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ep 56 5/6/4713 Redcaps - Beyond the Doomsday Door #2

Party enter the Windsong Abbey gatehouse by the top floor, meeting fierce resistance from Redcaps under Roy Flaxbeater, who drags Yukiko down a pit trap. Eventually 9 Redcaps including Roy are slain. Party decide to retreat and rest. Leblond, assured matters are in hand, is called elsewhere.

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Quillax Account
Summary [6-August]
- Chase and Fight Red Caps through several floors, eventually defeating 7+. More are out in the courtyard.
Journal [6-August]
Flush with victory over the Giants and concerned that we had alerted everyone to our presence, we searched for a way in. Claw flew up to the top floor and looked inside, spotting a group of RedCaps playing games. They spotted Claw but told him to go away. He returned to us and informed us about them.
We decided to engage them since we didn't want anyone running away to alert more guards. Claw flew back up and tried to drag one out the window but the RedCaps were strong and slippery and instead, it was Claw who was hurt.
I used by djezet cup with some of Claw's blood to try to act as a distraction but it did little more than make two of the RedCaps amazing friends. I then tried a Wall of Stone behind the RedCaps to keep them from running away but they swiftly tore through the wall before we could get the party up to the top floor, so instead, I went for a Wall of Fire until Claw made it back up to the top floor.
We tried various bits of magic and outright damage but the RedCaps were numerous and stronger than we expected and they fled, taunting us.
We considered chasing but we had heard them chattering about traps and wanted to move at a careful pace. Plus, we got distracted by the treasure chest. Claw ripped the lid of the chest off and we dumped the contents into a bag of holding before moving after the RedCaps.
On the floor below, we dodged a trap that would have caused us great harm should we have come through the main entrance and passed some human sized cages, which felt haunted by the previous occupants.
[600 xp for avoiding trap]
We made our way down to the next floor, spotting two RedCaps sentries. Claw and Yukiko engaged them but the RedCaps were able to run. We gave chase. Not to be completely denied, Claw threw a javelin and killed one. Leblond shot the other but it escaped into another room.
Yukiko cast a light spell, revealing a group of RedCaps. Clank moved up and was struck by four bolts, striking him down. The bolts were bespelled to cause a sort of fear so that Claw and Yukiko were unable to move forward towards Clank or the enemy.
I brushed past them and was able to drag Clank back to safety, catching sight of four RedCaps wielding the powerful crossbows which had brought Clank down.
Leblond, unaffected by the fear, shot his thunder arrow and struck some of the RedCaps.
Yukiko shook off her fear and was able to cast Aid, getting Clank to his feet where he was able to start his self-repair. Likewise, Claw overcame the fear and charged out towards the Tower towards the crossbow RedCaps.
Still enraged over my poor Clank, I Called Down Lightning on them and Leblond shot at them.
As we were starting to get surrounded, Yukiko darted into the room and cast Turn Undead and it caused most of the RedCaps in there to be afraid. (For future reference, RedCaps hate the gods so much that the can be turned by Holy Clerics.) Unfortunately, not all were afraid and were able to slap their companions into bravery.
The arrow group ran and hid, so we used the opportunity to run into the room with the RedCaps. Clank started forward to help Yukiko, Claw started back towards us, I started throwing fire at one, and Leblond attacked the same.
Yukiko, under attack, cast Spirit Guardians after we were all in the room. Clank struck out and killed three that were surrounding her. Claw came in and dove into the fight while I threw a heal at Yukiko. Leblond used his lightning arrow and hit four of the Redcaps.
The RedCaps brought Clank down again but Yukiko once more brought him to his feet. Leblond killed two of the RedCaps and with the leader alone remaining in the room, he decided to be suicidal and dragged Yukiko into a trap, knocking her out. The RedCap died but we were able to fetch Yukiko out and slapped some Keoghan's ointment on her wounds to bring her back to consciousness.
My storm raged in the background and we knew that several Redcaps with crossbows hovered somewhere outside waiting for us.
A bit of magic suddenly swirled around Leblond, summoning him to deal with an emergency. He ducked out a window and disappeared into the shadows with our thanks for his help.
[5460 xp each, including Clank]
[ Non-Journal note:]
Treasure chest contained:
- 922 silver
- 600 gold
- 1 pouch of gems (7 gems = 700 gp)
- 40 lbs of religious silverware (about 1300gp) which Yukiko expressed a firm requirement that it should be returned to the various churches.

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