriandrake: ok, thanks
Smon: OK the break DC of the cage strands will be moderate DC 15 athletics, but the demilich has -5 STR, so breaks free on a 20
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 13,
Smon: OK it batters uselessly vs the cage
joriandrake: must sound like one of those african drums
Smon: #14 sb
DESTROYERBILL: i ready an action to shoot when the am shield goes down
Smon: ok
Smon: #13 drak
Keelia: (can you still shoot just without the magic? any damage is still better than no damage)
Smon: (it's immune to mundane)
joriandrake: knowing well that an antimagic field might work for up to a hour he tries to just move up the stairs, shoot the skull in its cage, then move down back and use Hide bonus action
Smon: ok
Keelia: (oh yeah, it's immune to everything, ah well)
Smon: attk w adtvg D
JamesDevil: -.-
Smon: it has cover from the strands, ac 20 > 22
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+11x3 and gets:
10 (+11) = 21
3 (+11) = 14
16 (+11) = 27
Smon: hit w elven reroll
Smon: sneak att obvs
joriandrake: cover doesn't matter to Drak, but he hits, albeit not a crit sadly
JamesDevil: ooc just so we know when to call it a night, how much hp does this thing have?
Smon: oh ok
joriandrake rolls 1d8+5 and gets: 7, (+5) = 12
joriandrake rolls 9d6 and gets: 2, 2, 5, 5, 1, 4, 5, 6, 4, = 34
Smon: i'm not telling, but i can quit at 9.30
JamesDevil: nice
Smon: 46 dmg w magic bow yes?
joriandrake: 46 hp shot into skull through cage bars, he goes down, hides
joriandrake: yes
Smon: has resistance so 46 > 23
joriandrake rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 9, (+17) = 26
joriandrake: 27
joriandrake: his Nondetection is still concentrated on, end turn (but invis ended)
Smon: OK Drak retreats down the steps. He won't have cover shooting from the steps next round for hiding - maybe if he climbed up to the bannister, shot through then dropped down would work
joriandrake: nmv, Nond doesn't even need conc
joriandrake: thx
Smon: Dust swirls around the lich angrily.
Smon: R2
Smon: #20 claw
JamesDevil: run to within 25' and throw greatsword
joriandrake: (unless we find a weaknes, the resistance basically makes the lich act like a raging barbarian, or double the actual hp)
JamesDevil: then run back out
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+18 and gets: 12, (+18) = 30
Smon: OK Claw moves up 20'', throws sword, then back 20'
JamesDevil rolls 4d6+12 and gets: 3, 5, 1, 6, (+12) = 27
JamesDevil: slashing
Smon: sword you can actually throw twice, 4d6+STR+3 as no rage
JamesDevil: range on Garvok is 25' but that works eitherway
JamesDevil: o, cool
Smon: /roll d20+5
Smon rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 10, (+5) = 15
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 6, 4, 1, 6, 3, = 20
JamesDevil: fire
Smon: it uses a legendary resistance to avoid dmg from fire
JamesDevil: second attack
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+18 and gets: 4, (+18) = 22
Smon: took 13 slash
Smon: 22 exact hit
JamesDevil rolls 4d6+12 and gets: 3, 5, 1, 6, (+12) = 27
Smon: /roll d20+5
JamesDevil: slashing
Smon rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 7, (+5) = 12
Smon: uses 2nd legendary res
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 1, 5, 6, 6, 5, = 23
JamesDevil: fire
Smon: 13 dmg
JamesDevil: and move back
JamesDevil: nice
Smon: Claw moves back, the sword returning to his hand.
JamesDevil: scratching away
Smon: #20 AM field down!
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+18 and gets: 20, (+18) = 38
Smon: SB crits w bow shot
JamesDevil: crit! nice
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d12+12 and gets: 5, 10, (+12) = 27
Keelia: nice\
Smon: 27/2 = 13 dmg
Smon: it's pretty beaten up
joriandrake: ((lucky, I feared he would be in antimagic for the rest of battle)
JamesDevil: nice
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 4,
Smon: no lair action
Smon: #17 lich
JamesDevil: sweet
Smon: he readies an action
Smon: #14 SB
JamesDevil: sneaky...
Smon: she readies, sorry to misgender the skull
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+18x2 and gets:
1 (+18) = 19
15 (+18) = 33
JamesDevil: lol
joriandrake: can't really tell
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d12+12 and gets: 10, (+12) = 22
Smon: SB puts another arrow in the much arrowed & sworded skull (11 dmg)
Smon: #13 Drak -if you do the sneak att thing I suggested you will be within 30'
Smon: want to risk it?
joriandrake: up to the bannister, as you suggested, would that be in 30 feet?
Smon: yes
Smon: actually no
DESTROYERBILL: you will die you fool no
joriandrake: is the room dimly lit? asking because a. cloak and b. Skulker feat benefit
Smon: possible to shoot from SE corner past a pillar be over 30' away
JamesDevil: Lady skull has an action readied >.>
Smon: superior cover to demilich but you stay over 30' away
DESTROYERBILL: he is trying to kill you
Smon: it's unlit
Smon: I guess claw has a torch
JamesDevil: yep, at my feet
JamesDevil: plus the flaming sword
Smon: ok sword is your torch
Smon: ok dim light in shadows of room
JamesDevil: it cuts through the darkness
joriandrake: ok, I try something else, gaining that suggested bannister location, hidden getting up there as vision and nondetection I assume allows to move ther undetected and Å‘perhaps even flying up there with cloak to spend less feet of turnly move, then attack, then drop below to be out of sight/range again, my attack will require a max 120 feet range
Smon: Drak you can sneak up, shoot from behind SE pillar over 30' away ok. You beat its passive per 13 & can shoot w advtg
joriandrake: I plan to use this second time since you ruled I can sneak attack with it, I cast Fire Bolt on Skull
Smon: ok
Smon: AC 25 from your location inc 5 pts of cover
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+9x3 and gets:
16 (+9) = 25
8 (+9) = 17
5 (+9) = 14
Smon: hit
joriandrake: then hit ,yes?
joriandrake: Fire bolt
Smon: You reveal your location once you shoot & hit it, of course....
joriandrake rolls 1d10 and gets: 7,
joriandrake: and fire sneak
joriandrake rolls 9d6 and gets: 2, 5, 5, 6, 4, 5, 5, 1, 6, = 39
Smon: Roll dmg (4d10 + sneak dice)
joriandrake: ah then 3 d10 more
joriandrake rolls 3d10 and gets: 10, 2, 6, = 18
Smon: OK it explodes.
Smon: You win.
joriandrake: 64 fire damage
Smon: Drak take +25,000 XP
Keelia: yay!
JamesDevil: hurray!
joriandrake: "and good riddance"
JamesDevil: hurray!
joriandrake: whew, thanks
JamesDevil: abpout bloody time!
DESTROYERBILL: that ended pretty bluntly
joriandrake: I knew I had to risk it
Smon: Quillax & Sandor reappear in the hall, lying by the throne
Keelia: (dead or alive?)
joriandrake: Drak leasurly walks over to the mask and takes it,
JamesDevil: or unconcious?
joriandrake: he inspects it (I assume they live)
DESTROYERBILL: i start pillaging the gems
Smon: They are coming back to consciousness.
JamesDevil: Claw is the only one concerned about his comrades
Smon: There is an intact 15,000 gp sapphire on the throne
JamesDevil: "welcome back to the land of the living you two"
joriandrake: Drakh goes after pocketing the mask to QUillax and Sandor
Smon: the black horned mask is also there
joriandrake: yes, that mask is what Drak took
Keelia: (you take it with the understanding that you will give others in the team compensation, yes?)
Smon: the lich's own gems shattered in the explosion
JamesDevil: "nice to see you sharing the loot SB"
Smon: Sandor can have 12,500 XP
joriandrake: "Do oyu need some salve or potions?" Drak asks the returned soul-eaten people
DESTROYERBILL: there is 2 pieces of loot okay
Sandor Sunneson: TY,
DESTROYERBILL: you could say that to drak nice to see you sharing the loot
JamesDevil: And you took the most valuable one without eben disvussing
DESTROYERBILL: there is one gem
joriandrake: Drak inspects the wounded (are they on 1 hp?)
JamesDevil: the mask has got to be cursed or something
Keelia: (which is not the point, bill. unless you plan to sell it and split the gold, you need to give others their fair share)
Smon: Q & S have the same hp they did before being soul trapped.
DESTROYERBILL: what you sugest we cut the gem
joriandrake: "Perhaps, but I rather took it before someone else did, and we can inspect it closely later, plus I ... collect masks, no other items we found until now interested me as much as this find"
Keelia: great! she's pretty much alive then
joriandrake: (OOC I just took it so quickly because I assumed you know who would grab it right away otherwise, plus I did try to note my interest pre-battle)
JamesDevil: suggesting that we put it in the shared loot bag and sell it later Bill
Keelia: (yes, cut the gem)
joriandrake: "If it is cursed we can get rid of the mask, otherwise, even if nonmaigcal i would like it as souvenir, and the gem, I feel no need of a share for it, rather we should use it to refill our healing supplies and other potions"
Keelia: (sell it and share the gold, cut it and share the gem, or give the rest of the team gold to compensate.)
DESTROYERBILL: im not on this plane when you sell it and i was the one who paid 25,000gp for draks armor
joriandrake: (I give up on my gem-income for mask, I rarely find anything good for Drakh, and this mask fits his background and theme)
DESTROYERBILL: i paid more than the gems value for someone else to have something
joriandrake: ooc - Bill, you got transported to this plane with the help of the NPC Lady and Drak, you will get syour share even if you are on the other plane, the loot can be also transferred through planes I believe
Keelia: that was between you and drak, not the party.
joriandrake: and if I recall right you gave the armor to me without a reuest to repay it, but yes, I did ofer to compensate later too, that offer still counts, not from the mask tho
Smon: Nightgaunt Mask - Requires Attunement
A black, horned nightgaunt mask has two eyeholes but no other
facial features. When the mask is worn, even the eyeholes
vanish, leaving the wearer with no visible face at all. The wearer
gains the advantages shared by the faceless nightgaunts on
which the mask is based. The entire face of the mask functions
as a sort of “eye,” allowing the wearer to see normally. The
wearer also gains advantage on all saving throws against gaze
attacks, and does not breathe (and is thus immune to inhaled
toxins and scent-based effects). However, the wearer can’t
speak, and therefore can’t cast spells or use items that require
verbal components or command words.
Once per day, the wearer can summon 1d4+1 nightgaunts to
do her bidding. These
nightgaunts remain for 10 rounds. Alternatively, the wearer
can summon a single nightgaunt that remains for 24 hours.
She can communicate with and thus give orders to these
nightgaunts via telepathy to a range of 100 feet. If the wearer
removes the nightgaunt mask, any summoned nightgaunts
immediately turn on her and attempt to carry her off and drop
her from a great height before vanishing.
joriandrake: but if you wish, I give you the armor right now back
DESTROYERBILL: fine ill give away the gem to the party if i get my repayment for the armor
joriandrake: ok, yes, fits an arcane rogue well
joriandrake: Sorry, but the armor was really just between yo uand me, I can give the armor back now, but don't request the whole party loot (gem) from others for it
joriandrake: I can also just give you my share of the gem
joriandrake: I still don't know what it is worth though
Smon: GM: Are you going home for a long rest & selling the gem?
DESTROYERBILL: the armor at normal value buying is 100,000gp but you found a good deal and found one for 25,000gp
joriandrake: So Drakh can just give back the armor if Shieldbiter wishes, but he will not get the rest of the team involved by somehow mixing into this arrangement party loot like the whole of the gem
Smon: the gem is worth 15,000
DESTROYERBILL: id rather you pay me back in gold drak and you keep the armor
JamesDevil: yes i think a long rest is in order, that way we can sell the gem, get spell slots and heal up
joriandrake: Well, we defeated the demilich, going once more back home to inform others of events would be a good idea before opening and going into a plane portal
joriandrake: That is also fine Bill/Shieldbiter
Keelia: Agreed with James.
joriandrake: for now you take my cut from gem worth then, and I will then pay back the whole bit by bit
joriandrake: that will be 3000 gold worth repaid then, glad this was sorted
Smon: GM: OK you return home to Magnimar via tree stride, splitting gem 5 ways is 6000 to SB and 3000 to Claw Sandor Quillax
joriandrake: aaand thanks for the game Simon, I think we need to stop here, no?
Sandor Sunneson: Thanks for that Simon
joriandrake: the others if requesting the mask or its worth please tell me now
Sandor Sunneson: Rolled a 1 and that was it lol
Smon: You have defeated a CR 23 demilich & opened way to Leng so the E20 PCs can have an epic boon
Keelia: thanks Simon
JamesDevil: thank Simon
joriandrake: what is my XP total then?
Smon: SB gets a Dragonfire boon (immune fire, +2d6 breath dmg)
Smon: You got +25,000 today J
joriandrake: ok, thank you
Keelia: night all - see you later!
Smon: Claw you can have Boon of Perfect Health +40 hp
Smon: Sorry Boon of Fortitude it's called
8:52pm  2019-5-18 Keelia Has exited the room
8:53pm  2019-5-18 DESTROYERBILL Has exited the room
Smon: Gonna give Quillax Boon of High Magic, +1 level 9 spell slot
joriandrake: that is awesome
8:53pm  2019-5-18 JamesDevil Has exited the room
Sandor Sunneson: Good DMing again Simon, I enjoyed the read despite being out of game
Smon: thx Fergus