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ep 57 7-11/6/4713 Beyond the Doomsday Door #4

Kill medusa, rescue Koriah & Casimir Azmeren, return to Magnimar for 4 nights' rest & recuperation. Invited to dinner with Lord Mayor Haldemeer Grobaaras.

Quillax Account

- kill redcaps
- loot bodies
- kill 2 vrock
- kill ettin, redcap, and medusa
- free Koriah Azmeren
- convince redcap bard and mephits to leave
- fetch Koriah's father and return both to Magnimar
- get invited to dinner by Lord Mayor
When the Recaps returned from the banishment, we worked together to kill them. After collecting anything useful, we went to investigate the Southern door in the next room, which opened to the covered bridge which would lead to WindSong Tower. The enclosed bridge's stained glass revealed two Vrock which were attempting a summoning. We interrupted with ax and magic, with Yukiko banishing both.
Claw heard footsteps and we prepared ourselves. A sleepy-looking Ettin and Redcap opened the door. Behind them, we could see a large bathroom and an eerily accurate statue of Koriah Azmeren in the corner. A female's laughter came from behind them, which was revealed to belong to a Medusa, Sufestra.
Irizati cast Held Monster on the Ettin and the Medusa cast Confusion, causing Clank and Claw to struggle some under the spell. Despite that, Claw killed the Ettin and helped with the Redcap. Irizati prevented the Medusa from casting further spells by encapsulating her in a Force Cage. Her snake-hair could still cause us issues but she was prevented from doing anything until the Force Cage wore off. It gave us a chance to look around and prepare.
When the Force Cage dropped, we attacked, with my Water Elemental form Whelming the medusa, grappling and restraining her, allowing us all to attack her. Irizati landed the fatal blow with his gun.
We used a stone salve to revive Koriah and determine she was trapped as a statue for about three weeks. She tells us she had seen her father in the Pharis Pharasmi (large central tower / magical lighthouse) and would not leave without him.
Furthermore, she tells us that the culprit is Arnathanatis, who was the high priest of the Goddess of Death. He went mad and blamed the Abbot (priest of Ayomedey) and murdered him. Having been the second highest priest he would have inherited Windsong except he had committed murder within the Council. He had returned to reclaim his place in the Abbey. And was still completely mad.
As we headed out to fetch Koriah's father, we heard the singing again, and decided to stop a possible ambush by dealing with it directly. The singing came from a RedCap bard and her pet dust mephits. We were able to convince them to leave. She tells us to beware the Skulks and alluded that Arnathanastis most likely had the shard with him.
When we retrieve Koriah's father, he tells us there was a traitor amongst the Clerics. Zolerim, priest of Nephis, who violated the Windsong Abbey truce and helped kill the Abbot.
Having secured everyone we knew of that was alive, we returned back to the Pathfinders Lodge to bring them to safety.
We were told more of Arnathanastis. He had gathered a hoarde of monsters, recruited from Hallow Mountain (Wrath's) and Fogstar Mountains (not far from my birthplace). The Doomsday Keys, for the proper Doomsday Door, were held in a vault which he was probably trying to open. We spent a couple of days preparing ourselves and were also invited out to feast with the Lord Mayor.
He told us that the Stone Giants were clashing with the Shoanti in Jorgenfist. Riddleport also needed support. The Hellknights had been sent out towards Wolf's Ear (my home) region and would be grateful for support in Ravensmoor once we dealt with Windsong Abbey.
Additional note: Groetus's people were known to reside between Wrath and Greed but were generally avoided by both Rune Lords and their people. It is also very likely that they are undead, having transformed themselves with a terrible ritual. We have been warned to beware of traps, skulks, and giants.
- Crossbolt quivers with 24x screaming bolts. (medium sized)
- +1 full plate armour, medium sized
- Great Ax of Life Stealing
- Composite Long Bow with 10x +1 Elf-Bane arrows
- 3 x Eagle's Splendor potions (adv on CHA checks) - Yukiko claimed
- Masterwork disguise kit of an Elven Princess - Yukiko claimed (adv to bluff rolls over identity while wearing)
- Holy symbol of Mistama demon lord of cruelty and deception (sold)
- +2 chain shirt, size medium. (sold)
- doomsday key - labelled A10? - will open a lock for the lower dungeons level access on the North Side of the Abbey
- magical dagger - +1 frost katar (1d6 extra frost damage)
- non-magical diamond necklace - saved for resurrection components. Diamonds worth 2500gp
- one stone salve

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ep 57 5-7/6/4713 Battling in Windsong Abbey - Beyond the Doomsday Door #3

After flying back via Wind Walk & resting up in Magnimar nights of 5/6 and 6/6, Quillax Claw & Yukikio return the same way to Windsong Abbey, joined by Irizati the gunslinger warlock. Irizati dispels stomach-demons in the old cathedral then the group battle ettins, redcap archers, fight to upper level where they defeat a hideous undead bugbear and his mummies.

Quillax Account

- loot RedCaps
- return to Magnimar for report + long rest + collect Irizati then return to WindSong Abbey
- Irizati banishes 2 Nyogoth
- kill 4 Ettin
- trigger a trapped headdress which Yukiko claims
- kill Zombie BugBear Luthask + 3 other zombies
- kill 2 RedCaps - 2 are still banished (6 rounds remaining)
- Claw is still cursed with Mummy's Rot (cannot be healed and will slowly take damage until death unless cured).
We decided, as we were rather drained, to take the opportunity of Leblond's call to another emergency to windwalk out of the Abbey and back to Magnimar to collect Irizati and report back to the Pathfinders and see if any more information was forthcoming. We were informed that RedCaps are not normally found in that area, but usually much farther North.
After taking a long rest, we windwalked back towards the Abbey. We stumbled across a still smoldering farm house, which was on fire when we had passed it a few days ago, so we stopped to investigate the area. There were several Ettin tracks heading back towards the Abbey, including one set which was absolutely enormous. We windwalked back to the ridge line where Claw unfortunately alerted some sentry and the bugle of an alarm horn sounded. We hurried into the ruined tower this time, rather than the part of the Abbey we had explored before. The tower was quite obviously purposefully desecrated and would need to be consecrated again at some point in the future when the area was rendered safe.
As we stepped inside, two Nyogoth uncurled in the middle of the room. Nyogoth are also known as Hollow Ones, creatures with an endless hunger, which are not from our plane of existence. Irizati cast Banish and we waited for the time to pass, keeping guard. Seconds after Irizati confirmed the banishment was complete, four Ettin charged into the room. One was exceptionally huge, which matched the footprints by the burned farmhouse. That one had a helmet on one head and bandages around the other as a makeshift helm, and a breastplate with a badly written symbol of wrath upon it.
We engaged them, with Claw throwing a javelin to start and Irizati immediately turning invisible to present a lesser target. I cast Wall of Fire around the minions while Yukiko cast Bless. Clank moved up towards the Ettins, who also moved towards him taking damage from the fire wall but also hitting him. Yukiko was able to get an attack of opportunity, which drew the Ettin Boss' attention towards her, doing a fair amount of damage.
Irizati killed one of the minions with his guns, while Claw attacked another. Clank struck out with his Sword and killed the last two minions, with one turning to stone. He then attacked the Boss Ettin. Yukiko healed herself somewhat and the Ettin Boss lashed out at Claw. With a combined effort, the Ettin Boss was weakened and Clank landed the killing blow.
[1660xp for all including Clank]
While we checked our injuries, I could hear some sad (occasionally off-key) music in the distance. It sounded ethereal which meant that a bard was probably involved. The singing was high-pitched and put me in mind of the RedCaps.
As we progressed, Claw found a barrel of wine and started to guzzle it down, so I slapped some Keoghan's ointment on him to prevent alcohol poisoning and the upcoming hangover.
We came up to two doors. We decided to barricade the Northern-most door with some rubble and progressed through the Southern-most door, which then we saw both doors went into the same room. Unfortunately, Clank fell into a pit trap, and we had to fetch him up with some rope. Luckily, he was immune to the poison.
While I tended Clank's damage, Irizati and Yukiko spotted a headdress hanging on the banister rail and went to investigate. Unfortunately, they triggered a sonic trap which lashed at us all, causing Clank more damage, but they secured the headdress. Yukiko claimed it after looking it over and deciding it would suit her as it covered her face. As a sort of apology, she cast Mass Cure Wounds.
Moments later four RedCaps came down the split staircase (two on each side) and shot at me with those damnable crossbows that had done so much damage to Clank before. Only one bolt struck me but it caused Yukiko and Claw to once again be afraid and the RedCaps ducked back around the corners, except for one, which Irizati managed to reflect the spell and charm it. Irizati successfully cast suggestion on it also. Claw raged and flew up, attacking and killing a Redcap. After pulling out the arrow, I climbed on top of the broom and cast Moonbeam on the other pair. Clank took wing and flew up to join Claw, watching for more enemies while Yukiko cast Bless. The RedCaps all ran away except the charmed one.
Claw went up the Southern-most stairs while I chased the other pair up the Northern-most stairs with my Moonbeam. Yukiko followed me up the northern stairs, while Irizati and Clank killed the charmed Redcap to be safe. Then Irizati followed Claw and Clank followed me. The northern stairs led to a room which smelled of death, rot, and zombie. The RedCaps open the door in front of us and shot me again - twice this time.
Claw and Irizati appeared from the side door and Irizati cast Hunder of Hadar on the zombie bugbear Luthask that we could see in the next room. All the zombies including Luthask came towards us.
We engaged in battle and I took fire elemental form for my health. Between fire and moonbeam, the zombies were worn down slowly. Irizati was then suddenly attacked by Redcaps who charged through the side door and booted him, knocking him prone, then started attacking him. He was able to roll to his feet and banished them.
Claw engaged the zombies, joining myself and Clank in the fight. Clank killed a zombie and Yukiko cast a mass heal spell to counteract the damage we were taking. Claw ran through the moonbeam and engaged the zombies in the other room. Luthask struck Claw with a curse of Mummy's Rot. Yukiko cast and killed a zombie. Irizati killed the other zombie with his gun from the other doorway. Claw and Luthask traded blows, with Clank and I striking as we could. Yukiko landed the killing blow on the Bugbear Zombie with Sacred Flames.
We took a moment to catch our breath while Irizati focused still on the banishment of the pair of RedCaps.
[3400 xp each, including Clank]
[Note - 6 rounds until RedCaps come back. Moonbeam still running. Quillax as Fire Elemental.]
Loot this session:
- 64 gp off the bodies
- Giant garnet eye - sold for 5000gp
- small sized studded leather - sold for 5000gp
- death bill - medium sized weapon
- Bundle of keys with numbers A1-A22 ; A4 and A10 missing
- Headdress (claimed by Yukiko)

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ep 56 5/6/4713 Redcaps - Beyond the Doomsday Door #2

Party enter the Windsong Abbey gatehouse by the top floor, meeting fierce resistance from Redcaps under Roy Flaxbeater, who drags Yukiko down a pit trap. Eventually 9 Redcaps including Roy are slain. Party decide to retreat and rest. Leblond, assured matters are in hand, is called elsewhere.

Image result for Pathfinder Redcap

Quillax Account
Summary [6-August]
- Chase and Fight Red Caps through several floors, eventually defeating 7+. More are out in the courtyard.
Journal [6-August]
Flush with victory over the Giants and concerned that we had alerted everyone to our presence, we searched for a way in. Claw flew up to the top floor and looked inside, spotting a group of RedCaps playing games. They spotted Claw but told him to go away. He returned to us and informed us about them.
We decided to engage them since we didn't want anyone running away to alert more guards. Claw flew back up and tried to drag one out the window but the RedCaps were strong and slippery and instead, it was Claw who was hurt.
I used by djezet cup with some of Claw's blood to try to act as a distraction but it did little more than make two of the RedCaps amazing friends. I then tried a Wall of Stone behind the RedCaps to keep them from running away but they swiftly tore through the wall before we could get the party up to the top floor, so instead, I went for a Wall of Fire until Claw made it back up to the top floor.
We tried various bits of magic and outright damage but the RedCaps were numerous and stronger than we expected and they fled, taunting us.
We considered chasing but we had heard them chattering about traps and wanted to move at a careful pace. Plus, we got distracted by the treasure chest. Claw ripped the lid of the chest off and we dumped the contents into a bag of holding before moving after the RedCaps.
On the floor below, we dodged a trap that would have caused us great harm should we have come through the main entrance and passed some human sized cages, which felt haunted by the previous occupants.
[600 xp for avoiding trap]
We made our way down to the next floor, spotting two RedCaps sentries. Claw and Yukiko engaged them but the RedCaps were able to run. We gave chase. Not to be completely denied, Claw threw a javelin and killed one. Leblond shot the other but it escaped into another room.
Yukiko cast a light spell, revealing a group of RedCaps. Clank moved up and was struck by four bolts, striking him down. The bolts were bespelled to cause a sort of fear so that Claw and Yukiko were unable to move forward towards Clank or the enemy.
I brushed past them and was able to drag Clank back to safety, catching sight of four RedCaps wielding the powerful crossbows which had brought Clank down.
Leblond, unaffected by the fear, shot his thunder arrow and struck some of the RedCaps.
Yukiko shook off her fear and was able to cast Aid, getting Clank to his feet where he was able to start his self-repair. Likewise, Claw overcame the fear and charged out towards the Tower towards the crossbow RedCaps.
Still enraged over my poor Clank, I Called Down Lightning on them and Leblond shot at them.
As we were starting to get surrounded, Yukiko darted into the room and cast Turn Undead and it caused most of the RedCaps in there to be afraid. (For future reference, RedCaps hate the gods so much that the can be turned by Holy Clerics.) Unfortunately, not all were afraid and were able to slap their companions into bravery.
The arrow group ran and hid, so we used the opportunity to run into the room with the RedCaps. Clank started forward to help Yukiko, Claw started back towards us, I started throwing fire at one, and Leblond attacked the same.
Yukiko, under attack, cast Spirit Guardians after we were all in the room. Clank struck out and killed three that were surrounding her. Claw came in and dove into the fight while I threw a heal at Yukiko. Leblond used his lightning arrow and hit four of the Redcaps.
The RedCaps brought Clank down again but Yukiko once more brought him to his feet. Leblond killed two of the RedCaps and with the leader alone remaining in the room, he decided to be suicidal and dragged Yukiko into a trap, knocking her out. The RedCap died but we were able to fetch Yukiko out and slapped some Keoghan's ointment on her wounds to bring her back to consciousness.
My storm raged in the background and we knew that several Redcaps with crossbows hovered somewhere outside waiting for us.
A bit of magic suddenly swirled around Leblond, summoning him to deal with an emergency. He ducked out a window and disappeared into the shadows with our thanks for his help.
[5460 xp each, including Clank]
[ Non-Journal note:]
Treasure chest contained:
- 922 silver
- 600 gold
- 1 pouch of gems (7 gems = 700 gp)
- 40 lbs of religious silverware (about 1300gp) which Yukiko expressed a firm requirement that it should be returned to the various churches.