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ep 79 9-16/1/4720 AR - OGNATHOOGA the Kraken - Claw RL 20

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A Mother of Oblivion Kraken has lunch.

5:41pm  2019-4-27 Smon Has entered the room
Smon: Hi Keelia
Keelia: Hope you guys had a good day so far
Smon: Just waking up after nice sleep
JamesDevil: I was out for an hour this afternoon, I'm still recovering from the Avengers at midnight on thursday
JamesDevil: plus two hyper nieces is a bit tiring
Keelia: I saw avengers this morning!
JamesDevil: awsome isn't it?!
Smon: I think it was the 4 doughnuts when I got back from swim put me out
Smon: Not seen Avengers yet
Keelia: Not as good as I had hoped. Don't worry, no spoilers
JamesDevil: It wasn't what I expected going in, but it was still fantastic ^^
Smon: Hopefullly I'll see it on Thursday
Smon: GM - last session
Smon: GM: It's currently mid morning on 9/1/4720 AR
Smon: You reached Urglin early in the morning and had a chat with Viorian Dekanti & Karzoug
Smon: Having Air Walked all night from the stone giant moot where Claw defeated Teraktinus, after Tree Striding back to Magnimar you need to rest at Heidmarch Manor to recover exhaustion & then can meet with Sheila in the planning room that evening, ok?
JamesDevil: yep
5:51pm  2019-4-27 sandor sunneson Has entered the room
sandor sunneson: Hi folks, sorry I'm late
Smon: Hi Fergus - np just starting
JamesDevil: hi mate
Keelia: sounds good
Smon: Having Air Walked all night from the stone giant moot where Claw defeated Teraktinus, after Tree Striding back to Magnimar you need to rest at Heidmarch Manor to recover exhaustion, & then can meet with Sheila in the planning room that evening.
Keelia: hi Ferg
Smon: The three of you meet in the same planning room where Quillax remembers fighting gremlins as a young 1st level Pathfinder, so many years ago.
Keelia: (is the damage to the still there? :D)
Smon: Sheila even has the half-elf Pathfinder Koriah Azmeren with her, just like on that day.
Keelia: Quillax nods to them both as she enters.
Smon: Sheila: "Welcome back..."
JamesDevil: "greetings"
Smon: >>(is the damage to the still there? :D)<< To the table?
Keelia: (yes, from the gremlin incident)
Smon: The table still shows scars of that and other mistreatment, yup. Sheila offers you all seats, pours you some wine in crystal goblets, and listens to your reports.
Smon: The Sage Brodert Quink is also summoned, and listens while you talk.

Koriah Azmeren: "So Shieldbiter has changed sides? Joined Karzoug?"
JamesDevil: Claw smirks, "I defeated Teraktinus, we now have an army of giants"
sandor sunneson: Sandor sits down and looks around him
JamesDevil: "and after the beating I gave him in front of the giant tribes there will be no risk of betrayal anytime soon"
Keelia: Quillax shakes her head slowly. "No, I don't think so."
JamesDevil: "It seems that way, his lust of gold seems to have finally gotten the best of him"
Smon: GM: Sandor sees a lavishly furnished room with upholstered leather chairs, a scarred oval table of polished wood, and library shelves.
Smon: Sheila sips her wine. "An army of giants is good."
Keelia: "I think SB is taking advantage of an opportunity to gather gold but he also has a habit of coming back to serve the greater good."
sandor sunneson: It's no surprise Claw, that is him to the core. And if he feels his life is in danger, he will hold back from fighting.
JamesDevil: "along side our other forces we'll hld back our enemies"
sandor sunneson: Even if he is on the side where victory is likely
JamesDevil: *hold
Smon: Brodert adjusts his glasses. "Let us hope he has not turned traitor! If he turns against Magnimar...."
Sheila nods. "...Then he will have to be removed. Perhaps a Banishment spell, since he is not native to this plane. But let's hope for the best."
JamesDevil: "are there anymore allies we can gather now?"
JamesDevil: "We tried to trick greed into attack sloth however they are being attacked by gluttony"
Smon: Sheila looks to Claw: "Since you left, I've spoken again with the Mayor. It's not clear who if anyone we could have pose as Sloth to attack Greed."
sandor sunneson: Possible allies on Planet Wilderlands are all fighting their own battles
JamesDevil: "do we know what Gluttony's disposition is to sloth? are they likely to attack one another?"
sandor sunneson: Unless Hakeem can be found, he disappeared in a puff of wrathful black smoke
Smon: Brodert: "According to my estimates of the boundaries of ancient Thassilon..."
He produces a map -
The old boundaries of Shalast - Greed - included much of the territory now held by Sloth - Haruka - as well as almost all of Magnimar's territory. I doubt Runelord Karzoug will be happy to give it up."
sandor sunneson: Some say he is a God now others a monster
Smon: Sheila Brodert and Koriah look nonplussed at Sandor.
sandor sunneson:
JamesDevil: "hmm, I would prefer if our enemies we're fighting one another so that we can pick them off one at a time, however if Gluttony is moving into Greed they may become unstoppable"
Smon: >>"do we know what Gluttony's disposition is to sloth? are they likely to attack one another?"<<

Sheila unfurls the region map -

Sheila: "As far as we know, they have had little interaction. Gluttony is a master of Necromancy and Sloth of Conjuration, as Greed masters Transmutation. Both Gluttony and Sloth have undead armies."
Keelia: Q sighs. "I hate undead."
JamesDevil: "indeed"
JamesDevil: "perhaps if we strike at sloth we can push them off the board and allow us to on the remaining two factions"
Smon: Brodert: "Currently I would say Greed is the weakest of the three, since Karzoug remains unable to enter this plane. Gluttony is probably strongest, and growing rapidly, while Sloth has unsurprisingly been relativey inactive."
JamesDevil: "Sloth may just be waiting for the right being sloth its not like it will rose quickly"
Smon: Brodert looks over his glasses at Claw.

"Possibly... of course, one might also say it's better to let sleeping Sloths lie! Aha ha."
JamesDevil: Claw smiles and nods at him
sandor sunneson: Should get first hits against them
JamesDevil: ok, if greed is the weakest then an attack on them would be the easiest, we could also etieve the sword of greed that was stolen, it should not be left in this hands
JamesDevil: "
Smon: Sheila: "My own feeling is that we should prioritise either recovery of the last Sihedron shard, or defeat Karzoug while he is still trapped and hopefully vulnerable. However I defer to your expertise."
Keelia: "Karzoug will just come back. I think we should prioritise the shard."
JamesDevil: "very well, we'll need to do so fast as gluttony is moving into greed's territory"
Smon: Brodert nods to Claw: "The forces of Greed are headquartered in the legendary city of Shalast, said to lie at the headwaters of the sacred River Avah..."

Sheila nods to Quillax.
"Indeed. Once we have the last shard, we can reform the Sihedron. That will give us the power to defend against any of the Rune Lords that threaten us."
JamesDevil: i'm still concerned that Gluttony is so strong, we already have both their shard and sword...."
JamesDevil: "i'd expect them to be weaker if anything"
Smon: Brodert to Claw: "Apparently it doesn't work like that."
JamesDevil: "unfortunate"
JamesDevil: "very well, lets get the last Sihedron unless anyone cares to object?"
Smon: Sheila shrugs. "Who knows how powerful Runelord Zutha of Gluttony would or could be... from the reports I've received it seems likely that his awakening was planned for years."
JamesDevil: *objections
Smon: GM: Claw remembers that 6 months ago he & some other Pathfindercencountered a Kraken under Guiltspur, guarding the way onward, and had to retreat - hopefully with Quillax now back you'll be able to defeat it.
Smon: Sheila nods to Claw. "Any assistance you need, please just ask."
Smon: GM: Do you need a Long Rest after your fight w Teraktinus & Q's travel spells?
JamesDevil: Probably best
JamesDevil: LR =1 week?
Keelia: (Yes as I've used up a lot of spells to move people around)
Keelia: I need to change some spells too
JamesDevil: ooc curses! if i had enough xp i'd level this rest!
JamesDevil: only 1900 away >.<
JamesDevil: I don't supose that there is a ,agic badge somewhat that would give me that much xp is there >.>
JamesDevil: magoc*
Smon: (you can level on a short rest)
JamesDevil: magic*
JamesDevil: yay!
Smon: You can have 500 XP for the chat everyone
Smon: so 1400 needed
JamesDevil: thank!
Smon: GM: OK you can spend the next week resting and planning. Let me know if you need to buy or craft any magic.
Keelia: Q will make a batch of keoghan's
Smon: The weather is bitterly cold, that dank coastal fog Magnimar & the Lost Coast is famous for that chills the gut far more it seems than the frigid mountain winds.
JamesDevil: I'd like to buy some healing potions and some haste potions if possile
Smon: For Sandor it's like being home in Soderfjord after the sweltering heat of Ahyf & the Ghinarian hills
Smon: GM: Quillax can brew up some Keoghtom's.
Smon: /roll 3d6
Smon rolls 3d6 and gets: 5, 2, 6, = 13
Smon: Claw can buy up to 13 healing potions from the temples at 50gp each.
JamesDevil: coolio, Claw will have to oil up when he's hurting then ^
JamesDevil: Claw will do that
Smon: On a 20 you can get a potion of speed...
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 5,
Smon: nope - they're Very Rare.
JamesDevil: fair enough, worth a shot
JamesDevil: don't ask dont get, etc
JamesDevil: reagular healing pots right?
JamesDevil: 2d4+2?
Smon: Yes
JamesDevil: k, thxs
Smon: @Keelia what cost did I give you for brewing Keoghtom's?
Smon: I did some slightly adjusted item costs recently.
Keelia: 125g for a batch of 5
Smon: 125 gold? Not 1250? Wow that's cheap.
JamesDevil: lol
Smon: That is my list price for a single Uncommon potion.
Smon: to make/brew
JamesDevil: how much do does a 1250gp heal for then?!
Keelia: yeah, that's what I have written  25gp for potions and 125gp for ointment
JamesDevil: 10d10+10 I'm imagining
Smon: POTION BASE PURCHASE PRICE & crafting time. Creation costs is half this:
Crafting cost is half this amount.
Common : 50gp - 2 days (Level 3)
Uncommon: 250gp - 5 days (Level 5)
Rare: 1250gp - 10 days (Level
Very Rare: 6250gp - 20 days (Level 11)
Legendary: 31250gp - 40 days (Level 17)
Keelia: i think because Q is expert in medicine, nature, and such
Smon: okeydokey
Keelia: its up to you what the price is, that's just what I have written, so if it's wrong, let me know
Smon: It's ok, I'll allow it - looks like I treated it as a single Uncommon consumable for the jar, at least when you make it.
Keelia: yes, a jar is a batch - have to take all 5 doses.
Smon: (I have the strong impression Keoghtom's smells of Aloe Vera)
Keelia: (I think of it like Tiger Balm. Super strong and smelly but does wonders  )
Keelia: (and probably stains your shirt red  )
Smon: LOL
JamesDevil: What Claw uses it its like seeing a arnold schwarzenegger flexing
JamesDevil: when*]
sandor sunneson: Any other potions going??
JamesDevil: I have 13 now Ferg, you can have 7 if you like
Smon: @Fergus Drakhaien can get you the following:
Potion of Greater Healing 4d4+4 - 250gp - 5 days
Potion of Superior Healing 8d4+8 - 1250gp - 10 days
Potion of Heroism - 1250gp - 10 days
Potion of Invulnerability - 1250gp - 10 days
Potion of Mind Reading - 1250gp - 10 days
sandor sunneson: thank you, how mych?
JamesDevil: I've still got 5 Keoghtom's
JamesDevil: no orries, just take them
JamesDevil: I don't normally have time in the heat of battle anyway
Smon: GM: Do you want to take on the Kraken tonight, or just get down to where it is & hopefully have Shieldbiter join you next session?
JamesDevil: I think the Kraken tonight would be good
Smon: OK cool
sandor sunneson: I'll get 2
sandor sunneson: potions of super healing and one of heroism and iivul
sandor sunneson: and mind reading
Smon: 16/1/4720 AR: It's a cold foggy morning as you gather in the gardens of Heidmarch manor for the Treestride Express to Guiltspur. For once Sheila's better half Sir Canayven Heidmarch is with the goodbye party along w Sheila and Brodert, there to wave you off.
JamesDevil: "we'll be back before you know it"
Smon: Canayven nods affably. "Of course! Best of luck everyone!"
Smon: Sheila smiles: "Bring us a Sihedron shard, Claw."
JamesDevil: claw winks
Smon: Sir Canayven coughs.
JamesDevil: ooc god Claw is just a tease
Keelia: Q slaps at him. "Come on, you flirt, let's go kill some things."
JamesDevil: "yea, lets do it
JamesDevil: "
Smon: Sheila reddens slightly. "Koriah has the Sihedron Forge ready as soon as we have all 7 shards. Good fortune!"
Smon: They wave you goodbye as Quillax treestrides you into the old oak nearest the manor back plaza, exiting from a gnarled tree in the wilds just west of Guiltspur.
Smon: GM: Do you approach Guiltspur openly?
JamesDevil: yep
Keelia: Maybe not quite openly. with some semblance of stealth
JamesDevil: hey they know us here, its all good
Smon: GM: You can either approach gates openly, or Wind Walk into the dungeons?
JamesDevil: ooc this is the place with the fire giant lady right? or am i getting confused?
Smon: yup General Stom & co
Keelia: ah, then openly is fine. I got confused
Smon: bunch of handy maps
JamesDevil: we approach the gate
Smon: OK will retype what I deleted
Keelia: (sorry  )
Smon: As you approach the gate a hill giant horn blares, then the gates swing open. You enter and are greeted by Stom coming out of the fort uphill with a group of fire giants. There are more hill giants on the palisade - she seems to have rather more giants now than you remember from 7 months ago (Claw & Sandor time - 2 weeks for Q)
Smon: Stom waves at Claw. "Little one! Long time no see!"
JamesDevil: "Stom! good to see you! how have you been keeping?!
Smon: She waits while you swiftly ascend the path, joining her by the repaired giant ballistae.

"I am good, little one! You look good too!" She winks, then gestures around her.

"Many more giants have rallied to our banner! Soon Karzoug will rise, and we will march on the lowlands! Giants will rule once more!"
JamesDevil: "Indeed, I notice you larger numbers, they are truely lucking to have serve under a commander as graceful as you!"
JamesDevil: lucky*
Smon: Stom grins proudly as she invites you three into her Hall, the smoky fire pit and giant animal/monster parts mounted on the walls just as Claw & Sandor remember.
sandor sunneson: Thank you Stom
Smon: Stom lowers her voice.
"I have received word from Xin-Shalast. Runelord Karzoug is displeased that the dragon who commanded us appears to have abandoned her mission. He would like her killed. Perhaps you could bring me her head?"
JamesDevil: "certainly, any idea where she fled to? a direction maybe?"
Smon: "He is most vexed with Cadrilkasta. She went down below Guiltspur many months ago, after giving Jubbek the Shard of Wrath. She said she was going to get the Shard of Sloth, but has not returned. The First Apprentice, Khalib, thinks she has fallen under the Curse of Sloth. But I think she is likely dead."
Smon: Stom offers you plates of freshly roasted auroch and giant ale in thimbles.
JamesDevil: "hmm, troubling"
JamesDevil: "Claw accepts the food"
JamesDevil: And drink
sandor sunneson: Sandor sayus thank you and tries the food, not wanting to be rude
Smon: The meat is charred on the outside, bloody inside, the way giants like it.
Keelia: Q politely accepts
JamesDevil: "My allies and I will go down after dinner, with your permission of course?"
Smon: Stom munches happily along with her fire giants, the hill giants looking on enviously waiting for scraps.
JamesDevil: "Traitors should never be tolerated"
Smon: Stom chows down a cow leg, crunching the bones, and nods. "Yum! Yes of course, little one! Go get her!"
JamesDevil: Claw finishes eating the meal
Smon: GM: After dinner (lunch) you bid farewell for now to Stom and head over to the Guiltspur nearby, down into the tunnels. She sends with you two fire giants and a huge knotted rope over 100' long for lowering you down to the Library where you met the ghost.
Smon: Map -
Keelia: Fucking ghost
Smon: LOL GM: You can hang on to the rope end and be lowered safely down through the fog to the library below.
JamesDevil: Claw calls up "Thank you friends, we will return!"
JamesDevil: ooc
Smon: The giants nod and start to pull up the rope. "Knock on door when back. We open!"
JamesDevil: o, i though we had done that, claw climbs straigh down it
JamesDevil: "right, forward to the beast"
Smon: GM: From the library you enter the Silent Halls, the eternal fireball still flickering, through the destroyed examination chamber to the magic waterfall.
Smon: The two elemental myrmidons manifest and greet Quillax respectfully.
JamesDevil: "hmm, interesting"
Keelia: She nods to them.
Smon: From there north to the chapel of crawling chaos, & west through the double doors to where you found the bones of the Curator, now laid to rest 6 months back by Abbess Yukiko of Windsong Abbey.
JamesDevil: "glad to see he's dead"
Keelia: Q agrees with a grumble.
sandor sunneson: tough fight that, with his reverse magic
Keelia: "Don't get me started," she says, "Let's press on. I hate undead. I really do."
sandor sunneson: S presses on
Smon: Double doors lead to steps down to an octagonal chamber , with double doors to north (that lead to a collapsed area) and a single door to the south. The western wall of this octagonal chamber features a detailed
mural of a mansion’s facade. The front doors are painted lifesized,
but the rest of the mural grows increasingly distorted in
size as it nears the edges of the room. Claw recalls he passed it 6 months ago with Yukiko & co, she said it radiated strong Conjuration magic.
JamesDevil: "agreed!
Smon: None of you have Arcana trained, of course
JamesDevil: "hmm, that thing again"
Smon: Quillax with your high passive per you realise that the 'painted' doors are real - at least, real enough to open.
Keelia: She heads over and presses a hand against it to confirm.
JamesDevil: "Something there Q?"
Keelia: "Doors."
JamesDevil: "well we don';t have any keys so...."
Keelia: She peers around for other clues. "Should we open them."
JamesDevil: Claw looks to Sandor"
Keelia: She laughs. "I can be a key," she reminds him she does have some background in lock picking
sandor sunneson: Lets do it
Keelia: She'll try a door to see if it's unlocked
JamesDevil: Give it a a go, if not i'll use my boot key"
Smon: At your touch door swings open! You hear tinkling music, see sunlight filter through stained windows, and see beyond the Magnificent Mansion - an extradimensional space bedecked with Thassilonian art & decor, Gastash style - a little gaudy.
JamesDevil: "well.....thats something you don;'t see everyday"
Smon: Beyond the entry hall steps lead up to sleeping quarters, and off to the right is a well-stuffed library.
Smon: More doors lead off to other rooms, with open doorway to a great hall at the far end.
JamesDevil: Neither interest Claw, he goes looking for food
sandor sunneson: Hear anything ??
Keelia: She'll wander into the library for a very quick look for books on rune lords
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 11, (+6) = 17
Smon: Claw enters - yes the far hall has great tables with platters of sumptuous victuals, goblets of wine and tankards of mead. A stained glass 10' tall image of Karzoug beams down benevolently from on high.
JamesDevil: "hmm"
Smon: flaked
dragon turtle cooked in mead, potted wyvern flank in garlic,
selections of curious fungi...
JamesDevil: Claw approaches the food cautiously, this seem strangely fresh"
Smon: Sandor can hear the pleasant tinkling music, sees the warm sunlight of a Thassilonian afternoon.
Smon: Everything looks fresh and gorgeous. As he approaches, an unseen force pulls out a chair for him!
JamesDevil: Claw steps back
Smon: Meanwhile Q enters the library - she recognises many of the texts from the Therassic Library at Jorgenfist.
JamesDevil: he calls back "err guys, something wierd is going no, something offering me food....i don't trust it"
Smon: Some are new, including what looks like a "Catalogue of the Halls of Arcane Wonder"
Keelia: "Don't eat anything when you don't know who cooked it," she calls out.
Keelia: She reaches out for that book
JamesDevil: Claw leaves the room, a little dejected
JamesDevil: He heads up to Quillax, despite the books
Smon: Q takes the book, written in high Thassilonian.
sandor sunneson: Sandor goes to join the others,
Smon: Written by a certain Kaiventlu, it catalogues the "Wonders of the Halls"
Smon: The Faceless Sphinx - statue of the Dark Pharoah
The Serpentfolk Juggernaut - "The serpentfolk empire was long an enemy of Azlant,
and by extension an enemy of the nation of Thassilon. By
the time Thassilon was growing, though, the serpentfolk
deity Ydersius had been defeated and the race was in
decline. Isolated pockets of serpentfolk control remained
in Thassilon or in the Darklands below..."
Keelia: "It's a book about the things we saw in that museum when we entered," she tells the others.
JamesDevil: "we could have done with that earlier..."
Smon: The objects on display
in this room are all trophies collected from Thassilonian
conflicts with these serpentfolk.
The large stone carriage
is a sizable fragment
from a destroyed juggernaut of unknown qualities. Juggernauts are powerful constructs
enhanced and powered by faith, and used as machines of war. This juggernaut is no longer
functional, but given the surviving portions, it must have
been a truly colossal monster when it lived..."
Keelia: "Here," she hands it to Claw. "Put it in your bag of holding. I still need to replace mine."
Smon: There is a lot more like that.
Keelia: "Present for Clank."
Keelia: "Or rather Clank's little friend who runs the library."
Keelia: "Shall we continue on from outside this little odd area?"
Smon: GM: The strange mansion has a soothing aura and seems like a pleasant place to rest, though you are not in need of such right now.
JamesDevil: "yes, this place is weirding me out"
Keelia: She nods and leads them out of the room and back towards that other door
Smon: Another book Q spots claims to be a "Leng-Thassilonian Phrase Book"
sandor sunneson: Glad to be leaving that behind
Keelia: She grabs that one on the way
Keelia: "I think this might come in handy.:\
Smon: GM: You are all able to read the books currently due to a magical Tongues effect in these halls, no knowing how far it extends though.
Keelia: Q is fluent in Thassilonian, so less concerning for her
JamesDevil: holy crap! Claw could read it here O.o
Smon:  GM: You leave the Magnificent Mansion and take the south door, it opens into another hexagonal room about 25' across. A short, curved flight of stairs leads down to double doors to the
south of this somewhat elongated octagonal chamber. To the
west, what appears to be a ten-foot-wide open window looks out
over an idyllic field of grass with a snow-capped mountain rage on
the horizon. A cool breeze wafts through the open window.
Smon: Anyone have Insight 20+?
sandor sunneson: Sandor will use his eagle eyes to see if he sees anything of interest
JamesDevil: nope
sandor sunneson: nein
Keelia: passive would be 23 for me
Smon: Sandor looks out over the vista. With his eagle visiob he recognises some landmarks from the Storval Plateau & foothills around the Guiltspur, with the Kodar mountains in the distance, though some things look different.
Smon: As Quillax gazes at the scene she feels an odd gut-wrenching sensation...
sandor sunneson: He'll point this out to others
Keelia: "Something's wrong," she says.
Keelia: "Don't move."
JamesDevil: "hmm"
JamesDevil: Claw had been ignoring the sight
Smon: As Quillax watches, for her the scene depicted suddenly shifts from an idyllic noon-time
hillside to a nightmare vista of frozen nightmare lands
aglow under the gibbous light of a bloated
moon. The landscape appears cracked and
desolate, and in the medium distance a troop
of pallid froglike monsters leads
a line of chained humanoids. A jagged
mountain range cuts the horizon, while beyond this
range the head of an immense jackal-like leviathan slowly
turns, as if to peer back through the window!
Keelia: "Away from the window. It's cursed."
JamesDevil: Claw darts to the side of the window, out of sight of the Jackel thing
sandor sunneson: S moves away
sandor sunneson: S sticks with the others
Smon: (Claw & Sandor still see the pleasant scene) Quillax are you still looking, or tearing your eyes away?
Keelia: She's moving away, and looking away, grabbing Sandor from beside her and hustling towards the next door
Smon: Quillax DC 13 WIS save or be sanity-blasted by the Lovecraftian Horror of it all.
Keelia rolls 1d20+14 and gets: 13, (+14) = 27
JamesDevil: :x
Keelia: Probably safe
JamesDevil: Claw will catch up with the other not looking at the window
Smon: Q tears her eyes away from the leviathan, a shiver running up her spine, grabs the others and heads down the south stairs to the next set of doors, which are slightly ajar.
Keelia: "Did you see it? the jackal-like leviathan? I don't know if it was a lie, the past, or a portent of the future. Humanoids in chains driven by frog like monsters."
sandor sunneson: Sandor looks at he in confusion
JamesDevil: "Seemed normal to me, but i've know you long enough to trust your judgement, i believe what you saw was true"
Keelia: "Magic windows," she shakes her head. "I don't think it saw you, so let's press forward and hope that it didn't see me."
sandor sunneson: Didn't see that but don't doubt you
JamesDevil: "very well"
JamesDevil: Claw will open the next door fully
Smon: Artist's impression of frog thing

Beyond the double doors is a vast, seemingly endless pillared hall that Claw recalls leads eventually down to the underdark late where he & Yukiko encountered the Kraken 6 months ago.
Smon: "A short flight of curving steps leads down to a staggering
sight—a twenty-five-foot-wide hallway that slopes downward
to the south as far as the eye can see. The hall is supported by
hundreds of stone columns spaced every five feet that rise up to
the curving ceiling forty feet above. The lower six feet of each
column has been carved to resemble a faceless winged angelic
woman carrying a longsword."
Keelia: (that reminds me more of a mole - there's a mole with a starfish shaped nose, I think...)
Keelia: (but the legs are quite froggy, too!)
JamesDevil: "ok, not far now, down this hall, then into the under dark, there was a Kraken, so be ready"
Smon: (@Keelia - Yup!) Claw recalls that a few of these caryatid statues animated last time & attacked, but even without Quillax & Sandor he made short work of them.
Smon: About 40' into the hall he spots the shattered remains of the two destroyed 'faceless angel' caryatids.
Smon: GM: You head into the hall, past the rubble, and begin the long descent past countless more faceless angels...
Smon: Encounter check...
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 2,
JamesDevil: "some of these animated last time I was here, but I think i got them all"
Smon: This time nothing bars your progress and a half mile south & 10 minutes walk later, perhaps a couple or three hundred feet descent, you reach your destination...
Smon: The vast hallway comes to a sudden end, looking out into a vast
underground lake. The dark waters ripple thirty feet below the
jagged edge of the hall’s end. A series of intermittently-spaced
stone pilings extends south, indicating that at one point the hall
transformed into a bridge that extended south over the lake,
but the bridge itself must have collapsed long ago.
Smon: GM: You are all using Darkvision 60' range?
Keelia: Yes.
Keelia: Q takes a moment to cast water breathing on the group
sandor sunneson: yes
JamesDevil: Claw doesn't have nightvision
JamesDevil: Goliaths don't sadly
JamesDevil: Hes carring a torch
Keelia: Right, we need to find you some google
Keelia: *goggles even
JamesDevil: anyways, moving on
Smon: Claw recalls that Yukiko used a powerful Sunlight spell here - it illuminated an island 400' or so to the south dotted with ruins, a second island 200' or so to the SW near the cavern's west wall.

Unfortunately it also attracted a giant Kraken from below the waters and the horde of dark nagas living on the western island.
Smon: Your torch doesn't seem to have attracted attention yet, but nor does it illuminate much of the vast cavern-lake.
Smon: GM: Quillax casts water breathing - Ritual (+10 minutes) or spell slot?
JamesDevil: "rifght to proceed i think we'll need to attract the attention of the Kraken dark naga seperatly
Keelia: ritual - save the spell
JamesDevil: both at once will not go well"
Smon: OK Q is still casting then
JamesDevil: Claw plants the torch in the group to free up his hands
Smon: This vast cavern’s limits recede off into darkness, as do the
inky black waters of the lake that takes up the chamber’s
extent. The ceiling rises to form a cathedral-like space above.
Stalactites hang here and there, some of prodigious size, while
two irregular rows of stone pilings lead south, out across the
waters. The sound of gently cascading water echoes through
the cavern.
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 6,
Smon: Something moves in the water...
JamesDevil: "get ready....2
JamesDevil: "
sandor sunneson: Sandor gets his sword out
JamesDevil: Claw grips the Sword of Wrath more tightly"
Smon: Suddenly tentacles breach the surface, followed by a great scaly head! artist's impression -
JamesDevil: "Crap...."
Smon: (that was Black Magga when she was supposed to eat Turtleback Ferry)  - also
Keelia: Q abandons the ritual and casts speak with animals on herself
Keelia: "Peace, friend!"
Smon: The Kraken regards you. "HUMANS.... OR NEAR ENOUGH. A WELCOME CHANGE FROM DROW."
Smon: You all understand it - apparently the Tongues spell is still running.
Smon: Quillax roll Persuasion
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 14, (+3) = 17
Smon: The Kraken surges forward - roll init
Keelia: "You are far from others of your kind!"
JamesDevil: ooc what was the dc there?
Smon: 20
Keelia: "I know of another, like you!"
JamesDevil: just out of interest
JamesDevil: ah, k
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 14, (+3) = 17
Keelia: for init
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
3 (+2) = 5
8 (+2) = 10
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 15, (+3) = 18
JamesDevil: -.-
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 3, (+3) = 6
Smon: /roll d20
Smon rolls 1d20 and gets: 8,
JamesDevil: yay!
Keelia: "Perhaps I could bring you there?"
Smon: The Kraken ignores Quillax (she can't make the DC 25 Persuasion at this point)
#18 Sandor your go, it is still 30' away.
Smon: OOC You probably need Drakhaien if you want to talk giant monsters down
JamesDevil: lol
Smon: (Or Claw if they're giants & female)
sandor sunneson: Rage and charge or any other tactics?
JamesDevil: ooc Flex
JamesDevil: well, you could try hugging it
sandor sunneson: lol
sandor sunneson: Sandor will rage and attack
Smon: Is Sandor leaping into the water & swimming at it? Or if you have persistent Rage could rage & Ready sword? Or Rage + throw javelin?
sandor sunneson: would rage and ready sword mean 1 attack ??
Smon: yes
sandor sunneson: that option then
Smon: OK Sandor poses at water's edge with sword ready.
sandor sunneson: 1 attack??
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 9, (+11) = 20
Smon: (if it comes within 5' you can attack) Kraken Legendary action - lightning flashes from the Kraken's eyes at you all. Everyone roll a DC 23 DEX save
Smon: Pretty sure your attack is better than +11?
Keelia rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 10, (+6) = 16
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
8 (+2) = 10
10 (+2) = 12
Keelia: Q fails
JamesDevil: ffs
Smon: +6 Prof, +2 sword, +5 STR? Or +4 STR?
Smon: /roll 4d10
Smon rolls 4d10 and gets: 2, 10, 10, 5, = 27
sandor sunneson: +4
sandor sunneson: 18
Smon: 27 lightning dmg, half on save
JamesDevil: think we all failed
JamesDevil: and i'm not raged -.-
Smon: ok 27 lightning dmg to you all
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 12, (+11) = 23
Smon: Sandor's rage does not halve lightning dmg
JamesDevil: stupid thing getting a legendary off before its turn
sandor sunneson: sorry +9, so 21
JamesDevil: thats just rude
Smon: #17 Quillax your go
Keelia: Hmmm... torn between trying a big spell that might fail or a small spell that might fail
sandor sunneson: did my '20' miss?? what's thr AC?
JamesDevil: go big or go home
Keelia: ah hell, let's try to plane shift it out. To a plane of water.
Smon: Fergus I have told you several times it is not within range of your sword, it is 30' away
sandor sunneson: Ah ok,
Smon: Plane Shift is Touch range
Keelia: Q will shift into air elemental form and go slap it with a plane shift
Keelia: fly by plane shifting
Keelia: I feel we need some airplane noises - nyoooom...
Smon: OK bonus action wildshape elemental - swoop up and try to tap it...
JamesDevil: I imagine it would sound more like farts >.>
Smon: Make a melee spell attack q
Keelia rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 14, (+11) = 25
Keelia: spell save dc = 19, which I full expect it to make if it can shoot lightning at us.
Smon: Q-lemental taps it on the head as she swoops by.
Smon: Weirdly, Krakens don't appear to have Legendary Resistance!
Keelia: Fuck. Fingers crossed!!!
sandor sunneson: lol
Smon: Also they have 5 good saves... everything except CHA!
Smon: So here we go...
Smon: /roll d20+5
Smon rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 14, (+5) = 19
Keelia: fuck!
sandor sunneson: boo
JamesDevil: HELL YEA!!!!!!!!
Smon: bad luck!
Keelia: off by one.
Smon: The Kraken shimmers for a moment, then stabilises. A tentacle flicks after Quillax.
Keelia: she'll use the rest of her move to zoom up higher
JamesDevil: aw man....
Smon: /roll d20+17
Smon rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 19, (+17) = 36
Smon: /roll 3d6+10
Smon rolls 3d6+10 and gets: 3, 5, 2, (+10) = 20
Smon: 20 dmg and it has Quillax grabbed, grappled and restrained.
Keelia: resistance to non magical attacks
Keelia: can't be grappled
Keelia: or restrained in air form
Smon: ok weirdly again its attacks don't count as magical, so Q takes 10 dmg and the tentacle passes through her as she flies up to the ceiling, hopefully out of range.
Smon: That was its opp att - Legendary Action it swipes at Sandor, who gets his Readied action vs incoming tentacle (roll to hit AC 18 Sandor)
Smon: /roll d20+17
Smon rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 1, (+17) = 18
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 16, (+11) = 27
JamesDevil: nice to see a nat one from the kraken
Smon: Sandor hacks at the tentacle as he dodges it - roll dmg
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 1,
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 5, 5, = 10
sandor sunneson: +9=20 damage
Smon: He draws a red welt as the massive tentacle withdraws
Smon: #10 Claw
JamesDevil: is it within 5' of Sandor now?
Smon: no
JamesDevil: ok
JamesDevil: Claw rages the moves to within 25' of the enemy and throws the sword of wrath (its unique to the weapon) then back off to stand next to Sandor (so if it attacks him instead of me sentinel goes off)
Smon: Its body is at least 30' out, it just lashed w a tentacle
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 17, (+16) = 33
JamesDevil: k
JamesDevil rolls 2d6+14 and gets: 2, 5, (+14) = 21
Smon: OK Claw wades chest deep 5' out (it's a steep drop) and throws the sword.
JamesDevil: slashing
Smon: missile attack so no Rage bonus AFAIK
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 1, 4, 5, 2, 1, = 13
JamesDevil: fire
JamesDevil: hmm
Smon: same as javelin
Smon: +10 not +14 right? so 17 from the blade
JamesDevil: ah, yes you are correct, so minus 4
Smon: dex save
Smon: /roll d20+7
JamesDevil: not exactly a ranged focused class
Smon rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 12, (+7) = 19
JamesDevil: bah
Smon: 6 fire dmg as the sword pops out
JamesDevil: like a said back up next to Sandor, end turn, need to pee
JamesDevil: will sentinel if it attack him
Smon: (no legendary action) #8 "OGNATHOOGA HUNGRY NOW"
Smon: Tentacle grab
Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 2
Smon: At Sandor
Smon: /roll d20+17
Smon rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 6, (+17) = 23
JamesDevil: back
sandor sunneson: AC25
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 15, (+16) = 31
JamesDevil: yay sentinel
JamesDevil rolls 2d6+14 and gets: 2, 5, (+14) = 21
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 5, 4, 1, 6, 3, = 19
JamesDevil: just as i planned...
Smon: Technically the Kraken itself isn't within 5', but I will allow Sentinel
Smon: /roll d20+7
Smon rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 19, (+7) = 26
Smon: 21+9= 30 dmg
JamesDevil: within 5' of me so, kinda should work? iguess theye ddin't factor in reach attacks
Smon: OK the tentacle doesn't hurt Sandor, Claw hacks it.
Smon: 2 more tentacles reach for Claw instead
Smon: /roll d20+17x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
3 (+17) = 20
3 (+17) = 20
JamesDevil: "i'll save you buddy!"
Smon: Claw AC?
JamesDevil: 17
JamesDevil: looks like every attack will hit....
Smon: OK the Kraken grabs Claw, lifts him up and throws him at Sandor... Sandor roll a DC 18 DEX save
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+9 and gets: 2, (+9) = 11
Smon: /roll 9d6+10
Smon rolls 9d6+10 and gets: 6, 6, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 1, 2, (+10) = 42
Smon: (rem advtg Sandor vs DEX saves)
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+9 and gets: 20, (+9) = 29
JamesDevil: I'm NOT heavy
JamesDevil: welll. not THAT
sandor sunneson: will do GM
JamesDevil: nice nat 20
Smon: Sandor dodges Claw as Claw hits the ground, leaving a large impression. (No Prof on Dex save now Sandor so d20+3 unless you have a ring of protection)
Smon: Claw takes 42 dmg/2 raging = 21
Smon: R2 #18 Sandor your go
JamesDevil: ow...
sandor sunneson: have a +1 r.o.p
Smon: (ok if DEX 16 you save at d20+4 then)
Smon: The Kraken is starting to look uncertain.
sandor sunneson: cool, cheers
Smon: Sandor do you Ready again, throw something, do something else?
sandor sunneson: going through character sheet, 1 min
Smon: OK... BTW what is your AC 25 from?
sandor sunneson: AC=25 +1 breastplate (base 17), +2 DEX, +3 shield +1 +1 ring of protection
JamesDevil: breast plate is 14+2
JamesDevil: +1 as its a +1 item
Smon: +1 breastplate is base 15, but +1 half plate is base 16. +2 DEX +3 shield +1 ring = 22
Smon: So AC 21 or 22
Smon: You need to buy better armour & especially shield!
Smon: What is your CON score?
sandor sunneson: 18 +9
Smon: OK & your shield is +1?
sandor sunneson: +3 shield
Smon: OK better. Unarmoured you have 10 +4 CON +3 DEX = 17, w +1 breastplate you have 15 +2 DEX = 17 too
Smon: So 17 + 5 for shield +1 for ring = 23
Smon: 24 in half plate (disadvantage stealth)
sandor sunneson: will javelin it,
Smon: OK
sandor sunneson: AC23
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+7x2 and gets:
2 (+7) = 9
14 (+7) = 21
Smon: OK you were hit earlier then Sandor, deduct 20 hp/2 rage = 10
Smon: 1 javelin hit (allowing quickdraw from javelin quiver)
sandor sunneson rolls 1d6+4 and gets: 4, (+4) = 8
Smon: The Kraken uses lightning storm again, everyone roll DC 23 DEX save
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
9 (+2) = 11
2 (+2) = 4
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
5 (+9) = 14
19 (+9) = 28
JamesDevil: sigh
Smon: /roll 4d10
Smon rolls 4d10 and gets: 3, 10, 2, 9, = 24
Keelia rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 15, (+6) = 21
JamesDevil: Sandor how do you have +9 on you dex mod?
Keelia: but resistant to lightning
JamesDevil: resist lightening too
Keelia: sorry that should be +5 in this form, so only 20 but still resistant
Smon: 24 if no save, Sandor actually rolls +4 as discussed earlier
sandor sunneson: sorry, 23
Smon: S actually saved (23) so Sandor Claw & Q-lemental all take 12 net dmg by my count
JamesDevil: yarp
Smon: "HEH HEH HEH" says the Kraken by telepathy, in a very deep voice.
JamesDevil: Q-lemental
Smon: #17 Quillax your turn.
Smon: Q with your passive insight you get the impression the Kraken wants you to attack it.
Keelia: She considers and keeps her distance. instead
Keelia: she'll drop a sunbeam on it
JamesDevil: yay sunbeam
Keelia: "I tried, you refused," Q murmurs at it.
Smon: Light blazes forth. Your hear angry hissing shrieks from the island to the south west.
JamesDevil: ffs
JamesDevil: like this wasn't hard enough
Smon: /roll d20+14
Smon rolls 1d20+14 and gets: 19, (+14) = 33
Keelia: "If this is true, then put your tentacles down, help us deal with those noise makers and I will send you to the water world
Keelia: she waves an airy hand towards the shrieks
Smon: Made its CON save - Quillax roll the sunbeam damage
Keelia rolls 6d8 and gets: 7, 3, 3, 7, 4, 5, = 29
Smon: 14 dmg
Keelia: "You have hurt me and mine and I do not appreciate that when I offered freedom at the start."
Smon: "MINIONS! DO NOT ATTACK UNLESS I SAY SO!" commands the Kraken.
Smon: The Kraken's great serpentine head eyes Quillax. You note the snake forms of the nagas in the water about 150' away to the SW.
Keelia: Q raises her hands to her companions, "Hold your attacks!"
Keelia: Q drifts forward. "I will need to touch you." She reaches out and cast plane shift at 8th level
Smon: The nagas seem to have stopped approaching.
Keelia: "Go home."
Smon: "THANK YOU."
Smon: With a shimmer, the vast Kraken disappears!
JamesDevil: yay!
JamesDevil: "I suggest we head back to that other room, before the naga change their minds!
Smon: Quillax gets an Epic Boon; Claw & Sandor get +10,000 XP
JamesDevil: ooc plus its late
JamesDevil: BOOM level 20!
Smon: The Naga seem stunned as their god vanishes.
Keelia: Q soars down to the others.
Smon: GM: You fall back for a short rest?
Keelia: Sounds good
JamesDevil: yep
Smon: OK will stop there
sandor sunneson: cheers
JamesDevil: so i'll be at 28 str with the cap and the belt correct?
Keelia: great, thanks
Smon: STR 28 yup
JamesDevil: sweet!
sandor sunneson: nice
JamesDevil: thanks for the game everyone
Keelia: I'm off to bed, gents. Have a good night and rest of the weekend. @Simon, if you can let me know how epic boons work / what's available next time?
sandor sunneson: well done all
Keelia: thanks for the great game!
Smon: Keelia you can take either a Feat or +2 to a stat, maximum 30-28-26-24-22-20
Smon: So eg WIS 22
9:10pm  2019-4-27 Keelia Has exited the room
JamesDevil: See you all, good to know about the feats, very interesting
JamesDevil: nght all
Smon: Bill will be annoyed to miss the Kraken epic boon
Smon: bye now
9:11pm  2019-4-27 JamesDevil Has exited the room
sandor sunneson: thanks all, ciao
9:11pm  2019-4-27 sandor sunneson Has exited the room

Saturday, 20 April 2019

ep 78 To 9/1/4720 AR Claw conquers the Giants; Urglin - Meeting Viorian Dekanti - Quillax at level 20

6/1/4720 Conna Sends
8/1/4720 Giants' gathering
9/1/1/4720 Meeting Viorian Dekanti

Image result for Teraktinus

Storm Giant Warden of Thunder
Viorian Dekanti


5:31pm  2019-4-20 Smon Has entered the room
Smon: Hi Keelia!
Smon: Bill just getting set up
Keelia: hi!
5:35pm  2019-4-20 DESTROYERBILL Has entered the room
Keelia: hi Bill
DESTROYERBILL: i read the post i have a potion you might want or well claw will want
Keelia: great
DESTROYERBILL: though its not giant strength
DESTROYERBILL: its titan strength
Keelia: ...I think that's acceptable
DESTROYERBILL: 1 hour str 30
Keelia: pretty sure that will work, thanks
Smon: GM: OK back at Heidmarch Manor Shieldbiter shimmers in. Sheila Heidmarch explains the current situation and discussion.
DESTROYERBILL: yeah one of four that i know of in the known universe
Smon: Sheila: "So we were talking about distacting the Greed forces at Urglin with a false flag attack, pretending to be Sloth..." she listens politely to SB's talk of titan potions.
DESTROYERBILL: they were all crafted by me
Smon: Pathfinder Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch
Smon: Sheila: "Mr Drakhaien was supposed to be here ...*sigh*"
DESTROYERBILL: i used 4 storm giant strength potions and used a special item i have to doule their effect to make titan strength
Smon: "Very impressive, Lord Shieldbiter."
Keelia: (that's very cool  )
DESTROYERBILL: i also have two potions of ultimate healing
Keelia: (those will be very useful  )
DESTROYERBILL: same technique but with supreme haling
Keelia: Quilax examines the maps again. "We should certainly try to engage each other, to buy ourselves some time. If we can get them to weaken each other, it can only benefit us, I hope."
Keelia: (insane  )
DESTROYERBILL: yeah i can make two more also
Smon: Sheila: "Magnimar is planning to reinforce our garrisons at the Storrval Stairs and Fort Rannick/Skull's Crossing. However the Hellknights have warned against a purely passive stance."
Keelia: "But we also need to focus on getting that shard," she sighs. "Too many places where our talents are required but we are limited."
Keelia: "We cannot be passive but we must certainly try to be strategic. Appear weak where we are strong and strong where we are weak."
Smon: Sheila nods. "The last Shard is guarded by a Kraken, in a lake beneath the Guiltspur. With most of you gone we lacked the strength to defeat it."
5:45pm  2019-4-20 JamesDevil Has entered the room
5:45pm  2019-4-20 joriandrake Has entered the room
joriandrake: hello
DESTROYERBILL: im planning to do a duel with the human enemy leader the one with the army i will then try and sway them to my side and if it works i will have myself an army and i will proclaim myself true lord of greed but in a good way like helping you guys out by attacking other runelords
JamesDevil: Yo
Smon: Sheila looks brightly at SB, who seems bigger and golder than ever. "I'm sure with you two back, strength won't be a problem..." She turns as Claw & Drakhaien enter Heidmarch manor. "Good evening my friends!"
DESTROYERBILL: i have a titan strength potion for claw
DESTROYERBILL: str 30 1 hour
Keelia: (hey guys!)
JamesDevil: ready to start when you are
DESTROYERBILL: if you want to have it james
joriandrake: (I'm tired but didn't want to miss session, so i'll mainly just observe today)
JamesDevil: i should be good for now, we don't even know if we are allowed to use magical weapons/potion before or during the fight
DESTROYERBILL: this will make you have the strength of a god strength 30 are you sure you want to turn it down
JamesDevil: yes, i have 24 str at the mo, thanks anyway
Smon: (started!) Sheila joins Quillax at the map table with the invasion plan -
Sheila: "The Council was focused on military maneuvers, but I feel our priorities should be the final Shard, and defeating Karzoug before he can return to Golarion. The sage Brodert Quink believes Karzoug wants a war and much death, so that he can harvest the life energy of the Rune-marked."
DESTROYERBILL: oh yeah so im planning to challange the human champion of greed to a duel and when i kill her i will try and take her army
DESTROYERBILL: in charecter sorry
DESTROYERBILL: sb:oh yeah so im planning to challange the human champion of greed to a duel and when i kill her i will try and take her army
Keelia: Quillax yanks on her hair. "The Rune-marked. I had nearly forgotten them. All death will benefit the rune-lords, even if we pit them against each other."
JamesDevil: "somehow i doubt that their army will just acccept a duel
DESTROYERBILL: well she might
Smon: GM: Claw plans to challenge the stone giant leader Teraktinus in the Storval mtns, while SB plans to throw down with Vioran Dekanti, Karzoug's champion at Urglin.
JamesDevil: "its a good job that i wasn't planning on killing during my deul
DESTROYERBILL: exactley i can kill only one person instead of the army minnimizing the amount karzoug gains in power
joriandrake rolls 1d4 and gets: 1,
JamesDevil: "SB evil armies aren't known for honourable combat"
Keelia: "If they are not rune-marked, then we do not care if they die. If they are marked, we must be careful."
DESTROYERBILL: you never know they can be evil but still hounarable
joriandrake: Drakhaien will tell them any of the quirks or weaknesses in fight of Vioran that he knows of.
joriandrake: Which he might've learned due to their former relationship
Keelia: "Sheila, we need to research how to destroy a rune-mark, or suppress it's power. If the death-energy cannot be collected, we limit how quickly the rune lords can rise."
JamesDevil: "I think you need to look up the word 'evil' in a dictionary SB"
Smon: GM: Drakhaien knows Vioran is a sword & shield heavy armour fighter, very fast and skillful. Not super tough when he knew her.
DESTROYERBILL: "claw i think you might have to"
DESTROYERBILL: evil /ˈiːv(ə)l,ˈiːvɪl/ adjective adjective: evil 1. profoundly immoral and wicked.
Keelia: "We must use our contacts, my library, find something about how to destroy a mark or negate it."
Smon: Sheila has the old sage Brodert Quink brought in to lend his advice.
DESTROYERBILL: no mention of un hounarable
JamesDevil: "now look up immoral"
DESTROYERBILL: immoral /ɪˈmɒr(ə)l/ adjective adjective: immoral not conforming to accepted standards of morality.
Smon: 5 mins later ...Brodert listens, adjusting his spectacles.
DESTROYERBILL: not un hounarable just does not have morals
joriandrake: (true, a lawful evil dark knight could be both evil and honourable Bill, but I don't see how in-character browsing of dictionaries and arguing helps us atm)
Smon: Brodert: "Heh heh... it is not particularly difficult to destroy a Rune Mark. The flesh can be burnt, or otherwise disfigured. That should be enough - I believe many stone giants have already done such."
Keelia: Quillax picks up two bottles of wine and chucks one at Claw and one at SB. "Drink and listen to Brodert."
Smon: Sheila watches the wine fly past.
joriandrake: "Just override it with the mark of a newly formed clan or an oath"
joriandrake: "Claw especially could use some recruitment for his own clan"
Keelia: Quillax looks at Drak, "While that will prevent any allies from accidentally sending a rune lord energy should they die, it will not help us on the battlefield to prevent this."
Smon: "In the circumstances, defeating the enemy leaders and taking control of their forces certainly seems the right approach. Then we can have the marks removed, or altered?" Brodert nods.
Keelia: "Very well, Claw, are you ready to win in your dual?"
JamesDevil: Claw lift the Sword of wrath "born ready"
Smon: GM: You have 6 days until due for Sending from Conna the Wise.
Keelia: Quillax nods. "Once you do so, you will need to deal with the marks as you see fit."
joriandrake: hehe - Drakh snickers at the question "I doubt many go into duels with the intent to lose"
Smon: GM: Are you all returning to Jorgenfist meanwhile?
Keelia: "SB, you think you can dual this human and win the army? Humans are not loyal in the same way, but it is an option. See if you can get the dual arranged but have a way out. If you kill the leader, the second in command may simply try to stab you in the back."
joriandrake: "That potion Claw declined though, it could be used by our friend who wishes to also duel" (I forgot the npc who planned to do that before I left last time)
DESTROYERBILL: its true but there always a chance they wont and if they do they will be with out heads for the rest of eternity
joriandrake: (I believe travel might be easy for us if our Druid friend is our taxi driver)
Keelia: Q turns to Sheila an Brodert and Drak, "We need a way to block those marks magically. It will be nearly impossible to vandalise the marks mid-battle without a great risk to our fighters."
Keelia: "Whatever research can be done, my resources and contacts are at your disposal."
Keelia: (Q can ferry people about to wherever they need to go).
Keelia: "Antimagic fields for those who use no magic could work if it could be miniaturised."
Smon: Brodert sighs. "I don't think we have the power to block Karzoug's Runemark life-siphon... but I will talk to Thoth Bhreacher. He is the greatest Mage in Magnimar - he might have some ideas."
DESTROYERBILL: im trying for us to aquire as many soilders as possible if they dont conceed it will be like if we didnt do it at all but if they do we will have another army
DESTROYERBILL: plus they lose their general
joriandrake: "Dispel might be an option, but too obvious, especially during an eventful day, we might be able to set up a zone of antimagic field, a small area where no magic can be active, and let our warrior allies fight the enemy there, maybe a mountain pass would be good for such tactic"
joriandrake: "In this case, we could set up the spell before enemy scouts see it being done"
Keelia: Q nods to both Brodert and Drak. "As I said, my resources are yours. If Thoth requires anything, have him inform the Council. We will do our best."
joriandrake: At the very least, a zone of Silence could help us weaken or negate the spellcasters of the enemy"
Smon: Brodert nods and departs. "I'll meet with him at Golemworks. For now, good luck." He withdraws.
joriandrake: Drakh then raises a pointing finger "My main worry is that other spellcasters might also decide to intervene during the duels"
Smon: GM: Sheila bids you farewell and you take an evening tree-stride from the manor gardens to the Black Tower & Jorgenfist, where Quillax's people are busy working on the defences.
DESTROYERBILL: well you sugested silence we just do that
joriandrake: (Drakh with his high passive observation skills likely notices such an attempt, even if well disguised, and could try to 'steal/negate' one spell, but that is not certain to succeed, and can only be done once per long rest)
joriandrake: afk
Smon: (You can long rest) 6 days later after the New Year's celebrations and hangover, 5/1/4720 AR Quillax gets the Sending from Conna the Wise: "The Gathering is in two days, at Skull Canyon beneath the Shattered Spire. Ogre and Hill Giant allies of Teraktinus are coming too. He plans to unite the tribes again, against the human lands."
Smon: Drakhaien with his lack of tolerance for Goliath grog looks a bit hungover
JamesDevil: good good
Smon: Quillax & Claw can roll History or Survival DC 10
JamesDevil: nothing like a drunken Drakhaien to cheer Claw on
Smon: to know location
DESTROYERBILL: any one got a spare potion of heroism
Keelia rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 9, (+12) = 21
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 7, (+7) = 14
Smon: You both know it, furthermore Q knows a nice little oak tree in the canyon perfect for Striding
joriandrake: back
DESTROYERBILL: keelia does quillax have any heroism potions or anything
Smon: It's a few days hike south through the mountains, although Claw could likely hike it solo in time. Are you Striding there?
Keelia: (I lost my list of stuff ages ago. I'm sure she did have one but I don't have it listed on my current paper)
JamesDevil: i think we are Striding
Smon: (guess she used it over the past 6 years)
Keelia: Q can stride them
DESTROYERBILL: i can use that blessing before facing off against the sword of turning you to quartz
Smon: GM: OK Quillax Strides you all from Jorgenfist out the twisted oak in Skull Canyon, a broad gorge beneath the Shattered Spire, a hilltop rent by terrible magical energies in an age long past.
Smon: The place is already full of hundreds of giants and ogres, campfires and the greasy stench of cooking meat.
Smon: 1. Kavarvatti - Chief Galenmir, High Priestess Conna. Former clan of Mokmurian and among the largest in the mountains. There is friction with followers of Drogart, a former bodyguard to Barl Breakbones, who fell at Hook Mountain. Drogart is thought to have been conspiring with Teraktinus to become Chief. They can field around 40 warriors.

2. Crannoch - under Chief Oriandian, can field around 33 skilled warrior-hunters and 12 dire bears.

3. Valissgandr - can field around 47 warriors led by the fierce Teraktinus and his deputy, the thuggish Zinderall. This clan has grown in recent years as Teraktinus has attracted followers.

4. Jormunsir - can field around 30 warriors. Led by the one eyed and grizzled Vlorian.

5. Maidens of Minderhal - a cruel gang of 12 female stone giants led by Halvara the Oracle.

Other Tribes of the Mountains include:

Red Shield & Nightshade a combined ogre clan of the southern mountains, of around 69 ogre warriors total under Papa Beshk. In recent years the ogre clans have learned to avoid the Gray Maidens of Fort Rannick, and these days they stay north of Hook Mountain.

Black Fist - 43 hill giant warriors under Chief Doach. Formerly dwelling in the western foothills, clashes with the Magnimaran forces of Lord Claw have driven them into the central mountains.
Smon: Must be over 300 giants assembled here!
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 7, (+6) = 13
JamesDevil: good, they will make a fine army
Keelia: Q claps Claw on the back. "I'll await your win, my friend."
Smon: Luckily the bad guys don't spot you right away. Conna the Wise, prepared by Q's reply to her Sending, had a guard posted at the tree and is summoned over, she hurries up, looking worried.
DESTROYERBILL: shield biter will hand claw a bottle of wine and tell him drink it for good luck
joriandrake: Cases like with Kavarvatti offer opportunities, where we could let clan infightings playo ut, then win in duel leadership, then delegate it to someone that can be considered trustworthy/loyal
DESTROYERBILL: when your about to fight him
Smon: Conna: "Good, you're here - no time to spare! Teraktinus has been whipping them into a frenzy. 'The age of Man is at an end, the age of the Giants has returned' and suchlike - even some in my own clan are listening to him!"
JamesDevil: "right, time to end this!"
JamesDevil: "Where is Teraktinus?"
DESTROYERBILL: drink the wine for good luck when your about to fight him
joriandrake: "this isn't the age of Man nor giants, but of opportunities and wise alliances"
Smon: She points to a small (for giants) boulder near the middle of the gorge, surrounded by smoky fires, where the giant leader Teraktinus is holding forth: "...Ein Jotunfolk! Ein Jotunreich! Ein Jotunfuhrer!"
joriandrake: o _O
Smon: Wrapped around the base of the great boulder is a hideous many-legged serpentine dragon-thing - a Behir!
JamesDevil: Claw begins marching towards Teraktinus
joriandrake: "Patience Claw, everything in due time"
Smon: Conna, her husband Chief Galenmir, and several of their clan fall in behind Claw as he strides forward.
DESTROYERBILL: drink the wine claw
Keelia: Q narrows her eyes at the Behir and keeps near the group.
JamesDevil: "Teraktinus! THE AGE OF MAN IS IS NOT AT ITS END!!
Smon: The Behir hisses at them as they approach, rising to its many feet. Teraktinus' minions move forward to intercept, but Teraktinus regards you contemptuously, laughing at the sight of Quillax. In common: "Back for another round of bowls, eh ninepin?!"
joriandrake: The elf sighs
Smon: Claw roll Intimidate please
Smon: need 10+
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 12, (+5) = 17
joriandrake: good enuff
DESTROYERBILL: sb:this is for your own good drink the damn wine
Smon: Teraktinus snarls. "A Goliath? Ha! Gladly!" He turns to his deputy: "Smoke me a Storrval dire kipper Zinderall, I'll be back for breakfast!"
JamesDevil: Bill please stop it
DESTROYERBILL: please just do it
Smon: Teraktinus leaps down from the boulder, raising twin giant picks.
Smon: Q & D note a giant shaman muttering a prayer (Bless on Teraktinus)
Keelia: Q mutters a dispel magic in rsponse
Smon: GM: Teraktinus is de-blessed  You also broke his Hunter's Mark on Claw!
Keelia: (Whoo!)
JamesDevil: ooc Is Claw aware of this?
Smon: The Shaman responds dispel on Claw, but he has no current Bluff spells up?
Keelia: "Keep an eye on that Shaman," she tells Drak and SB.
Smon: Passive Per 20+ to be aware of the spell duel
Keelia: (No buffs currently).
DESTROYERBILL: the wine has str 30 on it i laced it with titan strength
Smon: OK Ter closes on Claw while the Behir snarls at SB like a dog protective of its master.
JamesDevil: PP17
Smon: roll init Claw
Keelia: "And the beast."
Smon: /roll d20+2
Smon rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 8, (+2) = 10
joriandrake: Drakh watches the silent duel with interest, more than the loud one
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 12, (+2) = 14
Smon: Claw first
JamesDevil: Rage and attack
joriandrake: Drakh is prepared to intervene if a spell is cast by a third party once the duel starts
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 19, (+16) = 35
JamesDevil rolls 2d6+14 and gets: 6, 2, (+14) = 22
JamesDevil: slash damage
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 3, 6, 6, 4, 5, = 24
Smon: AC 19
JamesDevil: fire damage
Smon: dex save
JamesDevil: yep
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 5, (+6) = 11
Smon: fail
Smon: 46 dmg
JamesDevil: second attack
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 20, (+16) = 36
Smon: BOOM!!
JamesDevil: crit baby!
JamesDevil rolls 2d6+14 and gets: 4, 4, (+14) = 22
JamesDevil: slash
Smon: The sword explodes
Keelia: (nice!!)
DESTROYERBILL: add 5 d6 for crit claw
JamesDevil: 10d6 right? happens so rarly
Smon: 14d6 fireball
JamesDevil rolls 3d6 and gets: 3, 5, 6, = 14
JamesDevil: rest of the crit
JamesDevil rolls 14d6 and gets: 2, 1, 4, 6, 1, 6, 5, 4, 2, 1, 2, 1, 4, 4, = 43
joriandrake: fireball crits are nice
JamesDevil: that was the fireball
DESTROYERBILL: roll another 2 d6 for the weapon
Smon: Bill is right
DESTROYERBILL: 2d6x2+3=7d6
JamesDevil rolls 2d6 and gets: 4, 6, = 10
Smon: OK fireball saves
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 6, (+6) = 12
DESTROYERBILL: there we go and your rolling great as well
joriandrake: hope they won't consioder the fireball a break of duel
Smon: Teraktinus grimaces as the exploding sword blasts him for 43. Roll your dex save Claw
JamesDevil: ...hows he looking? besides suprised?
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
13 (+2) = 15
19 (+2) = 21
Smon: 135 dmg to Terak so far, he's pretty battered & bloodied
JamesDevil: 21 to me or 22?
Smon: Claw saves so 43/2=21/2 raging = 10 fire dmg
JamesDevil: ah, ofc
Smon: You're raging Bear-barian
joriandrake: Well this looks good, seems like Terak doesn't have Rage either
JamesDevil: its been a long weekend
Smon: Having taken 135 dmg, Terak gets to attack the disarmed Claw
Smon: (Terak's a Ranger)
Smon: /roll d20+13x3
joriandrake: very good then
Smon Rolls 1d20+13x3 and gets:
6 (+13) = 19
6 (+13) = 19
6 (+13) = 19
JamesDevil: all hits
Smon: /roll 12d10+27
Smon rolls 12d10+27 and gets: 9, 5, 3, 8, 8, 6, 10, 3, 5, 1, 7, 3, (+27) = 95
Smon: 95 dmg/2 raging = 47
JamesDevil: 188/245
Smon: Round 2, Teraktinus is looking worried, so is his pet behir
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 2, 1, = 3
Smon: He snarls and rallies - Claw your go, the great sword returns to your hand.
JamesDevil: Attack Attack
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 4, (+16) = 20
Smon: (oh the Behir got scorched by the fireball, it scuttles away)
JamesDevil rolls 2d6+14 and gets: 3, 4, (+14) = 21
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 3, 6, 3, 6, 2, = 20
JamesDevil: dex save plz
Smon: dex save
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 2, (+6) = 8
Smon: fail again
joriandrake: "Claw's victory seems imminent." Drakh comments to Quillax "If anyone plans to intervene in the duel it would have to happen soon"
JamesDevil: just not his day
JamesDevil: attack 2
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 13, (+16) = 29
Smon: The old giant shaman (in Giant): "The Sword of Wraith! Garvok has returned!"
Smon: Wrath
JamesDevil rolls 2d6+14 and gets: 1, 4, (+14) = 19
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 4, 6, 6, 5, 3, = 24
JamesDevil: one more dex save
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 16, (+6) = 22
joriandrake: "The Wrath of Claw, the time of Garvok is over"
Smon: pass; 19+12= 31 dmg
Keelia: Q pulls her magic towards her at the shouting. "What's going on?" she demands of Conna
Smon: 207 dmg so far to Terak
JamesDevil: end turn
joriandrake: "What you obseve is the new rise of Clan Breakiller, and the head of the Clan wielding the Ursine Wrath"
joriandrake: Bearkiller*
Smon: The giants tremble at the sight of the mighty blazing sword hacking into Terak's stony hide, leaving massive burning furrows in his flesh.
Smon: Terak: "RAHHH!" He swings desperately...
Smon: /roll d20+13x3
Smon Rolls 1d20+13x3 and gets:
19 (+13) = 32
3 (+13) = 16
3 (+13) = 16
Smon: all of 1 hit?
joriandrake: Drakhaien nods with a thin smile at the scene, the total dominance of Claw turning loyal warriors against Terak
JamesDevil: hit miss miss
Smon: /roll 4d10+9
Smon rolls 4d10+9 and gets: 10, 6, 4, 1, (+9) = 30
Smon: 30/2 = 15 dmg
Smon: Terak sees Claw unfazed
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 6, 4, = 10
Smon: He staggers back, throwing down his picks. "ENOUGH! I YIELD!"
DESTROYERBILL: well you win claw by a landslide
Smon: Conna's tribe - and several others - cheer jubilantly as Teraktinus bows his stony head. "I cannot fight the Champion of Wrath!"
JamesDevil: "damn straight you can't"
Smon: OOC you did 207 dmg to him in 2 rounds
joriandrake: and barely got scratched
Smon: Teraktinus kneels, head still bowed.
JamesDevil: that fireball at the beginning did most of it
joriandrake: (He'll be more useful alive than dead I think, a constant reminder of this victory)
Smon: Take 6,000 XP Claw
JamesDevil: "rise Teraktinus, there is a war to fight and I need a skilled general to fight it, i never planned on killing you today anyway"
Smon: Looking relieved, Teraktinus rises. A couple giants clap him on the back in commiseration.
joriandrake: "This was impressive, and short enough to hold another duel before tea time"
DESTROYERBILL: i can duel but i would need a potion of heroism
Smon: Conna shouts: "Lord Claw! You have earned the right to command us! What is your will?"
Smon: Some of the giants and ogres look unsure at this notion of a Goliath commanding them, no matter how mighty.
joriandrake: (You risk losing any potion/spell effect due to dispel at start anyway Bill, as far I understand it)
DESTROYERBILL: well they might not but i need it
JamesDevil: so, typo, gimme a sec
joriandrake: "Well, Lord Claw proved his worth to lead you" Drakhaien speaks up "I'm sure anyone willing to challenge his right to lead can also have a duel with him now.... so speak now, or be forever silent and loyal to the head of Clan Bearkiller" (Drakh's intent is to quell any possible future urge of betrayal)
JamesDevil: "We must muster the giant clans and move to the stairs, there we will hold stronger against their hordes and push them back to where they came from!"
JamesDevil: "Anyone care to try their luck?"
JamesDevil: Claw raises the sword of wrath
DESTROYERBILL: sheild biter jokeingley says : yeah sure mait
joriandrake: The elf looks around, observes the reactions, keeping track of any who seem still likely to cause problems later based on their reactions, to report these to Cla and others later
Smon: Other than SB's wisecrack, no one looks to challenge Claw after his kerb-stomp battle. Chief Galenmir nods at Claw's words. "When Spring comes, our enemies will march on the Storval Stairs. we will intercept them there and crush them!"
joriandrake: Claw* - then dispose of them if required
Smon: The giant chiefs nod in agreement with the plan, though the evil looking chiefess of the Minderhal Maidens doesn't look too trustworthy, for one - neither do the hill giants & ogres.
JamesDevil: "We'll show them how much of a force we are to be reckoned with
DESTROYERBILL: if my plan works we wont have to
Smon: (Drak notes the Minderhal giant chiefess Halvara the Oracle, ogre chief Papa Beshk, and hill giant chief Doach as likely unreliable)
JamesDevil: ooc you know bill we'd be missing out on a Lofr style battle if the enemy army reaches the stairs
JamesDevil: lotr*
Smon: Galenmir: "Our weapons are yours, Chief Claw!"
DESTROYERBILL: well i have a track record for never losing a man and i want to minnimize losses for your troops as well
joriandrake: Drakhaien will share with Quillax and Claw once alone that these 3 are still unreliable, which doesn't mean they couldn't be turned loyal with time in the future, but they need an eye kept on for now
Smon: Grizzled Vlorian, chief of Jormunsir stone giants: "The Goliath will fight beside us?"
JamesDevil: "do any of you still bear the mark of the runelords?
joriandrake: (I feel a bit like Claw's personal spymaster atm)
JamesDevil: they must be removed before we begin the battle ahead"
Smon: The giants nod - over a hundred, including Terak, have the Greed rune on neck or small of back; the rest have burned or carved it away.
Smon: (the youngest never had it of course)
JamesDevil: "have your shamans remove them, with fire of blade"
Smon: Conna: "We Shamans will see to the excision of the Wrongful Mark!"
Smon: LOL x-post
JamesDevil: "and yes the goliath will fight alongside both the giants and humans"
joriandrake: "If the mark can be altered, any willing warrior can choose to bear the sign of Bearkiller clan instead" Drakh suggests
Smon: GM: That night Conna and the other Shamans work long, burning or carving away the Greed rune from the stony flesh of their kin.
joriandrake: (this way you know the most loyal ones are likely to choose your sign to openly 'wear')
Smon: The hillgiants and ogres are a lot more squeamish, so Conna tries just altering their marks to deface them.
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 2, (+6) = 8
JamesDevil: right, so whats next? and what time do we want to play until?
Smon: Drak has Arcana trained now - can roll
DESTROYERBILL: i want to try my duel
Smon: SB wants to duel Karzoug's champion at Urglin, an old flame of Drak's.
Smon: Planning to do usual 3 hours to 9.30pm if that's ok
JamesDevil: sure, sounds good, afk a sec to grab a drink
DESTROYERBILL: hey keelia im giving quillax scroll of demiplane and scroll of maze unless drak wants one of them
Smon: Q are you willing to Air Walk SB to Urglin?
joriandrake: oh nice, thanks
joriandrake: arcana is INt, so now a +9 modifier
joriandrake rolls 1d20+9 and gets: 5, (+9) = 14
joriandrake: 19
Smon: 14 or 19?
Keelia: (yes)
Smon: OK 19 is a pass - Drak senses that the defaced runemarks on the hill giants & ogres are still active
joriandrake: 19 because rogue ability to count it as at least 10 on roll
Keelia: (she'll wind walk him and take the scroll bow)
Keelia: (*both)
Smon: If they die they'll feed Karzoug's power & hasten his return
joriandrake: Drak tells of this to Quillax
JamesDevil: back
DESTROYERBILL: okay if you see enemy wizards casting spells send them away
DESTROYERBILL: demiplane and maze okay keelia
Keelia: Q relays the knowledge to Conna, "Some of those still are loyal to the Runelord and wears an active mark."
Smon: GM: Are all of you Air Walking to Urglin w SB & Q?
joriandrake: Theym ight each need a dispell on them, or similar
Keelia: (got it - demiplane and maze)
JamesDevil: I think so yeay
Smon: Conna sighs. "We did our best - but we are no masters of Rune magic."
Smon: At least the stone giants have been cleansed.
Keelia: Q nods. "I understand, We will return and deal with them later. Be mindful of the traitors in your midst."
joriandrake: Drakh considers to get someone hired/bbrought to support Conna with the runes
Smon: GM: After some giant feasting you retire to a quiet spot away from the throng, Q assembles you and casts Ait Walk.
Keelia: When all conversations are done - Air walk, activated!
Smon: Conna follows you to the departure gate  "We will be mindful. Good fortune, all of you."
DESTROYERBILL: use the scrolls to send any enemy wizards casting to the mze or the plain
joriandrake: the plain - to the farm
DESTROYERBILL: your bourding group is 1 you will be flying with druid air ways hope you have a nice flight
Keelia: Q nods and tucks a scroll up each sleeve.
Smon: GM: Once goodbyes are done you turn to cloud form and fly up, and east over the mountains, over the Storval Deep, past the thousands-foot high Thassilonian monument of Spindlehorn, where it's said that Runelord Karzoug once planned to summon the Oliphaunt of Jandelay - and greet it at eye level. Even he though in the end feared to summon a thousand-foot-high elephant...
Smon: least back then.
Smon: Passing Spindlehorn on the east bank of the Storval Deep you fly over the northern Wyvern Mountains and as dawn lightens the eastern sky you pass over the Cinder plains, green this time of year.
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 5,
Smon: Nothing attacks you  - You do pass over herds of wildebeest, which ignore the little clouds high above.
Smon: 8 hours since leaving the giant gathering, dawn has broken and the spell is nearing its end as you see ahead the long-ruined walls of Urglin - there are signs of recent rebuilding.
Smon: [i]Built in the ruins of an ancient city, Urglin is the only stopping point between Varisia and and the Hold of Belkzen to the east. Located in the middle of nowhere on the fire-blasted plains of the Cinderlands, it is a cesspool of savage villainy. It covers about 300 acres of land on the banks of the polluted Ooze River and is divided into five distinct neighborhoods: Scabtown, which holds most of Urglin's markets, the non-orc neighborhood of Pinkskin, the "religious" Bonerattle district, the "upper class" Warmouth neighborhood, and the orc slum of Oozefront.[1][3] The buildings (what remain of them) are clearly not of orc construction, although the fierce warriors have certainly erected numerous tents and shacks, or have shored up existing stone buildings in order to make them (barely) habitable.[/i]
joriandrake: "charming"
Smon: map reminder -
DESTROYERBILL: i think ive found my next holiday home
JamesDevil: "remember, if the duel fails, we can always fake an attack from sloth to devide or redirect their forces
DESTROYERBILL: but it wont
Smon: One of the largest & stoutest mansions has been repaired and repurposed as the fortress of Lady Viorian, Champion of Karzoug. A half dozen storm giants are camped in the inner courtyard and look up keenly as you approach, frowning... if anything knows fake clouds, it's the Storm Wardens...
DESTROYERBILL: sheild biter whispers to quillax prepare the greater resteration scroll just in case
joriandrake: "Unlikely, but if yo ucan get her to switch sides to us, Ladí Viorian as an asset would be very helpful in the future"
Keelia: (did you give me one, bill? I thought it was demiplane and maze?)
DESTROYERBILL: rember we got them from the monestary from jellys old charecter we have two left
DESTROYERBILL: i paid 5000gp for those scrolls
Smon: yup
Keelia: (no, i don't remember  my list of stuff sheet is gone, but I'll make a note)
joriandrake: afk
DESTROYERBILL: greater restoration restores petrafication
DESTROYERBILL: if i fail against the general ill need it to come back to life
Keelia: No problem
Smon: OOC Keelia suggest you use google docs or word online  Or comments to my blog!
JamesDevil: "don't lose SB, don't lose"
Smon: Are you setting down?
DESTROYERBILL: its not the damage its the save
Keelia: (I should  )
JamesDevil: if we do i'll say in giant that we seek to converse with the lady of the manor"
Keelia: Yes, we're setting down
joriandrake: back, I have about half a hour left and am really tired, my mother wishes to go to church tomorrow - she rarely does this and first time in years, if you don't mind I would like to retire for today, feel free to use Drakhaien's passives as help though, if you think it's important to be around for this half hour then I stay of course
Smon: The storm giants wear rune armour shimmering with many enchantments and look well armoured.
DESTROYERBILL: does anyone have insperation they can lend me if i fail the saves
Keelia: Q taps SB with a subtle inspiration. "You can do it. Kick butt."
joriandrake: Not sure it can be loaned Bill, unless by a Bard
JamesDevil: you can't trade inspirations afaik
DESTROYERBILL: you can give insperation to someone if you already have it using up your insperation i belive
joriandrake: (Bard fuddles things, as its core ability is also called 'inspiratioN')
Smon: GM: Most of you set down in the courtyard; Drak-cloud floats off to spy around a bit and see if he can find Viorian's bedchamber.
Keelia: (i thought you meant guidance)
Keelia: (or rather I meant guidance  )
joriandrake: ok, Drak does that
Smon: Bill is right you can give others your Inspiration per RAW
DESTROYERBILL: well i could use guiadance if possible
Smon: Drak cloud inspires SB w a little cloud dance
joriandrake: I doN't think Drak ever got Insp, might have started with one though
Smon: I'll allow Drak to have acquired Insp over past 6 months
DESTROYERBILL: whats draks persuasion
JamesDevil: 20 something
JamesDevil: 22?
joriandrake: Persuasion? +5, result can't be worse than a total of 15
Smon: >>JamesDevil: if we do i'll say in giant that we seek to converse with the lady of the manor"<< The giants watch you suspiciously as you resume physical form then Claw calls out to them.
joriandrake: My elf is about investigating/hiding mainly
DESTROYERBILL: do you have -1 chrisma
Smon: Claw roll Persuasion pls
JamesDevil rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 20, (-1) = 19
JamesDevil: boom baby
joriandrake: yes, Drak is a quirky character with a faulty personality
Smon: Claw sounds surprisingly convincing!
joriandrake: nice James
JamesDevil: he DID just convince an army
Keelia: nice
joriandrake: but this time without a duel and fiery EXPLOOSION
DESTROYERBILL: what is quillaxs persuasion
Smon: The eldest giant, a greybeard, steps forward. "You see the Champion of Greed? Have you come to pledge service? Who are you?" he rumbles.
Smon: (in giant)
Smon: seek not see sorry
Keelia: (Q's persuasion is only +3)
JamesDevil: "we have heard tales of the champion of Greed, we come to see if they are worthy of our servitude
Keelia: (she has no CHA  )
DESTROYERBILL: my persuasion is highest at +6 were doomed
JamesDevil: "i am Claw, this is SB and Quillax
Smon: The giant nods. "I will summon her." He goes to a nearby third story window and yells in Common: "Orc! Go fetch the Mistress!"
joriandrake: (Drak is not too good at it, but he did actually train to be persuasive, this means as rogue my roll result can't be worse than 15)
Smon: You wait. The giants watch you. They eye SB in particular. "You. You are a strange dragon-beast." (in common)
DESTROYERBILL: im from another world where i am a man of tremendus wealth and power
joriandrake: Drakhaien smiles and speaks to Quillax in old Thassilonian "and they don't even know half of our story"
JamesDevil: to qullax "if this goes south, we may need to make a fast getaway"
DESTROYERBILL: my hoard is greater than that of an ancient gold dragon so i feel greed is my master
joriandrake: (greed is my master, that is a fun quote for future)
JamesDevil: are there any trees nearby large enough to tree stride through?
Smon: 1 in 6
DESTROYERBILL: ooc i got to be convincing
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 4,
JamesDevil: Bill its red dragins that are super greedy, not gold
JamesDevil: traditionally anyway
Smon: No the courtyard is cracked cobbles and fire pit, no trees. A massive 20' covered gate leads to the outer yard.
Smon: Otherwise 40' walls with many shuttered & barred windows around you.
DESTROYERBILL: gold are greedy as well all dragons are greedy
joriandrake: (to be fair almost all dragons are gredy  )
Smon: Six heavy doors lead off at ground level.
DESTROYERBILL: sb: i even have my own pet adult blue dragon back home
joriandrake: *Drakhaienwonders why we don't jsut ask the dragonborn to summon his army from home to defeat all the enemies
Smon: After 5 minutes or so a harsh orc-horn blares, then double doors swing open and out march a squad of 20 elite orcs in gilted plate armour, they step to each side with halberds raised as out comes the Mistress of the Armies of Greed, followed by a gaggle of robed advisors, human & orc mostly.
DESTROYERBILL: i cant transport them here
joriandrake: Drakhaien makes himself small (hides as far he can)
Smon: Viorian Dekanti regards you with a confident smile.
"In the name of Runelord Karzoug, Once and Future Lord of Shalast, I bid thee welcome!"
joriandrake: (or at least blends in)
JamesDevil: Claw nods his head slightly
Keelia: Q memorises Viorian's face then inclines her head
Smon: She wears gold armour and wields a shield - with Chellan, Sword of Greed, that was stolen from Clank 7 months ago.
JamesDevil: "Greetings, you are the leader of the army of greed yes?"
Keelia: Quillax has to bite her tongue.
Smon: Viorian looks at SB as he kneels. Then to Claw.
Smon: "I am no leader, merely the humble servant of our Lord."
Smon: OOC Drak knows Viorian never spoke like that when he knew her! Definitely very different.
JamesDevil: "none the less you lead in his name yes?"
Smon: Drak you can roll stealth lurking behind the fire.
Smon: "Aye."
DESTROYERBILL: though you do lead his armys
JamesDevil: Claw turns to SB]
Smon: Drak & Q note that a bunch of orc archers are now covering you from the upper windows.
JamesDevil: "it seems we have found our leader"
Smon: PP DC 15 so I think you all notice actually
JamesDevil: "SB here has a proposal for you"
Keelia: brb
DESTROYERBILL: yes and we must celebrate
joriandrake: Message cantrip to Quillax "She might be Charmed, she doesn't act like her usual self"
JamesDevil: Claw steps back and aaway from SB
joriandrake: (in old Thassilonian)
Smon: Drak stealth mininum is 27?
joriandrake: yes
DESTROYERBILL: do i now claw
joriandrake: waiut
Smon: OK she has PP 22 so doesn't spot Drak.
joriandrake: min 25
JamesDevil: ...Bill you literally said you wanted to have your duel
DESTROYERBILL: yeah but its quite hard to not be obliterated by these storm giants
DESTROYERBILL: i need to ease into it
Smon: Viorian listens as an aged half orc shaman whispers in her ear. She frowns and nods.
DESTROYERBILL: i offer her a bottle of wine i say : here is a bottle of fine elven wine from my homeworld
JamesDevil: ok...proceed then, just try not to get us killed
Keelia: (back)
DESTROYERBILL: seems like you were
Smon: Viorian gestures curtly to one of the orc guards, who steps forward & takes the bottle.
DESTROYERBILL: if you want i can give you 5 more
Smon: Viorian: "Thank you for the gift. Your ...homeworld? Where are you from?"
DESTROYERBILL: i am from the wilderlands
Keelia: Q watches the shaman as subtly as she can.
Smon: "And you have come here to serve our Lord Karzoug?"
DESTROYERBILL: yes as much as i can
joriandrake: I hope you are deceptive enough for this
Smon: "Good. He welcomes the service of all who come with loyal hearts. You will be richly rewarded - lands, gold, magic... whatever you wish."
JamesDevil: after the nat 20 i rolled i sure hope so!
DESTROYERBILL: empases on the gold please
Smon: Viorian looks to Claw. "I hear the stone giants of the Storval peaks have a new chief. As of last night." she grins.
JamesDevil: indeed I heard the same, quite the show as I understand it
Smon: "One who defeats Teraktinus so easily would be welcome in Karzoug's service. One who wields Garvok, Sword of Wrath?" She raises an eyebrow, indicating the massive blade.
Smon: Drak - the Viorian you knew was no scholar & knew nothing of Runeswords and such, except as wall-hangers for her villa.
JamesDevil: I could be ... convinced, perhaps we could talk inside over dinner? youself and my allies here
DESTROYERBILL: he fought one of the champions to show he is worthy of service to karzoug
Keelia: Can Q check for illusion?
Smon: Q can roll Perception or Investigate vs illusion, yup
Keelia: subtly.
Keelia rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 3, (+15) = 18
Smon: Q isn't picking up any illusions.
Keelia: ( the one roll I had today, I got a 3 :-/ )
joriandrake: does Drakh?
Keelia: (how does one go about checking for possession?)
Smon: Viorian considers Claw's proposal. "I would love to have dinner with you... but I must confess to a certain trepidation."
Smon: (Insight, Q)
joriandrake: sorry caps
Keelia rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 11, (+13) = 24
JamesDevil: "trepidation?"
Keelia: as a casual check to try to guess if she's possessed.
Smon: Drak isn't picking up any Illusions - does he have History trained?
joriandrake: yes
DESTROYERBILL: like my freind i wish to prove myself worthy by dueling one of your elites intil one of us surrenders just to show im worthy of service to allmighty lord karzoug
Smon: Drak recalls something about Illusion being a forbidden School to the masters of Greed magic.
Smon: Quillax senses that Viorian is definitely under an 'influence', if not directly possessed.
Smon: Perhaps a powerful Charm type effect
joriandrake: Message cantrip to Quillax about this in old T again
JamesDevil: "as you can see some of us are more ... eager to please the lord of Greed faster than others"
Keelia: (she'll going to do a look for interesting items of clothing or jewellery being worn)
Smon: Viorian looks to SB. "That is the way of Wrath, not Greed. Lord Karzoug does not waste his champions lightly."
joriandrake: (breaking enchantments on her could also work, but best not done in plain sight in middle of a crowd)
DESTROYERBILL: not to the death of course
Smon: "I see. If you wish a friendly match..." she nods to a storm giant, who steps forward, greatsword raised.
DESTROYERBILL: just mabye for me to possibly worm up your ranks and make a little bit a coin
Smon: The giant glares at SB. "Prepare for a pasting, wee one!"
Smon: Plate armour crackling, it raises sword.
Smon: roll init SB
DESTROYERBILL: what do you mean by pasting its not to the death that would be very sad if you lost your head
Smon: /roll d20+3
Smon rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 5, (+3) = 8
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+4x2 and gets:
14 (+4) = 18
2 (+4) = 6
Keelia: (Do you want to go forward with this or do you want Q to defuse?)
DESTROYERBILL: its a freindly dule its fine
JamesDevil: apparently he wants to go forward with it
DESTROYERBILL: ive killed an ancient by my self
DESTROYERBILL: in its layer
DESTROYERBILL: ill be fine
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+18 and gets: 2, (+18) = 20
Smon: AC 23 - miss
Keelia: Q steps back out of the way
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+18 and gets: 18, (+18) = 36
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 19, (+16) = 35
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 5, 1, = 6
DESTROYERBILL: forgot to metion i raged obvisouley
Smon: "Ha, a wee scratch!"
Smon: Giant strikes
DESTROYERBILL: oops i slipped up a bit
JamesDevil: so easy to froget isn't it
Smon: /roll d20+17x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
8 (+17) = 25
15 (+17) = 32
Smon: /roll 6d6+12
Smon rolls 6d6+12 and gets: 4, 4, 2, 3, 4, 2, (+12) = 31
Smon: /roll 2d8
Smon rolls 2d8 and gets: 5, 8, = 13
Smon: 31 slash + 13 lightning
Smon: 44/2 = 22
Keelia: (once the fight is finished, Q would like to look over V and check for articles that might be part of a charm)
DESTROYERBILL: i thought this was a dule not a tickle off
Smon: The giants, orcs etc start to look interested
Smon: R2
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+18x2 and gets:
8 (+18) = 26
13 (+18) = 31
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d20+32 and gets: 10, 6, (+32) = 48
DESTROYERBILL rolls 4d6 and gets: 5, 2, 3, 6, = 16
DESTROYERBILL: i use breath attack
Smon: 105 so far
DESTROYERBILL rolls 5d6 and gets: 3, 6, 6, 2, 5, = 22
Smon: /roll d20+3
Smon rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 19, (+3) = 22
JamesDevil: I have an idea after this fight
Smon: 11 fire
DESTROYERBILL: you doged that impressive
Smon: "Ye're a hot wee bugger!"
Smon: /roll d20+17x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
20 (+17) = 37
13 (+17) = 30
DESTROYERBILL: i am a dragon mate
Smon: crit & hit
JamesDevil: the gisnt sounds like a friggin dwarf
Smon: /roll 18d6+24
DESTROYERBILL: thats a bit of a hit
Smon rolls 18d6+24 and gets: 3, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 1, 5, 6, 3, 3, 5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 3, 6, (+24) = 91
Smon: /roll 6d8
Smon rolls 6d8 and gets: 4, 2, 1, 8, 4, 1, = 20
Smon: 111/2 = 55
DESTROYERBILL: god damn dats hot mate
Smon: "Stung a wee bit, aye?" the giant grins.
Smon: R3
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+18x2 and gets:
7 (+18) = 25
1 (+18) = 19
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 3, (+16) = 19
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d6 and gets: 5, 1, = 6
joriandrake: this soundsl ike a Wessex fisher/dragonborn in a bar fight with a Scottish dwarf/miner
DESTROYERBILL: your armors pretty damn good also
Smon: /roll d20+17x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
20 (+17) = 37
8 (+17) = 25
Smon: "Aye!"
Smon: /roll 12d6+12
Smon: /roll 4d8
Smon rolls 12d6+12 and gets: 2, 2, 1, 6, 4, 6, 4, 2, 1, 6, 3, 1, (+12) = 50
Smon rolls 4d8 and gets: 1, 2, 5, 8, = 16
Smon: 66/2 = 33
DESTROYERBILL: your a luck bastard arent yah
Smon: "Skill not luck laddy!"
Keelia: (let me know if you want Q to step in here...)
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+18x2 and gets:
14 (+18) = 32
17 (+18) = 35
Smon: R4
DESTROYERBILL rolls 2d20+32 and gets: 14, 14, (+32) = 60
DESTROYERBILL rolls 4d6 and gets: 1, 6, 3, 4, = 14
DESTROYERBILL: dont worry quillax im fine
Smon: The giant staggers as a powerful blow strikes his left kneecap, armour crunching. "Ow!"
DESTROYERBILL: he has done barley a flesh wound to me
Smon: /roll d20+17x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
9 (+17) = 26
10 (+17) = 27
Smon: aw
DESTROYERBILL: i am a demi god mate you better watch your self
Smon: SB dodges under the swinging blade.
Smon: The giant looks to Viorian.
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+18x2 and gets:
15 (+18) = 33
15 (+18) = 33
DESTROYERBILL: i stab him in the leg with the first blow then bonk him on the head with the second saying goodnight sweet prince
Smon: The stunned giant staggers back ...then crashes to the ground, out cold. The other giants gasp. The orcs quail. Viorian politely applauds. "Well done!"
JamesDevil: "well i think that proves his worth would you not agree?" Claw says to Viorian
DESTROYERBILL: thank you thank you yes i know im amazing hold your apluase
Smon: Viorian smiles at SB. "Indeed! Most worthy! Second only to a Rune Giant, I'd say!"
JamesDevil: "moving onto the proposal:"
Smon: At Viorian's direction the orcs and giants join in the applause.
DESTROYERBILL: i say the rune giants second to me mate
Smon: Viorian laughs at SB. "Do not be Presumptuous, oh mighty one."
DESTROYERBILL: your giant was a real good fighter if you can promote him
DESTROYERBILL: well dont under estimate my golden scales
JamesDevil: "may we now retire into you grand fortress to discuss our proposal?
DESTROYERBILL: i say lets have our selves a feast
Smon: Claw can roll Deception
JamesDevil rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 12, (-1) = 11
JamesDevil: cock
JamesDevil: "out here will work too"
joriandrake: Thanks for the game Simon, i'm tired and have to wake up early tomorrow, can't stay longer, have a nice weekend everyone
DESTROYERBILL: ill try and get the storm giant on his feat
Smon: Viorian: "I would love to eat with you my friends, but my Lord Karzoug is wary of you - two of you - since you have often opposed him in the past. He requires some assurance you will not try to slay me and steal back his sword, Chellan."
Smon: bye J
DESTROYERBILL: good bye jorian
Keelia: (happy easter J)
joriandrake: bye
JamesDevil: Claw begins pacing a line in front of her
JamesDevil: "As you know the Lord of Wrath...HATES Sloth with a passion"
JamesDevil: "Given the shared border between the Greed and Sloth lands, it stands to reason that any assitance given by wrath to the lord of Greed in attacking the lord of Sloth would be for the benefit of both of lords"
Smon: With flapping, SB gets the stunned & groggy giant back on his feet. "Thanks there, mate."
8:28pm  2019-4-20 joriandrake Has exited the room
DESTROYERBILL: i shake the giants hand
Smon: He shakes SB's arm cordially.
Smon: Viorian looks surprised at Claw's words. "You serve Alaznist? She has awoken?!" she sounds worried.
DESTROYERBILL: now on to the gold is there any
JamesDevil: "thus I suggest attacking a common enemy - Sloth before moving onto the humans and unmarked giants
Smon: test
JamesDevil: She still sleep, but i have felt here since i first grasped the sword
Smon: (SB is being ignored right now)
JamesDevil: "it is a difficult thing to describe..."
JamesDevil: ooc who didn't she trust? Quillax and Jorian?
Smon: Viorian looks relieved. "Alaznist is our greatest foe! She must not be allowed to awaken. But you are right there is an enemy... not Sloth, but Gluttony!"
Keelia: (she ws addressing Claw and SB, I thought?)
Smon: Viorian waves Chellan, pointing east to the rising sun. "There, in Gastash, a terrible evil is growing!"
JamesDevil: ooc i thought lust and pride were incompatable with greed ?
Smon: OOC opposition on the Sihedron, yup.
JamesDevil: ooc ah, k, just not in politics
Smon: Viorian: "Runelord Zutha is an undead monster! If not stopped, he will consume all things! He has almost finished uniting the orc tribes. Now his undead legions and orcs prepare to march on Lastwall, Nirmathas..."
DESTROYERBILL: i think she reffered to quillax and claw the people fighting against karzoug for years
JamesDevil: "ah, another enemy, there are always more!"
JamesDevil: "they will be the next quarry then!"
Smon: Viorian nods to Claw. "You should go east, against Zutha. Help the innocent folk of Lastwall and Nirmathas before they are raped, butchered, eaten for his pleasure."
JamesDevil: ooc should we end here or wind walk back home?
JamesDevil: ooc or that way ofc
Smon: Viorian turns to SB. "If you wish to stay and pledge yourself to Lord Karzoug, he welcomes your service. You will be ritually marked with his Rune and clad in gold, platinum, diamonds..."
Smon: ooc will end at 10pm if that's ok
Smon: or good stop point
JamesDevil: "we shall take your leave then Claw hits hit fist against his chest bows then wind walk (if its still up?)
JamesDevil: ooc happy to go on Keelia?
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 6,
Smon: WW has expired
Smon: Q could re-cast, presumably
Keelia: (It's nearing 11 here, 10pm will be my cut off  )
Smon: Somewhere safe might be good
Smon: Or go to nearest tree!
Smon: rem it's 10 rounds incapacitated
DESTROYERBILL: well i cant stay becouse i have a lot of things back home like a family and a lot of buisnesses making money i can pledge allegiance and take the money but cant stay
JamesDevil: ok, cool, head to Zutha then?
Keelia: Q steps forward, "I thought I recognised in you a woman of strength and intelligence, but I also now see compassion."
Smon: Viorian cocks her head as if listening to a faraway voice, then nods to SB. "There is not enough riches here to properly gift to one as great as thee. Come to the Spires of Xin-Shalast and the Lord shall give thee thine due reward."
Keelia: "I would have a word with you, Lady Viorian, as one woman of power to another. I believe there is much information we could trade."
Smon: Viorian looks a little uncertain at Q. "Please speak here, and I will say what I know."
DESTROYERBILL: i think i could do that but ill need to see if that fits up on my scedual i belive i have time for that
Smon: LOL
Keelia: "Nonsense, let us be as friends! I have wine and chocolate. We shall retire, the two of us, and discuss battle plans and how best to destroy Zutha."
JamesDevil: O.o
JamesDevil: we're mean to SAVE Zutha
JamesDevil: meant*
Keelia: I thought that was GluttonY?
JamesDevil: no wait, brain fart
JamesDevil: we need to save Lastwall and Nirmathas
JamesDevil: from Zutha
DESTROYERBILL: yeah that was weird (cough cough zombie sympafiser)
Smon: Viorian's eyes seem to glimmer with green light. She smiles at Quillax, but it seems almost more a rictus, and when she speaks, her voice is harsh, masculine.

"Have a care, little Quillax! I have been most indulgent of thee. I do not think you mean well to my dear Champion. You should go now, before my mercy grows strained."
Keelia: "A woman of such power should know the benefit of a short rest."
JamesDevil: Claw gently grabs Quillaxs shoulder and drags here away a bit (much like she does to him) "lets leave before we overstay our welcome
JamesDevil: "it has been an honour miss Viorian"
Keelia: Q tilts her head and offers a smile as Claw drags her back. "Pity, a sharing of information would have been beneficial on both sides, but as you wish."
JamesDevil: ooc man this has been another rp heavy session
Keelia: "If you change your mind, Lord or Lady, do send word," Q inclines her head and turns on her heel.
Smon: Q & C recognise the voice of Karzoug that spoke to them through Mokmurian. At Claw's words the green light fails, and Viorian - or what's left of her - returns. She smiles and nods to Claw. "Go then, in peace. And good fortune. May the Sihedron watch over you."
DESTROYERBILL: dont forget me im coming to xin shalst for the money
Smon: GM: Viorian has the gates opened and you can walk out.
JamesDevil: "right, east to stop greed then, agreed?"
Keelia: When they are out of earshot, Q leans over to Claw. "He's still sour over Mokmurian's less than glorious demise, I see."
Keelia: "No."
JamesDevil: "or we leave them to fight it out and head home
DESTROYERBILL: shield biter is moving beside the champion (he is thinking he will get the money and then leave re join the others and help defeat gluteney
JamesDevil: "he, yea, that guy sucked..."
Smon: Viorian smiles at SB as he moves to stand by her. "Welcome to the ranks of Shalast, great Dragonborn."
Keelia: "We need to fetch the last shard. Karzoug is strong enough to possess a champion once more."
Smon: She watches as Q & C head out the gate, then shuts the gates behind them.
DESTROYERBILL: uha uha yeah money
Keelia: Q looks back, once, "I do hope that Shieldbiter knows the dangerous game he plays."
JamesDevil: "he's likely to get himself killed, or worse, but we can't stop him"
Keelia: "The remaining shard is our goal. We'll set our armies out to guard what we can, but we cannot let the shards fall into the wrong hands now."
JamesDevil: Ok, so do we head home, rest up then proceed to the last shard? or head straight there?
Smon: OOC XP +5,000 to Claw, +10,000 to Quillax
Keelia: "To Sheila. We need information on the final shard."
Keelia: do I save up xp towards new stuff post-20?
JamesDevil: ooc gah! 2900 xp from lv 20!
DESTROYERBILL: no daddy made a mistake
Smon: Yeah not using XP post 20, just Epic Boons - forgot you were 20 now Q
JamesDevil: gah, was hoping i could get a last minute boost >.<
Keelia: It's weird not adding xp onto my sheet
JamesDevil: lol
JamesDevil: so end here then?
Keelia: works for me
Smon: Yup stopping there tonight. You can transport back to Heidmarch manor to see Sheila, tick off another spell slot Q
JamesDevil: coolio, thanks for the game all!
Keelia: Thank you gentlemen for the excellent game. And Happy Easter!
Smon: Good session, I love RPing my NPCs
DESTROYERBILL: thanks everyone good night
Keelia: night!
JamesDevil: I like to get some good rping in too, plus youknow, killing stuff ;
JamesDevil: night
Smon: Yeah good combo
Smon: No one died today though!
9:02pm  2019-4-20 Keelia Has exited the room

Shieldbiter Chillin' with his new friends