Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Fearless Goblin Killers ep 2, 18/5/4713 AR

A week later their Captain sends the Fearless Goblin Killers and another Black Dog squad to Thistletop, where they defeat the mighty goblin wizard Gogmurt with his firepelt cougar and Big Chief Ripnugget, ending the goblins' reign of terror over the Sandpoint Hinterlands.

XP: Party advance to level 3 with 900 XP.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Fearless Goblin Killers ep 1, 11/5/4713 AR

In the ruins of Sandpoint, 5 new Black Dog mercenary recruits (a human, a gnome, a wood elf, a dwarf and a dragonborn) are sent by their Captain into the tunnels under the Old Glassworks one fine morning, to root out a nest of goblins lairing there. They discover what looks like an ancient Thassilonian shrine to Lamashtu, kill 14 goblins and 4 human Lamashtu cultists including a priest, and find a Runewell and some interesting objects.  A staircase leading down further into the depths is avoided, and they all return alive to report their success.

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Monday, 12 June 2017

ep 51 17-18/5/4713 Seven Swords of Sin #3

Vivisectionist, potion dispenser, 2 shambling mounds dunk Quillax & Sephiria in scouring bath, scarab pharaoh, clean lab with construct swarms, Scrying Pool - scry Tirana and rest overnight, then probably 6 hours to Ritual completion. Lust is in the air...

Lustful Shambling Mounds Want Our Women! For Dunking!
Tirana and the Sword of Lust

[11-June] journal
- Kill vivisectionist
- Find some near-dead creatures, put them out of their misery.
- Make some health potions out of recently deceased creatures
- Kill 2 shambling mounds
- Find sarcophagus, decide to leave alone
- Kill a Granule Construct and an infected Split-Street gang member
- Activate and use a scrying pool (complete with voyeuristic cherub statues)
- Start Long Rest (inside Leomund's Hut)
[700xp for exploration + 4125xp each = 4825]
- Culling Googles (HP-visibility aka death watch + death save reduction 3/day?)
- Greater Healing potion - 4d4+4
- Uzbin Parault's Spell Book
- 2 Ioun Stones - red and green (each need attunement)
- Rune-engraved Kurkiri (not enchanted but could be)
- Ingredients to make a water-walk potion or a water-breathing potion
- vials of acidic/electric water from the Green-House/Shambling Mound room.
- some boots
- the gloves from the chest
We headed downstairs from the "hedgehog's dilemma" room and found two options: South and West. We took the Southern Hall which had two doors, both marked "Recycler". We used Mage Hand to open the Southern-most door and I peered inside, then reported back what I saw, which was some sort of medical operation/torture room with a Hound of Archon dissected on the metal table. Claw charged in and caught a face full of GlitterDust, blinding him temporarily. The vivisectionist then tried to throw a fireball at us but Sepheria counterspelled it and cast Hold Person on him. It didn't take long to kill him and we found some interesting items on him, including two Ioun Stones (Red and Green) and some fascinating goggles.
Note - Deep Red Ioun Stone = Dex Increases by +2 (max 20) while it orbits the wielder's head. Green Ioun Stone = Cha increases by +2 (max 20) while orbiting the wielder's head. Stones orbit at 1-3 feet from head. Enemy can try to steal/snatch from air. Attunement required for each Stone.
We found the diary of Uzbin Parault and a spell book. It contained a recent reference to Tirana. She attempted to dominate him psychically but according to his notes to he was able to avoid this, however, his subsequent notes and actions indicate he may not have actually been completely successful.
The other half of the Recycler Room (divided by a flimsy partition wall) contained a Device which when fed with a recently deceased form (must be almost immediately after death), it will extract the remaining life-force and produce a healing potion. We tried this with the vivisectionist and the few pitiful monsters that were caged in the menagerie in the room beyond the torture room, which I put down out of pity.
While the recycling Device worked, Sepheria harvested some potion ingredients from the poor beasts that were already dead, particularly from the Dead Brass Dragon Wrymling. Sepheria was able to determine the instructions and I could work out that the Device could be moved but it would need careful handling and a constant power source such as the generators currently powering it.
We progressed through the caged corpses to the next room, labeled "Green House". We mage handed the door open and revealed a carpet of thorns on the floor and an electric blue pool of water. As we peered inside, a Shambling Mound rose out of the foliage. Claw charged in, ignoring the scratching thorns, to attack. Another rose out of the leaves across the room.
I could determine that due to their adaptations to the electric water, they were resistant to fire and cold and lightning would only make them grow. Luckily, Claw carried an ax and Irizati carried the Blight Spell and the first Shambling Mound was defeated. Rather unluckily, Sepheria and I both got dropped into the water by the second one. The water burned like acid and ate away anything non-magical. We were able to get out of the pool and we concentrated on killing the second. Eventually, Irizati landed the fatal blow.
We took a few minutes to deal with our injuries and consume some potions, while Claw jumped into the acidic water to fetch out the stone chest that we spotted. Unfortunately, it came with another wave of acidic water on both him and me, which hurt as much the second time around and required more healing.
We made use of the broom to fly to the next room, avoiding the carpet of thorns. Claw was able to jump over the thorns by using a table as a platform and so avoiding further plant-based damage.
We found a recently created room inside that room and upon opening a door, found a sarcophagus, which, despite it's attempt to compel Sepheria to open it, we decided to leave alone. A Pharaoh of Ascension and Lord of the Scarab Beetles was not something we wanted to deal with. We used the broom to get back to the Recycler room and to help Claw get back we employed some rope tied to the table so he could drag it closer) and all made it without further damage.
We collected the next healing potion and threw in another recently deceased monster then headed back to the stairs to then head West.
The first room we came to had an odd wind-tunnel entrance. There was a door and some bookshelves on the opposite side of the room and in the middle, there were two large tank/tubes - one filled with orange liquid and the other that was broken.
I tentatively stepped inside and a Granule Construct swirled up from the broken tube and tried to infect me, which I sneezed out. At the same time, a member of the Split Street Gang that had tried to attack Gadkah's stall stepped out from the bookshelves, obviously infected by the Granule Construct.
Sepheria quickly cast Banish on the Construct and we concentrated on the Gang Member. Unfortunately, he landed a blow on Claw which infected him and a rapier strike on me. Irizati shot him with a couple of bullets. Sepheria cast Shatter on Claw to try to destroy the Granules and it was extremely successful with the Granules weak to Thunder-type attacks. Claw coughed up bits of dirt and landed the killing blow. We all retreated outside of the wind tunnel air locks and Sepheria allowed the Construct to return - as hoped, it couldn't get past the air locks and between a Shatter and my Thunderwave, it was destroyed.
The next room contained a scrying pool - they key we found previously was necessary to activate it. Claw decided to try first, which nearly drowned him as it enfolds the user's head in some sort of water tentacle. With a water-breathing ritual completed, Irizati, who is trained in scrying, used the pool and told us that he could see Tirana in some sort of cavern, past steaming geysers, across a river, with six swords floating and glowing red while she wielded the sword of Lust in a ritual. He could see no one in her immediate vicinity (about 10 feet around her).
Between seeing the ritual was still in progress and Gadkah's information on the length of time the ritual would take, we decided to risk a rest to replenish our strength and deal with our injuries. We took a moment to duck back to the Device and throw in another body and I used the rest of my spells to cast healing spells on anyone who needed it and Sepheria cast a Leomund's Hut for us to rest safely within.
[4825xp total]