Saturday, 30 November 2019

ep 99 - the Final Battle 20/2/4720 AR

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Smon: As discussed, going to start with the characters whose first turns I didn't do last week, then go to round 2.
Keelia: alright - I'm ready enough
JamesDevil: cool
Smon: #21 Malassandra #19 Crystallis #13 Shastaak #8 Axiomites
chris107: Round 1 action to start Sacred Weapon.
Smon: I have posted pics of enemies at
chris107: (Channel Divinity)
chris107: lovely!
joriandrake: (I faintly remember reading about axiomites years ago, but this is my first encounter with them)
Smon: On this map you are in the big apex chamber with the floor Sihedron, the Reliquarty is in the middle of the Sihedron
Smon: Is that the end of Mal's turn?
chris107: She moves to 30' west of the door. End turn
Smon: OK Mal closes on the Reliquary
Smon: #19 the 2 Crytallis attack Claw who is attacking one of them
Smon: /roll d20+12x4
Smon Rolls 1d20+12x4 and gets:
17 (+12) = 29
1 (+12) = 13
9 (+12) = 21
7 (+12) = 19
Smon: Claw AC?
JamesDevil: 21 AC
chris107: (Oops just noticed that what appears to be west is south on the map. But yes, towards the reliquary.)
Smon: ok 2 hits, 86 dmg/2 rage > 43
JamesDevil: gotcha
Smon: #13 Shastaak engages the Axiomites
joriandrake: (afk)
Smon: /roll d20+19x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+19x3 and gets:
13 (+19) = 32
7 (+19) = 26
19 (+19) = 38
Smon: Shastaak cuts down one of the Axiomites, it bursts in a shower of golden dust (213 dmg)
chris107: nice!
JamesDevil: cool
Smon: #8 the remaining 2 Axiomites attack Shastaak
Smon: /roll d20+12x8
Smon Rolls 1d20+12x8 and gets:
17 (+12) = 29
11 (+12) = 23
5 (+12) = 17
4 (+12) = 16
16 (+12) = 28
12 (+12) = 24
18 (+12) = 30
6 (+12) = 18
Smon: AC 24, 4 hits with 2 sneak attacks
Smon: /roll 4d8+32
Smon rolls 4d8+32 and gets: 1, 4, 2, 6, (+32) = 45
Smon: /roll 8d6
Smon rolls 8d6 and gets: 5, 5, 2, 5, 1, 5, 4, 3, = 30
Smon: OK round 2...
Smon: #21 Malassandra your go again
chris107: range from M to the R please?
Smon: The Reliquary is buzzing, gears grinding as it comes awake
Smon: about 10'
Smon: GM: Quillax you currently have the Sihedron
chris107: She storms in striking at it with the sun sword (all radiant dmge)
Smon: /roll 6d8
chris107 Rolls 1d20+20x2 and gets:
3 (+20) = 23
4 (+20) = 24
Smon rolls 6d8 and gets: 7, 4, 8, 6, 7, 5, = 37
Smon: (Quillax sunbeam did 37/2 = 18 dmg to it)
Keelia: Q will pass S to M
chris107: Kindnes
chris107: 184/184
chris107: (Are james and Jorian accepting the S this battle?)
joriandrake: back
JamesDevil: once the adds are dead and its just the main boss then yes
chris107: (It's actually +21 but I think Simon capped to hit at 20/)
Smon: As Mal reaches the Reliquary it comes awake, a harsh metallic voice utters from it in Thassilonian "TRAITOR! BETRAYED! YOU TOO SHALL PERISH!"
joriandrake: (I can't say for every turn but I asked for it at least for once)
Smon: It seem it flinches at the sight of the Sihdron behind Mal (she auto penetrates its damage resistance & negates its magic resistance)
chris107: 23 & 24 were my to hit rolls.
Smon: AC 25, bad luck
chris107: reactions S to Drak then. End turn.
Smon: The Reliquary's claws bat aside Mal's strikes
Smon: Drak is not visible as he's hiding out behind doorway; you can transfer it when he appears
chris107: okay.
Smon: Reliquary legendary action - claw at Mal
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 1, (+15) = 16
joriandrake: ok, right, behind doorway: He'lll shoot at the reliquary
Smon: miss
chris107: AC20 no crits
Smon: #19 Crystallis vs Claw
joriandrake: sorry, i thought it is my turn
Smon: /roll d20+12x4
Smon Rolls 1d20+12x4 and gets:
19 (+12) = 31
6 (+12) = 18
16 (+12) = 28
17 (+12) = 29
JamesDevil: 3 hits :/
Smon: 3 hits, 129 dmg/2 = 64 dmg
Smon: #15 Reliquary's turn!
JamesDevil: 165/325
Smon: Bonus action - the
two adamantine spheres atop the clockwork reliquary’s body
can bloom like metal flowers to reveal highly refined abysium
rods that immediately pulse with energy...
Smon: Those within 30' (Mal, Claw, Shastaak is immune) make a DC 16 Poison (Radiation) CON save
chris107 rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 1, (+16) = 17
Smon: aw
Smon: 1 is auto fail
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 12, (+8) = 20
chris107: (+7 is mal's bonus for you guys within 30' of her now by the way.)
Smon: If you have Inspiration can reroll
chris107: Yup
chris107: i do!
chris107 rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 6, (+16) = 22
JamesDevil: i'll save mine
JamesDevil: i think 20 is high enough
Smon: On fail you are Incapacitated by the radiation. On a pass you take 10 poison damage and Poisoned until end of next turn
JamesDevil: 5 for me then
chris107: 174/184
Smon: Poisoned = disad on attack rolls and ability checks
JamesDevil: ofc
Smon: btw guys rem the healing you get from receiving/sending Sihedron
chris107: thanks, once M can see D she will.
joriandrake: poisoned condition may be the end for us
JamesDevil: hmm, ok, Claw will accept it now once you guys are a bit healthity healwise
chris107: (we can swap it across all characters each round)
Smon: Reliquary main action - its claws reach for Mal to rip her apart.
chris107: AC20
Smon: /roll d20+15x4
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x4 and gets:
4 (+15) = 19
3 (+15) = 18
8 (+15) = 23
13 (+15) = 28
Smon: wow, only 2 hits!
joriandrake: ('only')
Smon: That's still 80 + 7 cold + 7 fire + 40 rend = 134 dmg!
Smon: #13 Shastaak
joriandrake: (what is rend?)
chris107: 24/184
JamesDevil: pull back man!
Smon: Rend is it grabs her in 2 claws and tries to pull her apart
Smon: #13 Shastaak
joriandrake: (ok, thanks)
Smon: /roll d20+19x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+19x3 and gets:
15 (+19) = 34
20 (+19) = 39
14 (+19) = 33
joriandrake: yay
Smon: Shastaak destroys a second Axiomite with 2 blows then wounds the last 1 (71 dmg)
Smon: He steps over the Axiomite (being 36' tall) to the Reliquary, which swipes at him.
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 10, (+15) = 25
Keelia: (question, if Q breaks a jar on someone and there are four doses of ointment inside, does the person get one dose or 4?)
Smon: just hit - it claws his ankle, 40 dmg
JamesDevil: ooc You just want to smash Claw over the head with something
Smon: It is an action to apply 1 dose AFAIK, you rub it in the wound
Keelia: (it's a possibility  )
joriandrake: (sounds like painful healing)
Smon: #10 Drakhaien your go
joriandrake: ok, Drakh steps out to snipe at reliquary, I assume that's when Mal gives the S to him?
Smon: ok
chris107: M sends the S
Smon: rem healing burst
chris107: 54/184
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 1, (+15) = 16
Smon: LOL - the Reliquary is Frightened by the Sihedron!
joriandrake: bonus action: the mage hand cast last turn moves up to 40 ft and grabs on the reliquary to grant an advantage to Drakhaien this turn
joriandrake: It should already have been very close to it
Smon: ok Drak attack w advtg
joriandrake: now Drakh shoots, with SIhedron canceling some of the machine/undead's protections
Smon: AC 25 and rem all your bonuses
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+11x3 and gets:
12 (+11) = 23
14 (+11) = 25
9 (+11) = 20
Smon: hit - just!
joriandrake: 25
Smon: +11 seems really low, your bow is non-magical? Or Dex 18?
Smon: Rem you got an epic boon recently?
joriandrake: dex 18, +1 bow
Smon: ok...
Smon: anyway you hit
joriandrake: as far I recall last time I used it to make the mage hand more useful, using it atm
joriandrake rolls 1d8+4 and gets: 6, (+4) = 10
joriandrake rolls 10d6 and gets: 4, 3, 3, 3, 4, 3, 1, 1, 2, 1, = 25
Smon: 35 dmg
joriandrake: 35 hp sneak shot, reaction giving Sihedron to next character (not Claw) and he moves back behind wall/doorway, end turn
Smon: who are you passing it to? Next in init is Claw then Quillax - so Quillax?
joriandrake: yes
Smon: As the Sihedron is behind Quillax the Reliquary is still Frightened, it legendary action claws at Shastaak w disad
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
19 (+15) = 34
1 (+15) = 16
Keelia: Q puts it to Zeal
Smon: miss
Smon: #8 the last Axiomite sneak atts Shastaak
Smon: /roll d20+12x4
joriandrake: (the Mage Hand came right on time for this battle, I assume most if not all enemies could see invisible or hidden)
Smon Rolls 1d20+12x4 and gets:
20 (+12) = 32
14 (+12) = 26
15 (+12) = 27
9 (+12) = 21
chris107: ouch!
Smon: /roll 4d8+24
Smon rolls 4d8+24 and gets: 8, 6, 8, 3, (+24) = 49
Smon: /roll 8d6
Smon rolls 8d6 and gets: 2, 6, 3, 2, 4, 1, 1, 3, = 22
Smon: 71 dmg, 155-71 = 84 left
Smon: #7 Claw your turn
JamesDevil: dis because of poison right?
Smon: yup
JamesDevil: Claw attacks the last Axiomite
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 14, (+19) = 33
Smon: 2 crystallis on you Claw
JamesDevil: o fuck
Smon: 1 badly wounded, you can finish it w 1 blow (19 hp left)
JamesDevil: -.-
JamesDevil: that one in stead then#
JamesDevil: soz, lost track
Smon: OK it shatters,
JamesDevil: on, 2nd attack on the other one
Smon: 2nd attack on last crystallis?
Smon: ok
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 6, (+19) = 25
Smon: hit
JamesDevil: Slashing
Smon: ac 19
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 6, 4, 5, (+17) = 32
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 6, 1, 1, 4, 6, = 18
Smon: takes full fire dmg
Smon: 50 dmg
JamesDevil: end turn
JamesDevil: that was reckless btw
Smon: (ok)
Smon: Xin last legendary action, swipe at Shastaak
JamesDevil: no m,ore poison now?
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon: (yup)
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
18 (+15) = 33
3 (+15) = 18
Smon: misses as Frightened by the Sihedron
Smon: #4 Quillax your turn
Keelia: She is going to lay down another line of sunbeam
Keelia: at xin
Smon: ok so it has disad on save as counts as undead
Keelia: since I have sid on zeal, it gibes another +2 to my save of 21, so 23
Smon: save DC 23?
Keelia: *gives, sorry can't type
Keelia: yes
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
14 (+15) = 29
14 (+15) = 29
chris107: eek
Smon: pass, bad luck
Keelia: bollocks
Smon: roll 6d8
Keelia rolls 6d8 and gets: 4, 6, 6, 3, 4, 3, = 26
Smon: 13 dmg
Smon: R3
Keelia: ok, pass S to Mal then
Smon: #21 Malassandra
chris107: 84/184
chris107: She strikes again. Hoping Xin will be more afeared of the 36' tall giant than her
chris107: disadv
chris107 Rolls 1d20+20x2 and gets:
4 (+20) = 24
14 (+20) = 34
chris107 Rolls 1d20+20x2 and gets:
20 (+20) = 40
5 (+20) = 25
chris107: one hit?
Smon: ac 25, 1 hit yup
chris107: Radiant and she will use her remaining level 5 slot to blast it!
Smon: he counts as undead
chris107 rolls 9d8+19 and gets: 2, 2, 3, 6, 8, 5, 3, 5, 2, (+19) = 55
chris107: 55 doubled = 110
Smon: why doubled?
chris107: radiant v undead
Smon: smite radiant does +1d8 vs undead not doubled
chris107: all her damage is radiant
chris107: so 55 radiant
chris107: which v undead and their weakness to radiant is 110?
chris107: if not 55 end turn
chris107: passes S to D
joriandrake: I'm not even sure it's vulnerable, yes its undead but also built into a tank/mecha
joriandrake: would be great tho
Smon: most undead don't take x2 dmg vs radiant but I'll give you +27 by the blessing of Lissala
Smon: so 82 dmg
Smon: Mal gives Xin a good whack
chris107: (Sorry I misunderstood when you typed it being undead and assumed it was vulnerable to radiant. All cleared up now  )
Smon: #19 last Crystallis vs Claw
Smon: /roll d20+12x4
Smon Rolls 1d20+12x4 and gets:
15 (+12) = 27
7 (+12) = 19
8 (+12) = 20
4 (+12) = 16
Smon: 27 & 20 so 1 hit
JamesDevil: yep
Smon: 43/2 = 21 dmg
Smon: #15 Reliquary (still Frightened)
JamesDevil: hehe, that tickles
Keelia: brb
Smon: attacks Shastaak
Smon: /roll d20+15x8
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x8 and gets:
6 (+15) = 21
2 (+15) = 17
2 (+15) = 17
15 (+15) = 30
7 (+15) = 22
12 (+15) = 27
10 (+15) = 25
17 (+15) = 32
Smon: 1 hit (AC 24)
Smon: 40 dmg, at 44
Smon: frightened ends
Smon: #13 Shastaak
Smon: /roll d20+19x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+19x3 and gets:
2 (+19) = 21
8 (+19) = 27
2 (+19) = 21
Smon: 2 blows destroys last Axiomite, then misses Xin as he parries
Keelia: sorry back
Smon: #10 Drakhaien
Smon: Mal passes Sihedron to Drak?
joriandrake: ok, I choose Zeal
joriandrake: oh
chris107: she did
Smon: ok
Smon: Xin fear save
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 8, (+15) = 23
Smon: he passes, overcomes his fear this round
Smon: Drak shooting?
joriandrake: Ok, Zeal then, Mage Hand used on Religuiary as bonus action again, giving advantage, chill touch cast as action on it
Smon: AC 25
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+13x3 and gets:
13 (+13) = 26
13 (+13) = 26
6 (+13) = 19
Smon: hit
joriandrake: 26
joriandrake rolls 4d8 and gets: 6, 7, 8, 1, = 22
joriandrake: 22 necrotic damage and
joriandrake rolls 10d6 and gets: 4, 2, 6, 6, 4, 1, 6, 4, 4, 4, = 41
joriandrake: 41 more and
Smon: ok it cracks for 63 dmg
joriandrake: and it can’t regain hit points until the start of your next turn
chris107: nice
Keelia: nice
joriandrake: myx turn*
Smon: It's nearly 'bloodied'
joriandrake: údrakh gives S to QUillax and steps behind doorway again, turn end
joriandrake: (I thought it may be time to block its healing attempts)
Smon: Legendary Action attack on Shastaak
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 5, (+15) = 20
Smon: miss!
chris107: yay
Smon: #7 Claw
JamesDevil: Claw leaps through the air and attacks Xin
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 16, (+15) = 31
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 19, (+19) = 38
Smon: (passed his fear save)
Smon: last Crystallis gets opp att on Claw then?
JamesDevil: Slashing
JamesDevil: ffs
Smon: and you don't have the Sihedron claw so you'll do 1/2 dmg
JamesDevil: ugh
JamesDevil: i forgot again again -.-
JamesDevil: kill the last one then...
JamesDevil: same roll?
Smon: ok ac 19
Smon: sure
JamesDevil: Slashing
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 4, 3, 3, (+17) = 27
joriandrake: (I will send the SIhedron to Claw next round then, ok?)
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 1, 4, 4, 2, 2, = 13
Smon: 40 dmg, 49 left
JamesDevil: ooc send it to Q then she can pass to me
Smon: 2nd attack on Crystallis?
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 15, (+19) = 34
JamesDevil: Slashing
Smon: hit
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 5, 4, 3, (+17) = 29
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 5, 3, 2, 6, 3, = 19
chris107: yay
Smon: 1 hp left
JamesDevil: no....
JamesDevil: Claw spits in its eye-.-
Smon: #4 Quillax
JamesDevil: I've got to waste a whole attack on it
joriandrake: (Quillax, quick, summon a mouse to bite it to death!)
joriandrake: (better: a hamster)
Keelia: Lay down another sunbeam on xin and as it's still on zeal, con save against 23, then pass sid to claw (if he hasn't used his reaction this turn, he can still pass it to mal?)
Smon: Actually Reliquary gets last LA attack on Shastaak now
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 20, (+15) = 35
Keelia: double bollocks to that
JamesDevil: I call shenanigans
joriandrake: good, tbh I wish they kill each other
JamesDevil: oo, i can get his sword
joriandrake: both are evil relics of the past
Smon: Xin's steel claw reaches up and rips out Shastaak's heart, the undead rune giant disintegrates.
chris107: eek
Smon: "NOW FOR YOU, TRAITOR!" (to Mal)
chris107: double eek
Smon: Xin save vs sunbeam
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
15 (+15) = 30
18 (+15) = 33
Keelia: she also moves over to beside the 1 HP Crys, pushes up against it and uses bonus action to change to fire elemental form.
Smon: 30 w disad, pass
joriandrake: (you go murder him, I continue to shoot 'chill touch' at it very turn to stop any chance of it healing up)
Keelia rolls 6d8 and gets: 4, 5, 2, 4, 7, 6, = 28
Smon: The Crystallis disintegrates
JamesDevil: woot!
JamesDevil: you are amzing Q
chris107: yay
Smon: Just PCs vs the Reliquary now...
chris107: So Claw is reactioning the S to M?
joriandrake: nice tactic
Smon: click click click it goes
Smon: Q passed Reliquary to Mal eot?
JamesDevil: yes, C passs to M
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 12, (+15) = 27
chris107: Thanks. Kindness again.
Smon: R4
Smon: /roll d100
Smon rolls 1d100 and gets: 62,
chris107: 114/184
JamesDevil: not a good sign
Smon: #21 Mal your turn
chris107: She presses her attacks
chris107 Rolls 1d20+20x2 and gets:
12 (+20) = 32
1 (+20) = 21
Smon: 1 hit
chris107 rolls 3d8+18 and gets: 8, 4, 4, (+18) = 34
chris107: s to D end turn.
chris107: 34 radiant
Smon: 34+17 = 51 dmg
Smon: #15 Reliquary
Smon: /roll d6x2
Smon Rolls 1d6x2 and gets:
6 = 6
6 = 6
Smon: The Reliquary releases an Abysium Pulse of radiation again... Mal & Claw DC 16 CON save
chris107 rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 2, (+16) = 18
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 17, (+15) = 32
Smon: ok 10 poison & Poisoned until end of your next turn
joriandrake: yay
Smon: Reliquary 2 claws vs Mal
chris107: 104/184
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
chris107: AC20 no crits
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
6 (+15) = 21
5 (+15) = 20
Smon: 80 slashing +7 fire + 7 cold
Smon: seeing she's still up it attacks her again...
chris107: 10/184
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
10 (+15) = 25
4 (+15) = 19
Smon: lucky! She goes down at 0 but isn't Rent apart so still alive.
chris107: Mal falls! No more +7 saves guys ;(
Smon: The Sihedron hangs over Malassandra
Smon: #10 Drakhaien you pop out from cover to see Mal down and the Sihedron hanging over her.
joriandrake: how far is sshe?
Smon: 40'
chris107: hris107: s to D end turn.
joriandrake: it seems I got the Sihedron already?
Smon: You can't transfer Sihedron to D while dying Mal, and you couldn't see Drak during your turn as he was hiding behind doorway
Smon: as I discussed previously
chris107: Got you.
JamesDevil: ooc i sure hope some can grab it, i'd like to do full damage
joriandrake: If Drakh goes there, would he be in opportunity attack range of reliquary?
Smon: yes
joriandrake: sheesh, what must a chaotic good trickster do?
Smon: If Drak uses bonus action dash he could reach it. or take an action to reach it
Smon: object interaction to touch it
joriandrake: Drahaien bonus action dashes to Mal
joriandrake: gets the SIhedron
Smon: OK he touches it, it rises behind him
joriandrake: Generosity chosen
joriandrake: action used to cast polymorph: Giant Ape
joriandrake: He grabs up Mal and runs for his life towards the doorway
JamesDevil: ooc good man
joriandrake: that means another 40 feet move with ape-speed towards door, end turn
Smon: OK Drak turns into a giant ape, that's your bonus action, action & object interaction - you can't pick up Mal as well
joriandrake: oh, ok, Mal counts as object
joriandrake: end turn
Smon: as does the sihedron
chris107: good effort
JamesDevil: but its on him
Smon: The Reliquary slashes at the ape (legendary action)
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 16, (+15) = 31
Smon: hit, 40 slash + 7 fire
joriandrake: (Well, I might be able to stay there as punching bag in this form, for one turn)
joriandrake: hit ofc
JamesDevil: brb
Smon: #7 Claw
Smon: OOC by the way Keelia rem you can cast bonus action spells etc while using Sunbeam
joriandrake: (damn, it seems this thing is able to recharge legendary actions)
Smon: 3 LAs between its turns
Keelia: I forgot!!
Smon: Drak do you want to use your Reaction to transfer Sihedron to Claw?
Smon: (30 minutes left)
joriandrake: hm, sorry but not this turn, considering the situation
JamesDevil: back
JamesDevil: claw please
JamesDevil: i wobn't be able to do full damage otherwise
joriandrake: ok fine
joriandrake: Claw gets the S
JamesDevil: right then
JamesDevil: Claw leaps through the air and attacks with a mighty roar Xin
JamesDevil: (Reckless to cancel out the poison)
Smon: OK, rem Claw Poisoned yup
Smon: AC 25
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 6, (+19) = 25
chris107: yay
Smon: hit
JamesDevil: First Attack
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 2, 1, 5, (+17) = 25
JamesDevil: thats slash
joriandrake: (which sihedron ability do you use?)
JamesDevil: i've never used it before, so the saving one i guess?
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 5, 2, 4, 4, 4, = 19
Smon: 44 dmg
JamesDevil: Second Attack
JamesDevil: Slashing
joriandrake: (kindness would give +8 damage on each attack)
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 2, 4, 6, (+17) = 29
JamesDevil: ah, k i'd have done that
JamesDevil: Fire
Smon: roll 2nd attack roll pls
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 1, 1, 2, 1, 4, = 9
JamesDevil: so +8 to each of those if you allow is smn
JamesDevil: then pass the S to next person D i think?
joriandrake: you forgot to roll second attack
Smon: roll d20+19 Claw
JamesDevil: feck, second attack oll
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 1, (+19) = 20
chris107: cripes
Smon: 2nd attack missed
joriandrake: sigh
JamesDevil: -.-
Smon: I've applied +8 dmg to hit
JamesDevil: pass S to D sincee M is down
Smon: Next is Quillax
JamesDevil: k, thanks
JamesDevil: ah, k
JamesDevil: to
joriandrake: quillax please
Smon: /roll d20+15
JamesDevil: to Q
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 10, (+15) = 25
Smon: #4 Quillax your go
Keelia: Lay down another sunbeam on xin and Sid on zeal, con save against 23, then pass sid to claw (if he hasn't used his reaction this turn, he can still pass it to mal?)
Smon: Claw used reaction to pass it to you Q
joriandrake: (I think he just used it - to pass it to you)
Smon: Q could pass it to Mal at eot
Keelia: Sorry, reused old message
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
3 (+15) = 18
20 (+15) = 35
joriandrake: Oh, good, it may heal her up a bit
Keelia: will pass to Mal to get her up, also bonus actio, can it be a level 1 spell?
Keelia rolls 6d8 and gets: 6, 2, 3, 2, 8, 6, = 27
Smon: fails save - Xin burns a second Legendary save as a rotating chunk of Skymetal wards his bones and burns away
Smon: It can be any spell that is a bonus action
joriandrake: (Healing Word as example is a bonus action lvl 1 spell)
Smon: yup
Smon: you can hw to wake her up then reaction send her the sihedron
Keelia: I've got cure wounds not healing word, would that be ok?
Smon: (Xin took 13 dmg due to burning Legendary save)
Smon: No cure wounds is an action
Smon: Anyway you can wake her up by sending her the Sihedron as that cures 20 dmg
Keelia: And using an item is also action,
chris107: 20/184 (Thanks!  )
Smon: (I would recommend Mal then take disengage action or it'll kill her v fast!)
Keelia: so it will have to just be Sid, sorry!
Smon: R5...
joriandrake: Mal wakes up to be between the reliquary and a giant ape
Smon: /roll d100
Smon rolls 1d100 and gets: 73,
chris107: (No worries, much appreciated)
Smon: #21 Mal your turn - seeing you live the Reliquary looms over you reaching to finish you off...
Smon: You are prone
chris107: Mal uses her action to disengage
chris107: half speed
chris107: reaction to pass the S to D
chris107: end turn.
Smon: OK Mal gets up, disengaging and moves back 15' behind the giant ape & Claw
Smon: The Reliquary attacks 1 Drak 2 Claw
Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 1
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 16, (+15) = 31
Smon: (that was its fear save)
joriandrake: he is likely to hit me anyway
joriandrake: ah right, he has disadv from me having S
Smon: ok
Smon: good point re the Foreight
Smon: /roll d20+15x8
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x8 and gets:
3 (+15) = 18
8 (+15) = 23
7 (+15) = 22
16 (+15) = 31
16 (+15) = 31
11 (+15) = 26
14 (+15) = 29
14 (+15) = 29
Smon: 4 hits
joriandrake: all hits yes
Smon: 188 damage plus Rend for 80 = 268 damage
chris107: wow
JamesDevil: O.o
joriandrake: ok, ape form vanishes
Keelia: ouch
joriandrake: Drakh looks terrivied at the Undead battlewalker
Smon: excess damage carries over to your regular hp Drak
Smon: I think the ape was at 157-47 = 110?
joriandrake: yes
Smon: so drak takes 268-110 = 158 dmg
chris107: eek
Smon: How many hp did you have?
joriandrake: Drakh has max hp of 143, so he drops to 0
Smon: ok Drak goes down
JamesDevil: christ, i thought you we're insta killed
joriandrake: ape form at least granted a bit of extra meat shield
joriandrake: but now I will die if it attacks further
Smon: #10 Drakhaien death save
chris107: Mal should be able to shield you next round
joriandrake: I assume drakh benefits from adv of Sihedron?
chris107: (+7 on death save for mal's aura?)
Smon: Foresight wouldn't count but I'll give +7 for Mal
joriandrake: ok
joriandrake rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 2, (+7) = 9
Smon: fail
joriandrake: still fail
chris107: hard lines!
joriandrake: one single attack and Drakh is dead
Keelia: doesn't Sid have a one time 100hp boost when someone goes down
joriandrake: oh right!!!
joriandrake: and unlike Mal I didn't give it away before attack, thanks K!!
Smon: OK so it heals Drak to 100 hp!
joriandrake: or wait... Mal didn'tz give it away either
chris107: yay!
joriandrake: thanks
Smon: Guess you get your turn then Drak.
Smon: Not retconning back to Mal
joriandrake: yayyay
JamesDevil: (i suggest move D)
joriandrake: Disengage as bonus action, moves half normal speed to 15 ft away
chris107: (Quite right too, Simon!)
Smon: ok
joriandrake: half because he has stil to stand up unless the heal happens when he is standing
Smon: still have action
Smon: shoot it?
joriandrake: action used to dash, double move 60 feet to try reach behind doorway
joriandrake: reaction gives Clas the S
joriandrake: end turn
Smon: ok Drak retreats behind doorway - does he transfer Sihedron before going behind doorway?
joriandrake: yes, to Claw
JamesDevil: thank
Smon: ok Reliq legendary action
Smon: attacks Claw
joriandrake: (so, did heal happen before or after dropping to ground? i ask because Mage Hand, not because prone possibility)
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
12 (+15) = 27
12 (+15) = 27
JamesDevil: hit
Smon: (I dunno, please check wording)
Smon: Claw 47/2 = 23 dmg
Smon: #7 Claw your turn
JamesDevil: hehe, more tickling
JamesDevil: Claw attacks again in a fury as he sees his friends fall around him
JamesDevil: Kindness from S
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+19x2 and gets:
17 (+19) = 36
6 (+19) = 25
Smon: hit
joriandrake: yay
JamesDevil: Slashing
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 5, 5, 6, (+17) = 33
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 2, 4, 5, 5, 1, = 17
JamesDevil: second attack
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+19x2 and gets:
19 (+19) = 38
10 (+19) = 29
Smon: 50 dmg, it staggers back, chunks falling away
Smon: 2nd hit
JamesDevil: Slashing
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 6, 6, 3, (+17) = 32
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 3, 1, 2, 2, 3, = 11
JamesDevil: Pass S to next person (C i think?)
chris107: Go Claw!
chris107: (Q)
Smon: The glass cracks, you hear a mechanical wail as vapour leaks out... it's close to 'death'
JamesDevil: Ah Q
Smon: Legendary action claw at Claw
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
19 (+15) = 34
19 (+15) = 34
Smon: hit, 47/2 = 23 dmg
JamesDevil: "Thats right, its almost over for you"
Smon: #4 Quillax
Smon: sunbeam?
Keelia: She lays down another line of sunbeam con save 23
Keelia: (yep  )
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
17 (+15) = 32
8 (+15) = 23
joriandrake: (OK, if no one drops down again Drakh will try to sneak-cast the spell that blocks its healing again in my turn)
Smon: pass just
Keelia: and she'll pass the sid to mal
Smon: roll dmg
chris107: 30/184
Keelia rolls 6d8 and gets: 1, 4, 2, 5, 4, 8, = 24
Smon: "NOOOO!" The Reliquary disintegrates, there is an enormous flash of light that consumes you all... you black out... TBC
Smon: You won.
chris107: YAY!
joriandrake: o.O
chris107: Well played guys!
Keelia: WHAT?? CLIFFHANGER - so cruel
JamesDevil: awesome
chris107: Thanks for the game simon

Saturday, 23 November 2019

ep 98 20/2/4720 AR - the Reliquary

Elder Crystallis
Image result for Axiomite of Xin

8:28am  2019-11-23 Smon Has entered the room
joriandrake: and for Drakhaien I improved the usefulness of Mage Hand, making it posible to be cast as bonus action and have it gain +10 feet distance. As it is the core element of Arcane Trickster I needed to do something about it
Keelia: I'm not sure how many I've had now. I've got epic boon written 5 times on my sheet in various areas. I know I've got epic boon of speed. and the one that gives me another 9th level spell and prodigy but I think I didn't use another two of them...
joriandrake: morning Simon
Keelia: Morning simon.
joriandrake: well, at least write them all in the same place, no wonder you're not sure
joriandrake: I should start writing them on char sheet too, I have them here on paper, but probably better if also adding to the one in thread
Keelia: My sheet is so filled with writing, I'm writing it in any space left!
Smon: hi j & k
Keelia: I'm even using sticky notes now  I really need to redo my sheet....
Keelia: How are you simon?
joriandrake: THat's the good thing about writing a sheet on forum, I also decided on my own how it looks and what data matters. For most games I only leave out the equipment/loot details in thread
Smon: I'm ok, bit sore
Keelia: what happened?
joriandrake: I made a 'standard' kind of char sheet template to use in dragonsfoot, maybe I could send you a clear one Keelia?
joriandrake: sore?
Keelia: @j, please send one. I need to document this stuff somewhere
Keelia: If I lose this sheet it's all over
Smon: (just my muscle/joint pain from hypermobile pelvis)
Smon: Posting Quillax to the thread seems a good idea. Then you have an online copy you can edit at will.
joriandrake: I could even fill it out for you if you PM me your character details, might be easier for you than to be bogged down in text formating (I use stuff like bold, italic, listing format, various text sizes to make it easier to read)
Smon: I recommend doing it yourself Keelia so you are familiar with it.
Keelia: simon, that sounds a bit ouchy  I hope it passes soon for you.
joriandrake: This is Drakhaien's own, as example
Smon: (had it for 19 years)

Keelia: (still, I do hope it at least eases a bit)
Smon: Thanks
joriandrake: drugs can help ! (ignore me, I'm just weirdly making fun of 'drugs' being the word in UK for medicine)
joriandrake: I will look through my template and make it more fitting for a Druid. I believe I can use my existing Cleric version best for that
joriandrake: What's the Background for Quillax?
Keelia: No worries, I've lost half her information over the years  I've got her stats but not necessarily why they were like that. I can't remember her background as it's been about 5 years since she was created
Keelia: I'll just put up what i've got on the sheet and keep going from there
Smon: Checking FB looks like Chris won't be here until at least 09.00 and James overslept but should sign in soon
joriandrake: Was the game already in 5e version 5 years ago?
Smon: Quillax never had much background AFAIK except she was a young druid from Wolf's Ear who joined the Pathfinders.
Smon: We started November 2015 so 4 years
8:40am  2019-11-23 JamesDevil Has entered the room
joriandrake: oh, I meant actual Backgrounds, like Charlatan, Sage, Urchin,, Outdoorsman
JamesDevil: morning
joriandrake: good morning James
JamesDevil: I am sooooo sorry!
Smon: 1st 11 sessions here
Smon: hi James
joriandrake: I've just read today the log from last week, and noticed that Fergus dropped out due to baby and marriage, I send my congrats to him
Keelia: I know what you meant about background  I can't remember
joriandrake: lol, ok
Keelia: morning james
JamesDevil: what don't you remember about backgrounds?
joriandrake: I think I can figure that out based on what skills Quillax is proficient with and what else you may still have in writing left
JamesDevil: you mean lan guage type stuff?
Keelia: seriously, Jorian, it's alright. I can do it
Smon: end of last session >>Smon: GM: Beyond the western door you hear a clattering sound, as of hurried and urgent mechanical activity...
Smon: Something tells you your goal is VERY near!
Keelia: Q takes EE form.
JamesDevil: Claw smiles
Smon: Shasthaak looks grim. "Xin waits beyond that door. I can feel it!" He raises his sword. "Beloved Sorshen, be with me now!"
Smon: end session
JamesDevil: "Finally, an actual challenge!"<<
joriandrake: Keelia just told us she lost parts of char sheet, or is so messy that it is hard to recall things like what epic boons Quillax got
Keelia: Her sheet is old and complicated and has all sorts of shit that I probably actually need to decide on since there is still one language I think she's never taken
joriandrake: So I help her, will send a template for character sheet to be used on dragonsfoot as example
JamesDevil: ah,k
Keelia: and physically has a small piece missing.... so, I'm digitising.
joriandrake: some Background options also grant extra languages
joriandrake: Will we wait for everyone to start with a boss battle? I hope so o.O
JamesDevil: so do you remember your actual background at all? or just part of it?
Smon: @Keelia I would just say post info to and don't worry about format. Main thing is ease of access for yourself.
Smon: I'm fine to wait to 09.00
joriandrake: Simon is right with the info getting online is the first step, formating what you got can wait till later
Keelia: It's cool - I'm ready to start the game  I can multi-task or even do it later
joriandrake: I guess it won't change a lot now at the boss battle, but hopefully we all survive so you still have a reason to put the Quillax data on the thread
Smon: Here's Bright Star
Smon: Here's Chris's PC Hakeem
joriandrake: ah yes, we considered all saves in that campaign to be proficient and such
joriandrake: but Hakeem is now gone from game, or will Chris play him again?
joriandrake: well, Chris should be here in ten minutes, that isn't a long wait now
Smon: I offered to let Chris play Hakeem in Shattered Star but he preferred to make a new PC tailored to the campaign.
joriandrake: Probably better that, a clean break/reset
joriandrake: I'm not following it closely, but I believe Chris is using Hakeem now in his own DM-ed game as main NPC
Smon: I think Hakeem is off stage in that
Smon: from the blog 10/11/4710 Session 2

Game start ca 2 am, long rest at Heidmarch Manor, currently mid-afternoon, ca 3pm, in The Crow, one of the Irespan Pilings around 2000' off shore from Underbridge docks.

Quillax & Scotty returning to Heidmarch Manor are accosted by a whip-cracking tower girl accompanied by three docks thugs. She demands the Shard; Quillax is full of Pride and refuses. Battle starts, a new Pathfinder, Keelan, sent from Heidmarch manor appears and aids them, while Quillax turns into a bear!

The group return to Heidmarch Manor; Sheila uses an Ioun stone to cancel the curse on the Shard, and proposes a quest to recover the Seven Shards and reform the Sihedron, the greatest artifact of ancient Thassilon. Quillax can detect the location of the next shard in The Crow, one of the Irespan pilings in the sea off Magnimar.
joriandrake: Quillax was tied to Pride shard first?
Keelia: (yes)
JamesDevil: (she's proud of it)
Smon: Yup. Quillax only ever seemed Prideful in her Engineering skills though.  GM: I suggest we start game now and Chris can join when he arrives. I'll NPC Malassandra until he gets here with her giving you +6 to saves.
Smon: test font
joriandrake: YoU're the boss, you decide, at least we have a powerful undead assassin on our side (kinda)
Keelia: font is good
Smon: OK I'll post what you see when Claw busts down the final door...
Smon: The walls of this cathedral-like chamber stretch nearly a hundred
feet into the air above, towering sheets of black crystal along
which dance ripples of strange energies. Crumbled shards of
crystal litter the floor, while an immense Sihedron rune has been
carved into the floor in the center of the chamber. The energy
rippling on the walls congregates upon a strange crystal the size
of a man’s head, embedded in the center of the rune and pulsing
as if to the rhythm of an unseen, crystalline heart.

The clockwork reliquary stands
in the center of the room atop the Sihedron rune that
pulses with the palace’s energies. The reliquary’s wickedly
curved components shift and twitch as you enter, and
the bones of the ancient wizard emperor Xin, drawn into
the reliquary upon his death,
seem to glow within their crystalline prison, shifting and
seeming to be larger than the skeleton of a mere man has
any right to be.
Smon: The palace walls shudder, and creatures
composed of crystal step out of them at the same time the
energies flowing along the walls descend and coalesce
into beautiful but stern humanoid figures.
Smon: You have a brief glimpse of the spectral form
of the wizard Xin's spirit superimposed over his bones as the construct whirls to life.
joriandrake: (The reliquiary is seethrough and there are XiN's bones in it?
Smon: posted to
joriandrake: (I'm not sure we can handle the real boss without a long rest, did we send the loot from that room back home yet? I also worry if this palace sinks or disappears after victory it may all be gone too)
JamesDevil: looks like we woke him up >:)
Smon: GM: Because you fortunately didn't listen to Drakhaien and pressed on swiftly, the Reliquary has had to be emergency-activated, giving you a Surprise round vs it (but not the minions - 2 Crystallis & 3 Axiomites)
JamesDevil: "We'll go back on the way out for the loot as the place crumbles, it will look so cool!"
joriandrake: Well, I just hope +1 round is worth it, I'm unsure how many spells our casters have, at least Drakh was careful with spell slots
Smon: GM: As Shasthaak & Malassandra move in to engage, the Axiomites (glowing humanoids) and Crystallis elementals engage them, giving the rest of you a chance to reach the Reliquary before it has finished activating.
joriandrake: "Not sure we even have a choice now that he has seen us anymore"
JamesDevil: Claw will charge the closest enemy (after Int
Smon: GM: If you had been stupid enough to Long Rest (1 week) there would have been several thousand Xin Legionnaires dismantling Magnimar by now. You could have Short Rested in which case Xin would have been ready for you.
joriandrake: (right, forgot your long rest rule, init rolls?)
JamesDevil: hit'em hard and fast
Smon: init please - I am doing Shastaak & Malassandra vs the minions off-stage for now
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
5 (+2) = 7
1 (+2) = 3
JamesDevil: -.-
Smon: Right now you have advantage vs the Reliquary
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 5, (+5) = 10
joriandrake: (well, could be better)
joriandrake: go Q!
Smon: I take it Quillax has the Sihedron & she is in EE form
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 2, (+3) = 5
Smon: Xin Reliquary
Smon: /roll d20+2
Smon rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 13, (+2) = 15
Keelia: (I don't think my init roll changes in EE form does it?)
joriandrake: I'm glad it can't act at least in this round
Keelia: Ah sorry, keep forgetting about timeglass
joriandrake: (I think your Dexterity may be different, which alters it?)
Smon: You should use the EE DEX bonus
Keelia: OK, let me dig that one, one second
Smon: I have the Sihedron & Timeglass powers
joriandrake: meanwhile: Simon does Drakhaien see any place to hide behind in the room, perhaps near the doorway?
Keelia: ok, so that will be -1
Keelia: should I re-roll or just knock 4 off that previous roll?
Smon: GM: Drak could hide behind the doorway then pop out to shoot
Smon: Quillax has Foresight from the Timeglass
Smon: Foreight gives advtg on all d20 rolls inc init
Keelia: EE init roll
Keelia rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 5, (-1) = 4
Smon: roll once
JamesDevil: aw...
Keelia: Practically the same
Smon: ok Q got 1 & 4 so 4
joriandrake: I hope the battle wil lgo better than our initiative rolls
Smon: #15 The Reliquary activates (no longer Surprised)
Smon: #10 Drakhaien
Keelia: (use up the bad rolls now)
joriandrake: wait, this is still the first, surprise round no? so shouldn't it just get skipped? did we jsut lose our advantage?
joriandrake: just*
Smon: Also rem you can use Reaction outside your own turns
Smon: There is no such thing as a Surprise Round in 5e Jorian
joriandrake: I mean the literal Advantage, not tactical
Smon: The Reliquary had the Surprised Condition so could not act on its first turn. At the end of its first turn, the Condition ends.
joriandrake: Sorry, you confused me, that is all. "Smon: GM: Because you fortunately didn't listen to Drakhaien and pressed on swiftly, the Reliquary has had to be emergency-activated, giving you a Surprise round vs it"
joriandrake: Drakh will shoot it as action, use bonus action to cast invisible Mage Hand nas close to it as possible, then move behind the doorway to block line of sight
joriandrake: as close*
Smon: You'll need to bonus action Hide, then shoot, then you can move out of sight of it behind doorway
Smon: >>use bonus action to cast invisible Mage Hand nas close to it as possible<< explain the rules effect of this please
joriandrake: "Smon: Right now you have advantage vs the Reliquary" Do we still have that? Because if yes he doesn't have to hide now
Smon: No advtg ended when it activated
joriandrake: It won't do anything now, even as I can cast it as Bonus Action I need also a bonus action as Arcane Trickster to order the Mage Hand to do stuff, so I just set it up for next turn to be used.
Smon: ok so you better use bonus action to Hide if you want to Sneak Attack it
joriandrake: Drakhaien will shoot a normal shot at the reliquary, no advantage, no sneak attack, then move behind the doorway, even without Stealth he should have the line of sight there broken?
Smon: yup
joriandrake: that I do then, I hoped to have auto-advantage alreay but that ship has sailed then, shooting now
Smon: OOC guys I am getting a bad feeling about this now. Maybe we should delay until Chris can play?
joriandrake rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 5, (+11) = 16
joriandrake: 16
JamesDevil: might be better idea smn
JamesDevil: i'm happy eitherway
Smon: 16 bounces off the Reliquary
Smon: Keelia what do you think?
joriandrake: Well, we started after you suggested to do this, NPC-d M at least keeps the enemy henchmen busy
joriandrake: Drakh moves behind the doorway, end turn
Keelia: Let me re-read to ensure I didn't miss anything
Smon: I am not busy today but I think we need Chris/Malassandra for final battle. How about we just do Claw & Quillax's turns now then stop at end of turn 1 if Chris has not turned up.
joriandrake: (Shouldn't Chris be here already? I thought he was meant to be half a hour late, now it is 1 hour)
JamesDevil: makes RP sense actually
Smon: Let's do #7 Claw & #4 Quillax - #7 is Claw attacking the Reliquary?
JamesDevil: nope, hitting the cloest minion, they need to be kept busy
Smon: ok
JamesDevil: reckless
Keelia: Agreed.
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+19x2 and gets:
8 (+19) = 27
4 (+19) = 23
Smon: /roll d5
Smon rolls 1d5 and gets: 2
joriandrake: (I hope Xin woN't jsut summon new ones if these are defeated)
JamesDevil: Slashing
Smon: Claw attacks a Crystallis (AC 19) - hit
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+13 and gets: 6, 1, 6, (+13) = 26
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 4, 1, 5, 5, 4, = 19
Smon: takes full fire dmg so 45 dmg
JamesDevil: cool, i'll roll together then
joriandrake: yay
JamesDevil: reckless again
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+19x2 and gets:
19 (+19) = 38
20 (+19) = 39
Smon: crit
joriandrake: yay
JamesDevil: 20 d6 combine plus 13 for attack right?
Smon: 16d6 plus brutal dice plus rage (4) str (10) weapon plus (3)
Smon: you did 49 on 1st hit as +17 not +13
JamesDevil rolls 16d6+17 and gets: 6, 1, 1, 1, 5, 1, 4, 3, 2, 2, 3, 1, 3, 3, 6, 2, (+17) = 61
Keelia: (chris says 15 minutes)
Smon: plus the brutal dice
JamesDevil Rolls 1d12x3 and gets:
9 = 9
8 = 8
2 = 2
JamesDevil: :/
Smon: there'd be d6s
JamesDevil: so 19
Smon: as weapon does d6s
JamesDevil: o cock, yes
JamesDevil Rolls 1d6x3 and gets:
3 = 3
4 = 4
3 = 3
Smon: 71 dmg
JamesDevil: so used to great axes -.-
joriandrake: (Simon, do you have a picture of this Reliquary? I have a hard time to imagine it)
Smon: I posted it twice Jorian!!
joriandrake: sorry
joriandrake: thank you... woah
Smon: Claw hits a Crystallis for 120 damage, badly hurting it.
Smon: #4 Quillax
JamesDevil: right so 60 to me ubness i save
joriandrake: (you can send Sihadron to Drakh )
JamesDevil: @smn +6 from our pala right?
Smon: You don't have to roll a save James
JamesDevil: it was a crit, so i was in range of it
Smon: (I'm feeling weurgh so best sign off after Q's turn anyway.) Ah right!
Keelia: Q is going to change the sihedron to Generosity, and smack the reliquary with a sunbeam as level 7
Smon: So the sword explodes... what's the save DC James?
joriandrake: Fine, let's stop then, we're all over the place after a bad init too
JamesDevil: 25 i think
JamesDevil: thats the 3e save anyway
JamesDevil: i think you lowered it to 17
JamesDevil: i'll make a note of it what ever you decide
Smon: It's 19 -
Smon: Garvok, Sword of Wrath Weight 10 lbs. Garvok was merely the first wielder to be cremated by the blade that took his name and consciousness. A particularly brutal member of the Shoanti caste, he was granted the weapon crafted by the evokers of Runeforge and, to display its might to the Runelord of Wrath, entered the arena of Xin-Bakrakhan. Facing wave after wave of soldiers, Garvok was finally brought down not by the spears of his foes, but by the explosions of his own sword and the resulting collapse of the royal arena. When the sword was dragged from the rubble, drops of Garvok's blood still boiled upon the blade's shattered edge—a fitting christening for the sword of wrath.
This scarred piece of crimson stained metal functions similarly to a returning throwing greatsword. Garvok can be thrown 25' short/75' long at full bonus as an attack, returning immediately. Additionally, whenever Garvok strikes a foe, the target must succeed at a DC 15 DEX save or take an additional 5d6 points of fire damage, half damage on a save. If the sword scores a critical hit, it explodes in a fireball centered on the wielder's opponent. All creatures within the fireball's 20-foot-radius spread—including Garvok's wielder and allies, if within range—take 14d6 points of fire damage (DC 19 DEX for half). The wielder has no control over the sword's eruption and cannot prevent it from exploding. The sword returns to its wielder's hand, fully reformed, just before the beginning of his next turn.
JamesDevil: @ah, i apologise you are correct
joriandrake: roll and good luck, I assume you are raging and it halves it anyway?
Smon: OK everyone but Drakhaien & the Reliquary will be in the blast area
Smon: roll dmg please
JamesDevil rolls 14d6 and gets: 3, 2, 2, 1, 5, 2, 3, 1, 5, 1, 4, 3, 2, 2, = 36
Smon: The Axiomites are high level Rogues, no dmg if save
Smon: /roll d20+10x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+10x3 and gets:
8 (+10) = 18
13 (+10) = 23
17 (+10) = 27
Keelia Rolls 1d20-1x2 and gets:
3 (-1) = 2
14 (-1) = 13
joriandrake: shit, classed monsters
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
1 (+2) = 3
2 (+2) = 4
joriandrake: (also shit, they may easily sneak attack us then!)
Keelia: EE-Q fails a dex roll...
JamesDevil: not that it will make a diff...but plus 6 from Chris right?
Smon: 1 fail, w evasion it takes 18
Keelia: It would for Q
Smon: +6 from Mal yup
joriandrake: right, Quillax didn't add the +6 either I think
Keelia: Then EE-Q passes
JamesDevil: 18 for bearbarin
Smon: Crystallis saves
Smon: /roll d20+3x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+3x2 and gets:
11 (+3) = 14
8 (+3) = 11
JamesDevil: even i cannot contain my RAW POWER
Smon: take full dmg, 1 nearly destroyed now
Smon: #4 Quillax - casts Sunbeam at the Reliquary?
9:46am  2019-11-23 chris107 Has entered the room
JamesDevil: YAY!
chris107: Hiya guys, sorry I'm late.
joriandrake: (Hi chris, first round, but we are soon ending session)
Keelia: yes,
Smon: Hi Chris. I'm not feeling too good but want to do round 1 then break.
joriandrake: (At least he can roll Init too)
chris107: No probs
Smon: Are you guys free this evening?
JamesDevil: nope soz
chris107: I can be most likely.
Smon: How about this afternoon?
JamesDevil: i'll be on the opposite side of london
joriandrake: I doN't know, probably, but either tonight or tomorrow morning I leave with family somewhere
Keelia: Unlikely, I'm out with my dad this afternoon / evening
Keelia: if you aren't feeling well, we can always wait until next weekend
joriandrake: after seven it should be ok, that is after Six for GMT/UK time
Keelia: It's not a problem!
Smon: OK, well prob wisest to delay until next weekend, you are wise Quillia
Keelia: With a +7 bonus, I should think so
joriandrake: there it is again, the mixed names  - Keelia is right, best to drop today then , you do need to rest
chris107: Need you on top form when we battle Xin, Simon!
Smon: Quillax casts Sunbeam at the Reliquary - the Sihedron flashes and the bones seem to flinch - the Sihedron negates its Magic Resistance...
JamesDevil: lets hurry and finish this round, we can at least done one of these guys
joriandrake: Right, will Chris/Mal do init roll?
Smon: It counts as undead too so has disad on save
joriandrake: (We all did real badly on it)
joriandrake: yay
chris107: Initiative for mal
Smon: however it has a +15 CON save
chris107 Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
19 (+2) = 21
7 (+2) = 9
Smon: /roll d20+15x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
1 (+15) = 16
3 (+15) = 18
chris107: 21
joriandrake: ... yay
chris107: yay
Keelia: his con at disadvantage vs 21
Keelia: hoping for a low roll from him
joriandrake: (someone who has a higher than 10 init finally  )
chris107: doesn't get much lower!
joriandrake: HGe rolled a nat 1 for total of 16
Smon: fail (rolled 1) - the Reliquary burns a Legendary Resistance to avoid being blinded - a shard of skymetal snaps up to protect the bones, and burns away in the Sunlight
Keelia: Whoohoo!!!
joriandrake: oh, right, boss battle, it has legendary actions o.O
Smon: 2 more LRs left
Keelia: still - burned a resistance!
joriandrake: true!
joriandrake: Shall we do Mal now, then end?
Smon: I'll roll NPC inits
Smon: crystallis
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 16, (+6) = 22
Smon: sorry that was a 19
joriandrake: (Chris, the critters are class leveled Rogues, so be careful of sneak attacks)
Smon: Axiomites
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 2, (+6) = 8
Smon: Shastaak
joriandrake: even with a 2 they are quicker than most of party o.O
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 13,
chris107: (No idea what's going on Jorian, but I'm sure the DM will fill me in.)
joriandrake: (Well, we are soon ending, so I guess you can just read the log)
Smon: I think I better quit there, post log so Chris can read it, and give Mal 2 rounds of actions next time 

Saturday, 9 November 2019

ep 97 19/2/4720 - The Slayer of Men

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8:32am  2019-11-09 Smon Has entered the room
JamesDevil: We ended in another room
chris107: Good job. I have 2 spell slots left!
Smon: Morning all
JamesDevil: Morning smn
chris107: Morning Simon
Smon: Jorian says he's sick & may not turn up
JamesDevil: aw
chris107: Poor Jorian. I fear he is not in robust health.
JamesDevil: *James sends good vibes*
chris107: That tickled
chris107: At least Drak will survive the boss encounter...
chris107: Anyone heard from Ferg?
Keelia: one more minute, sorry
Smon: Fergus told me a few weeks ago he'd need to drop out as baby on the way! Also getting married!
chris107: Congratulations to him!
JamesDevil: WOOT!
JamesDevil: Grats to him!
Smon: Fergus is my oldest friend and first memory from when I was about 1 year old and he was a smaller baby banging spoon on table wanting MORE!  So v happy for him.
chris107: hehe
Keelia: Congrats to him!!
Smon: GM: last session
chris107: Aye... One more door left...
chris107: To Xin!
Smon: When you return to the Abysium vault (final vault) do you have any way to protect from the radiation poisoning?
chris107: And the radioactive room to pass through again to get there.
JamesDevil: Claw will run through it
JamesDevil: DC14 CON save right?
JamesDevil: thats my bonus amount ^^
Smon: OK you all ready to go forward again?
chris107: If we all stick close our saves should be good. I've shepherded two spell slots but no anti poison spells on my list.
JamesDevil: did we finish freeyng our loot forward?
JamesDevil: ferrying*
JamesDevil: if so then yes
Keelia: I can give anyone that needs it resistance
chris107: ready and willing
Keelia: For saving throws
chris107: Is that adv?
Smon: You'll take 5 environment damage in the Sicatite vault, either hot or cold
chris107: That would be most welcome.
Keelia: No, it's an extra d4
chris107: still fail on a 1 then
chris107: 179/184
JamesDevil: Claw has all the remaining loot he can carry then dumps the rest on the others
JamesDevil: we swapped the thingy didn't we?
Keelia: Q will take EE form resistant to poison
chris107: we did
JamesDevil: you should be at full hp
Smon: Then the Abysium vault which has a door on to near the apex of the Crystal Palace - Malassandra remembers there used to be even more levels above, but looks like they were completely destroyed by the explosion when Xin died.
chris107: Do you still want to avoid it, James?
JamesDevil: nah, i'm good
JamesDevil: 323/325
Keelia: Worse comes to worse, I've got some greater restoration spell slots left. I've been saving as much as I can...
chris107: So we pass the Sihedron on init order. All included this week?
JamesDevil: I may as well give the enemies a slight advantage
Smon: You'll be on full hp right now from passing the Sihed around
chris107: (excepting emergencies)
chris107: 184/184
JamesDevil: yep, so back and forth today between you and Q
chris107: So not to Claw as usual?
chris107: Cool
JamesDevil: not in combat no
Keelia: Q will tap both with resistance for the hell of it.
chris107: Thanks
JamesDevil: I already have resistance but thank you anyway#
JamesDevil: *hug*
Smon: GM: With your excess loot safely stored in the Noqual vault where you defeated the elder crystallises, Malassandra activates the floor Sihedron and you return to the Siccatite vault...

Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 2
chris107: "Quickly! To the door."
chris107: She points.
JamesDevil: Claw charges forward and boots it open
Smon: It's icy cold (5 dmg, resistance applies) - you activate floor Sihed again and re-enter the final Vault with the Siccatite clouds, where you defeated the Marilith.
JamesDevil: >.>
Smon: You head for the door on the far wall - everyone make a DC 14 CON save unless immune to Poison
chris107 rolls 1d4 and gets: 4,
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+14 and gets: 18, (+14) = 32
chris107 rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 11, (+19) = 30
Keelia: immune
chris107: Keeping the S moving to heal any inflicted wounds
Keelia: Q passes it to Claw first (since we're not yet in combat)
Keelia: Claw can pass it to M
Smon: Maps - - on the bottom map you should currently be in the green vault on the far left. Claw boots the crystal door open, revealing a long passage that Malassandra recalls should lead to Xin's personal workshops.
chris107: M to Q
chris107: 90' long?
Smon: Once you are some distance down the 90' long tunnel you are out of the abysium poison and start feeling better
Smon: yup
chris107: (That red circle looks dangerous  )
Smon: In the tunnel you're able to heal back to full hp, and didn't take any lasting radiation damage. The tunnel ends at another black crystal sealed door, of the kind Claw's boot has proved an unfallible key.
JamesDevil: >:)
chris107: Yay! for the beastly boot of Claw.
JamesDevil: ooc Claw is STILL naked btw
JamesDevil: 'Knock, knock!'
JamesDevil: Claw boots
chris107: Mallassandra really wishes she'd chosen Minor Illusion as her cantrip
Keelia: You can use the Cloak of Resistance in my bag as a toga?
JamesDevil: hmm, ok
chris107: She has mage hand, will that cover it?
Keelia: Alternatively, Q has some Common Clothes in her bag. I'm not sure they would fit (Simon?)
Smon: Mal - the red circles should just be another one of those magic stairways like the one in the throneroom.
chris107: phew
JamesDevil: @K they would have been vaporized from the same explosion i think
Smon: Claw could make a ragged loincloth if he wants to look less Den.
8:56am  2019-11-09 joriandrake Has entered the room
Smon: Hi Jorian - you playing?
chris107: morning Jorian.
Keelia: It's a magic item? Didn't think they evaporated so easily?
JamesDevil: Claw makes a loose fitting Loincloth
Smon: Normally I'll tell you if magic item destroyed.
JamesDevil: @K common clothes arn't
joriandrake: hello, ye i feel betters, woke up 3 minutes ago, need to get a offe then i play
joriandrake: yes
Smon: OK J - Drakhaien will need to make a CON save DC 14 for passing through the Abysium vault again to the 90' tunnel beyond. He gets +d4 due to a Resistance spell from Quillax I'll say.
Smon: NB Keelia Resistance is Concentration so only 1 target at a time, but I think Drak needs it the most!
Smon: Drak also can benefit from Mal's save aura which is +6 I think.
chris107: it is
Smon: GM: At the far north end of the tunnel from the Vaults to the upper levels of the main palace, the Boot of Claw does its work once more; the door shatters, revealing a large, cluttered workshop... (tbc)
joriandrake: ok, back with coffee, a sec
joriandrake rolls 1d4 and gets: 4,
Smon: The chamber is about 50' across, with another door opposite, but much wider, over 100' easily.

Gears, levers, cogs, bars, and other construct
components lie scattered haphazardly throughout this
chamber, creating an uneven, shifting surface to stand
on. Some of these components are barely larger than
an inch, while the largest measure 10 feet in diameter.
Crystal shelves are littered with thousands
of molds and castings of intricately
engraved armored plates and humanlike
appendages, while heaps of shattered
fragments of transparent crystal lie
scattered everywhere. Runes f low like
thick liquid along the crystal walls, casting
strange shadows among the debris.
joriandrake rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 18, (+12) = 30
joriandrake: ok, so only 1 missing since first failed save
Smon: Drak feels fine.  He is with the others as they enter the cluttered workshop.
chris107: Can we pick our way across to the door?
Smon: @Keelia Drakhaien is -1 CON due to radiation poison, do you want to heal him w a spell?
chris107: (keeping the S moving)
Keelia: If he's not continually dropping HP, I'd prefer to save the spell slot for the big bad...
Keelia: but if he's in danger from it, yes
Smon: (Checking book it looks like it would need a Greater Restoration level 5, so may be best to save it yup)
JamesDevil: Claw will carefully pick him his way across the room to the door
Smon: He's stable at -1 CON
Smon: GM: You begin to pick your way carefully through the scattered debris. Quillax has both Arcana & Engineers' Tools prof yes?
chris107: M at his shoulder.
joriandrake: the con loss moved Drakhaien from 14 to 13 CON, lowering his max HP aswell by 20 hp
Keelia: Yes, she does
Smon: GM: As you move through the chamber, you all have another vision:
In a chamber lit by bright forge-fires, Xin labors alone.
Rune-engraved gears and intricate armored plates of all
shapes and sizes swirl in the space around the old king, the
pieces floating into place with every fall of his rune-scarred
hammer. With each new blow, the stooped and aging
emperor hisses between clenched teeth. “Lies. Deceit. My
outcast court spoils and rots with treachery, but not so my
new children of metal from the skies!” Laying his hammer
aside, Xin stands upright, his arcane susurrations forming
glyphs of power that settle on the newly created clockwork
soldier. With several twists of a key that seems carved
roughly out of stone, Xin speaks again: “Rise, my servant.
Take your place among your brothers.” The clockwork
soldier stands, casting loyal, lifeless eyes down on its
creator. Xin points a crooked finger, and a magical portal
splits reality, revealing a thousand identical creations
assembled beyond. Xin rests a heavy hand upon the
anvil, breathing deeply with strain and exhaustion from
countless hours of such creation, before picking up his
hammer and striking hot metal once more.
Keelia: Q pays close and careful attention to his voice
Smon: As the vision of the forging of the Xin Legionnaires fades, Quillax has a chance to contemplate the debris. She has a feeling that something far greater than the Legionnaires was forged here - a Construct of almost unimaginable power.
chris107: M sheds a single tear to see her Lord so again.
JamesDevil: "looks he made ALOT of those things"
Smon: It would take some time to sift through the debris to find out any more about what it might be, though.
chris107: "Those scheming rune-lords must pay for their treachery!
Keelia: She shares her feeling with the others about the uber construct
joriandrake: (current max hp 123)
Keelia: She steps forward and starts to poke around.
chris107: Does M have any recollection of an uber-construct?
Smon: GM: Are the rest of you waiting while Quillax investigates?
joriandrake: Drakh will help her search (and offer Help action for her, if Quillax needs a roll)
chris107: aye
JamesDevil: "Uberstruct eh? do you want to try find out more in here?
Smon: Malassandra - no, it must have been a secret project of Xin?
chris107: cool
chris107: she mentions this.
Smon: GM: If Drak has Arcana prof he can Help Quillax, giving her Advantage on her check - either Arcana or Investigate, Q's choice.
JamesDevil: Claw doesn't need rest, he'll re-jig the loot in his bag
Keelia: "Look for books, plans, anything that might look like a magical super construct"
Keelia: Arcana is probably more appropriate (and higher  )
Keelia rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 10, (+15) = 25
Keelia rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 10, (+15) = 25
Keelia: Apparently, no, that's the extent of her ability to search for magic plans
joriandrake: (and yes he has the prof)
Smon: GM: The wall writing is ancient Thassilonian formulae in Xin's hand. The pieces - it's all starting to come together (pass)
Keelia: Q wanders over to read it
Smon: the construct created
here incorporated elements of all seven
skymetals, and likely had an element of
animation via a captured soul of immense
power since fragments of crystal bear certain
similarities to what one might expect of
components from a spell like magic jar
or trap the soul, only much more potent...

joriandrake: If there was a vision an enemy might be nearby, or another construct the EMperor posessed
Keelia: She drop EE form to speak "Mal, take a look at this,"
chris107: M tries to keep everyone inside her aura.
joriandrake: Drakh will carefully move with Q and Mal
Keelia: "Eh, lot of magic schools would kick him out for trapping a soul and binding it to a seven sky metal monster."
JamesDevil: "A Soul Jar eh? Wasn't that ghost thing saying something about making a new shell for himself or something?
chris107: M looks
JamesDevil: "
Keelia: "Pretty sure that would be an expellable offence."
Keelia: (Did he pull a voldemort and split his soul crystal? That's why we've seen ghosts of him?)
chris107: (Could well be)
JamesDevil: (Who are we gonna call then?)
Smon: It looks to Quillax from the writing and diagrams that Xin was creating some kind of uber powerful control automaton bonded with his own soul(?) that would command his armies of Legionnaires. It was designed to accommodate a living soul though, whereas Xin appears to be currently (un)dead.
Keelia: (I think the ghostbusters would take too long so we call us  )
joriandrake: I assumed the Emperor rather madea golem body for itself?
chris107: Any sign of the element that was to host the soul?
Keelia: Q has a bad thought. "How hard it is to forcibly take a soul? And Mal, how do we make sure he doesn't do that to you?"
Smon: The construct itself is not here - this looks to be mostly discarded elements.
joriandrake: Drakh tries to observe if the discarded elements are really discarded, or just deactivated, and if anything there is worth something
chris107: "My Goddess will protect me." She says with the utter certainty of the zealot.
Smon: Malassandra, you know that Xin was assassinated by a mighty rune giant sent by the Rune Lords, that pierced the Crystal Palace's defences. But something caused a massive explosion, devastating the palace.
JamesDevil: "And if she doesn't I'll make it quick"
Smon: Mal you can roll Investigate DC 15.
Keelia: Q will poke around some more to look for anything related to soul crystals, jars, or the army, to find a weakness or build herself a suit of armour."
chris107: Possibly his 'soul gem?'
JamesDevil: Claw smiles evilly
chris107 rolls 1d20 and gets: 20,
joriandrake: good enuff
Smon: cool
Keelia: Q figures she has a good chance of recognising a reliquary since she had that last undead ass obsessed with her ages ago. She remembers she still needs to go back and deal with that house...)
JamesDevil: ooc eh? did I miss that?
Keelia: (wasn't that this game - way back when - with the lich house)
Smon: GM: It occurs to Mal that Xin's spirit survived death somehow - could it have fled into this control automaton? But Quillax can see it was intended to hold a living spirit, not a dead soul. The device ought then to be Vulnerable to positive energy, even if active.
joriandrake: last undead ass?
Keelia: (don't worry about it  )
chris107: Right up her street then. She tells the others.
joriandrake: (radiant damage?)
JamesDevil: "How would a flaming sword fair against this metal monstrosity Q?"
Keelia: "Less well then it did the last suit of armour downstairs," she supposes
Smon: GM: Q knows constructs tend to be fire resistant.
Keelia: "Seven sky metals will make it resistant to much of our damage; it's not alive. But an undead soul in a living soul chamber gives us at least a chance."
joriandrake: and one was immune, even healing I believe in the cold/hot vault from fire
Keelia: "It will be resistant to fire, cold, poison, even ghost."
Smon: GM: There is enough material here that Quillax could potentially build herself another Construct to match Clank & the Librarian, but it would take several weeks.
JamesDevil: I have a life stealing greataxe or a regualr great axe, not sure which would be better :/
joriandrake: "I got nothing for ghost bustin" Drakh notes "Except Chill Touch minor spell. It might be immune to that though" he then adds
Keelia: "Life stealing, I suppose? At least that is magical which will prevent it from reducing the damage."
JamesDevil: "Necro on an undead though...."
Keelia: "Avoid Fire and Ice. It will probably be resistant to necro - it's a metal shell"
joriandrake: (yeah, its how the 5e spell works, and even if immune to the damage, it might stop any regeneration of the undead-machine)
JamesDevil: "k, regular great axe it is"
Keelia: "It is a soul in a suit though, so psychic may work when it would not normally. Blinding worked before."
joriandrake: "Well, I can try and stab it really hard, in weap spots" the elf shrugs
joriandrake: weak*
Keelia: Anyone have any adamantine?
joriandrake: nope
chris107: Only a suit of armour.
JamesDevil: "Only in dragon teeth form"
Keelia: Or any weapons made of sky metal?
chris107: We have the swords from last week
JamesDevil: "Does Silicite count?"
chris107: They mix each of the elements.
joriandrake: We have a lot of skymetal material & loot, we could move back to town to leave it there and get adamantine if we need it
Keelia: "We need those. That will give us the best chance in terms of weaponry, I think."
Smon: So the swords are +2 longswords that do +2d6 combined energy damage.
Keelia: Simon, is the forge here still usable?
JamesDevil: i'm prof qwith smith tools if that helps
Smon: There is no forge here - either Xin used magic to melt & forge metal, or the materials were forged elsewhere. After 15 minutes you think you've uncovered everything about the workshop you are likely to.
joriandrake: I assume some of the vaults may have been used to craft the metals
chris107: Onto the next door?
Keelia: I think back quickly to get those swords?
chris107: We risk poisonings
Keelia: Q can do it in EE form.
JamesDevil: they are in the bag with me
chris107: How many of us use long swords?
joriandrake: Drakh readies bow as he notes while he is trained with the use of longswords he dislikes them, as they lack true finesse
Smon: GM: Malassandra recalls there was a Foundry in the lower (now flooded) parts of the Palace.
joriandrake: (I could use it, but can't sneak attack with it)
chris107: And M has the Sun Sword. All radiant damage.
Keelia: M should stick with Sun Sword. Claw and Jorian should have the sky metal swords as backup. Q will stick to elemental forms for now
Keelia: She's likely to be the main target - he doesn't like her
chris107: M reckons all the real action is going to take place within that red sihedron
Smon: Q is a rival techno-mage
joriandrake: THankfully Xin still doesn'tseem to have noticed Drakh also to be a caster
Smon: Is Claw booting the far door now?
Keelia: Q retakes EE form before he does
joriandrake: can we perhaps fix a couple golems to be on our side, or maybe release some prisoner or such to aid us? last time we fought the demon but something else?
JamesDevil: Claw will hold off for now
JamesDevil: "So whats the plan?"
Smon: ok
chris107: We head through the next door and use the red stairway?
joriandrake: Drakh takes the usual Eternal Entertainer form an follows the others
JamesDevil: "Ok, here we go"
JamesDevil: Claw boots the door open
Keelia: Probably better to head to where we think the boss is before we're all out of spells. We can come back and clean up later (Q wants some of the constructs to help guard her library)
chris107: Claw distributing the swords to those who want them.
Smon: The crystal door shatters before the Boot of Claw...
joriandrake: (I got you K, but I worry once the 'boss' is gone the whole place will disappear. So we may want to transport the loot and such to safety before that battle)
Smon: Beyond is a second huge chamber, 50' deep and over 100' wide...
The walls are now shattered and
crumbling, scorched black in places while still smoldering in
others with the glowing embers from a dying fire. A smoky
haze hangs low to the floor, and red-hot crystal shards pop
and burst here and there on the walls, sending out tiny
burning slivers in all directions. A twenty-foot-square slab
of stone inscribed with glowing runes (magic stairwell) sits in the middle of
the room’s floor, while sprawled to the west, where the fire
damage seems to be the most recent, lies the blackened body
of a forty-foot-tall giant dressed in exotic armor and clutching
an immense sword. Mal knows this must be the Slayer of Xin!
Keelia: (a valid concern)
chris107: eek
JamesDevil: How big of a sword?
Keelia: grab the sword
joriandrake: it is stil alive?
JamesDevil: lets find out
Smon: /roll d100
Smon rolls 1d100 and gets: 25,
JamesDevil: Claw rushes over and grabs the sword
joriandrake: please don't kill it if still alive, amybe we can ask it to kil Xin, again
chris107: Blackened body kind of gives it away
joriandrake: nothing is certain in this place
Smon: As you enter the room, a random gout of semi molten crystal bursts from the far wall in Claw's direction...
Smon: /roll d20+15
Smon rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 15, (+15) = 30
Smon: hits AC 30
JamesDevil: o yea, thats a hit
chris107: "We need to get up those stairs quickly!"
Smon: Claw takes 21 piercing & 21 fire (res halve to 10+10 = 20)
JamesDevil: "I want that damn sword!"
JamesDevil: piercing eh? interesting
chris107: 40' tall giant so how big is the sword?
joriandrake: what may the sword weight?
Smon: As Claw reaches for the 20' long sword you experience a final vision...
Smon: Final Vision—The
Bent with age, the once-imperious emperor of Thassilon
seems on the verge of crumbling under the weight of his
elaborate robes as he finishes the final touch, polishing
the immense central crystal of a sparkling three-legged,
four-armed war machine. He pats a coppery metal panel
on the machine’s side and smiles tiredly.
“Anon, I shed my feeble body at last for this new life!”
he sighs. “One final rest to prepare the final apotheosis,
and those seven traitors shall know their invulnerable
lord’s displeasure. And Thassilon... my Thassilon... shall be
rekindled.” In the vision, Xin gathers up the seven shards of
the Sihedron, then descends a magical staircase into
a lower chamber, but as he crosses its expanse, a
dark shadow falls over him.
A massive giant, his black flesh pulsing with
powerful red runes, suddenly manifests behind
the emperor, heaving a gigantic sword over
his head. Xin whirls, seems to recognize the
giant, and snarls: “So this is how my loyalty
is repaid—in my own blood, even as I forsake
mortality!” He stumbles forward as the
giant’s sword shatters the weakened
palace’s crystal floor.
Calmly—smiling, even—Xin reaches
out a bony hand as the giant prepares
to strike again. “You will die. But I
will live again!” Holding high the
fragments of the Shattered Star,
Xin closes his eyes and hurls them
at the giant, and a blinding white fire
consumes all.
Keelia: (want sihedron?)
Smon: As the vision ends, the dead giant's remains stir, but Claw is already reaching for its sword...
Smon: Claw I'll give you a free opposed Athletics check to wrest the sword out of its grip as it wakes up.
Keelia: (necromancy  )
JamesDevil: ooc no thxs Keelia
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
8 (+17) = 25
19 (+17) = 36
joriandrake: so the assassin is alive, or somesuch
Keelia: (OK now in combat, so no S to James unless he asks)
Smon: How do get +17? +6 Prof +10 STR?
JamesDevil: 30 str
Smon: 30 STR = +10
chris107: (Cool, any one wanting to use their reaction should also pass up the S that turn)
JamesDevil: hmm, odd
joriandrake: I ask for its use once, so I can get a freeby imp.invisibility out of the S
JamesDevil: the app i'm using is being weird, nvm +16 then i'll make a note of it
Smon: Shasthaak's roll:
joriandrake: if we really fight, but I still wonder if even this thing is undead or such we couldn't persuade to fight against Xin
Smon: /roll d20+6x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+6x2 and gets:
6 (+6) = 12
12 (+6) = 18
Smon: sorry +16 not +6!
Smon: So got a 28
JamesDevil: ah! i rolled my saving throw which is 17 because of ring of prot, thats why
Smon: It gets up, roaring angrily, as Claw rips the 20' long katana from its undead grip!
chris107: yay!
JamesDevil: "Lets do this!"
joriandrake: oh
Smon: "HOW DARE YOU!!" it yells in Thassilonian, bare-handed. "XIN-SCUM!"
joriandrake: oh, its a misunderstanding
chris107: Mal leaps at it with the Sun Sword
joriandrake: (I assume Mal being with us, a former general or such doesn't help us find allies)
JamesDevil: ooc smn is this even wield-able?
Smon: It looks down at Claw and yells in Giant. "GIVE ME BACK THE SWORD, CATAMITE OF XIN!"
chris107: (Paladins are not much in for undead allies)
joriandrake: (I assume that means I shouldn't even bother to try talk to it)
Smon: It's a Gargantuan weapon so Claw would not get Prof bonus if using it.
JamesDevil: k
Smon: ok roll init everyone
JamesDevil: only +6 anyway
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
9 (+2) = 11
11 (+2) = 13
chris107 Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
14 (+2) = 16
9 (+2) = 11
Smon: /roll d20
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 12, (+3) = 15
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 4,
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 14, (+5) = 19
joriandrake: ok I wil lask for the S then
Keelia: Q drops EE form and shouts in Thassilonian. "Peace!! We are not allies of Xin! We are fighting to stop him!"
Smon: The undead Xin-slaying giant seems confdused by Quillax's words. #19 Drak what are you doing?
Keelia: "We need your help!"
joriandrake: (Sadly K I assume the Paladin won't allow us to get the undead assassin as an ally)
joriandrake: Drak waits to see if he gets the S
Smon: Does Q pass the Sihedron to Drak w her Reaction?
Keelia: "You stopped him once but he has taken the form of a construct."
Keelia: (Not yet, she's trying to calm things down)
joriandrake: (I won't engage it yet but I want to gain distance and become invisible)
Keelia: "And we need all the help we can get." She shoots a sharp look at Mal and Drak.
Smon: OK Drak you can duck back into the Workshop & turn Invis.
Smon: #16 Mal your turn
Smon: /roll d100
chris107: "From this!? It is this Giant that caused my master to fall in the first place!"
Smon rolls 1d100 and gets: 85,
joriandrake: ok, drakhaien bonus action dashes and moves for a total of 90 feet at best to be behind everyone else compared from the undead, he readies action: shoot at undead if someone of the allies attacks in melee
joriandrake: end turn
chris107: "It is a thing of the Rune Lords!"
chris107: end turn.
joriandrake: I wanted to use the sihedron's invisibility spell, so I can't do it now
Keelia: "Mal," Q snaps. "Xin is currently an undead soul trapped in a body of metal."
chris107: (I reckon it would take mal 6 seconds or so to say all that  )
Smon: GM: Drak retreats back into the workshop about 30' where he can keep line of sight on giant and readies a shot. Yes?
joriandrake: yes
chris107: (I'm convinced, guys. Just got to get mal convinced IC)
Keelia: She says more gently, "Would that really be the end he would have wanted when he was sane)
Smon: Is Mal attacking on her turn? No?
chris107: No
Keelia: "Would you leave his soul trapped in a hell of hatred and metal?"
joriandrake: Drakh could try a persuasion roll on Mal, as person I am too tired, feeling bad to atempt a proper roleplay persuasion
Smon: OK, Quillax roll Persuasion please (DC 10 vs giant, not sure vs Mal. and I have a sense of deja vu here)
joriandrake: (Quillax got this it seems anyway)
Keelia: "He should be free to go onto the afterlife and rest."
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 2, (+3) = 5
chris107: Mal's head drops slightly. She knows Q is right. her Emperor is long gone. Leaving only his mad mind behind.
Keelia: (fuck my cha score )
joriandrake: (or not)
Smon: #13 Claw
JamesDevil: ooc smn what are the stats of the sword?
joriandrake: "look, whatever Xin was once to you now he just has to be killed, doesn't matter how or by whom" Drakh yells it into the room frustrated
JamesDevil: "its beyond saving now"
chris107: (Please see above)
Keelia: Wait!
Keelia: I forgot I had timeglass still on
Smon: It's a +3 gargantuan longsword (so 4d8+3+STR+Rage), Claw is not currently attuned to its other powers.
Keelia: That gives me adv to ability checks
Smon: ok
joriandrake: (yay, good luck K)
chris107: good luck
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 1, (+3) = 4
Smon: LOL!
joriandrake: somehow I expected it
Keelia: WTF
Keelia: I have such a good argument
Smon: Time seems to flicker and shift for a moment... to no avail.
JamesDevil: ok, so attack roll is /roll 1d20+19?
Smon: Good argument - yes, hence DC 10 'easy'.
Smon: Claw you would attack w giant sword at +13 - +10 STR, +3 weapon
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 2, (+19) = 21
joriandrake: (This is like politics, people don't usually vote capable people into power, but charismatic ones)
Smon: 2+13 = 15, miss
Keelia: (Note to self, start improving CHA score with next epic boons...)
JamesDevil: aw man, next attack
Smon: You might want to take the 3 skill proficiency boon Q!
JamesDevil: screw it, reckless
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+19x2 and gets:
6 (+19) = 25
3 (+19) = 22
Keelia: I think so!
Smon: GM You must have missed me saying you don't get Prof bonus w 20' long sword James
Smon: You roll at +13 so 6+13 = 19, miss
JamesDevil: ah shit
chris107: (Mal will try her considerable powers of persuasion on her turn?)
JamesDevil: end turn
Smon: #4 The Rune Giant Assassin glowers and raises its hands, a massive devastating blast of flame billows out catching everyone but Drakhaien, who is too far back.
chris107: (With the S/humility she's at +16)
chris107 rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 15, (+16) = 31
Smon: /roll 18d6
Smon rolls 18d6 and gets: 1, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 6, 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 4, = 62
Keelia: that will be ouchy
chris107: (that's the save by the way  )
joriandrake: I think my readied action should've triggered when it got engaged in melee?
chris107: assuming it's a Dex save?
Smon: 62 fire damage, DC 18 DEX save for half. Drak you can roll your Readied shot
joriandrake: does it count as a shot with adv or normal?
chris107: Reaction, Shield Mistress. 0 damage.
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
19 (+2) = 21
12 (+2) = 14
Smon: (BTW that fire blast is nothing compared to what he does w the sword!)
Keelia Rolls 1d20+12x2 and gets:
5 (+12) = 17
18 (+12) = 30
chris107: 184/184HP
Smon: normal shot Drak, can sneak att as Claw adjacent
Keelia: He has Disadvantage on Q for attacks (when he attacks)
joriandrake rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 4, (+11) = 15
joriandrake: hm, thats it for 1st round folks
Smon: The arrow pings off the giant's near-impenetrable armour. His head brushes the ceiling 40' above.
Smon: R2 #19 Drak then #16 Mal (I'll allow Mal a Persuasion attempt if not attacking)
chris107: "STOP THIS!" bellows mal. In an attempt to... well stop the fight
chris107: in Thessalonian
joriandrake: can I please have the S?
Smon: #19 Drak is still demanding the Sihedron.
chris107: (It would help mal more on her persuade roll?)
Keelia: Q will pass it
Smon: #16 Mal roll Persuasion DC 15
Smon: or Intimidate DC 20
Keelia: to M first who can pass it to Drak
joriandrake: I got it with reaction, I wil ltell my turn orders
joriandrake: I shouldn't have lost my turn?
chris107 rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 9, (+12) = 21
chris107: Go back to Jorian then. It's cool.
Smon: Drak you need to tell me your action.
joriandrake: I wanted to, but I asked if I even have my turn still to tell
Smon: Mal passes the Sihedron to Drak. Hurry up & post your action Drak or you lose it.
joriandrake: Drakh got the Sihedron, he uses Humility to gain access to greater invisibility, casts it, passes S to Mal, end turn
chris107: (mal never had the S)
chris107: (that roll was just her natural charm  )
Smon: (Q passed it to Mal)
joriandrake: I thought Q passed it to Drakhaien
Smon: OK Mal regains the Sihedron. The rune giant pauses its attacks.
Smon: Q passed it to Mal giving Mal the option to pass to Dr.
joriandrake: ok, I pass on my turn, Ialready have a head ache dont need to double it
Smon: (Drak goes invis)
joriandrake: heck, brb going to get a pill
Smon: /roll d100
Smon rolls 1d100 and gets: 90,
JamesDevil: brb, bio
10:15am  2019-11-09 chris107 Has exited the room
10:16am  2019-11-09 chris107 Has entered the room
chris107: "You failed so many centuries ago. Do you want to spend eternity regretting that?" (Mal chooses humility)
Smon: The Rune Giant pauses, looking down at you all. "I do not understand. You do not serve Xin? How long was I unconscious?" He looks down at his scorched undead body. "Hmm."
chris107: then reacts the S to D
JamesDevil: back
Keelia: Q tilts her head a little, "Couple hundred years."
chris107: "You can help us lay Xin's spirit to rest once and for all now."
Smon: "200 years... I have ...slept... a long time. You are Malassandra. You have the Sihedron. But Xin still lives?"
Keelia: (Q would like the S to help with the dmg)
Keelia: "Not so much living as existing. He's been a bit naughty with the magic."
chris107: "Xin's spirit lives. Your duty is unfinished. "
Smon: "His spirit? He died? And I died too... but now I am reborn. To finish the mission. For Sorshen and the Runelords!" he grins evilly.
chris107: "And I am Malassandra. You may battle me when your work is done."
joriandrake: (back - if I have it, Drakh will pass Sihedron if combat continues to Quillax)
Smon: (you are out of combat)
chris107: "Should you wish it."
joriandrake: OK, Drakh keeps concentrating on invisibility just in case and moves S to Q
Smon: Shasthaak observes Malassandra. "You were always the Most Loyal to the Failed King. Yet now you seek to destroy him? I do not understand..."
Keelia: Q then passes it to Claw.
Smon: /roll d100
Smon rolls 1d100 and gets: 43,
chris107: "He is insane. More powerful than ever but mad. Your duty still remains clear."
Smon: GM: The walls are still popping sending globules of molten metal across the room like spears - the last few have not come near you, luckily.
JamesDevil: "Are we good then?"
Keelia: Q eyes the walls with a frown.
chris107: "Quickly! Up the stairs, Giant!"
Smon: The undead giant turns to Claw. "Very well, my duty to Sorshen is clear. Return my sword and I shall fight by your side."
joriandrake: (Drakhaien puts on nightjaunt mask while invisible, starting the 1 hour proces of attachment)
JamesDevil: Claw heads up the stairs
chris107: (and the rest of us  )
Keelia: (James, pass the S back ?)
JamesDevil: Claw hands the sword back
joriandrake: Drakh follows them invisibl
JamesDevil: "that is a fine weapon
JamesDevil: may it serve you well in the battle ahead"
chris107: M heads up the stairs too. providing the giant does.
Smon: GM: You hurry onto the stairs-square, Mal activates it and the stairs rise up towards the ceiling. Claw hands back the sword. "Finer than you know." The giant follows you up the stairs in a couple enormous steps, to the Final Level....
Smon: GM: OK you just earned an Epic Boon!
JamesDevil: ooc out of interest what does that sword do when is attuned? or would you prefer not to say?
joriandrake: (yay, we got an ally! at least for a while, unsure if he won't try to kill us after Xin too, after all undead but still an assassin, might not want witnesses)
Smon: +2 attribute or a Feat.
Keelia: Whoo hoo!
chris107: yay!
joriandrake: yay
Smon: "My sword is the Slayer of Men."
joriandrake: thanks for the game and the boon
JamesDevil: o, nice
joriandrake: Simon as we discussed it last time, Drakhaien takes the +10 feet range and bonus action casting of Mage Hand for the boon
JamesDevil: "Claw nods in approval"
Smon: OOC when Attuned it does 8d6 slashing + 8d6 fire +3 + STR etc...
JamesDevil: O.o
Smon: For Shas works out as 71 dmg/hit
JamesDevil: I instantly regret handing it back
chris107: That us done for the day?
Smon: I'll describe the next chamber for you (end at 10.30)
joriandrake: I would die in about 2 hits, if I would not have lost the 1 CON then Drakh would be on 1 hp after two hits still
JamesDevil: meh, 35 a hit to me
Smon: GM: You walk up into an irregular chamber about 40' across on average, with a door in the opposite (south) wall. throne made of pale white
metal sits to the north,
with a rune-etched plate
floating lazily in the air
before it.
Smon: Can roll Arcana DC 20 if Prof, Mal has advtg
chris107: not prof
Keelia Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
12 (+15) = 27
5 (+15) = 20
joriandrake: ok
joriandrake rolls 1d20+10 and gets: 3, (+10) = 13
joriandrake: 20
joriandrake: as I can't have a roll lower than 10
Smon: Quillax & Drak reckons the throne & plate is one of Xin's legendary Spellwells, this one keyed to Evocation. It could be used to help fine tune the process of soul transfer....
Keelia: Q shares that with the others
Smon: The throne is of Inubrix but only worth ca 1000gp.
joriandrake: oh neat, I remember the other one which Drakhaien tamed, spells can be looted!
Smon: GM: Beyond the western door you hear a clattering sound, as of hurried and urgent mechanical activity...
Smon: Something tells you your goal is VERY near!
Keelia: Q takes EE form.
JamesDevil: Claw smiles
Smon: Shasthaak looks grim. "Xin waits beyond that door. I can feel it!" He raises his sword. "Beloved Sorshen, be with me now!"
Smon: end session
JamesDevil: "Finally, an actual challenge!"
Keelia: Nice one
Smon: OK no game next week, next in 2 weeks
chris107: Thanks Simon, guys
Keelia: OK
JamesDevil: thxs smn
joriandrake: thanks
joriandrake: bye everyone
chris107: Plenty of time to choose our boons
chris107: Have a great two weeks all!
JamesDevil: i'll be taking +2 to CON btw
joriandrake: Simon can Drakh attempt to sit in this throne too, and tap the power?
Smon: Well done spotting you could win over the undead giant, & doing it
joriandrake: I honestly assumed Mal would just fight it whatever we do as with the demon before, glad it was different
Smon: Drak sits on the throne - he doesn't sense any power to tap.
chris107: Mal will kill him afterwards. It's the right thing to do
joriandrake: still, it may try to kill us later too