Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Avistan Map

Realm Summary
Lands of the Linnorm Kings - Heavy Metal Vikings
Varisia - Gypsies, dances with cinderwolves barbarians, pasty Chelish colonials, giants
Nidal - Hellraiser torture porn land, Cheliax vassal
Cheliax - Diabolic Spanish-Britannic empire
Molthune - Prussians
Nirmathas - Olde Englande in the Greenwood, heaving bodices and merry men
Lastwall - Redshirt good guy paladins
Belkzen - Orcs
Razmiran - False God
Irrisen - Ice witches & endless winter
Realm of the Mammoth Lords - barbarians on mammoths
The Worldwound - Demonic incursion, crusaders
Ustalav - Hammer House of Horror land
Isger - Cheliax colony
Druma - Worships money
Galt - French Revolution land
Kyonin - Elves
Mendev - Crusaders vs the Worldwound
Brevoy - Game of Thrones land
River Kingdoms - Bandits
Numeria - Blasters & Barbarians
Andoran - Freedomland
Taldor - Byzantium Endures

Nirmathas under attack from Molthune

Monday, 25 February 2019


Ruk: "Claw! Welcome!" She takes a step forward, face slightly flushed. She turns to a big craggy Goliath in chief's bear-cloak. "This is my father, Chief Pallok of Bearkiller." The older Goliath nods cordially. "Be welcome."

Rukvara marries the goliath hero Claw M12 4719 AR.

ST 18 DE 14 CO 16 IN 9 WI 10 CH 11
PB +3
AC 17 (+2 DEX +3 CON +2 bracers of defence)
Hit Points 65 (Levelx10+5)
2 attacks per attack action & bonus Berserk attack = 2 or 3 attacks
+1 Greataxe ATT +8 dam d12+7 raging
SA: Rage 4/LR, 1/2 dmg PBS and do +2 melee dmg.
Reckless Attack, Danger Sense advtg on DEX saves vs visible
Berserk Bonus Attack. Recover Exhaustion 3/day with Short Rest.
Fast movement 40'
Mindless Rage – cannot be charmed or frightened while raging
Stone’s Endurance – reaction to reduce damage by d12+3 1/SR
Skills: Athletics + 7 Perception + 3 Survival +3 Intimidation +3
Equipment: Bracers of Defence (attuned), +1 great axe, 10gp in gems
App: 7’ tall, flame hair, extremely muscular.
Muster Levy: 5x6 = 30 CR 0.5 Goliath tribal warriors. CP 15+6 = CP 21. BD 4.

Image result for goliath 5e
Goliath Tribal Warrior
A princess of the Bearkiller clan, Rukvara is the eldest daughter of Chief Pallok (Goliath Berserker, 2 attacks), a grizzled veteran warrior who wears the pelt of a great bear as symbol of his status.

Shoanti Goliath Tribal Warrior
Armor Class 13 (Hide Armor)
Hit Points 22 (3d8+9) (factors in Stone's Endurance)
Speed 30 ft.
STR 16 (+3)  DEX 12 (+1)  CON 16 (+3)  INT 9 (-1)  WIS 10 (+0)  CHA 10 (+0)
Skills Intimidation +2, Athletics +5, Survival +2
Senses passive Perception 10
Languages Shoanti
Challenge 1/2 (100 XP)
Mountain & Cold adapted
Greataxe. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: (1d12 + 3) slashing damage.
Javelin. Ranged Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 30/120 ft., one target. Hit: (1d6 + 3) piercing damage.

Goliath Clans
The Goliath of the Storval Mtns & Iron Peaks can fiels around 1000 warriors, given a month to gather.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

ep 71 25/4/4719 Fall of Jubbek (8240 XP)

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After the battle the Shard of Wrath is used to activate Garvok, Sword of Wrath!

Power Metal for the Metal Power!

8:31am  2019-2-24 Smon Has entered the room
JamesDevil: morning Kiki
Smon: Morning all 
JamesDevil: morning Simon#
Keelia: I'm on time for once 
Smon: What time is it for you K?
JamesDevil: I was firt by 1 min 
Keelia: 12:32pm - lunch time 
Keelia: This is about when Dubai wakes up  Nothing here opens until 10am and then between traffic and general idiots, it takes a while to get around. 
JamesDevil: ah, general idiots, what wouyld we do without them?
Keelia: But, it's also a work day here on a Sunday, which is always confusing
JamesDevil: :/
8:34am  2019-2-24 joriandrake Has entered the room
8:35am  2019-2-24 sandor sunneson Has entered the room
joriandrake: hi sorry for being late just got home
JamesDevil: morning gentlemen
sandor sunneson: Morning, sorry I'm late
sandor sunneson: Morning James
Keelia: No drama. We're just settling in.
Keelia: Everyone have their tea/coffee/drink of choice?
Smon: bill is booting up
Smon: black coffee yup
JamesDevil: blood of the innocent? yes
8:37am  2019-2-24 DESTROYERBILL Has entered the room
Keelia: excellent. I've got some milk, my character sheet, and some chocolate so I'm good to go
Smon: last session http://smonscurseofthecrimsonthrone.blogspot.com/2019/02/ep-70-2544719-ar-general-stom-5000.html
JamesDevil: xxD
JamesDevil: the title
Smon:  End of sesh "OK you float/fly up to join Drak on the cliffs where you can SR and spend hit dice in time for next session"
JamesDevil: genius
joriandrake: hi Bill
Keelia: OK, before we get going - health check? Everyone spent their hit dice?
JamesDevil: i think she is the only female he hasn't hit in yet
joriandrake: short rest does nothing for me currently, feel free to rest Drakhaien will keep watch
JamesDevil: yarp, we did the long rest at the end of the last seesion, back to full hp after half my hit die spent
Smon: GM: As you finish your short rest (1 hr) on the heights above the guiltspur the rain gives way to clear sky; morning sun is high overhead, getting towards noon.
JamesDevil: fair enough
sandor sunneson rolls 7d12+21 and gets: 9, 7, 9, 2, 11, 12, 6, (+21) = 77 
Keelia: OK, here's the plan. We're going to shift into cloud and fly to an area near the spire where we can turn back but out of range / sight.
Smon: SB reappears beside you in a blue shimmer, looking even bigger than before.
sandor sunneson: back to full
sandor sunneson: you been on the protein shakes SB??? 
Keelia: From there, we'll head in, as stealthy as possible. If they are mining, we'll head up near the miners and sneak by. 
DESTROYERBILL: yeah proteen shakes of ancient burial grounds
JamesDevil: "right, remember what the Giant srgent said, we'll be facing guard, concubines and the a 'tiger' that their leader favour"
JamesDevil: we get the shard, hand the head of the boss over and we're all good"
Keelia: The miners have been looking sickly, so whatever they are mining is likely poisonous or otherwise radiantly nasty, so they won't be paying attention.
Smon: map https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zmyexBlrlBI/XGKhLRhmTtI/AAAAAAAANNg/1qEZQwswRY4sfyVm5YXDy_OD2dTvVJgBwCLcBGAs/s1600/Jubbek+Steading.bmp
JamesDevil: is there an obvious entrance to the spire?
Smon: It's only an hour or so since the battle.
Keelia: "No one will charge ahead or split the group. Stick together. If you have stealth, you are up front. If you don't just try not to trip over any buckets."
DESTROYERBILL: they should just keel over and die hopefully
Smon: Entry at base of the cleft just west of spire.
JamesDevil: "ok, lets head in"
JamesDevil: "Claw will lead the group to the cleft
sandor sunneson: Good plan 
Smon: Are you Wind Walking down into the cleft then turning back inside the cleft?
Keelia: "Wind Walk lasts 8 hours. So, if something happens and it all goes wrong, find a spot to change into wind and get out. Otherwise, stay with the group."
JamesDevil: Claw is just walking normally
Smon: SB can fly down w his wings.
Keelia: If it looks clear, we'll wind walk down into the cleft.
Smon: You are 300' foot up. Claw could climb down the cliff, will take about 8 rounds.
JamesDevil: Claw will climb down like a normal person
DESTROYERBILL: ill be spotted very quick
joriandrake: ((We still have a bit less than 7 hours then)
JamesDevil: ugh, fine, cloud form it is
JamesDevil: what do we see at the bottom?
Keelia: (Bill, do you have any stealth or invisibility?)
Smon: GM: OK you fly & wind walk down, landing at the bottom of the cleft, and turn back to human form over the next minute without being attacked.
DESTROYERBILL: no i have really bad stealth and sold the ring of invisibiletey i had
Keelia: (If not, try to stick close to the side of the cliff and glide down.)
JamesDevil: this will be an intersting game for you then Bill
Smon: A spur-shaped tower of blue-green metal protrudes from
the ground here, rising to a height of a few hundred feet.
The spur’s height seems even greater for the fact that the
ground around it has been meticulously chiseled away.
Ramps wind down along the spire’s sides to a point thirty
feet below, where an opening in its side reveals that the
structure is at least partially hollow.

Smon: GM: Inside the opening lies the corpse of a sickly and lightning-burned hill giant.
JamesDevil: hmm, any sign of guards?
Smon: Beyond the opening you see a ramp winding down along the inner circumference of the green Spire.
DESTROYERBILL: can i make a perception check to see if it was natural lightning or dragon lightning
Keelia: You don't need to. It was Quillax
JamesDevil: lol
JamesDevil: it's ALWAYS quillax
Keelia: Call Lightning leaves nasty burns 
Keelia: Not ALWAYS 
JamesDevil: well, 90% of the time 
DESTROYERBILL: true but a dragons burns hotter
Keelia: Q whispers to S & D. "Stealth forward and have a quick look that there are no guards."
sandor sunneson: Will do, 
Keelia: "While we wait for SB to get down here. Claw, wait here with me."
Smon: GM: No sign of guards outside. But as you listen you hear a despairing giantish scream waft up from the entry, and a horrible crunching sound.
sandor sunneson: Sandor will use his eagle vision to see if he sees anything of interest
DESTROYERBILL: i land beside you
JamesDevil: "sounds like we're missing a party in there"
Keelia: Quillax motions for SB to wait with them
Smon: Sandor goes down to the entry and looks around.
Smon: into the spire
Keelia: "Wait," she murmurs to Claw. "Let the others report back."
sandor sunneson: Sandor rejoins the party
Keelia: "What did you see?"
Keelia: "Any guards?"
sandor sunneson: No, nothing of interest,
JamesDevil: "ok, lets move up"
Smon: Sandor sees a vast circular chamber rising to a height of sixty feet, the
smooth stone walls tapering upward to form a conical ceiling above him.
30' below the floor of the chamber is made of a layer of wooden planks,
but periodic gaps between the floorboards reveal that a dark
hollow space extends below. Stone double doors sit to the
south, while to the east and west large sections of wall have
crumbled away to allow access to caverns. A lava tube to the
west winds deeper into the rock, behind Sandor the side ramp leads up and out to the surface. To the east looms a large cavern
dominated by an immense throne made of wooden timbers
and mastodon bones. Beyond this huge throne rise two
ledges—the higher one is littered with a prodigious mound of
animal pelts and furs, while a large battered chest sits against
the eastern wall of the lower ledge.

Smon: LOL
JamesDevil: wow, text dump
sandor sunneson: (sorry, I meant more Sandor having a look with his eagle eyes from where he is positioned :), should have made his instructions more clear). Thanks GM anyway 
joriandrake: nice description
DESTROYERBILL: well very descrptive at least
Keelia: Quillax nods. "The chest is a good place to start. The crunching was concerning though."
Smon: GM: (yes it was a shit post Fergus)  OK then trusting Sandor You enter the Guiltspur and descend to the floor.
DESTROYERBILL: did you say money 
Smon: At this point the giants in the eastern caverns spot you roar and move to the attack...
JamesDevil: "lets do this"
Keelia: "Stay together, stay quiet. Our goal is the shard," she points a finger at SB. "Shard first. Possible end of world and all that takes priority over money." 
Smon: Giant leader is huge, waving a massive club embedded with a sihedron shard https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d2/77/b6/d277b6d4da993c0f96b399c92c4922df.jpg
sandor sunneson: Sandor gets ready to rage 
Keelia: (Quillax throws her hands up in despair. "Of course," she mutters.)
JamesDevil: how many other guards?
Keelia: "That! She points at the shard. Get that, no matter what."
Keelia: "But don't touch it with your hands!"
Smon: With him are 4 male hill giants, scarred and missing several fingers, 4 female hill giant concubines, and an enormous sabre toothed tiger.
Smon: They move out from the caverns off from the throne room, heading down towards you.
DESTROYERBILL: so baisacally its an infinitey stone
JamesDevil: hey SB want to go play with the Kitty?
JamesDevil: it probby wants a belly rub
sandor sunneson: Should we focus on attacking the leader to start off with?
DESTROYERBILL: yes kitty cat kitty cat kitty cat go
Smon: The chief is splattered with fresh gore from torturing to death the 2 hill giant miners who fled here earlier, and seems insane with Wrath, shrieking incoherently. 
JamesDevil: no, weaker enemies first
Keelia: (Not quite, but an infinity stone is pretty close to the idea. Touching it sort of possesses you as opposed to rips you apart with energy)\
sandor sunneson: ok
JamesDevil: a weak enemy on 1hp still does as much damage as full health obne
DESTROYERBILL: good to know
sandor sunneson: true
sandor sunneson: wise words James
DESTROYERBILL: unless your a dragon in classic
joriandrake: "Well, prepare for battle"
JamesDevil: how far are they away at the moment?
Keelia: (Simon, is the ground worked stone?)
DESTROYERBILL: how strong could a hill giant really be
JamesDevil: they are the weast typoe, but they still take more than one hit
Smon: The floor at base of the Spur is worked stone, the caves the giants are coming from are unworked.
Smon: So you are standing on worked stone right now.
Keelia: (thanks)
Smon: ok roll init everyone
JamesDevil rolls 1d2 and gets: 2
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 20, (+3) = 23 
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+1x2 and gets:
16 (+1) = 17
18 (+1) = 19

JamesDevil: bah
Keelia: what a waste of a critical!
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+4x2 and gets:
7 (+4) = 11
4 (+4) = 8

JamesDevil: -.-
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+3x2 and gets:
17 (+3) = 20
18 (+3) = 21

Smon: Chief Jubbek
Smon: /roll d20x2
Smon Rolls 1d20x2 and gets:
9 = 9
6 = 6

JamesDevil: not all bad for me then
Smon: hill giants
Smon: /roll d20-1
Smon rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 13, (-1) = 12 
Smon: fire giant guard
Smon: /roll d20-1
Smon rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 9, (-1) = 8 
Smon: big kitty
Smon: /roll d20+2
Smon rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 5, (+2) = 7 
joriandrake: sorry had issues here
Smon: init DRak
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 1, (+5) = 6 
DESTROYERBILL: highest bonus lowest score
joriandrake: As long this is my only nat1 today this is fine
Smon: GM: OK #23 Quillax - the nearest giants are about 30' away as they rush towards you, you are about 20' from the edge of the worked stone where it ends at the throne cave. 
Keelia: Quillax is going to try a Hold Person on Jubbek. DC 19
sandor sunneson: interesting tactic
Smon: good idea
Smon: WIS save
Smon: /roll d20+2
Keelia: range 60' and WIS saving throw
Smon rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 12, (+2) = 14 
Smon: He is paralysed!
sandor sunneson: quite wise for a big giant
Keelia: Yes 
JamesDevil: ah, auto crit time
Keelia: Alright, bonus action wild shape
Smon: ok
Smon: earth el?
Keelia: Into earth elemental. Will move forward to unworked stone and duck under the ground
Keelia: So cannot be hit and cannot lose concentration 
Smon: OK before the giants can reach her, Q-El surges forward and Glides into the ground under their trampling feet.
Smon: #21 Sandor
sandor sunneson: attack the paralysed leader
Keelia: ( I imagine it was somewhat like a swan dive - a large EE jumps and dives gracefully under the earth  )
JamesDevil: that wasn't the leader
JamesDevil: o wait
Smon: GM: Are you raging Sandor?
JamesDevil: nvm, nuke away
joriandrake: (actually being in the back with bow and not being an Assassin it is even better to start late -as long I am not attacked - than early so I see everything before Drakhaien's turn)
sandor sunneson: yes, did say
Smon: >>#21 Sandor
sandor sunneson: attack the paralysed leader<< no you didn't Fergus

sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
1 (+11) = 12
10 (+11) = 21

Keelia: (He did when we were doing init)
Smon: (does not count) Sandor charges forward & up into the throne cavern, reaches the giant leader
sandor sunneson: he'll rage and attack
Smon: You can't take actions before init roll unless you have some kind of special power to do so. It has got really bad with players trying this so I have to be strict.
Smon: OK
sandor sunneson: that's fine, i'll note for future, 
Smon: You have advtg and each hit is a crit
sandor sunneson: thanks for letting me know
Smon: ok
Smon: first attack is a 21
Smon: roll crit dmg
Smon: AC 19 BTW
sandor sunneson: correct and 1 miss
Smon: c'mon
Smon: advtg = roll twice
sandor sunneson rolls 2d8 and gets: 6, 3, = 9 
DESTROYERBILL: brutal critical
sandor sunneson rolls 4d6 and gets: 6, 2, 1, 6, = 15 
DESTROYERBILL: barb abiletey
Smon: & your brutal crit dice
DESTROYERBILL: 3 extra dice at level 17
sandor sunneson: is brutal critical ? never had this before? damage?
Smon: *sigh*
JamesDevil: ...yes
Smon: You have had it since level 9!!!!!!
joriandrake: You get additional damage dice on crit
Smon: roll 3d8 fergus
sandor sunneson rolls 3d8 and gets: 1, 4, 3, = 8 
sandor sunneson: thank you
joriandrake: And as you got advantage on attack it was only one attack you did with this ( rolled 1 and 10 due to advantage on this one attack) and I assume Sandor has more than just one attack per action 
sandor sunneson: 24+9=33
Smon: I have barbarian posted at bottom of http://smons.blogspot.com/2017/01/sandor-sunnesons-adventuring-party-pcs.html so you don't even need to google your class abilities never mind buy a PHB
sandor sunneson: 33+10=43 damage
Smon: ok 1st hit 43
sandor sunneson: 2nd hit
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 14, (+11) = 25 
Smon: crit
sandor sunneson rolls 2d8 and gets: 1, 1, = 2 
sandor sunneson rolls 4d6 and gets: 5, 4, 5, 2, = 16 
Smon: in future roll 5d8 for your crit
sandor sunneson rolls 3d8 and gets: 4, 4, 3, = 11 
sandor sunneson: 39 damage
Smon: ok
Smon: Sandor slashes brutally at the giant chief's legs and gut.
Smon: #19 Shieldbiter
DESTROYERBILL: i will run up to giant chief i will attack
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
14 (+17) = 31
4 (+17) = 21

Smon: SB flaps up the slope and joins the attack on the paralysed chief
DESTROYERBILL rolls 5d20+15 and gets: 2, 14, 7, 11, 7, (+15) = 56 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 4d6 and gets: 1, 1, 1, 5, = 8 
JamesDevil: -.-
DESTROYERBILL rolls 5d20+15 and gets: 12, 1, 15, 1, 11, (+15) = 55 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 4d6 and gets: 3, 3, 5, 3, = 14 
JamesDevil: eh?
JamesDevil: what weapons don't use d20s for damage
joriandrake: (Bill, dice bot rolls for advantage are /roll d20+modifierx2 I got no clue what you just rolled)
Smon: SB attacks with the terrible 7' long Dragonblade
JamesDevil: what wepons/*
JamesDevil: ?
Smon: Dragonblade is d12 > d10 with the dragon gauntlets
JamesDevil: his blade has d20s for damage die?
Smon: d12 > d20 sorry 
DESTROYERBILL: i have the artifact gauntlets
joriandrake: what is the 4d6 for then? o.O
Smon: 2d6 fire > crit 4d6
DESTROYERBILL: on sword sandro also has it
Smon: same as Sandor
JamesDevil: ...so he rolls d20s as his base damage....
Smon: They are 2 of the three swords forged by the legendary dragon smiths
sandor sunneson: yes
DESTROYERBILL: i have an artifact that puts it to that
joriandrake: I assumed the 2 times 5d20 were the advantage attack rolls
DESTROYERBILL: i have two attacks both hit
Smon: Anyway, Jubbek's guts are spilling out as he stands there paralysed - 1 hp left
joriandrake: (thank gods Keelia uses Hold Person, much better chances for QUillas than for Drak)
DESTROYERBILL: if only i could use my breat attack but allas it is a bonus action like rage
Smon: #12 The 8 giants - 4 males and 4 sweaty obese oiled-up concubines - shriek and attack SB & Sandor; 8 attacks on each
Smon: 8 attacks on Sandor
Smon: AC 21?
sandor sunneson: correct
Smon: /roll d20+8x8
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x8 and gets:
18 (+8) = 26
7 (+8) = 15
6 (+8) = 14
1 (+8) = 9
7 (+8) = 15
2 (+8) = 10
9 (+8) = 17
8 (+8) = 16

Smon: /roll 3d8+5
Smon rolls 3d8+5 and gets: 1, 1, 2, (+5) = 9 
Smon: 9/2 = 4 dmg  
sandor sunneson: thank you for the low rolls GM
Smon: 8 on SB
sandor sunneson: that's not like you
sandor sunneson: 
Smon: /roll d20+8x8
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x8 and gets:
16 (+8) = 24
12 (+8) = 20
8 (+8) = 16
7 (+8) = 15
11 (+8) = 19
4 (+8) = 12
20 (+8) = 28
8 (+8) = 16

Smon: /roll 9d8+10
Smon rolls 9d8+10 and gets: 7, 2, 2, 3, 8, 1, 8, 4, 4, (+10) = 49 
Smon: 49/2 = 24 dmg
sandor sunneson: 182/186
Smon: #11 Claw - SB & S & Jubbek are surrounded now by a solid mass of angry giants
Smon: You'd have to cut through to get to them
JamesDevil: Claw rages and attacks the nearest one
Smon: The fire giant & cat are heading towards you & Drak
DESTROYERBILL: fergus did you put sandors hit points up they seem pretty low
Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 2
JamesDevil: well then this will be interesting
Smon: Claw attacks the nearest giant (a concubine)
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 18, (+13) = 31 
Smon: ac 13
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 12, (+11) = 23 
Smon: Claw slashes her blubbery back
Smon: She yelps
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 12, (+13) = 25 
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 1, (+11) = 12 
Smon: *slash*
joriandrake: (GM: does your ruling about no actions before Init also mean things like Hide/stealth for a Rogue, like my character before we engage in combat with opponents?)
JamesDevil: end turn for Claw
sandor sunneson: HP- (15+(11x16)= 186
Smon: No actions between me saying "enemies appear" and "roll init" - otherwise you can declare stealth at any time out of combat and then I may request a roll
joriandrake: ok
sandor sunneson: that should be 191 so you are right Bill 
Smon: ok Claw hit for 35
sandor sunneson: 187/191
Smon: #9 The dying Chief Jubbek - he can't move, but a sudden fiery blast envelopes everyone within 20', that's SB + Sandor + 4 giants 
Smon: /roll 8d6
Smon rolls 8d6 and gets: 2, 3, 1, 3, 5, 2, 1, 2, = 19 
Smon: He detonated a fireball at ground zero 
Smon: Dex save DC 10
Smon: /roll d20-1x4
Smon Rolls 1d20-1x4 and gets:
12 (-1) = 11
14 (-1) = 13
11 (-1) = 10
1 (-1) = 0

sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 10, (+8) = 18 
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+1x2 and gets:
10 (+1) = 11
12 (+1) = 13

Smon: 3 giants are scorched, 1 burned
sandor sunneson: or dex save 10+3=13
joriandrake: A paralyzed creature is incapacitated, whioch is part of the reason Prisha once dies
joriandrake: died*
Smon: Jubbek immolates himself and dies
JamesDevil: he had 1 hp anyway 
joriandrake: "Well, this worked out neatly" Drak smiles
DESTROYERBILL: this is going qiute well
Smon: Sandor takes 9
sandor sunneson: 178 left
Smon: #8 the fire giant reaches Drakhaien, sword swinging
joriandrake: in between all the other PCs it went for me?
Smon: /roll d20+11x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
2 (+11) = 13
15 (+11) = 26

Smon: 1 hit
Smon: /roll 6d6+7
Smon rolls 6d6+7 and gets: 5, 5, 2, 5, 1, 5, (+7) = 30 
Smon: 30 dmg, reaction half = 15?
joriandrake: I gues no one was near the archer in the back to roll for opportunity attacks then
joriandrake: yes
Smon: #6 the 15' long sabertooth lunges at Claw
JamesDevil: 19AC
Smon: /roll d20+7x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+7x3 and gets:
6 (+7) = 13
20 (+7) = 27
7 (+7) = 14

Smon: 1 claw swipe crits
Smon: /roll 6d6+5
Smon rolls 6d6+5 and gets: 4, 3, 3, 5, 3, 5, (+5) = 28 
Smon: 28 dmg/2 = 14 slash
Smon: #6 drakhaien
JamesDevil: k
JamesDevil: 222/236
joriandrake: Please describe the positioning to me, I assumed as archer I would be at behind at least two more PCs, I need to reporition Drak
joriandrake: reposition*
Smon: They all ran forward J, please pay attention
Smon: The area is 40-50' across
joriandrake: where did this giant come at me from? one of the sides?
Smon: and giants have reach
Smon: From the throne cave to east along w rest of horde
Smon: I'll repost description
Smon: This vast circular chamber rises to a height of sixty feet, the
smooth stone walls tapering upward to form a conical ceiling.
The floor of the chamber is made of a layer of wooden planks,
but periodic gaps between the floorboards reveal that a dark
hollow space extends below. Stone double doors sit to the
south, while to the east and west large sections of wall have
crumbled away to allow access to caverns. A lava tube to the
west winds deeper into the rock, although a side ramp seems to
lead up and out to the surface. To the east looms a large cavern
dominated by an immense throne made of wooden timbers
and mastodon bones. Beyond this huge throne rise two
ledges—the higher one is littered with a prodigious mound of
animal pelts and furs, while a large battered chest sits against
the eastern wall of the lower ledge.

sandor sunneson: Sandor and SB attacked the paralysed lump of lard
joriandrake: Can Drakhaien position himself behind other player characters so that he is not in reach of a giant and allies would have opp attack if stil targeted and gone after?
Smon: The giants came at you from the east caves. They were about 30-40' away when init rolled
Keelia: brb
Smon: Drak is currently 20' from Claw his nearest ally who is attacking the giant horde surrounding SB & Sandor. A fireball just detonated amidst the horde
Smon: The sabertooth is on Claw, the fire giant is on Drak
joriandrake: Where is Quillax from Drak?
Smon: She went underground
Smon: I take it you haven't bothered reading the fight so far. :\
Keelia: sorry, back
joriandrake: yes but where did she do that?
Smon: at the east edge of the floor, west edge of the lava caves
joriandrake: I did, I am confused since the 2x5 times d20 rolls
Keelia: (20+ feet from where we started, where the work stone became unworked)
Keelia: (in the very first round)
Smon: The area she went under now has lots of giants over it
Smon: we are STILL on round 1 
joriandrake: (this is first the first round as far I know)
Smon: Drak you could bonus action Disengage, go join Claw & sneak attack either cat or wounded concubine?
Keelia: (should have said very start of the round)
joriandrake: hm, Drakhaien uses Disengage bonus action and goes to stab with daggers one of the other giants engaged in melee with an ally, preferably where not many giants would be able to attack Drak
Smon: OK Drak dodges round the lumbering fire giant, around the big cat, reaches Claw and attacks (sneak) the wounded concubine
joriandrake: Sorry Simon, this is such a battle where a board would be useful, I can't imagine the circumstances
joriandrake: I roll attack
Smon: Plenty of critters could attack you though as most have Reach
joriandrake: I got advantage due to enemy being engaged, is that why I can sneak attack?
Smon: no
joriandrake: (asking because attack roll dices)
sandor sunneson: lol at Jortian, wise words, we should design a rpg software where a board can be viewed 
Smon: Rogues can sneak att foes adjacent to ally
joriandrake: ok 1 attack dice
Smon: no advtg
joriandrake rolls 1d20+10 and gets: 15, (+10) = 25 
Smon: hit
joriandrake: dagger
joriandrake rolls 1d4+5 and gets: 1, (+5) = 6 
joriandrake: sneak
joriandrake rolls 8d6 and gets: 3, 1, 5, 3, 5, 1, 6, 2, = 26 
Smon: 32 dmg
joriandrake: 32 damage
Smon: she screeches as he stabs her flabby thigh
joriandrake: I guess I end turn here, not sure if moving anywhere else would be useful
Smon: doubt it 
Smon: Round 2!
joriandrake: (Fergus: Roll20 and other options for online boards exist now)
Smon: #23 Quillax you sense Jubbek die
Keelia: She'll pop up and take stock 
Smon: Quillax pops up in the midst of shrieking burning giants, Claw and Sandor a few feet away
Smon: and SB
Keelia: (Where is the club in relation to her? About 10' away?)
Smon: Claw is about 20' away sorry, C & SB 10' 
Smon: yes 
Smon: Jubbek has collapsed in a stinking burning pile
Keelia: She'll move to the club and stand guard over it. Then any Giant near it, she'll wham
Keelia: or multiattack since wham is Water
Smon: OK Q-elemental stomps over & stands over Jubbek, hits a burning hill giant
Smon: AC 15
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 16, (+8) = 24 
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 15, (+8) = 23 
Smon: 2 hits
Keelia: damage for first
Keelia rolls 1d28+5 and gets: 7 (+5) = 12 
Keelia: for second
Keelia rolls 1d28+5 and gets: 20 (+5) = 25 
Smon: should be 2d8 not 1d28!
sandor sunneson: big damage! nice one 
Keelia: sorry, i typo'd those!
Keelia: I just noticed 
Keelia: Ignore that damage
Keelia rolls 2d8+5 and gets: 5, 8, (+5) = 18 
Keelia rolls 2d8+5 and gets: 1, 4, (+5) = 10 
Keelia: There we go
Keelia: 28 total
joriandrake: 2&8 anyway
Smon: She gives it a good thump-thump
Smon: #21 Sandor
Smon: You can attack the same one Quillax bashed
sandor sunneson: yes
sandor sunneson: was just typing that
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
1 (+11) = 12
12 (+11) = 23

sandor sunneson: 1 again?
Smon: 1 hit
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 4,
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 6, 5, = 11 
sandor sunneson: 25 damage
Smon: giant is badly wounded
Smon: #19 sb can attack same one
DESTROYERBILL: i attack the most wounded giant in my area
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 11, (+17) = 28 
Smon: hit
Smon: ac 15 hide armour
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 10, (+15) = 25 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 2, 6, = 8 
Smon: 3 hp left...
Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 2
DESTROYERBILL: how many can i get in my breath
Smon: 1 male + 1 f
DESTROYERBILL: i use my breath attack
Smon: *whoosh*
DESTROYERBILL rolls 5d6 and gets: 5, 1, 6, 6, 3, = 21 
Smon: the male screams & dies
Smon: /roll d20-1
Smon rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 6, (-1) = 5 
Smon: a concibine shrieks as she catches alight
DESTROYERBILL: i attack the closest male to me
Smon: ok
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 14, (+17) = 31 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 2, (+15) = 17 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 6, 5, = 11 
Smon: sb slashes a hill giant w burning sword
Smon: #12 giants - 3 m & 4 f left
sandor sunneson: shall we offer them chance to surrender or just pummel them?
Smon: Seeing SB looks the biggest threat, the 3 males & 1 female attack him
Smon: /roll d20+8x8
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x8 and gets:
4 (+8) = 12
3 (+8) = 11
14 (+8) = 22
1 (+8) = 9
9 (+8) = 17
8 (+8) = 16
17 (+8) = 25
9 (+8) = 17

Smon: /roll 3d8+5
Smon rolls 3d8+5 and gets: 5, 5, 5, (+5) = 20 
joriandrake: (perhaps the hill giants might join our side since the boss is dead and we are allied with the other giantess)
Smon: 20/2 = 10 dmg
DESTROYERBILL: pathetic mortals you think you can defeat a dragon
Smon: The wounded concubine
Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 1
Smon: attacks Claw (not Drak)
Smon: /roll d20+5x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+5x2 and gets:
2 (+5) = 7
13 (+5) = 18

Smon: sorry +8 so one hit
Smon: /roll 3d8+5
Smon rolls 3d8+5 and gets: 1, 6, 5, (+5) = 17 
Smon: 17/2 = 8
Smon: 2 females attack sandor
Smon: /roll d20+8x4
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x4 and gets:
2 (+8) = 10
18 (+8) = 26
5 (+8) = 13
11 (+8) = 19

Smon: 1 hit
Smon: /roll 3d8+5
Smon rolls 3d8+5 and gets: 8, 1, 6, (+5) = 20 
Smon: 20/2 = 10 dmg sandor
sandor sunneson: 168 left
Smon: #11 claw
Smon: should finish her in 1 blow
JamesDevil: Claw does that
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 18, (+13) = 31 
Smon: ac 13
Smon: roll dmg
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 7, (+11) = 18 
Smon: Yes! He cuts her down
Smon: 18 hp left 
sandor sunneson: surrender giants or you will all die, you can join the lump of lard in your own Valhalla
Smon: sandor roll intimidate
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 11, (+5) = 16 
JamesDevil: Claw moves and attacks the next most injured
Smon: The male hill giants look worried, the females seem frenzied
Smon: +6 BTW Sandor at level 17
JamesDevil: Claw attcks the F
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 13, (+13) = 26 
Smon: ok claw reaches a male swinging at sb
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 4, (+11) = 15 
Smon: ac 15 hit
Smon: just a flesh wound 
Smon: #8 the fire giant lumbers up behind Drakhaien, swinging
Smon: /roll d20+11x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
4 (+11) = 15
19 (+11) = 30

Smon: 1 hit
joriandrake: it hits
Smon: /roll 6d6+7
Smon rolls 6d6+7 and gets: 5, 2, 3, 4, 3, 6, (+7) = 30 
DESTROYERBILL: shieldbiter says "those who fall by my wrath shall burn in eternal dragon fire 
joriandrake: reaction halvind
Smon: (BTW your AC is terrible Drak, buy some studded leather & get DEX 20) 
Smon: 30/2 = 15
joriandrake: (I Have studded leather)
Smon: & DEX 18?
joriandrake: yes
Smon: get yourself +1 studded then 
joriandrake: I didn't plan to ever be in melee fights
joriandrake: (85 of 115)
Smon: #7 Sabertooth 1 claw 2 drak
Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 1
Smon: at claw
Smon: /roll d20+7x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+7x3 and gets:
8 (+7) = 15
18 (+7) = 25
17 (+7) = 24

Smon: claw & bite hit
JamesDevil: 2 htis
Smon: claw roll dc 15 con or you are pierced and bleeding
Smon: con save
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 12, (+11) = 23 
Smon: /roll 6d6+10
Smon rolls 6d6+10 and gets: 3, 5, 3, 6, 5, 3, (+10) = 35 
Smon: 35/2 = 17, just a scratch 
Smon: #6 Drakhaien 
Smon: The fire giant is focused on Drak, the others ignoring him
Smon: he could sneak att the cat
Smon: as it is adjacent to claw + drak
joriandrake: Disengage, goes sneak stab at the one which got already wounded by at least two of the others
joriandrake: ah, cat then
joriandrake: no disengage
joriandrake rolls 1d20+10 and gets: 5, (+10) = 15 
Smon: ok if disengage can reach wounded male giant and sneak
Smon: ok
Smon: stab cat AC 12!
joriandrake: ac 15?
joriandrake rolls 1d4+5 and gets: 1, (+5) = 6 
joriandrake rolls 8d6 and gets: 3, 6, 1, 4, 5, 1, 5, 3, = 28 
joriandrake: hp 34
Smon: The cat hisses and turns on Drak...
joriandrake: hm
joriandrake: Drak does disengage use anyway
Smon: ok where does he go?
Smon: He can run between giant legs
Smon: as they count as Huge
joriandrake: he moves movement to be on backside of cat and force fire giant to move into opportunity range of Claw
joriandrake: if he still goes after him
joriandrake: is this ok?
Smon: The giant has reach so can avoid going w/in 5' of any PC
Smon: The fire giant is ca 15' west of claw & there is plenty of space
joriandrake: Drak disengages and goes hide near Shieldbiter and Sandor
joriandrake: end turn
joriandrake: hide - not actual actio nthis time
Smon: OK they have 6 giants around them - Drak runs through the giants and joins his friends
Smon: R3
Smon: #23 quillax
Keelia: Is that giantess still near her?
Keelia: If so, repeat multiattack
Smon: she can attack a male giant claw hit
Keelia: no, sorry, that one died, didn't it?
Keelia: So, is there another near her?
Keelia: Perfect
Smon: it's taken 52 dmg
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 10, (+8) = 18 
Smon: ac 15
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 3, (+8) = 11 
Keelia: so one hit
Keelia rolls 2d8+5 and gets: 2, 1, (+5) = 8 
Smon: aw
Keelia: she'll continue to hold position over the club
Smon: #21 sandor
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
18 (+11) = 29
7 (+11) = 18

Keelia: (it was little more than a love tap, but it will do)
sandor sunneson: finally 2 hits 
sandor sunneson: will aim at any injured giants
Smon: sandor hacks at same giant
sandor sunneson: if possible
joriandrake: (I am totally lost on placements, I even tried and failed to use a chess board)
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 3,
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 1, 2, = 3 
sandor sunneson: 16 damage
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 3,
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 6, 6, = 12 
sandor sunneson: 25 damage
Smon: 4 hp left
sandor sunneson: 41 damage in total
Smon: #19 shieldb
DESTROYERBILL: i attack the most wounded one in my areA
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 1, (+17) = 18 
Smon: miss
sandor sunneson: OOC- will be finishing at 1115 GMT, so 45 minutes
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 9, (+17) = 26 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 8, (+15) = 23 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 5, 3, = 8 
Smon: sb kills the wounded giant, it crashes down
joriandrake: (I'm having about the same mount of time too Fergus)
Smon: #12 Giants - seeing this, the two remaining male hill giants groan and flee west, up the ramp back outside (80' run, no opp atts as not adjacent to anyone)
Smon: That leaves the 3 remaining concubines
Smon: /roll d3x3
Smon Rolls 1d3x3 and gets:
1 = 1
2 = 2
2 = 2

Smon: 1 on SB 2 on Sandor
Smon: vs SB
Smon: /roll d20+8x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x2 and gets:
13 (+8) = 21
14 (+8) = 22

Smon: vs Sandor
Smon: /roll d20+8x4
joriandrake: (at least I am lucky with random targeting  )
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x4 and gets:
11 (+8) = 19
3 (+8) = 11
11 (+8) = 19
6 (+8) = 14

Smon: (they ignored Drak, was rolling SB - Sand - Quillax) 
Smon: miss
Smon: #11 claw
JamesDevil: Claw attacks the most injust concubine
Smon: cat gets opp att, ok?
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 15, (+13) = 28 
Smon: cat opp att
JamesDevil: err., make that the cat then
Smon: ok
Smon: Claw whacks the kitty
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 8, (+11) = 19 
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 4, (+11) = 15 
JamesDevil: miss on the second?
joriandrake: You rolled only 1 d20 attack
Smon: AC 12
JamesDevil: o wait, duh, roll a d12
Smon: roll 2nd
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 14, (+13) = 27 
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 3, (+11) = 14 
Smon: claw bloodies the giant kitty
JamesDevil: BAD KITTY
joriandrake: (kitty got clawed)
Smon: "MIAOWW!"
Smon: #8 fire giant morale check
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 1, 3, = 4 
Smon: It angrily chases Drak, still swinging
Smon: /roll d20+11x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
5 (+11) = 16
17 (+11) = 28

joriandrake: sigh
JamesDevil: o opp attacks right?
JamesDevil: no*
Smon: 2 hits
Smon: /roll 6d6+7
Smon rolls 6d6+7 and gets: 1, 6, 5, 6, 2, 2, (+7) = 29 
joriandrake: question: if I use reaction for Shield second attack fully hurts
Smon: yeah
joriandrake: if I use reaction for halving it halves only one or full , all attacks?
Smon: 1 attack
joriandrake: ok, in this case reaction used to halve first strike
Smon: ok 14 dmg
Smon: 2nd hit
Smon: /roll 6d6+7
Smon rolls 6d6+7 and gets: 4, 2, 5, 6, 6, 4, (+7) = 34 
Smon: 34 dmg, ouch
Smon: total 48
Smon: How are your hp?
joriandrake: 85-48= 37
sandor sunneson: 178
JamesDevil: try to get to the opposite side of the barbarians, we can get some hits in... possible
Smon: "Stand still & die!" it grunts in giantish.
joriandrake: I tried that
Smon: #7 cat on claw
JamesDevil: @simon was it ever in range for an oop of me?
Smon: no
Smon: /roll d20+7x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+7x3 and gets:
1 (+7) = 8
4 (+7) = 11
16 (+7) = 23

Smon: bite hits
JamesDevil: 1 hit
Smon: CON sv DC 15
Smon: /roll 3d6+5
Smon rolls 3d6+5 and gets: 4, 4, 1, (+5) = 14 
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 17, (+11) = 28 
Smon: 14 piercing > 7, no bleed
Smon: #6 Drakhaien
JamesDevil: brb, dishwasher
joriandrake: Drak casts Mirror Image, four elven rogues use disengage bonus action to run between giant legs and move to the side of QUillax-elemental slamming one enemy there
joriandrake: end turn
Smon: slamming?
Smon: no enemies are adjacent to quillax
joriandrake: I thought there was one
joriandrake: Ok then I disengage behind QUillax who I think is large or huge now in this form? not sure
JamesDevil: back
Smon: The battlefield is thinning out now, a fire giant is chasing Drak around the cave, a big cat battles Claw, and 2 concubines swing their clubs at Sandor
Smon: Large but 10' reach
joriandrake: I care for the reach of the giant more than for QUillax's 
Smon: 1 concubine on SB 
Smon: The giant can just step round Q
Smon: but if you don't attack you can make a Hide check Drak
Smon: as your action
Smon: sorry you cast MI so no Hide
joriandrake: but to move without being attacked I had to use disengage for bonus, and spell casted as action
Smon: ok Drak ends the turn between Q (on top of dead giant chief) & throne.
Smon: Round #4
joriandrake: (I ran behind QUillax because her big size, but seems it was for no benefit, oh well)
Smon: (you could have hid behind her if not MI'd)
Smon: #23 Quillax
Smon: 3 concubines cat & fire giant left
Keelia: Same as before, standing guard over the club. If there is that giant still nearby, I'll give him another little pair of love taps
joriandrake: (Drak is not a Halfling and doesn't have the ability to hide behind poeple larger than himself as far I understand)
Smon: no one in 10' of Q
Smon: Q can Ready to hit anyone coming w/in 10'
Keelia: Anyone in danger of dying?
joriandrake: Yep, Drak
Smon: OK Drak roll an Intelligence check
Keelia: If at risk, she'll go and help, otherwise, she'll stay and guard the shard
Smon: DC 10
Keelia: OK, then she'll ready an action to smack any baddie that comes close.
Smon: Drak looks a bit beaten up
Smon: She could heal him, but with MIs can't touch him
Keelia rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 17, (+2) = 19 
Smon: ?
Keelia: for the int check
joriandrake rolls 1d20+4 and gets: 20, (+4) = 24 
Smon: Drak it looks like you could hide under the hill giant chief's massive throne
joriandrake: Naturally Stealthy:lightfoot halflings can hide behind larger enemies, normally not an option
Keelia: ah, misread that - it was for Drak not about him 
Smon: #21 Sandor your go
joriandrake: that is good
joriandrake: ok, throne next time, thanks
sandor sunneson: slice away at anything injured first if possible
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
16 (+11) = 27
7 (+11) = 18

Smon: 2 females on Sandor, he hacks away
Smon: AC 13
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 3,
joriandrake: (a little swarm of 4 elven rogues are bhind Quillax-elemental and poke their heads out to see the others)
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 4, 4, = 8 
sandor sunneson: 21 damage
Smon: "Ow!"
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 3,
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 1, 3, = 4 
sandor sunneson: 17 damage
sandor sunneson: constant 3 on d8s, nonsense
Smon: ok
Smon: She's still up
Smon: #19 SB
DESTROYERBILL: i attack the giant next to me
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 4, (+17) = 21 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 15, (+15) = 30 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 2, 1, = 3 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 9, (+17) = 26 
Smon: 31 hp left
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 7, (+15) = 22 
Smon: SB flaps up angrily hacking at an obese concubine
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 1, 4, = 5 
Smon: 4 hp left
Smon: #12 concubines
Smon: she hits back at SB
JamesDevil: "we need to focus our fire better"
Smon: /roll d20+8x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x2 and gets:
8 (+8) = 16
2 (+8) = 10

Smon: miss
Smon: 2 on Sandor
Smon: /roll d20+8x4
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x4 and gets:
13 (+8) = 21
7 (+8) = 15
2 (+8) = 10
6 (+8) = 14

Smon: 1 hit
Smon: /roll 3d8+5
Smon rolls 3d8+5 and gets: 6, 4, 2, (+5) = 17 
DESTROYERBILL: pathetic giant you wish to hit a dragon a creature of immense power
Smon: 17/2 = 8 sandor
Smon: LOL
Smon: #11 Claw
Smon: kitty is on you
sandor sunneson: 170
JamesDevil: not for long
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 7, (+13) = 20 
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 1, (+11) = 12 
JamesDevil: hows it looking?
Smon: bloody
sandor sunneson: lol
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 9, (+13) = 22 
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 1, (+11) = 12 
JamesDevil: ffs
Smon: 2 scratches 
Smon: #8 fire giant - as it closes on Drak it comes in range of Quillax's Readied fist 
Smon: Q can roll
Keelia rolls 1d20+10 and gets: 8, (+10) = 18 
Smon: hit - AC 18
Keelia rolls 2d8+5 and gets: 4, 6, (+5) = 15 
Smon: it grunts
Smon: swings at Drak
DESTROYERBILL: james are you sure claw is not using binary not denary
Smon: /roll d20+11x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
8 (+11) = 19
5 (+11) = 16

joriandrake rolls 1d20 and gets: 9,
JamesDevil: not now Bill
joriandrake: first swing hits an image
joriandrake rolls 1d20 and gets: 13,
joriandrake: second also hits an image, two rogues left
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 4, 2, = 6 
joriandrake: both rogues flip the bird at the fire giant
Keelia: (Bill, kudos for using denary in a sentence  )
Smon: The giant snarls, hot spitle shooting from its lips to sizzle on the stone floor.
DESTROYERBILL: thanks keelia
Smon: Sabertooth on Claw
Smon: /roll d20+7x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+7x3 and gets:
10 (+7) = 17
14 (+7) = 21
10 (+7) = 17

JamesDevil: 1 hit
Smon: 1 claw hit
Smon: /roll 3d6+5
Smon rolls 3d6+5 and gets: 4, 2, 6, (+5) = 17 
Smon: 17/2 = 8
Smon: #6 drakhaien
joriandrake: disengage bonus action moving to throne hide main action
joriandrake rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 8, (+15) = 23 
joriandrake: 25 hide
joriandrake: end turn
Smon: ok Drakhaien slips round the throne and hides under it. Losing track of Drak (passive per 16) the fire giant turns on Q-elemental.
Smon: R5
Smon: #24 Quillax you are in reach of the fire giant
Smon: The giant looks down at the Shard of Wrath
Smon: "Gimme that!"
Keelia: Quillax mumbles in Terran about Stupid Fire Giants, And punches him twice in the head
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 10, (+8) = 18 
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 15, (+8) = 23 
Smon: hit
Smon: hit
Keelia rolls 2d8+5 and gets: 2, 7, (+5) = 14 
Keelia rolls 2d8+5 and gets: 2, 8, (+5) = 15 
Smon: Quillax pummels the giant, it roars
Smon: as she boxes its ears like a naughty schoolboy. 
Keelia: 29 damage total and she prepares to defend the the club
Keelia: Nice imagery 
Smon: thx 
Smon: #21 Sandor
Keelia: "Bugger off back to the lava pit, boyo," she grumbles at him.
Smon: 2 females on sandor
Keelia: "Come back when you have some proper fire to you. Your fire beard is like candle flame."
Smon: LOL
Smon: roll intimidate Quillax
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
7 (+11) = 18
19 (+11) = 30

Smon: 2 hits sandor
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 2, (+3) = 5 
sandor sunneson rolls 2d8 and gets: 4, 4, = 8 
Smon: he laughs at Q 
sandor sunneson rolls 4d6 and gets: 4, 2, 5, 2, = 13 
Keelia: not intimidating at all when no one can understand you 
Smon: Q is so cute 
sandor sunneson: 41 damage
Smon: 6 left sandor
Smon: #19 SB
Smon: 2 concs nearly dead
Keelia: she mutters uncomplimentary things about his parents - one being a lava lizard and the other smelling of brimstone
DESTROYERBILL: i attack my one
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 6, (+17) = 23 
Smon: SB guts his concubine
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 3, (+15) = 18 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 2, 2, = 4 
Smon: (had 4 hp)
DESTROYERBILL: i move over to sandors one
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 4, (+17) = 21 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 8, (+15) = 23 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 2, 3, = 5 
Smon: SB comes up behind the one Sandor wounded and slices across her back, she falls dead.
Smon: 1 wrath-crazed concubine left.
Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 2
DESTROYERBILL: you will burn to ash like the others no mercy will be given
Smon: Shrieking she swings at Sandor
Smon: /roll d20+8x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+8x2 and gets:
9 (+8) = 17
5 (+8) = 13

Smon: misses
Smon: #11 claw
joriandrake: (Does Claw already have a shard?)
Smon: wounded kitty still on him
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 11, (+13) = 24 
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 10, (+11) = 21 
Smon: ac 12
Smon: 20 left
JamesDevil: it dead yet?
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 13, (+13) = 26 
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 2, (+11) = 13 
JamesDevil: fuck
Smon: Claw hacks away irritatedly at the giant moggy.
JamesDevil: soz
Smon: It also seems wrath-crazed, its eyes blazing.
Smon: #8 fire giant
Smon: It draws back its sword and swings at Quillax
Smon: /roll d20+11x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
11 (+11) = 22
13 (+11) = 24

Keelia: AC 17
Smon: /roll 12d6+14
JamesDevil: ooc yes Jorian
Smon rolls 12d6+14 and gets: 1, 1, 1, 4, 3, 1, 4, 5, 1, 1, 2, 2, (+14) = 40 
Keelia: but she's not bothered about taking the hits
Smon: 40 dmg
joriandrake: (thank QUillax, once again, for making the kill of the main boss so easy)
joriandrake: (we would be in a damn bad spot otherwise)
Keelia: magical weapon?
DESTROYERBILL: yeah with your help i did about 130 damage in one round
Keelia: otherwise, resistance
Smon: (he was the tough bit - 3 attacks at +15 doing 3d8+11) 
Keelia: (you're welcome  )
Keelia: (I was just glad hold person worked  )
Smon: not magical
Keelia: Damage Resistance Bludgeoning, Piercing, And Slashing From Nonmagical Weapons
Smon: only the chief had a magic weapon
DESTROYERBILL: it made the fight a whole lot eaiser
Smon: yup
Smon: The giant sees he's not having much effect
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 4, 2, = 6 
Smon: but keeps fighting 
Smon: #7 sabertooth on claw
Smon: /roll d20+7x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+7x3 and gets:
16 (+7) = 23
3 (+7) = 10
10 (+7) = 17

Smon: 1 claw hit
Smon: /roll 3d6+5
Smon rolls 3d6+5 and gets: 1, 1, 3, (+5) = 10 
Smon: 10/2 = 5
Smon: Round 6
Smon: #23 Quillax
joriandrake: Drakhaien loves to be back in his elelement (in the shadows, at ranged distance, and near a throne) and considering his position decides to use his hidden advantage with elven accuracy to throw the returning +1 cold iron dagger in the back of the fire giant he left there with Quillax, then hides again
Keelia: She'll box his ears again for laughing at her 
joriandrake: my turn no?
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 2, (+8) = 10 
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 2, (+8) = 10 
Smon: sorry yes
Keelia: or not
Keelia: :/
Smon: missed drak
Keelia: ah, sorry!
Smon: #6 drak
Smon: roll w advtg
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+10x3 and gets:
5 (+10) = 15
13 (+10) = 23
10 (+10) = 20

joriandrake: dagger
Smon: (counting those misses Quillax sorry) 
joriandrake rolls 1d4+5 and gets: 4, (+5) = 9 
Smon: 23 hits
joriandrake: sneak
Keelia: fair enough 
joriandrake rolls 8d6 and gets: 3, 6, 5, 3, 1, 6, 6, 1, = 31 
joriandrake: 40 hp throw 'back poke' with returning dagger, it returns, Drak hides
joriandrake rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 2, (+15) = 17 
joriandrake: 25 hide, turn end
Smon: #21 sandor
Smon: 1 female left on him amidst a mound of giant corpses
joriandrake: (Finally a good time to have used the returning dagger I was given last time  )
Smon: & #19 Shieldbiter
DESTROYERBILL: wait for sandor
DESTROYERBILL: fergus your go
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
15 (+11) = 26
6 (+11) = 17

sandor sunneson rolls 2d8 and gets: 3, 1, = 4 
sandor sunneson rolls 4d6 and gets: 6, 6, 2, 3, = 17 
sandor sunneson: 41 damage
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 4, (+17) = 21 
Smon: She staggers back beneath the rain of blows
Smon: SB moves in...
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 17, (+15) = 32 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d5 and gets: 2, 4 = 6 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 4, 4, = 8 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 12, (+17) = 29 
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 8, (+15) = 23 
Smon: SB hacks and slashes, bits of giant splattering everywhere
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 3, 6, = 9 
Smon: She dies, practically ripped apart.
Smon: #11 claw
DESTROYERBILL: this is my third female giant i kiled on four hit points
Smon: Your kitty is near death Claw
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 16, (+13) = 29 
Smon: But crazed with wrath
Smon: The axe descends on its neck...
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+11 and gets: 10, (+11) = 21 
Smon: 7 hp left - the great head rolls across the cave floor
JamesDevil: Claaw charges the fire giant
JamesDevil: GGiantish"Time to Die Btich"
Smon: The giant looks round, fear in his burning eyes.
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 2, (+13) = 15 
Smon: miss 
JamesDevil: ugh
Smon: axe bounces off steel plate
joriandrake: (lol, scene fail)
JamesDevil: feck
sandor sunneson: lol
Smon: The fire giant turns and flees, giving opp atts to Claw & Quillax
DESTROYERBILL: re shoot lights camra action
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 17, (+8) = 25 
Keelia rolls 2d8+5 and gets: 3, 1, (+5) = 9 
JamesDevil: 1d20+13
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 3, (+13) = 16 
Smon: miss
JamesDevil: sigh
JamesDevil: out of combat?
Smon: The giant runs up the ramp fleeing towards the surface
joriandrake: (got tired out fighting the toothy kitty)
Smon: You can end combat there
JamesDevil: Claw puts his foot on the club, reachs towards to Quillax and says "hand me the ion stone"
joriandrake: Drag throws dagger after if stil lable to
joriandrake: Drak
Keelia: Q retakes human form and digs out the ioun stone from the bag of holding. 
joriandrake: if it is 60 feet from Drak, otherwise lets it leave
JamesDevil: He then yanks the shard from the club and slams the ion stone into it.
Smon: You have earned 6240 XP each for your victory + 2000 for gaining the 6th sin shard = 8240 each
JamesDevil: After this he pulls the depowered sword of Warth and slams the shard of wrath into it.
JamesDevil: He then he beheads whats left of the enemy chief.
joriandrake: ok, I gotta go then, thanks for the game
JamesDevil: OOC simon so we know the effect of the shard?
Smon: Sickening wrath threatens to overwhelm Claw as he yanks the shard and inserts the ioun stone - the feeling calms as the stone negates the sin curse.
DESTROYERBILL: i rush to the chest opening it
joriandrake: I wait for the loot even if I might miss the bus because I doN't want to be left out of it
sandor sunneson: excellent work team
Smon: You need to attune to shard to know what it does
Keelia: Q yanks him down and looks him in the eye - "you ok?"
JamesDevil: ah, k
Keelia: "Not feeling wrath-y?"
Smon: Claw beheads Chief Jubbek.
JamesDevil: "I'm fine"
sandor sunneson: Sandor goes to see what treasure is around
joriandrake: "Dragonkin, perhaps let me open it after inspecting for traps and then with lockpicks?" Drak tells SB
JamesDevil: Ok, Claw will attunt to it dattuning from the ring of protection
Smon: LOts of treasure is spread out around the cave lair
Keelia: She squints at him then nods.
JamesDevil: Wrath and gluttony don't conflict if i remember
Smon: (takes an hour Claw - you giving up prior shard?)
joriandrake: (ok, I am certain to get better armor now with the gold share)
JamesDevil: no, not for not
Keelia: She turns to check what the Chief had on him. "Someone go keep SB from emptying the chest without sharing."
DESTROYERBILL: ill share dont worry
Smon: "Area B8b to the east is dominated by Jubbek’s throne—a
home-made thing made of furs and hides stretched
haphazardly over a frame of wood and mastodon bones.
Area B8c beyond the throne is a 10-foot-high ledge on which
Jubbek stores his wealth (see Treasure, below), while area B8d
is a 20-foot-high ledge occupied by Jubbek’s “bedroom.”"

joriandrake: "Already on it"
JamesDevil: ready to level! 
Smon: The walls of area B8b are festooned with objects, some
of which still twitch now and then, such as his staggering
collection of severed troll limbs. A long alphorn leans against
the northern wall. Beneath several layers of filth and dirt,
this instrument features fine gold filigree work depicting
rocs in f light, and is worth 450 gp. A scrimshaw mastodon
tusk of very high quality depicting mountain scenes hangs
on the southern wall—this item is worth 750 gp.
Jubbek’s throne is a relatively foul piece of furniture—
the entire thing reeks of sweat and filth, and several bits
of leather and fur used to create it were only partially
preserved. A poorly hidden pouch on the side of the throne
(Perception DC 15) contains 4 potions of cure serious wounds
as well as 200 gp.
Jubbek’s sleeping cavern (area B8d) is a mess as well, but
several minutes of searching the area are enough to uncover
the following unusual or valuable objects: a Small mithral
dagger, a Medium +1 handaxe, a selection of long iron
bars all bent into knots, a massive silver tankard etched
with rams attacking stirges worth 300 gp, an iron bottle
containing an elixir of love, a mummified horse’s head with
a silver tooth worth 25 gp, a masterwork manacle attached
to a wooden beam covered with 54 tiny notches, two huge
kegs of cider that taste eye-wateringly bitter (successful DC
14 Fortitude save upon drinking to avoid being sickened
for 1 hour), and a suit of half-plate horse barding scattered
around the place in pieces. No fewer than 21 pots of honey
(a favorite snack) lie amid 43 empty and shattered pots.
One of pots of honey contains an undiscovered “prize”—a
mummified dwarf ’s finger that still wears a ring of minor
spell storing (currently containing web and shocking grasp).
The bulk of what Jubbek considered his real valuables
is kept in the large dented chest in area B8c. The chest
isn’t locked, but a 900 pound rock sits atop it.

Smon: Ah, Paizo and their insane verbosity 
joriandrake: ooh, honeyx
joriandrake: I love it
Smon: SB pushes the massive rock off the chest
JamesDevil: grab the cure serious wounds me thinks
joriandrake: then again I am on computer with the chat enlarged to full screen
DESTROYERBILL: i push off the rock and start collecting gold
JamesDevil: long rest to level or back to town or back to town?
Smon: top. Inside the
chest is a trio of exceptionally high quality furs worth 400
gp each, an average-locked iron box welded to a long chain
(break DC 28) that contains three bags of 1,000 sp and a
bag of 1,002 gp, a stout iron bound chest with a rod of enemy
detection thrust through the latch where the lock once was
(this chest contains seven gold-plated dwarf skulls worth
200 gp each), a huge jug with a silver handle worth 200 gp,
a cider keg brimming with copper coins (4,319 cp in all), a
+3 arrow of ooze slaying, and a small cork box containing a
rolled-up scroll of heal tucked into a ring of protection that
simply doesn’t work for evil creatures (in fact, when worn,
it turns an evil creature’s finger a nasty shade of green)

JamesDevil: ooc also what are the stats, etc for the sword now tahts its active?
DESTROYERBILL: i break the chain on the strong box
joriandrake: arrows and such dibs 
Keelia: most of this we can sell and split the gold
DESTROYERBILL: str 28 is great
Smon: OOC I suggest one PC add up the gold value of everything so you can sell it & split during long rest?
Keelia: The ring of protection and the heal spell are worth keeping, along with the potions
joriandrake: good idea
JamesDevil: sounds good
Keelia: agreed. 
sandor sunneson: Good idea, 
joriandrake: I don't think mithral-nonmagical dagger is of any use other than selling either
sandor sunneson: Sandor doesn't have any magic rings so is interested in it and would be willing to pay for it too
joriandrake: Drak has no objection to Sandor getting it just for free as share of loot 
Smon: GM: Having collected all the giant loot you return to the surface, where General Stom is waiting with her giants. She sees Claw carrying Jubbek's head, and nods approvingly, grinning. "Well done little one!" 
Keelia: better to have AC - take it. 
sandor sunneson: thank you, 
JamesDevil: I've just taken my one off too, so its spare
joriandrake: "Can we discuss longetr alliance and its terms now?" Drak asks the other giant
joriandrake: longterm*
Smon: Stom: "I am charged to guard Guiltspur until Lord Karzoug's glorious return - if you like, I can put in a good word for you when He comes? He can use great warriors such as you, even if you are small!"
DESTROYERBILL: i ask claw how many shards we have now
joriandrake: 6 of 7 i think
sandor sunneson: right chaps, goin g to sign off, thanks for the game Simon. See you next weekend Sat am
joriandrake: ok folks I really have to leave now
Smon: You have gained 6 shards yup.
joriandrake: thanks for the game and see you later
Smon: bye J
JamesDevil: "that sounds good to me Stom" he shakes her hand
Smon: bye S
joriandrake: I will read the whole list of loot and see if there is any iitem i get interested in other than arrow then I post in thread
joriandrake: bye
Smon: Stom kneels and shakes Claw's hand. The badly wounded fire giant you chased off below watches, grimacing.
11:41am  2019-2-24 sandor sunneson Has exited the room
11:42am  2019-2-24 joriandrake Has exited the room
Smon: (ing called)
11:44am  2019-2-24 DESTROYERBILL Has exited the room
Keelia: ok, this is the list of stuff we are likely to want to keep:
Keelia: 4 potions of cure serious wounds an iron bottle containing an elixir of love, rod of enemy detection 1 +3 arrow of ooze slaying scroll of heal ring of protection a masterwork manacle attached to a wooden beam covered with 54 tiny notches, two huge kegs of cider that taste eye-wateringly bitter (successful DC 14 Fortitude save upon drinking to avoid being sickened for 1 hour), a ring of minor spell storing (currently containing web and shocking grasp). 
Smon: thx 
Smon: (i accidentally cut power to Bill's PC!)
JamesDevil: Simon like i said in the PM, when you get the chance can you post the stats for the shard and sword? no rush, we'll probably be sharing them with Fergus, etc once we know what each one does, etc
11:45am  2019-2-24 DESTROYERBILL Has entered the room
Smon: which sword?
JamesDevil: sword of Wrath
Smon: I will post shard stats once it's attuned yup
JamesDevil: I keep the depowered sword in my bag of holding 
Smon: ah right
DESTROYERBILL: which shard are we missing 
JamesDevil: coolio, also, we level after a long rest right? or do we need to go back to town?
JamesDevil: Sloth i think
Smon: short rest to level, but this is a good point to long rest especially as a cute goliath princess is waiting for Claw back in the Iron Mtns 
DESTROYERBILL: cool does that mean you both have 3 shards on you
Smon: Most of the shards are held by others
Smon: Under the supervision of Sheila Heidmarch the Pathfinder Venture Captain.
JamesDevil: lol, true, k, l'll level now, max con, yay!
Smon: Claw & Quillax now level 19?
JamesDevil rolls 1d12+5 and gets: 10, (+5) = 15 
JamesDevil: yep
JamesDevil: rolling hp
Smon: You are missing sloth yup
Keelia: just need to work out how much these are worth: No fewer than 21 pots of honey, a Small mithral dagger, a Medium +1 handaxe, selection of long iron bars all bent into knots, suit of half-plate horse barding
JamesDevil: or would you prefer i take average?
Smon: 15 is fine
DESTROYERBILL: do you guys have the shard of greed its the one ie been looking for or do you know who has it
Keelia: excluding that and the stuff we want to keep, the rest works out to be 5515 gp in total
Smon: You can sell the axe for 250gp and the dagger for 50gp
JamesDevil: Bill your only here every other week, from a practical point of view i don't think its a good idea for yyou to have a shard, if we get to the end of the campaign and you not there we could be blocked from finishing it
Keelia: that brings us to 5815gp
JamesDevil: practicalities unfortunately
DESTROYERBILL: then why not give one to sandor and drakhien
Smon: I am sure SB will be there for final battle! But surely you are going to rebuild the Sihedron, the Ultimate Artifact?! 
JamesDevil: that we've been discussing it
Smon: ok posting log now
Keelia: (We'll discuss rebuilding the ultimate artefact when we're sure that it's not going to open a rift in space / time  )
Keelia: thanks Simon
JamesDevil: Quillax and Claw are waiting them to prove themselves worthy, which after this i think they are
Keelia: 1163 GP each.
JamesDevil: thanks Simon
JamesDevil: thanks Keelia