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The Crystal Palace of Xin

Ground Floor, scale 1 square = 10'
2nd Floor - Workshops


Lower Hold

Xin Legionnaire
Risen Isle of Xin

ep 90 18/2/4720 AR - the Spirit of Xin

Axiomite of Xin
7:29am  2019-8-24 Smon Has entered the room
Smon: Hi Chris
Smon: Just waking up here on 1st cofffee
7:30am  2019-8-24 Keelia Has entered the room
chris107: Hi Simon, Keelia
Keelia: Morning
Smon: Hi Keelia!
chris107: brb

7:36am  2019-8-24 Keelia Has exited the room
chris107: @ Simon. is M aware of the location and importance of the Spindlehorn?
7:36am  2019-8-24 Keelia Has entered the room
chris107: Also does she know about the life-siphon runemark?
7:37am  2019-8-24 JamesDevil Has entered the room
JamesDevil: morning
Smon: Yes we can take it she has been researching this stuff since awakening ca 6 months ago.
chris107: Morning James
Smon: Hi James
Keelia: morning james
Smon: Jorian may join us, no Bill & Fergus today so they will be guarding the rear.
chris107: (Thanks, I couldn't find the Spindelhorn on the map. Am I just being dim?)
Smon: is my text size ok?
JamesDevil: yep
chris107: good for me
Keelia: text size is fine, yep
7:40am  2019-8-24 joriandrake Has entered the room
Smon: Spindlehorn is on the maps here -
joriandrake: morning all
chris107: Morning Jorian
Smon: Hi Jorian! ok that is everyone
Smon: My text is tiny to me - can you read it ok Jorian?
chris107: yeah, that was the map I looked at. new specs needed maybe?
joriandrake: it is ok, still 14 font size
joriandrake: or maybe 15
Smon: It's in the Wyvern mountains east of Storrval Deep
chris107: Thanks
Smon: I'm on 14 font supposedly but looks more like 8 to me
chris107: Got it! Deffo need new specs
Smon: Test 15 font
JamesDevil: I have mine at 16
Smon: ok now mine is big.
JamesDevil: better
joriandrake: strange, I also feel as if font 14 looks a bit smaller than usually
joriandrake: maybe because you others put it to higher size than that
joriandrake: anyway, I can read it fine
chris107: Also is Thoth Bhreacher still around? last question I promise.
Smon: GM: OK Silrus & Sandor will guard the rear/poke around the ruins/watch out for more aboleths while the rest of you can deal with the Crystal Palace. Watch out for concrete iguanadons.
Smon: Thoth is in Magnimar taking a Long Rest after using all his energy to reforge the Sihedron.
chris107: Thank you
Smon: A tall, broad archway grown of crystal stands at the base of the palace. The door the archway frames bears no hinge, lock, or knob—only an unbroken sheet of pockmarked black crystal bars the way into the palace’s interior.

JamesDevil: "Hmm"
chris107: M uses Divine Sense on the area of and past the archway.
JamesDevil: "Anyone want to investigate or should i open this the old fashioned way?"
Smon: Malassandra recalls that after Xin fully 'automated' his palace, to gain entry his mortal servants would need to put a hand on the front door and request audience from the Axiomites, magical emanations of the palace itself.
chris107: Any signs that the area is hallowed or cursed? Or that celestials, undead or such are close?
chris107: M tells the others what she knows about opening the doors.
Smon: Using her divine sense, Mal detects 3 Axiomites (technically Outsiders) beyond the doorway, currently dormant.
JamesDevil: "ok, so, someone needs to put there hand on then speak? go for it"
chris107: "Shall I give it a try?"
JamesDevil: "go for it"
chris107: M does so.
chris107: shield up using her sword arm.
joriandrake: magic hand?
Smon: - an Axiomite
joriandrake: Mage Hand?
chris107: "I Malixandra, servant of Xin request entry."
Smon: There is a long pause, then the ancient door grinds slowly open!
joriandrake: (argh, whath the heck happened with deviant art?)
chris107: "That went well." She grins at the others.
Smon: You gaze into the Foyer of Xin...

Crystal walls that once might have glittered in mirrored reflections are now dull and blackened, oppressively absorbing light and sound. Several glasslike globes—all but four shattered and extinguished—float near the ceiling, casting a muted light within. The haunting eyes of cracked crystal statues stare vacantly toward the door.

JamesDevil: btw who has the Sheheadron?
chris107: (Dimensions of the hall please?)
Smon: The chamber is about 60' deep, ending at huge double doors that lead into the Throneroom of Xin beyond.
Smon: It widens from about 20' where you are to 40' at the far end.
chris107: M enters.
joriandrake: (is it still the same day as last battle?)
chris107: Default for the S is Keelia
Smon: (It is just after last battle)

This foyer was once where emissaries of Emperor Xin greeted visitors. Few items remain, though tarnished serving trays and vessels of a strange silver metal hang suspended in midair in one corner. On inspection, the statues seem to have grown out of the very structure of the palace, and are staggeringly lifelike in detail and complexity, though all are damaged. There are eight such statues, all of men and women of severe, regal bearing clad in intricate robes and headdresses of ancient design. They all have a distinctive cast to their features, hinting that they are related. They are, in fact, representations of Xin’s forebears.

3 subtly glowing runic slowly etching themselves on the floor of this chamber. They quickly amass, rising up to coagulate into tall humanoid forms dressed in impossibly complicated raiment befitting the richest prince. These creatures are, collectively, Xin’s axiomite chamberlain.
chris107: M bows and speaks in ancient Thesilonian.
chris107: "take us to your leader..."
Smon: The Axiomite-trio regards Malassandra, and bows gracefully.

"Welcome, Commander Malassandra. Our Lord and King is currently sleeping. Please wait here."
Keelia: Q is back to human form and will throw the S back and forth with M or C to up her health (before they entered)
joriandrake: (can you override their command to become primary owner?)
Smon: (Ok you are all at full hp from the Sihedron)
chris107: (I doubt it and wouldn't want to upset things just yet. keep it in reserve?)
Smon: What is Mal's passive Insight?
chris107: 184/184HP
chris107: Insight is wis?
JamesDevil: 325/325
Smon: yes
chris107: 12
Smon: OK, anyone got PI 25?
Keelia: Damn, only 24
joriandrake: yes
Keelia: (any bonus from being near M?)
Smon: Need to up your WIS Quillax.
joriandrake: ah sorry, passive Inv
JamesDevil: what does observent (+5) +1 from wis take me to? passive wis is always confusing
joriandrake: PI I thought is Inv
joriandrake: Observant gives +5 to normal calculation
Keelia: Nope, WIS according to the sheet
JamesDevil: ah, nvm, my ivestigate is -1
joriandrake: Drakhaien: PassPer 29, PassInv 31
chris107: Nice!
JamesDevil: investigate is int*
joriandrake: he's a detective
Smon: Observant raises your Perception & Investigation but I was asking for Passive Insight sorry.
joriandrake: a passive insight would be only 17
Smon: No one has Passive Insight 25+ right?
Smon: ok
joriandrake: nah, but a roll might be worth it
Smon: Well you get a roll if you tell me what you're doing to get it
chris107: "We had best wait? There has been no danger here so far..."
JamesDevil: "lets wait"
joriandrake: being a suspicious detective he just tries to always delve into the motivation of others
chris107: M is obviously quite animated and eager to meet with her master again after all these centuries.
Keelia: Q turns to M. "No danger?" she gestures vaguely to outside.
chris107: "No danger inside..... The Abolith were always a mystery to us."
chris107: (have the outer doors shut behind us?
Keelia: She throws a glance to Claw.
Smon: The Axiomite(s) turn from Malassandra to the rest of you.
"Your dress is inappropriate for an audience with my lord and king."
They frown.
"Please attire yourselves while you wait. There are a wide variety of boutiques in the City."
JamesDevil: Claw looks back
JamesDevil: And readies his axe just incase
Smon: The doors are still open behind you.
JamesDevil: @i think Claw is dressed superbly in his loin cloth
chris107: "My companions and I have travelled far and seek audience urgently. We can see to their clothing later."
chris107: (M secretly thinks that Q's frock is somewhat dowdy. But then regrets the uncharitable thought.)
Smon: The Axiomite is/are tall humanoid forms dressed in impossibly complicated raiment befitting the richest prince. These creatures are, collectively, Xin’s axiomite chamberlain, and speak in staggered unison, completing one another’s sentences while referring to themselves as a single individual as they address the PCs in Thassilonian.
joriandrake: Drakhaien stares silently at the axiomite in his mask
Keelia: (Q isn't wearing a frock, she's a Lady wearing fashionable studded leather armour  )
Smon: The Axiomite(s) frown(s) at Malassandra. "Please state the nature of the urgency."
chris107: (  )
JamesDevil: "vain inglorious bastards"
chris107: "The enemies of Xin are abroad. Our master must be appraised."
Smon: Mal roll Insight.
joriandrake: (Claw stated the urgency is "vain inglorious bastards" IC  )
chris107 rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 3, (+2) = 5
chris107: Vapid airhead.
Smon: Mal roll Persuasion
chris107 rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 12, (+11) = 23
joriandrake: oh well, no insight for others, I assume it is because Mal's history with them that she can have the chance?
Smon: The Axiomite(s) look(s) uncertain.
chris107: "The emperor may be in danger!"
Smon: Drakhaien is using his Passive Insight, if he were looking for something in particular, or interacting, might get a roll in addition.
chris107: "We must speak with him." she insists.
joriandrake: (oh well, can't be good with everything)
Smon: "Commander Malassandra... is it truly necessary to bring these barbaric primitives with you into Xin's Hall?"
JamesDevil: "barbaric? Thank you for the complement"
chris107: "These people are my friends. Without them the emperor would be in even greater danger."
joriandrake: Drakhaien continues to silently stare at the insulting being
chris107: "They alone know the true peril."
JamesDevil: I'm holding the sword of Wrath if that makes any difference?
joriandrake: (lol, Claw wants us to roll init already)
JamesDevil: i meant its related to the Shehedron, so maybe it shows we are on his side?
Smon: (They seem uninterested in Garvok)

"This is highly irregular. However, these are irregular times... Please state the nature of the emergency and we will convey it to our King."
JamesDevil: or at least not against him
chris107: (Could Q pass the S to M please? She could try persuassion again with it's bonuses?)
Smon: Quillax & Drakhaien know that Garvok and the other Swords of Sin were forged by the Runelords, not Xin, and embody the negative aspects of the Thassilonian virtues...
Smon: (I'll take it M whispers that to Q)
chris107: Using Humility.
joriandrake: (yeah, they rebelled, so we are likely seen as hostiles/enemies rahter than have a beneficial modifier when seeing that sword)
chris107: (she is  )
JamesDevil: @jorian well, we took it from them, so even better
Keelia: (I've got to deal with a work thing for a few minutes, sorry!!)
joriandrake: (I assume Keelia / Q gives Chris/Mal the thing for use)
Smon: GM: OK I take it NPC-Quillax passes the Sihedron to Malassandra.
Smon: GM: Mal let me know what you're saying in response to the Axiomites.
Smon: & you can then roll persuasion with the Sihedron bonus.
chris107: "This information is for the emperor's ears alone." Humility bonus. Passes it to D whispering "Are they stalling us for a reason.
chris107: Inspiration ready should I roll badly
chris107 rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 13, (+15) = 28
chris107: I'll stick with that.
JamesDevil: Claw whispers "Yea, i'm getting that feeling"
Smon: "This is highly irregular Commander... but very well."

(OOC I did have DC 28 written down!)
JamesDevil: Claw looks around the room at the statues, looking for anything odd
joriandrake: (It's so hard, it almost requires a god to persuade this one)
chris107: or humility...
Smon: GM: Claw sees the statues look to have been damaged from a massive blast/explosion emanating from the direction of the throne room beyond the far doors.
Smon: GM: The massive doors at the far end of the foyer begin to grind open. Are you moving forward?
JamesDevil: Claw does
chris107: M would be, her judgment clouded by her desire to see her emperor again.
Smon: The Axiomites watch you as you walk forward into the Throne Room of the First Emperor.
chris107: (So Drak has the Sihedron at the moment)
joriandrake: (ok, if I can't use it I'll just pass it with reaction)
Smon: A throne of jagged black crystal grows from the center of this massive hall under a hundred-foot-high cathedral-like ceiling. Two lines of motionless automaton warriors stand at attention to the east of the throne, forming a path up to the ruler’s seat. Below, the floor is crystal-clear, like glass, allowing observation of a second immense room below. This second room is flooded with seawater but is fitfully illuminated by what appear to be schools of strange glowing fish. The floor is not visible deep below through the gloomy water, but about sixty feet beyond the throne to the west, the floor’s transparent nature is obscured by a twentyfoot-square section of black crystal set flush into the ground. Below, what appears to be a regiment of constructed soldiers of metal and gears (Xin Legionnaires) seems to float in the water, with successive layers of metal soldiers descending down into the gloom.

joriandrake: For now Drakh just walks and watches
chris107: (Which side did we enter from please?)
Smon: You came in from the east. It is about 150' to the throne, then another 120' or so the far (west) wall. A 20x20 square of red-black stone lies 30' from the far wall - Mal knows this is a magic stairway to upper & lower floors. There are 3 huge doors off the south/left wall,one off the north wall, and one opposite on the west wall.
chris107: (thanks)
JamesDevil: Can we see anything on the Throne? a corpse? a bad-ass angry Emperor?
Smon: A bent, wizened, motionless figure sits upon the throne - Mal's heart leaps at the sight of her King, the Emperor Xin! But he looks mortally wounded - both legs have been blasted away, along with his right arm. The stumps are charred black, and horrible burns mar much of the rest of his body where flesh is visible through his tattered, once-regal robes. Long black hair cascades from his head, and a metal circlet sits upon his brow.
chris107: "My Lord!" She hurries forward summoning her holy healing powers.
Smon: Embers on the man’s burnt stumps still smolder and glow, as if he were burned but moments ago.
JamesDevil: "Is he alive?!"
JamesDevil: Claw looks around the room
8:33am  2019-8-24 chris107 Has exited the room
JamesDevil: "This is wrong, he looks freshly wounded, but he's been gone so long"
8:33am  2019-8-24 chris107 Has entered the room
Smon: As Malassandra hurries forward, Xin raises his head, face half burned away. "Commander Malassandra! My dearest servant!" he croaks hoarsely. "You have come!" He coughs. "A little too late, I fear... that damn Rune Giant assassin was too fast even for me!"
joriandrake: Drakhaien takes out a small scroll and astarts to scribble something, then hands it to Quillax (matters only if K is back)
chris107: She races forward preparing to use Revivify
Smon: He seems half awake, yet livens up incrementally as the embers of his blackened bones glowing brighter with each sentence.
chris107: "But..but my lord. The rune giant attack took place many centuries ago?"
Smon: Mal comes within 30' of the burned Emperor.
chris107: She attempts the revivify.
Keelia: (sorry, still dealing with this work issue - super sorry!!)
Keelia: (also on a phone call)
JamesDevil: Claw moves up to 10' behind M
joriandrake: (Quillax reads on the small scroll that Drakh asks her if she can heal/regenerate the Emperor?)
JamesDevil: (40' from the throne)
chris107: (Now just one 5th level spell slot remaining)
Smon: Mal casts Revivify - it does not seem to have much effect, though Xin, looks rather more animated & awake now. "Hm, I'm not dead you know! Perhaps some healing magic instead?"
joriandrake: yeah, slot got wasted
chris107: She lays on hands for 50HP
Smon: Mal reaches to touch Xin - her hands pass right through him! Incorporeal - ghostly! Xin ignores this.
chris107: She weeps, clearly distressed by the events.
JamesDevil: "He's a ghost?"
chris107: (Does she use up the HP once she feels the illusion?)
joriandrake: ("too late" indeed?)
JamesDevil: Claw looks back at the blast that direction
Smon: "I must complete activation of my “immortal clockwork body” - the Reliquary! Then the Legions will march against those damn traitors! Ha! They'll see!"
chris107: "I fear we see but a shade of events past."
JamesDevil: "I think the blast damage he must have been what killed him
JamesDevil: here*
chris107: M nods sadly.
Smon: "But there is cursed blackness without the walls of my palace and I fear that old enemy who now skulks among my soldiers below... *cough*”
joriandrake: Drakh slowly takes off the mask and speaks "This is not the past, he recognized you" He tells Mal "...but he might not know the situation in the world and the time passed by"
chris107: Does M have any idea where we may find this reliquary?
Smon: “Chamberlain! Fetch my Sihedron!”
chris107: "Lord Xin, tell us what we must do to help?"
Smon: "My reliquary—my army cannot reawaken without it! But what is that incessant slithering that haunts my halls below?!”
chris107: She whispers "It was his breaking of the Sihedron that caused this, he must not be allowed to do so again."
chris107: "The Aboleth?!"
joriandrake: "Doesn't sound to me he would break it. Let's check out that reliquary.... or does he call the Sihedron that?"
chris107: "He calls for what we now possess."
Smon: >>Does she use up the HP once she feels the illusion?<< I rule no, you still have the 50 hp Mal.
JamesDevil: "ugh, please no, I hate those things
JamesDevil: "
chris107: "We witness events from the distant past."
chris107: (Thanks simon)
JamesDevil: "tell him we have it but will need it to clear out the darkness below
JamesDevil: "
joriandrake: "Well, not sure what Xin is now, a ghost? mana echo? It can't be the past unless you already once seen him on the throne and greeted you like this"
Smon: >>Claw looks back at the blast that direction<< GM: Claw reckons the blast that damaged the statues must have been centred on the throne. But it must have been powerful enough to pretty much flatten the palace and destroy the walls. So the palace must have reassembled somehow after the explosion?
chris107: "What does your insight tell you, Drak? You are the brightest among us."
chris107: "No offence Claw." She gives him a winsome smile.
joriandrake: Drakhaien begins to look around to investigate the throne, the ghost/vision, and check the walls facing the throne to make sense of this, maybe a recorded scene?
JamesDevil: "Guys give this blast damage, the whole palace would have been leveled, somehow this place was rebuilt...."
Smon: OK roll Investigate Drak
JamesDevil: given*
joriandrake: my passive inv would be 31
joriandrake rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 18, (+16) = 34
chris107: hehe
joriandrake: rolled a slightly better outcome
Smon: OK, well there are 24 Legionnaire robots lining the hall, they look in good condition but are motionless. Xin definitely is reacting to Mal, this isn't just a recording, there is an animating spirit at work.
Smon: The black crystal walls seem to absorb light. They show no sign of damage, and have a vaguely organic feel, as if 'grown' rather than built.
JamesDevil: reacting ONLY to him?
Smon: Drak roll History.
chris107: (If the ghost or the soldiers were 'enemies' they would be suffering 10HP/round radiant damage from Mal's aura?)
joriandrake rolls 1d20+10 and gets: 20, (+10) = 30
Smon: (pretty sure Mal can decide who an 'enemy' is)
chris107: Nice roll!
chris107: (No probs, not sure if the aura decided that  )
joriandrake: yep, and can't be worse than 20 total anyway
Smon: GM: Ok, Drak recalls obscure lore - that Xin stole/took an aboleth artifact, a stone(?) of some kind with him when exiled from Azlant to Thassilon, and used it to 'build' or 'grow' his Crystal Palace. But the palace was said to be of shining white, not glossy dull black.
JamesDevil: "So, looks like the aboleth what was stole from them returned"
Smon: Xin now turns to Claw, Quillax and Drakhaien.
"Emissaries of the Shoant, Varis and Elves. I trust you are here to lead your savage tribes alongside my clockwork army, to reclaim my kingdom from those runic usurpers?"
JamesDevil: "Killing more of those is going to be great fun"
JamesDevil: -.-
joriandrake: "Xin is not a vision from the past. He, or it, reacts to Melissandra, but doesn't seem to notice us, anyone else. SO perhaps you can question him?" he pauses then adds "The Crystal Palace was created with a stolen aboleth articfact, but might be corrupted as it is dblack and not white as described in old tomes"
joriandrake: oh nvm, he noticed us
chris107: "I sence the mischief of the Aboleth at work here."
JamesDevil: "I already have my own kind and most of the giant tribes aligned with me and we have already taken most of the Runelords lands"
Smon: Xin coughs. "Aboleth... yes, old Ogonthuun has returned, seeking that which we took!"
JamesDevil: "all that remains are Greed, Sloth and Gluttony"
chris107: She uses another Divine Sense to quest below into the water .
Smon: He eyes Quillax/Claw/Drak warily. "But we should not speak of such things in front of the savages."
joriandrake: "King Xin, many many years have passed since your realm existed here. The very ground and mountains are now called differently than in your time, however, the so-called 'Rune Lords', your traitors reemerged as well. We and our allies would welcome your cooperation to deal with them, and then sit down and discuss what may the future bring after your majesty has learned of the history and events that occured while he was away. The Rune usurpers are our common enemy."
joriandrake: Drakh bows deep and tries to be very diplomatic
JamesDevil: "We'll happily defeat the Aboleth below, do you have any protection of the mind you can grant us? We have encountered these things before and know their tricks"
joriandrake: I'll use the sihedron bonuses if it comes to a roll
Smon: >>"I already have my own kind and most of the giant tribes aligned with me and we have already taken most of the Runelords lands"<<

Xin nods and smiles. "That is good, savage king! the Shoanti were always the bravest and most loyal of all our vassals! In your pure and simple hearts lies the loyalty of child to father! To think... to think that treachery should come from my own brethren of Azlant! Oh perfidy..." he coughs again.
Keelia: I'm sorry, I've finally sorted that.
JamesDevil: "Thank you my lord" Claw bows his head
joriandrake: Drakhaien made this speech to evaluate the sanity and clarity of Xin's presence and thinking
Smon: >>he uses another Divine Sense to quest below into the water .<< Mal can Sense that Xin's spirit here is a ghost of some strange sort, not exactly 'undead' perhaps but certainly not alive. Aboleth, being Aberrations, don't register to her Sense though.
chris107: Thanks
joriandrake: (trapped living spirit then? maybe he would really be able to use a clockwork body)
Smon: (reconnected phone yet another spam call, disconnected again)
chris107: "My Lord, do you remember our last words together?" (possible way of finding out if this is the shade of Xin or some Aboleth ruse?
Smon: "King Xin, many many years have passed since your realm existed here..." - Xin ignores Drak's whole speech.
chris107: (  )
joriandrake: Drakh turns to Melassandra and sends a Message (spell) "He's not sane anymore, even if not dead. Xin will only recognize what he wants and in a way he wants. Likely to him all the cities and realms below would be enemies, including that of our allies, and ocne the rune lords are gone he would attempt to conquer it all, if not earlier."
Smon: >>"My Lord, do you remember our last words together?"<< Xin looks to Malassandra. "Beloved... I believe we were discussing treachery from Runelord Sorshen? I sent you east, to Eurythnia, to hold her to account. How did that go?"
chris107: She falls to her knees. "Forgive me. I was ensorcelled and captured for many centuries by perfidious Sorshen."
joriandrake: Drakh adds with Message "I believe Xin will ignore any mention of long time having passed as well"
chris107: "How may I serve you now?"
Smon: Xin looks down at Malassandra. "Centuries? Nonsense! She has discombobulated your mind with her lustful wiles! It was but moments ago her Rune Giant assassin attempted to slay me - here, in my own Hall! But I was too clever for him, too clever by half... *cough*"
joriandrake: (Then Drakhaien repeats the same messages to Quillax, he begins to feel suspicion towards Mal as well, as she might still serve the mad ghost no matter what)
JamesDevil: "Perhaps we should continue this discussion later?"
chris107: M is caught between conflicting loyalties here. Any one got any ideas?
joriandrake: (You're back, right Keelia?)
Smon: Xin: "I must rest a little after my exertions. You... you should go below and slay the Slimy One before she can breach the defences of my Hall, or harm my Legions."
Keelia: (yes)
JamesDevil: "We have a Aboleth below us after all"
chris107: M rallies. "Aye let us remove one enemy at least."
joriandrake: "Let's check the 'slimy one'... although based on the state of the palace the breach already happened ages ago"
Smon: Xin 'stands' over kneeling Malassandra, despite having no legs, his charred torso appearing to hover in midair.
Keelia: Q leans forward. "How can this Slimy One harm your Legions? They are of metal and clockwork, yes?"
Smon: Something is happening... the palace walls begin to fade, as clean sunlight streams around you...
Keelia: Illusion?
Smon: The palace walls fade as sunlight streams through a circle of fantastic spires looming over a large courtyard. Thousands of cheering people in extravagant clothing surge forward— many with the distinctive features of ancient Thassilonians, but some looking more like Varisians or Shoanti. A young King Xin holds a huge diamond, its inner facets gleaming with a multitude of glowing runes. His voice booms: “A seed of power is only as powerful as one who plants it!” Thunderous cheers erupt, and the man drops the gigantic diamond to the ground below. The diamond sinks into the earth, and jagged, runecovered walls of blindingly bright crystal erupt from the earth with lightning speed. The erupting walls dampen the outside cheers, and the man stoops, ages, and burns as the hall returns to its current decrepit state.
Smon: Yes, it is a vision of some kind.
joriandrake: as the fading happens Drakh tells Q "I heard of slime that eats metal... what the heck... he seems to replay parts of the past, but it not really a recording"
Smon: Ten thousand years pass in a flash, the vision imparting all the loneliness, madness, despair, and frustration that
builds in that time. The vision reveals the island rising new from the sea, and an endless legion of clockwork soldiers marching from the sea led by a clattering shape with a skeleton trapped inside— the clockwork reliquary of Xin. The vision ends with this clockwork army dismantling Magnimar and replacing it with a new city of clockwork and crystal ruled by reborn Xin. You realize this final vision has yet to come true and that it is little more than the hope and desire of the spirit that surrounds you.

Keelia: "Ooze, yes, I've encountered it many times," she murmurs as she watches the vision
joriandrake: "In any case, your Emperor might still be possible to save Melassandra. Not in a clockwork body though, but with aid of druidic or divine magic, a full revivla ald restoration of sanity."
Smon: The body of Xin swirls, turning to smoke and vanishing.
Keelia: "Don't bother," Q says.
Smon: With PP20+ you notice that several of the Legionnaires in the Hall are now 'active' and humming slightly, though still unmoving.
Keelia: "He will hear nothing you say."
joriandrake: "Right now he lacks a couple of gears in his head and thinks the people all will cheer and greet him as Emperor, instead of opposing him and protecting their independence and homes"
joriandrake: Drakh quickly stops and quests down noticing that
joriandrake: quiets*
JamesDevil: "Based on that vision we can't let him build his army, or it will march to magnamar and detroy it
JamesDevil: "
JamesDevil: Claw galces back at the active ones
Keelia: Q waves him silent, watching the Legionnaries.
JamesDevil: "I know"
chris107: M only looks at her feet.
joriandrake: "Well we are off to fight the slimy one ,l for the Emperor!" Drakh loudly declares
joriandrake: then pulls on Mal's shirt or something, so we get out
Keelia: Q steps over to M and rests a hand on her shoulder. "Loyalty is a difficult burden but in your heart you know what must be done. You have seen."
Smon: PP25+ you count 5 active robots among the 24 on guard in the throne room, PP27+ you notice that the one nearest the throne has green glowing eyes, in contrast to the dull red of the other 4.
JamesDevil: Claw walks over to one of the active Legs and sees if it reacts
JamesDevil: Claw has 22 PP
Keelia: Only have 24 darn it
JamesDevil: :/
chris107: "You are wise, Lady Quillax."
Smon: OK inspecting them gives you -5 to the DC
joriandrake: Drakh will tell queelia with message, pointing out the green eyes and suggesting that one might have something to do with the Emperor too
joriandrake: QUillax
joriandrake: eh
joriandrake: I mixed the two names into one
Keelia: Q narrows her eyes and goes to look at the green eyed guard.
Smon: Claw approaches the nearest construct, the green eyed one. The head swivels to watch him, and it readies its massive halberd.
chris107: M tries to collect her thoughts.
joriandrake: Drakhaien acts as if preparing to fight some creature in the name of the Emperor, he checks his backpack, readies his bow
joriandrake: (not facing the constructs but the door)
Keelia: "How interesting..."
JamesDevil: "I doesn't look like they are friendly, we should just move on"
JamesDevil: Claw steps away
Smon: No good pic online -
Keelia: "No matter. Leave it to its duties, we have other matters to attend"
joriandrake: found a card
Smon: Mal you know that the black stone square floor area by the west wall will give you access to the upper & lower floors of the palace.
chris107: She shares this information with her friends.
chris107: "But how will we breath in the waters below?"
JamesDevil: "Looks like thats where we're heading then"
Keelia: Q laughs. " You have druid, my friend."
joriandrake: curtly Drakh says "We can discuss what to do after checking the slime thing or its old location out"
Keelia: "One that knows water breathing."
joriandrake: "I removed my mask, could still breath if I wore it, but the damn thing requires a hour to readjust"
JamesDevil: "We'll murder the hell of it, then get reward"
chris107: "Then let us go below and see if this Old Ogonthuum lurks there!"
JamesDevil: "its also probably better to find a way to prevent the army from attacking magnamar and other cities"
joriandrake: "We can talk of this once we went to fight the glorius battle wit hthe creature in the Emperor's name" Drakh says, hoping they get a clue
Smon: Mal knows that any creature that stands upon the black stone immediately understands that it can be mentally commanded to transform into a flight of spiral stairs extending down 120 feet into the flooded vaults below and up through the ceiling 100 feet above into the upper halls.
Keelia: Q casts him a sharp look, eyes cutting to the legionnaires.
joriandrake: He nods slightly towards the reawakenend constructs
chris107: She passes on this information too.
joriandrake: Drakh sends A Message to Claw "Stop talking of opposing the emperor when its murdermachines are staring at us"
Keelia: Q tilts her head. "I would be most interested in a higher view before we proceed to the lower levels. It must be a sight."
chris107: "Upwards then?"
Smon: The Legionnaires seem to be in a sort of passive but alert guard stance. If Mal weren't with you, one gets the impression the audience would have gone very differently!
JamesDevil: "We're out of earshot :P"
joriandrake: nope
joriandrake: Drakh stands at the side of Quillax, alert and with bow
JamesDevil: "Up or Down then?"
joriandrake: trying really hard to not point or look towards the constructs direction
Keelia: "Does anyone have an issue with a going up?"
chris107: "Not I."
joriandrake: "Fine by me"
Smon: GM: I take it you have gathered at the west end of the throne room by the stairs-square.
JamesDevil: "nope"
chris107: yup
JamesDevil: yar
Keelia: "Then let's go up and see the sight before we proceed after our quarry."
Smon: GM: Mal steps onto the square and commands it to form spiral staircase UP?
chris107: M commands the stairway to rise.
chris107: yes
Smon: GM: OK, as the stairs rise up smoothly in black stone spiral, you hear a metallic yell from the green eyed Legionnaire: "TREACHERY! AGENTS OF SORSHEN!"
JamesDevil: "crap!
Smon: The 5 active Legionnaires lurch towards you, halberds raised.
JamesDevil: "
Smon: The metallic voice still sounds a lot like Xin.
joriandrake: run up the stairs with dash
chris107: oops
JamesDevil: how far are they from us?
Smon: GM: Are you all running up the stairs? The nearest are 70' away from you and they are not fast - speed 30' - so you should be able to outrun them.
JamesDevil: "lets move people"
JamesDevil: thats a yes
Keelia: Q will.
chris107: Aye, run. M bellowing orders at the constructs to stand down.
joriandrake: (Xin being a construct now, or an other construct taking the Emperor's place pretty much ruins chances of real resurrection and sanity as well)
joriandrake: (...altho.... maybe constructs can be revived? I only recall undead restriction for sure)
Smon: You dash up the stairs, Xin's metallic voice echoing in your ears.
“Worthless! Disloyal!”
“Chamberlain— secure the Skymetal Vaults!”
“Your Runelord governors will pay for this trespass!”
joriandrake: Drakh runs ahead, he scouts as the party moves, so -5 to perception from speed I think
Keelia: You can 'heal' a construct, Q used to repair Clank
joriandrake: (Not all is lost then, maybe we can still help Mal with the Emperor restored later, but for now he's an enemy)
JamesDevil: "Skymetal Vaults? sounds interesting!"
joriandrake: "It does, but we could also jsut retreat and talk this over"
Keelia: ( Q had some sky metal from that's giantess' door, iirc )
Smon: Hurrying up the stairs, you near the ceiling. Mal recalls that the second floor of Xin’s palace once served as his private workshops and laboratories.
Keelia: (Oh, that's probably why he's pissed)
chris107: She passes all her recolections on as best she can as we run.
JamesDevil: Are the stair still active? or have they disappeared?
Smon: An opening has formed in the ceiling at the top of the stairs. As the first Legionnaires reach the bottom of the stairs, you head through the hole into the great hall above.
JamesDevil: "Can we disable the stairs so they don't reach us?
JamesDevil: "
chris107: Mal tries to do so.
joriandrake: "Does Xin have something like a diary? Magical surveillance system? A way to look into what truly happened?"
Smon: GM: If you have Arcana trained can roll a check vs the stairs.
Smon: DC 15
Keelia rolls 1d20+18 and gets: 3, (+18) = 21
joriandrake: auto success for the rogue then
chris107: (OOC the what happened is in the blog if that helps?)
Keelia: (hooray for epic boon!)
joriandrake: but the druid has it
Smon: The upper hall is smaller but still huge - Inert constructs of all shapes and sizes line each side of this broad hallway. Each specimen is more complicated and intricate than the last, and their varied archaic styles hint that these constructs were not a single person’s creations, but rather a collection of multiple creators’ works. Several archways punctuate the statue-lined walls.

9:36am  2019-8-24 chris107 Has exited the room
Smon: OK Drak & Quillax can tell that the stairs are a sort of magic item, a successful Dispel Magic cast on them would revert them to the dormant/stone square form for several minutes.
9:37am  2019-8-24 chris107 Has entered the room
chris107: Blinking connection!
Keelia: Q waits for them all to ascend then throws a dispel magic at the stairs
joriandrake: (does the blog tell us if Xin is really a ghost, or the spirit uses now the green eyed golem as home, or if the green eyed golem was a ranking officer construct that took over the army? Xin used often repeated words and lines so there is a chance it was a golem that only used real Xin's recorded linex and mixed them up to communicate with Melassandra, instead of Xin really being 'alive')
Smon: Currently the Legionnaires are beginning to head up the spiral and will reach the top in a short while.
chris107: (I haven't the foggiest!  )
Smon: GM: Quillax casts Dispel Magic on the stairs - what level spell slot is she burning?
JamesDevil: Claw stands at the top on the floor at the top of the stairs ready to hold it till the dispel goes off
joriandrake: Drakh will attempt to disable the device as he could a 'magic trap' with rogue skills
Keelia: it's a level 3 - unless she knows she needs to go higher
chris107: M behind hi by 10' to hopefully cover all with her auras.
joriandrake: or not, because while I looked this up QUillax already dispelled it
Smon: OK Quillax casts Dispel at level 3 - roll casting check (WIS+Prof vs DC 15)
Keelia rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 9, (+12) = 21
Smon: The stairs suddenly retract back into the floor! The Legionnaires go tumbling down, bouncing and clanging.
JamesDevil: "Well done Q"
chris107: yay
JamesDevil: He pats her on the shoulder
joriandrake: "Well this bought us some time at least"
JamesDevil: "lets just hope there isn't another way up here
Smon: The green eyed one gets to its feet and shakes a metal fist up at you. "Traitors! Agents! You'll pay for this! Release Malassandra at once!"
JamesDevil: .....
JamesDevil: "ok, i have a plan for later if needed"
chris107: How are the arches distributed around the hall please?
JamesDevil: "eitherway lets check this floor out"
joriandrake: ".... sigh, dreanged, maybe Melassandra can still persuade it to become peacefull if he believes she's a hostage"
joriandrake: deranged*
joriandrake: "For now, let's check this room and level"
Keelia: "Perhaps."
joriandrake: Drakh looks around with observant eyes
Keelia: Q turns away and looks around.
joriandrake: PP 29 PI 31
JamesDevil: "I'll grab anything that looks valuable and toss it in the BoH"
Smon: GM: You look around the upper hall - the Hall of Golems. It's 60' n-s and 190' e-w, you are 40' or so from the west wall. There is one door in w wall, 3 in n wall, 3 in s wall, 1 in e wall.
joriandrake: "Please no extradimensional items though"
chris107: (thanks)
Smon: This hall is filled with inert golems—most of Azlanti origin—that Mal knows Xin collected throughout his life. An examination can readily discern the evolution of Xin’s particular style and technique in crafting constructs from these creations. The floor before each pulsates with small runes—the arcane marks of the golems’ creators—along with ancient dates in in the old Azlanti calendar.
JamesDevil: ofc not
chris107: M looks on as the barbarian plunders the priceless ritches of her emperor's private quarters..
JamesDevil: actually screw the BoH my carry weight it 900 pounds
Keelia: Q looks around for things that might signal what has happened to cause the walls to go black or such
Keelia: (you'll want your hands free tho)
chris107: "These artefacts are priceless parts of my history Claw."
joriandrake: "...these look different from the constructs below, Mal could you set them to work for you? Might not be directly commanded by 'Xin' as the others"
JamesDevil: carrying capacity, not lift drag and pull
joriandrake: (usually thsoe are too)
JamesDevil: they are also doubled, but nvm
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 2, 2, = 4
JamesDevil: "You're welcome to pickput whatever you like M"
JamesDevil: pickout*
chris107: She shakes her head. "I feel we are not going to endear ourselves if we plunder at will."
JamesDevil: "but we won't be coming back here, so we should grab as much of your history as we can"
chris107: "If we can restore Emperor Xin the rewards will be far greater than mere plunder."
JamesDevil: "Sigh, fine"
chris107: "But as you like."
JamesDevil: Claw empties out the stuff he was taking from his bag"
Keelia: "Look for clues," Q says.
chris107: "Thank you Lord Claw." She bows low to the mighty warrior.
Keelia: "We only have a few minutes." she moves over to any 'window'
joriandrake: "To be honest I think Claw's right, all the reward you can get is what we find in the palace and the palace itself, this doesn't mean we shouldn't try have Xin restored if possible, but it does mean he can't give anything more than what we find either"
chris107: M sets to looking for clues. Or manuals that may show how to activate or control the golems.
JamesDevil: "jud remeber that if we restore him he will want to lead his army to magnamar and destroy it based on that vision"
JamesDevil: "there are innocent people there who don't deserve to die"
joriandrake: (I would be totally fine with Melassandra becoming a construct commander in her own right)
joriandrake: (fitting lore and epic flavor)
chris107: "That vision is from the mind of a man driven insane. We must try and help him recover fully."
chris107: (OOC. Mal's thinking is that there must be more than just scrap value here?)
JamesDevil: Claw walks away and listens out for any sign of danger approaching
joriandrake: insane people are usually considered chaotic in d&d
Smon: GM: Inspection by Quillax (a skilled construct engineer) indicates that the golems/constructs are entirely inert. Except... over by the far (east) door is a large construct clockwork dragon, whose eyes glow faint green...
joriandrake: is there a spell like protection from evil and good, but for Chaos?
Keelia: oh dear...
chris107: bugger
Keelia: Q eases over to the construct
JamesDevil: Claw's eyes dart over to it
joriandrake: ok, elven detective didn't notice the glowing eyes then
chris107: "Could those green eyes be the mad emperor's spirit or that of his enemies?"
Smon: GM PP 20+ or you are Surprised by the dragon.
JamesDevil: 22 baby
Keelia: pp 24
chris107: M is surprised.
JamesDevil: can;t be suprised as a barb anyway with rage
Smon: OK roll init, you are currently scattered around the hall which is probably just as well...
chris107 Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
3 (+2) = 5
3 (+2) = 5
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
5 (+2) = 7
2 (+2) = 4
Smon: /roll d20+4
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 15, (+3) = 18
Smon rolls 1d20+4 and gets: 17, (+4) = 21
JamesDevil: crap
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 13, (+5) = 18
joriandrake: keelia comes first
Smon: ok
Smon: brb need some breakfast!
JamesDevil: remember to stay spread and away from it and me, i tend to explode things
Keelia: ok, brb then also
JamesDevil: same
chris107: and to keep the s moving when within range.
Smon: back
Smon: #21 Clockwork #18 Quillax #18 Drakhaien #7 Claw #5 Mal (surprised)
Keelia: and back
JamesDevil: back
chris107: back
JamesDevil: don't pass the S to me, i need my OA to keep it pinned down
Keelia: (ok)
chris107: got you james
JamesDevil: oo, how big is it Smn
JamesDevil: ?
Smon: It is Huge, about 15' long torso.
JamesDevil: cool >:)
joriandrake: I always forget where the sihedron abilities are listed
Smon: "TRAITORS! DIE!" Xin's metallic voice booms out from the dragon and he/it casts Meteor Swarm, blazing orbs of fire plummet from the ceiling and explode, filling the hall in blazing ruin & enveloping all of you in inferno.
chris107: eek
Smon: Everyone roll a DC 20 DEX save
Keelia rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 12, (+6) = 18
chris107 rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 8, (+15) = 23
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+3x2 and gets:
7 (+3) = 10
8 (+3) = 11
Keelia: damn, not quite...
JamesDevil: bach
Smon: /roll 20d6x2
Smon Rolls 10d6x2 and gets:
2, 1, 4, 3, 1, 6, 2, 2, 2, 6 = 29
4, 2, 4, 6, 6, 4, 5, 1, 6, 5 = 43
chris107: Shield mistress = no damage
JamesDevil: jorian?
Smon: 29 bludgeoning, 43 fire. Cannot use reactions while surprised Chris
chris107: argh
joriandrake: sorry, was looking for shard powers
chris107: half for save though?
Smon: So Mal takes half damage as saved yup
JamesDevil: 15 and 22 for Claw?
joriandrake rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 14, (+11) = 25
Smon: 72 damage total, 36 on a save
chris107: 148
joriandrake: Drakh dances in the meteor swarm and has no damage
Smon: I think Rogue evasion = 0 on a save as duck behind a golem yup
JamesDevil: failed the save but barbear so 36 total
Smon: Most of the inert constructs are turned to glowing slag by the meteor swarm
joriandrake: damn, no army for Mal
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 4, 5, = 9
Smon: #18 Quillax your go, you are 90' from the dragon
Keelia: She'll take earth elemental form.
Keelia: and go and start hammering on the neck joint
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 7, (+8) = 15
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 14, (+8) = 22
JamesDevil: awesom e move distance i9n that form
Smon: OK Quillax turns into an earth elemental and advances down the hall 60' on a dash, ends turn 30' away.
Keelia: Ah, damn, forgot it was 90.
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 6, 4, = 10
Keelia: Yeah, she'll just move
Smon: Drakhaien your go, you are 100' from the dragon near the west end of the hall.
JamesDevil: hmm, i am concered by Simons d6 rolls -.-
Smon: just rolling for distance from the dragon
JamesDevil: ah, k
joriandrake: what is sihedron use again? reaction? free?
Smon: OOC It is a Reaction to transfer Sihedron
joriandrake: I know passing it is a reaction
joriandrake: it is with me atm
joriandrake: I doN't remember if using it takes an action of sorts
Smon: "using" it depends on what power you use, typically an Action
Keelia: ah, Q will have passed it to Drak
Smon: It is with Q by default. Passing it to D as her Reaction heals Q & D 20 hp
joriandrake: Drakh uses Humility, bonus action for Stealth and action if there is one to use this spell granted by the sihedron
joriandrake: Improved Invisibility
Smon: Also transferring gives both of them advtg on saves until end of their next turn
Smon: - near bottom
joriandrake: Humility gives +8? ok 4
joriandrake rolls 1d20+21 and gets: 6, (+21) = 27
joriandrake: 31 to hide
joriandrake: with invisibility, which I think uses my action for turn
Smon: OK Drak hides and goes Invisible (yes casting Invis is an action)
joriandrake: who is the next PC?
chris107: Me as James skips
Smon: #7 Claw
joriandrake: I react on my turn to pass sihedron to Chris
Smon: /roll 2d6
Smon rolls 2d6 and gets: 3, 5, = 8
joriandrake: then end turn
Smon: Claw is 80' from the dragon
JamesDevil: Double dash to be directyly in front of the dragon
Smon: Drak is hunkered down behind the remains of a crablike battle golem.
JamesDevil: 40' move normal hence the dash
chris107: (oops, I'm still surprised. back to Q?)
Smon: Claw reaches the dragon (end)
joriandrake: invisibly
Smon: #5 Mal - no action as surprised - turn ends, no longer Surprised
chris107: ah
Smon: Drak passed Mal the Sihedron so D & M both heal 20 hp. Mal now has her Reaction if she wants to pass it on to Q
joriandrake: (fulyl healed, but can also still die quickly if hit)
Keelia: Q proceeds forward and continue with her original plan of smacking the clockwork dragon
chris107: 168/184 Generosity, passes to Q with reaction.
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 11, (+8) = 19
Keelia rolls 1d20+8 and gets: 7, (+8) = 15
Smon: GM not your go yet Q
JamesDevil: dragon next
Smon: R2
Smon: The dragon-Xin casts Disintegrate on Quillax (if fall to 0 hp is Disintegrated) - a green death ray shoots from its eyes...
Keelia: whoops, sorry
Smon: Quillax roll DC 20 DEX save for elemental
joriandrake: she does have the sihedron
Smon: w advtg
Smon: (Q you can also decide which point is up for you)
chris107: good luck Keelia
Keelia: I can't make it - -1 DEX in this form.
Smon: 20 always passes
Smon: on atts and svs
joriandrake: some points give plus to save
joriandrake: star points
Smon: make your choice & good luck
JamesDevil: so she can choose a different save then?
Keelia: but have sihedron - so will make it Love point
JamesDevil: defeat it with LOVE
Keelia: Is Mal close enough to provide any bonus?
JamesDevil: got any inpriation
joriandrake: (Love doesn't seem to give benefits on the save)
Keelia: Ah, hang on
joriandrake: (If I read it right Zeal gives +4)
JamesDevil: we are determenind that she not die
Smon: (oh you always have save advtg if you have the Sihedron as it grants Foresight)
Keelia: I don't know enough about counter spell - could that be used?
Smon: @ Jorian Nope - Zeal: Grants a +4 bonus on Concentration (CON) saves, +4 bonus to spellcasting checks (including any opposed uses of dispel magic, counrerspell, and spell attack rolls), +2 bonus to spell save DCs, and dimension door as a spell-like ability.
chris107: (Zeal is +4 on Concentration saves, Love +8 on Reaction (Dex) saves?)
Smon: Love: Grants a +8 insight bonus on Initiative (DEX) checks, and charm person as a spell-like ability.
joriandrake: (I thought +4 goes to saves, Love +8 specifies only Initiative)
Smon: J is right on that
Smon: None of the points give a save bonus AFAICS
chris107: yup
joriandrake: (in any case I can still use "reaction - Drakh intervenes" if required and try steal the dragon disintegration spell)
Smon: Counterspell is a Reaction so can be used unless surprised
chris107: just adv for having it.
joriandrake: oh, she isn't surprised!
Keelia: excellent will put the point to charity
Keelia: And counter spell the disintegrate
Smon: OK Quillax uses Charity - Counterspell as a Reaction.
JamesDevil: powerful spell disintergrate is
Smon: Q roll a caster check (WIS+Prof) vs DC 18
Keelia rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 20, (+12) = 32
Smon: LOL
chris107: yay!
joriandrake: yay
JamesDevil: sweet!
Smon: The green ray dissipates harmlessly and Q lives!
Keelia: nearly gave myself a heart attack there
joriandrake: elemental counterspelling clock dragon!
JamesDevil: i think you nearly gave us al;l a heart attack!
Smon: oh...
Smon: Q already used her reaction on her turn to transfer Sihedron.
JamesDevil: ?
Keelia: new round?
chris107: M did
chris107: to Q
Smon: & Drak you used your Reaction to transfer Sihedron too
joriandrake: sigh, she still had a roll with advantage for save? can she keep the 20 nat?
chris107: Now on Q for this round.
JamesDevil: she rolled a 20 anyway
joriandrake: and my reaction was used on my own turn
joriandrake: not this turn
Smon: Reaction recharges at start of your own turn
Smon: But we are on #21, Q is up on 18
JamesDevil: she gets to save though right?
joriandrake: hm well she didn't do anything else so Quillax should still be fine
JamesDevil: like before
Smon: yes, Q will have to roll dex save dc 20 w advtg
Smon: what are your hp Q?
JamesDevil: and she has the Sihedron?
Smon: yes
Keelia: EE 126 - on full heath since I took the damage in my human form
Smon: ok roll your sv please
Keelia: Does Mal give any bonus ?
joriandrake: Yeah, Simon is right I can't use my reaction now
joriandrake: but I really hope you get lucky with another nat20
Keelia Rolls 1d20-1x2 and gets:
10 (-1) = 9
20 (-1) = 19
joriandrake: yep, she did it
Smon: LOL - pass!
chris107: good luck
Keelia: oh fuck. I did.
chris107: yay!
Smon: would have been...
JamesDevil: hur!ray
joriandrake: Luck worthy of halflings
Smon: /roll 16d6+40
Smon rolls 16d6+40 and gets: 4, 1, 5, 6, 4, 1, 5, 5, 5, 6, 5, 6, 4, 5, 3, 2, (+40) = 107
Smon: ah, you would have been fine
chris107: eek
JamesDevil: nasty spell that
Keelia: I may have to go lie down...
chris107: hehe
Smon: With the Foresight of the Sihedron, Quillax ducks the death ray!
Smon: #18 Q your go (finally!)
joriandrake: good, so it was still the right decision to pass it down via Chris
JamesDevil: brb
joriandrake: me too, brb need coffee
Keelia: Q is now a little bit grumpy so she smacks it with a sunbeam.
Smon: The dragon rears up, trying to fend off an angry Q-lemental, it moves with blinding speed
Keelia: CON spells save of 20
JamesDevil: back
Smon: GM: Possessed by Xin's spirit the dragon counts as Undead, so disad on save vs the beam
Keelia: sweet
joriandrake: back
joriandrake: oh, Xin is then undead for cretain, no way to save him
JamesDevil: toast that mother f**ker
Smon: /roll d20+9x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
16 (+9) = 25
3 (+9) = 12
Smon: fail
10:40am  2019-8-24 chris107 Has exited the room
Keelia rolls 6d8 and gets: 6, 8, 3, 1, 3, 4, = 25
10:40am  2019-8-24 chris107 Has entered the room
Keelia: radiant
Smon: Q deals 25 radiant dmg to the dragon & blinds it!
joriandrake: (shine bright like a diamond)
Smon: is Q passing the Sihedron or keeping it?
Keelia: She'll pass it down the line
joriandrake: she still has her reaction can do it later (better than the original )
joriandrake: ok, I guess it is with Drakh then
JamesDevil: Did you move into melee with it?
Keelia: He can hold it, if needed
Keelia: but he has counterspell
Keelia: at the moment in case of emergies
Keelia: *emergencies
Smon: ok it appears behind drak, its golden light would ruin his hiding if the dragon weren't blind!
Smon: #18 drak your go
joriandrake: what? I thought I was 90 feet from it
Smon: yes
Smon: ignore Claw
joriandrake: also, still invisible
Smon: Yes you are invisible but golden light is shining from your location
JamesDevil: soz that comment was aim ed at Keelia]
joriandrake: Well. Drakhaien moves 30 feet to a safer position/distance, preferably where others aren't standing to get into area effect targeting, then uses Kindness point, and shoots as invisible (its blind so adv anyway)
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+11x3 and gets:
9 (+11) = 20
3 (+11) = 14
12 (+11) = 23
joriandrake: ac 23?
Smon: AC 24 so bounces off
Smon: (normally AC 22 but possession by Xin gives +2 AC)
joriandrake: sigh, mage hand not a bonus action, end turn
Smon: ok, you still have the sihedron
joriandrake: (Claw next?)
Smon: #7 claw and you have advtg as blind
joriandrake: reaction
joriandrake: passed to claw
Smon: ok
JamesDevil: NO
joriandrake: (Kindness gives +8 to damage)
JamesDevil: don't pass to me
Smon: too late!
joriandrake: ... already did
JamesDevil: FFS
Smon: LOL
joriandrake: why not?
JamesDevil: -.-
Keelia: because james specifically asked everyone not to so he has his reaction to fight
JamesDevil: nvm
Smon: Well he can just keep it & pass it rght before his next turn
JamesDevil: Claw moves around the dragon to its backside
JamesDevil: Attack 1
joriandrake: seriously, why not? oh, he can then use it longer
Smon: ok
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+19x2 and gets:
19 (+19) = 38
14 (+19) = 33
JamesDevil: Slashing
Smon: OOC Apparently making the dragon cost Xin 300,000gp! :-O
JamesDevil Rolls 3d6+13x8 and gets:
5, 5, 2 (+13) = 25
1, 4, 3 (+13) = 21
5, 4, 3 (+13) = 25
2, 6, 1 (+13) = 22
3, 5, 3 (+13) = 24
5, 4, 3 (+13) = 25
2, 5, 3 (+13) = 23
4, 6, 4 (+13) = 27
joriandrake: (if you already have it you can decide to not use it and pass as reaction, or use it and spend your reaction, could as well benefit from bonus damage)
Smon: it is fire resistant, takes full dmg from magic slashing
JamesDevil: shit, wrong
JamesDevil Rolls 3d6+13x8 and gets:
4, 6, 6 (+13) = 29
3, 5, 3 (+13) = 24
1, 3, 6 (+13) = 23
3, 3, 1 (+13) = 20
6, 2, 6 (+13) = 27
5, 4, 5 (+13) = 27
6, 1, 2 (+13) = 22
5, 4, 3 (+13) = 25
joriandrake: (that would be a +8 damage from Kindness per attack)
JamesDevil: wtf?
Smon: not sure where the x8 is coming from
Keelia: you have a 13x8 in there
JamesDevil: nither do i i enter an 8
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+13 and gets: 1, 3, 2, (+13) = 19
Smon: should be 3d6+STR+Rage+3+any Sihdedron bonus
JamesDevil: then plus 8 from the Sihedron
Smon: STR 30 right? So 3d6+10+4+3+8
JamesDevil: normall +13 before Sihedron
joriandrake: (how many attacks dooes Claw do?)
JamesDevil: 2
Smon: You as bad as Fergus today James
joriandrake: that is then twice +8
JamesDevil: this is the first attack -.-
joriandrake: ah ok, lots of dices confused me
Smon: Counting the 3d6 roll of 6, that is 6+25 = 31 dmg
JamesDevil: ok, now fire
Smon: /roll d20+9x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
10 (+9) = 19
1 (+9) = 10
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 3, 5, 4, 6, 6, = 24
Smon: fails fire save, takes 12 fire
JamesDevil: next attack
JamesDevil: Slashing
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 1, 2, 2, (+17) = 22
JamesDevil: +8
JamesDevil: 30
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 2, 6, 4, 2, 5, = 19
Smon: roll the d20 attacks rolls w advtg for 2nd attack
JamesDevil: ah, i see what happened i used the non-rage calculation
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 13, (+19) = 32
joriandrake: and also didn't roll actual attack
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 18, (+19) = 37
Smon: ok hit for 30 slash
Smon: /roll d20+9x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
19 (+9) = 28
18 (+9) = 27
Smon: made fire save, 4 fire dmg
joriandrake: (you got the sihedron James, you decide if you pass it with reaction or not)
Smon: end of turn?
Smon: rem can pass w reaction outside your own turn
JamesDevil: pass to next person then end turn
JamesDevil: was it M next?
Smon: next is mal
JamesDevil: pass to him
chris107: Generosity still active until end of her turn. malassandra uses her bonus action to Hex it (Dex) then let's loose her Eldritch Blast agin the blinded dragon with advantage.Moving up to 30' first to do so. Hex range 90' EB 120'. Staying put if she's close enough.
Smon: #5 Mal (C & M heal 20 hp if under full)
Smon: ok
chris107: back to full HP
chris107 Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
11 (+15) = 26
3 (+15) = 18
chris107 Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
9 (+15) = 24
7 (+15) = 22
chris107 Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
19 (+15) = 34
2 (+15) = 17
chris107 Rolls 1d20+15x2 and gets:
2 (+15) = 17
1 (+15) = 16
joriandrake: (damn that high ac)
Smon: ac 24, 3 hits
chris107: 3 hits
chris107 rolls 3d10 and gets: 8, 5, 8, = 21
chris107 rolls 3d6 and gets: 3, 5, 5, = 13
chris107: 21 force.13 necrotic.
joriandrake: neat
joriandrake: (might be immune to necro?)
chris107: She's used her reaction so can't pas the S this turn. Done.
Smon: It ignores Necrotic dmg due to its possession by Xin spirit, so 21 dmg
Smon: R3
chris107: Now reaction S to Q
chris107: Q has the Sihedron.
Smon: #21 dragon
Smon: More meteors swarm down, banketing chamber & this time catching the dragon in the blast too.
Smon: everyone roll DC 20 DEX save
chris107 rolls 1d20+15 and gets: 4, (+15) = 19
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
11 (+2) = 13
2 (+2) = 4
Keelia Rolls 1d20-1x2 and gets:
2 (-1) = 1
12 (-1) = 11
Smon: /roll 20d6x2
JamesDevil: ugh
Smon Rolls 10d6x2 and gets:
3, 3, 4, 6, 5, 3, 6, 2, 2, 2 = 36
3, 3, 2, 5, 2, 6, 3, 3, 1, 3 = 31
Keelia: nope
chris107: 1 charge of ring to save.
chris107: 1 charge left today.
Smon: 36 fire 31 bludgeoning save for half
joriandrake: do I have a reaction currently? i handed sihedron over with it but Chris also passed it over, reset at round start?
Smon: NO J!!!
joriandrake: ok
Smon: You regain reaction at start of YOUR TURN.
chris107: 161/184HP
chris107: ah! Sorry.
Smon: dragon save
Smon: /roll d20+9x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
16 (+9) = 25
4 (+9) = 13
chris107: Then M still has the S.
joriandrake: yep, got confused by that
joriandrake rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 20, (+11) = 31
Smon: fails, it takes 18 fire +31 bludgeon
joriandrake: invisi-drakh jumps around the fiery falling rocks
Smon: has taken 181 dmg so far
JamesDevil: shot itself in the foot theree ^^
Smon: #18 Quillax your turn - the dragon's sight returns
Keelia: another sunbeam
Smon: /roll d20+9x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
12 (+9) = 21
18 (+9) = 27
Smon: passed!
Keelia: ah, damn. It's not blinded.
JamesDevil: Booo!
chris107: good effort
Keelia: but it still takes half of...
Smon: half dmg
Keelia rolls 6d8 and gets: 3, 5, 8, 5, 5, 7, = 33
Keelia: radiant
Smon: 16 dmg
Smon: what is your current hide result drak?
Smon: #18 drak
joriandrake: Invisi-elf whispers a lewd joke in ancient Thelassian as he casts Hideous Laughter on the 'ghost in the shell' (normally I wouldn't attempt it, but its not really a construct atm) - it rolls WIS save with disadv
joriandrake: I'll have to look it up, rolled when I went invisible
Smon: Did Q pass Drak the sihedron at eot?
Smon: The dragon looks in Drak's direction
joriandrake: no, Drakh has 31 on Stealth as last result
chris107: I think it's still with me? As my reaction has not yet recharged?
Keelia: No, she doesn't have it.
Smon: ok
joriandrake: it looks at Drakh, with Stealth 31?
Smon: /roll d20+10
Smon rolls 1d20+10 and gets: 17, (+10) = 27
Smon: GM: Are you hiding behind a slag heap or out in the open Drak?
joriandrake: let me rephrase: Drakhaien is not counting as hidden?
Smon: I am seeking to establish that!
joriandrake: I had to move 30 feet last turn because you made it appear near my hide location, but still invisible
Smon: Drak roll Insight DC 18
joriandrake: I left it to you mostly: joriandrake: Well. Drakhaien moves 30 feet to a safer position/distance, preferably where others aren't standing to get into area effect targeting, then uses Kindness point, and shoots as invisible (its blind so adv anyway)
Smon: Drak roll Insight DC 18
joriandrake rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 9, (+7) = 16
joriandrake: 17
Smon: OK Drak you fail check - the dragon can see you even though you are invisible so you do not get advtg on shot but can still sneak attack as Claw is adjacent. Roll to hit w/out advtg
Smon: (it has a see invisible power)
joriandrake: in any case, after he cast this spell he moves 30 more feet into a better position away from dracon
joriandrake: I used my action on Hideous Laughter
Smon: You did not realise it could see you until after shooting
joriandrake: I didn't shoot it this turn, but I would still want to gain distance from it and a new snip position
joriandrake: snipe*
Smon: ok it ignores the Tasha's Hideous Laughter.
Smon: You can move and hide behind cover as bonus action - roll stealth
joriandrake: well then, bonus action hide where I end up after movement yes
Smon: Tasha's has a range of 30' BTW
joriandrake rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 8, (+17) = 25
joriandrake: 27
Smon: It has PP20 so you are currently hidden behind a kind of hammer golem
joriandrake: You said he appeared behind me, no clue if that was 5 feet, more or less before I moved 30 feet away
Smon: #7 claw your go
joriandrake: ok, end turn
JamesDevil: First Attack
JamesDevil: Slashing
Smon: AC 24 no advtg
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 3, 6, 5, (+17) = 31
JamesDevil: Fire
Smon: roll to hit!
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 3, 6, 1, 1, 3, = 14
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 2, (+19) = 21
Smon: miss
JamesDevil: -.-
JamesDevil: Second Attack
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 18, (+19) = 37
Smon: hit
JamesDevil: Slashing
Smon: /roll d20+9
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+17 and gets: 2, 2, 5, (+17) = 26
JamesDevil: Fire
Smon rolls 1d20+9 and gets: 16, (+9) = 25
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 2, 6, 5, 3, 3, = 19
Smon: saves vs fire
Smon: 26 slash +4 fire = 30
JamesDevil: no bonus, just get5ting ready to sentinel if needed
JamesDevil: end turn
Smon: LOL you exactly hit its target number...
Smon: Xin's voice comes out of the damaged dragon.
JamesDevil: ? its dead?
joriandrake: "fuck"
JamesDevil: o fuck
JamesDevil: "Get CLEAR!"
chris107: "Run!"
Smon: Who is within 30' of it currently?
Smon: Claw for sure
joriandrake: Drakh looks around and points to others the best hiding place from damage, probably behind dead constructs
JamesDevil: Claw will try to run to the exit when he hears this
joriandrake: (perception or anything to halve or avoid damage)
Smon: No one can see Drak point
chris107: Miles away.
Keelia: Q takes fire elemental form and zooms away
JamesDevil: me and Q i think
chris107: (though I wasn't given a distance initially)
Keelia: (i forgot I have boon of speed which is +30 speed)
Smon: yes, Mal is further back I think
joriandrake: say then
Smon: BOOOOM!!!!!
joriandrake: ...not a spell or such so I can't help with this one, can't steal a bomb explosion
Smon: Q & C roll DC 20 DEX save, 180 nuclear fire damage/save for half
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
9 (+2) = 11
1 (+2) = 3
Smon: The dragon detonates in a thermonuclear inferno
JamesDevil: nuclear fire
chris107: crkey
joriandrake: nukes... nukes never change
Smon: LOL
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 18, (+3) = 21
JamesDevil: meh, 90 damage, i'm fine
joriandrake: We wnt into Fallout-verse
chris107: yay
Keelia: and immune to fire in the fire elemental form
Smon: Why is Q +3 on save?
JamesDevil: and I was next to the damn thing!
Smon: Sorry you can't change form off turn Quillax, only if you had a Reaction could you have done that
Smon: It exploded on its turn
Keelia: Had a reaction - didn't have sihedron
Smon: So still earth elemental AFAIK
joriandrake: it was with Chris
chris107: it is
Smon: I mean only if you had a special ability giving you Wildshape as a Reaction
JamesDevil: if i killed it then it died on my turn
Keelia: it wasn't passed to me or from me for more than a round.
joriandrake: well, thankfully at worst it drops you to 0 hp and you lose wild shape and become human again
JamesDevil: ah, smn is right
Smon: yup it detonated on init count #7
Keelia: Ah, that's different. I thought we were out of combat.
Smon: >>at worst it drops you to 0 hp << no, excess dmg carries over to your human form
JamesDevil: Claw comes walking out of the wreckage smiling at another victory, still smoking
Keelia: That's fine - I understand that.
Keelia: She's going to need the sihedron a few times
Smon: Q rolled 18-1 = failed save so takes 180 damage, destroys earth elemental form & excess damage carries over to her real body
JamesDevil: 185/325 for Claw
Keelia: Yes, I know
Keelia: And she's still alive and therefore needs the sihedron
Smon: GM: Bits of clockwork dragon rain down on you.
Keelia: passed back and forth with her
joriandrake: we will pass it wound so everyone heals up in 1-5 minutes
Keelia: "Sihedron," she demands.
Keelia: She pats the fire off her clothes.
chris107: Just waiting my turn
joriandrake: Drakhaien inspects the remains, he would really like a clockwork dragon wing or head as trophy
JamesDevil: anything we can salvage from that monstrosity? maybe for Q to upgrade Clank with?
joriandrake: might even be used by our own allies
Smon: GM: O you are out of combat. Radiation exposure - you will all be making CON saves shortly...
joriandrake: sigh
JamesDevil: lpol
Smon: There are a lot of fragments. The adamantium teeth are scattered but intact.
chris107: M chooses the temperance arm and reacts it to Q
JamesDevil: Claw picks up the teeth
chris107: M 184/184
Smon: There are chunks of semi molten skymetal, some as big as Q's torso.
joriandrake: Drakh will look around as detective to pick up it all, preferably restoring head for a neat trophy or such, at least a tooth necklace
JamesDevil: these could be melted down for weapons and armour
JamesDevil: same with the sky metal
JamesDevil: the blacksmith in Claw is most pleased
joriandrake: your bag will be useful now
Smon: While you are passing the Sihedron around to heal up, roll CON saves, with advtg from receiving the Sihedron
JamesDevil: right, lets stuff the adamintium and sky metal into it
Smon: DC 18 for Quillax & Claw, DC 14 for others
chris107 Rolls 1d20+14x2 and gets:
2 (+14) = 16
19 (+14) = 33
chris107: 33
Keelia Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
13 (+11) = 24
20 (+11) = 31
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+14 and gets: 20, (+14) = 34
JamesDevil: Claw's sword explodes
Smon: Claw finds the Abysium radiation quite invigorating!
joriandrake: Drakh will use polymorph later, but did he already get the sihedron pased to for advantage, or no?
Smon: yes
Smon: you are out of combat
joriandrake: k
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+3x2 and gets:
20 (+3) = 23
3 (+3) = 6
Smon: Drak roll CON save DC 14 w advtg
Smon: pass
joriandrake: whew
chris107: yay
Smon: OK you/the Sihedron are all too awesome to be affected by a little radiation poisoning.
JamesDevil: k, i assume we heal all heal to max hp with the swaping
Keelia: "Well, that pretty much shows he's not going to be welcoming us back with open arms. Grab anything that looks like it's a clue and keep the Sihedron moving."
joriandrake: ok we continue takin all tiny bits from dragon, maybe a gnome engineer or a museum will like this if we can't use it for ourselves
Smon: OOC looking to stop shortly
Keelia: Speak for yourself, Q is a techno-druid.
joriandrake: you get priority ofc in dragon remains
Keelia: She's awesome with technology
Keelia: Sounds good - I need to get to the store.
joriandrake: maybe you can claim this palace as your own then
Keelia: Don't tempt her
joriandrake: floating techno-druid fortress city
joriandrake: just make it greener and put a giant tree in middle
JamesDevil: so long as i can forge some decent weapons and armour I'm hapy
joriandrake: Drakh honestly hopes mostly to preserve and claim as much lore of the ancients as possible, it can be used by us and it would be a waste to be lost forever
chris107: M is gloomy and wants no part of the loot.
joriandrake: even if we won't build giant clock dragons, imagine a cavalry with clockwork horses
joriandrake: or perhaps we can make Warforged
Smon: GM: Checking the doors, they are all 4" thick and made of the same solid crystal as the rest of the palace. They are nearly impossible to open with thieves tools (DC 30) but relatively vulnerable to a STR 30 Goliath barbarian (DC 25 STR roll, Claw automatically rolls a 30 as Barbarian)
joriandrake: heh, claw just knocks it open
Keelia: Barbarian str - go!
Smon: (assuming Claw were to use Garvok, or even a maul)
JamesDevil: I've still got earth breaker ^^
Smon: Earthbreaker avoids any risk of self-fireballing
JamesDevil: lol, good poin
JamesDevil: it doesn't blow the doors off though
Smon: /roll d6
JamesDevil: nvm, Claw hammers away
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 1,
chris107: hehe
chris107: which door are we opening?
Smon: GM: Currently the stairs to the throneroom are still disabled (just rolled a check). Won't be very long before they re-activate though.
Keelia: "Mal, which door?"
Keelia: "We need to keep moving."
Smon: Claw readies Earthbreaker, surveying the 8 doors out of the workshop.
chris107: east?
joriandrake: I could try a permanent disabling of it as arcane rogue?
joriandrake: I think rogues can normally disable magic stuff anyway, so this should be possible?
Smon: >> I could try a permanent disabling of it as arcane rogue?<< If you were downstairs on the stone square yes - if you think that is a good idea.
JamesDevil: we'll still ned to get down eventually, unless you fancy jumping down from this floor to the thone room
joriandrake: I'll ask the others, flying is always an option, and other paths are likely also existing, other stairs
Smon: That would seal off the flooded lower levels.
Smon: Currently there are 5 angry killer robots on the stone square so not really practical.
chris107: "Well we have 8 doors on this level to explore first?"
joriandrake: eh true, might have decent loot there - and the enemy Xin wanted us to fight
JamesDevil: probably best to leave it as is
Smon: ok will stop now
Smon: Next game in 2 weeks
JamesDevil: Claw will break the eastern most door first, then procees to open the remaining ones
joriandrake: check the one room Claw broke open then stop ?
JamesDevil: k
chris107: Nice one!

Saturday, 10 August 2019

ep 89 18/2/4720 AR - Aboleths on the Isle of Xin

Risen Isle of Xin

7:30am  2019-8-10 Smon Has entered the room
chris107: cripes
Keelia: Morning Simon
Smon: Good morning
JamesDevil: best memory of rome, standing in the rain at 30+ degrees eating geleto
chris107: Morning Simon
JamesDevil: morning Simon
Keelia: That was particularly good gelato!
Keelia: Italy does amazing gelato, and pizza
chris107: Now I may have to go raid the freezer..
Keelia: Tell me about - that might be breakfast...
JamesDevil: yea, i'm so glad we went there, better than Paris
7:32am  2019-8-10 DESTROYERBILL Has entered the room
JamesDevil: I'm eating brefast now
Keelia: Totally
Keelia: Hey Bill
JamesDevil: so in game Claw is eating his morning mutton
chris107: Good morning Bill
JamesDevil: morning Bill
DESTROYERBILL: good morning everyone
chris107: Is that what the rest of us would call a sheep?
JamesDevil: muttonchop so kinda yea
JamesDevil: part of a sheep
7:33am  2019-8-10 Upper_Krust Has entered the room
Keelia: technically it means adult sheep
Keelia: as opposed to lamb
Upper_Krust: morning everyone
chris107: M will nibble on a cornflake and some dust. Got to watch her figure. Also if it's morning her magical ring will recharge a d3?
Keelia: morning!
chris107: Good morning!
JamesDevil: there are sheep in D&D right? i'm guessing they are crazy powerful!
chris107: Like 1e Herd Animals..
Smon: End of last sesh in Sheila's garden: >>Smon: Sheila nods to Drakhaien. "I'll talk to the Mayor about that. I'm sure the Pathfinder Society can make a generous donation."
joriandrake: (That exists but those feats are mainly from the Unearthed Arcana, or maybe a couple rare ones like Prodigy from Xanathar's)
Smon: (end at 11.30)
Keelia: I guess I'll take Skilled anyway. My prof bonus is good so it will help my skills over all
joriandrake: (I am using Xanathar spells and feats, maybe Simon lets you take some of those as boon)
Smon: Sheila: "Currently we don't know if Xin has arisen. Worst case would be that a Runelord has taken control of his forces..."
Smon: Sheila: "That Kraken-thing recognised you, Lady Malassandra?"
chris107: "Aye, we must not let Xin fall into the hands of the upstarts."
joriandrake: "Worst case might also be Xin being sume god-powered Lich"
joriandrake: some*
chris107: "It did, though I know not why."
joriandrake: "If Xin's power was sensed on the construct scrap that is a risk we have to consider as possibility"<<
JamesDevil: so, lets go kill us some robots
chris107: recharges
chris107 rolls 1d3 and gets: 1
chris107: Ring now on 2 charges.
JamesDevil: rolling hd
JamesDevil rolls 2d12+7 and gets: 8, 7, (+7) = 22
chris107: Swaping the Sihedron between battles heals all our wounds?
JamesDevil: exactly the right amout
chris107: and gets the characters slick at passing it..
Keelia: wind walk will get us there in about 3 hours, so make sure you have all that you need
JamesDevil: Ready to go
chris107: 1 have one 3rd and one 5th level spell slots left
Smon: GM: Fergus said he'll be here 9am so I'll assume Sandor is with you. Also Drakhaien.
7:39am  2019-8-10 joriandrake Has entered the room
Smon: Hi J!
joriandrake: hello
chris107: Morning Jorian
JamesDevil: yo
Upper_Krust: howdy
joriandrake: Sorry I was a bit late, prepared the containers for when I have to leave for the meal
joriandrake: UK you join us today?
Smon: GM: You can use the Sihedron to fast heal up to 60 hp/round each by my count, so you can definitely recover all hp overnight.

Upper_Krust: yes
joriandrake: Upper:Krust... I jsut realized UK might not be a good idea to use with so manny British here
Smon: UK is playing the crystral-winged aarakocra monk agaiin.
DESTROYERBILL: we have 5 british people in the party
joriandrake: WIll Krust be a permanent member or just as long he's visiting there?
chris107: Mallixandra (using the Azlanti spelling there) 184/184 HP
Upper_Krust: just visiting
JamesDevil: just flying in
Upper_Krust: back home on Tuesday
Smon: GM: Quillax casts Wind Walk (cross off spelll slot) and Sheila bids you farewell as you turn into misty clouds and rise out of the Heidmarch manor garden and head west, passing over the great ruined arch of the Irespan and out into open waters.
Smon: Malassandra has a slightly odd feeling, as if she had a dream she can't quite remember. Some lost memory triggered by the encounter with Aureusa, perhaps.
chris107: Coupled with her excitement of maybe seeing Xin again this makes her somewhat distracted..
chris107: still here?
Keelia: at least as wind in the sky its hard to crash in to anything - except birds
Smon: Three hours later you reach the region of ocean 100 miles out to sea, where dark storm clouds roil in an otherwise sunny sky. Passing beneath the clouds you see ahead an incredible sight - land, newly risen from the sea - in fact it seems to be still rising! At the centre of the new islands is a great palace of crystal - the legendary Crystal Palace of Xin! But where in Malassandra's time it was shining white - before being destroyed in the cataclysm that tore apart the Sihedron on Xin's death - now, reformed, it is a dull glossy black.
Keelia: ominous
Smon: Prepare for a big text dump...
chris107: "Well that's not good..."
JamesDevil: nah, it will be total cool guys
JamesDevil: nothing ever happens in creepy places like this
JamesDevil: nothing BAD anyway
Smon: Xin iSlAnd feAtureS The cluster of islands that rise with Xin’s palace compose a ruined wasteland of long-collapsed buildings, crumbling tower tops, and disintegrating archways. Strange sites abound on the islands, and everywhere looms the distinctive interplay of spherical and linear designs that is the hallmark of the Azlanti architecture Xin used to design his city. Dead and dying sea life litters the islands, and crabs scuttle in all directions to feast on the bounty. Starfish cling futilely to long-toppled columns, and spiny barnacles and dying but razor-sharp coral encrust collapsed walls and old, broken spires, making even casual investigation of ruins onerous. The stench of decay is overbearing.
Smon: Beyond the ruins, very little ornamentation or evidence of ancient habitation remains. Centuries on the sea floor, looting by aquatic denizens, the island’s recent rise, and ages of erosion have wiped away most of the treasures that once rested in the depths. While some of the facades are remarkably well preserved, the fact is that most ruins are but empty shells of the former domiciles, with layers of coral and urchin beds obscuring the old buildings’ original use and purpose. But even time can’t wash everything away, and discerning eyes can detect hints of the city’s former magnificence. Shattered glass globes covered in barnacles still hover along cracked sidewalks, where they once provided illumination. Likewise, stone benches and broken machinery of an indeterminate nature float in place, and old library collections, their holdings now little more than corroded bronze plates, orbit lazily around shelves and statues long lost.
Smon: Over all looms the dark shard of the Crystal Palace. The apex of the jagged black spire smolders with thick, dark smoke, and embers and sharp crystal flakes shed from its surface. Other than jagged crags, the spire boasts no window or doors beyond a single grand archway that provides entry into the imposing structure.
chris107: "Ah Xin. How I have dreamed of seeing you again. But not like this...." She trails off sadly.
Smon: The door:
A tall, broad archway grown of crystal stands at the base of the palace. The door the archway frames bears no hinge, lock, or knob—only an unbroken sheet of pockmarked black crystal bars the way into the palace’s interior.

Keelia: Q drifts down to examine it
JamesDevil: Claw will join her
chris107: M too
joriandrake: still reading
chris107: Trying to keep as many of us as possible within her protective aura.
Upper_Krust: Keravon flies down
DESTROYERBILL: ill float down as well
Smon: GM: You drift down to look at the door - let me know if you are assuming solid form/landing.
JamesDevil: solid for Claw
DESTROYERBILL: ill go solid
Upper_Krust: Keravon can hover for now
Keelia: Q will go solid as she can take air elemental form quickly
Keelia: if necessary
JamesDevil: "hmm"
chris107: Looking for a safe place to land, away from sharp corals or slippery urchins, M lands and becomes solid.
JamesDevil: Claw will walk up to the 'Door' and touch it
JamesDevil: i know it not a door but you know what i mean
chris107: Does M have any memory of the door?
JamesDevil: Does anything happen?
Keelia: Q sighs "Surely you have learned by now not to just touch random doors."
chris107: How it opens, if it is guarded or trapped etc.
Smon: You land or hover and become solid. The black crystal door shows no way to enter. Claw touches the pockmarked crystal door - it feels faintly warm, and he senses a thrumming of energies deep within. Malassandra recalls that servants within - or Xin - would open it on her approach; oherwise it will likely take titanic strength or powerful magic to force open.
chris107: You chaps okay if I try?
JamesDevil: "lets try it together"
Keelia: Does crystal count as worked or unworked stone? It 'grows' after all
JamesDevil: (this will end so well, a D&D group defaeated by a door)
Smon: It has definitely been 'worked'.
chris107: M nods and walks towards the crystal door ...
Keelia: thanks
Smon: GM: Those of you with PP 20+ see several figures rising from a pool of water off to the southwest...
JamesDevil: 22pp here
joriandrake: Drakhaien points them out silently in his mask
chris107: M hesitates in her advance once warned of the figures.
Keelia: Q takes water elemental form and calls out a greeting.
JamesDevil: Claw will take his eyes off the door and look over tio the figures
Keelia: (or rather bubbles out a greeting in aquan)
JamesDevil: Claw calls out in common
JamesDevil: "greeting, are you friend or foe?"
chris107: M in the language of ancient Xin.
Smon: Handsome male humanoid figures carrying tridents - gills at their necks - Gillmen!
chris107: (If none of the others work  )
JamesDevil: do they appear to be hostile? or are they just standing there?
joriandrake: Drakhaien investigates their mannerism / bodly language and equipment to see if they are hostile or have something to hide
Smon: They are just walking towards you, not overtly hostile, but seem to understand Mal & Quillax. One answers in archaic Azlanti/Thassilonian. "Hail! What doest thou here?"
8:07am  2019-8-10 sandor sunneson Has entered the room
Smon: Roll Insight Drak
JamesDevil: Hi San
Smon: OOC I'll post log so far for Fergus
joriandrake: I wished to use Investigation but ok
chris107: Hi Ferg
joriandrake rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 14, (+7) = 21
joriandrake: hi S
Smon: posted -
sandor sunneson: Morning all
Smon: ok roll Investigation Drak
Upper_Krust: Hey Fergus
Smon: Their manner seems open.
Keelia: Q retakes human form and answers in Thassilonian, "Greetings. We have come to investigate the rising of this land."
joriandrake: Passive Investigation 31  All hail the elven detective
chris107: wow
Keelia: (morning Ferg)
Smon: Drak realises there's something not right about the 3 Gillmen - they are Illusions!
Keelia: "There was a great disturbance in the water and we traced the source to here."
Smon: They are currently about 60' away, walking towards you.
chris107: (Hmmmm illusions again......)
Smon: Gillman: "Xin has risen..."
joriandrake: Drakh alerty the others in his mask to this silently by throwing quickly a couple pebbles at them and taking ab attle stance, looking around to find the ilusionist
JamesDevil: Claw doesn't understand ofc
JamesDevil: "what are you all saying?"
JamesDevil: "are they enemies?"
Keelia: Q leans over - "They are asking our intentions."
Keelia: "Although, perhaps it is not they who are asking seeing as Drak has just thrown a pebble through them."
Smon: The pool - more of a long trench - they rose from is 100' from you to the south, palace is in front of you to west.
joriandrake: (I wear my mask that has the disadvantage ofnot being able to speak in it, so I thre rocks at the illusions)
chris107: M looks around once D has alerted us.. Shield ready to defend against magical assault.
Keelia: "Show yourself!" She calls out, placing her back to Claw's.
JamesDevil: Claw will looks around searching for other signs of creatures
Smon: GM: Drak roll to hit (DEX+prof, disad for range)
sandor sunneson: Sandor will look around with his eagle eyes to see if there is anytning of detail that could be of interest, also gets his sword ready as others are on alert
Keelia: (doesn't drak have some sort of telepathic magic?)
joriandrake: (Message - but it also requires speech to cast)
Smon: >>I wear my mask that has the disadvantage ofnot being able to speak in it<< That seems like a pretty terrible idea!
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+11x2 and gets:
13 (+11) = 24
8 (+11) = 19
joriandrake: 19
joriandrake: (It's the Nightjaunt Mask Simon)
Smon: The stone passes through the central gillman, it wavers and vanishes!
Smon: Roll init please.
chris107 Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
2 (+2) = 4
8 (+2) = 10
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+4 and gets: 3, (+4) = 7
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
20 (+2) = 22
14 (+2) = 16
chris107: 10 for M
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 5, (+3) = 8
JamesDevil: wahoo! i got a decent init for a change ^^
sandor sunneson Rolls 1d20+3x2 and gets:
12 (+3) = 15
18 (+3) = 21
Upper_Krust rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 10, (+7) = 17
Smon: /roll d20-1
Smon rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 19, (-1) = 18
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 11, (+5) = 16
Keelia: who has the sihedron?
chris107: You I think?
chris107: as default
sandor sunneson: Sandor last passed in on
JamesDevil: it would make sense
sandor sunneson: to Quillax
Keelia: Cool - ok, I have it
Smon: Quillax has it by default as she was first to attune to it in the reforging ceremony.
joriandrake: (remember we can pass it with a reaction)
Smon: #22 Claw what do you do?
JamesDevil: can i see any eneimes?
Smon: You can see the 2 remaining Gillmen, they are moving towards you faster now.
JamesDevil: range?
Smon: Say 45'
JamesDevil: just out of range, ok, move to 40' and hold the attack action
JamesDevil: end turn
DESTROYERBILL: you can attack
Smon: You have 5' reach
Smon: 40+5 = 45
DESTROYERBILL: move 40 feet 5feet range
Smon: You can reach 1 of them, they are ca 15' apart
JamesDevil: ah, k, read that wrong, attack attack
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 14, (+19) = 33
Smon: The sword Garvok passes through a Gillman, it wavers and vanishes.
JamesDevil: slashing
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+13 and gets: 5, 2, 3, (+13) = 23
Smon: You felt no resistance.
joriandrake: The others can see Drakhaien totally ignoring the gillmen and looking around searching for other targets
JamesDevil: hmm, anfd i can't then throw my sword at the other one since it cost a whole action right?
Keelia: BRB
Smon: You can throw sword as an attack
Smon: & it returns to your hand
JamesDevil: k, cool
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 18, (+19) = 37
Smon: Drak what is your PP?
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+13 and gets: 1, 1, 4, (+13) = 19
joriandrake: 29
Smon: Garvok passes through the last Gillman, it blinks out. The sword buries itself in a ruined wall then teleports back to Claw's hand.
sandor sunneson: Nice one
JamesDevil: my pp is 22 now btw incase that makes any diffference
JamesDevil: least the illusions are gone
JamesDevil: so, end turn
Smon: Drak you just make out very large dark forms under the water in the trench 100' to the south.
joriandrake: Is it Drakh's turn
joriandrake: ?
Smon: about 10' under the water; they must be at least 15' long.
sandor sunneson: he's had it
Keelia: back
Smon: #21 Sandor you can roll Perception as you stated you were scanning area before
chris107: #20 Sandor
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 4, (+7) = 11
sandor sunneson: lol, not feeling it today
Smon: You don't spot anything, and Drak can't warn you as he is speechless!
sandor sunneson: is there anything to attack in the area? If not he'll go and move over to Claw getting ready for next round
joriandrake: (11 I doN't think is enough for noticing Drakhaien looking at a specific location either)
8:29am  2019-8-10 chris107 Has exited the room
8:30am  2019-8-10 chris107 Has entered the room
Smon: GM: Sandor moves up beside Claw and readies a sword attack vs hostile w/in 5'.
Smon: #18 3 vast tentacled forms rise up from the briny deep of the trench, each with 1 tentacle sheathed in some kind of emerald-tipped wandlike device...
Smon: /roll d7
Smon rolls 1d7 and gets: 2
Smon: One points its glittering wand at Silrus, and 11 green magic missiles strike out at him!
chris107: (+5 on saves for any within 30' of M)
DESTROYERBILL: i use shield
JamesDevil: nasty looking bugger
Smon: GM: 11 magic missiles impact harmlessly on Silrus' energy shield!
chris107: eek, M's ancient foes.
Smon: /roll d6
chris107: nicely done!
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 5,
Smon: A second one shoots at Quillax...
Smon: You get hit Q?
Smon: Malassandra recognises the Aboleths, the ancient frenemies of Azlant!
Keelia: what's the attack?
Smon: Magic Missile
Smon: /roll 11d4+11
Smon rolls 11d4+11 and gets: 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, (+11) = 29
Smon: 29 dmg
Keelia: I guess so? it's not like I have a magic shield
Smon: The third one shoots at Quillax
Keelia: ac 22
Smon: /roll 11d4+11
Smon rolls 11d4+11 and gets: 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 4, 4, 2, 2, 1, 1, (+11) = 36
chris107: ouchers
joriandrake: it's magic missile ,auto hit unless Shield spell
JamesDevil: ow
Smon: OK Quillax takes 65 damage, the 3 aboleth subside back beneath the water.
Smon: #17 Keravon your go
Upper_Krust: there's no one left to attack
JamesDevil: yep
joriandrake: 65 wow, and I thought 36 was already a lot
JamesDevil: this is going to be one of THOSE fights agin -.-
Upper_Krust: I will expend some Ki points and turn invisible
Upper_Krust: then move over to where the aboleth were
Smon: Keravon turns invisible and flies 100' over to & above the trench, he can see the massive dark fish-forms 10' under the surface. #16 Drakhaien then #10 Malassandra
Upper_Krust: I say to the others what I see
Smon: Keravon calls out to the others.
Smon: #16 Drakhaien then #10 Malassandra #8 Quillax #7 Silrus, let me have all your actions now
Keelia: Q rather grumpily re-takes water elemental form.
chris107: M moves 30' towards them redies eldritch blast should the tentacles rise again. End turn.
Keelia: She passes the sihedron to Claw and heads over to the water, bubbling out aquan swear words
joriandrake: How far is the water from Drakh?
DESTROYERBILL: i move towasrds them and cast banishment with twinned spell to try and banish 2 of them
Smon: 100' from Drak
joriandrake: Drakhaien will seek out a location between current place and water to hide behind, stealth bonus action then ready a shot on the creature if it shows itself, even if just a peek
joriandrake: is there something to hide behind o nthe path?
Smon: Drak moves to behind the ruined wall that Garvok struck & can take a Hide bonus action.
joriandrake: If yes this is the Stealth roll, if the ruined wall casts a shade count advantage if not, jsut first roll
joriandrake Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
17 (+17) = 34
1 (+17) = 18
JamesDevil: isn't it nice that i make cover ^^
joriandrake: whew
Smon: no advtg Drak
joriandrake: stealth 34, readied attack, end turn
Smon: Silrus flies up and casts Banishment twin-spelled readied
Smon: R2 #22 Claw; you are 60' from the trench
JamesDevil: Claw double dashes and jumps into the water
JamesDevil: end turn
JamesDevil: o wait
chris107: (You have the sihedron)
JamesDevil: he passes the sheheron to Qillax
Smon: Claw leaps into the water with a mighty splash, dark fish-forms strike at him (3 legendary actions!)
Smon: They have advtg unless Claw has a swim speed...
JamesDevil: no swim speed
JamesDevil: 22AC
JamesDevil: soz
JamesDevil: 20ac
Smon: /roll d20+9x6
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x6 and gets:
7 (+9) = 16
4 (+9) = 13
5 (+9) = 14
18 (+9) = 27
15 (+9) = 24
6 (+9) = 15
JamesDevil: only 2 hits, nice
Smon: 16, 27 & 24 so 2 hits for 30 bludgeon dmg
JamesDevil: halved?
Smon: (yes you have infinite rage so can halve) #21 Sandor; you are 60' away from the pool
JamesDevil: or 30 after halved?
Smon: 30>15
JamesDevil: ^^
JamesDevil: 310/325
sandor sunneson: He will follow Claw into the water, raging and looking to attack the beasties
joriandrake: (I have to prepare to leave to get the meal, I will be quick, but if needed here is the attack roll for Drakh if triggered, Bill can roll it: with Stealth and advantage he rolls 3 times [not 2] and takes best outcome. Longbow+1 - Attack: +11 Damage: 1d8+5 (range 600) Sneak Attack: +10d6)
joriandrake: (cya soon, I won't leave chat room while afk)
JamesDevil: you're 60' away mate
Smon: Unless you have 60' speed Sandor you will end turn after leaping into water
JamesDevil: i double dash
chris107: laters J
JamesDevil: see you J
sandor sunneson: He'll end up at the water's edge by the end of the turn
Smon: Sandor runs up to the water's edge, sees the dark forms threshing at Claw
Smon: Aboleth legendary actions swipes at Claw
Smon: /roll d20+9x6
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x6 and gets:
4 (+9) = 13
4 (+9) = 13
7 (+9) = 16
15 (+9) = 24
4 (+9) = 13
9 (+9) = 18
JamesDevil: only one
Smon: 13 24 18 - 1 hit, 15 dmg > 7 to Claw
Smon: #18 Aboleth turn
JamesDevil: this is the way it should be
Smon: The Aboleth use their psychic powers to (hopefully) mentally enslave Claw & Sandor - both of you roll DC 14 WIS saves
chris107: eek
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 6, (+7) = 13
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 6, (+2) = 8
JamesDevil: sod
chris107: bugger
Smon: The aboleth gain 2 allies
Keelia: well s***
JamesDevil: we're miles from you guys anyway
sandor sunneson: ouch
chris107: (This could go horribly wrong...)
JamesDevil: just kill the buggers
sandor sunneson: how long for?
sandor sunneson: are we enslaved?
Smon: The third aboleth, seeing its friends have the barbs under control, rises up from the deep with raygun in hand - readied actions go off
chris107 Rolls 1d20+11x4 and gets:
6 (+11) = 17
20 (+11) = 31
11 (+11) = 22
6 (+11) = 17
Smon: You are enslaved indefinitely - you would get a save after 24 hours if at least 1 mile from the aboleth
Smon: Mal shoots it w eldritch blasts; AC 19
chris107: (4 eldritch blasts)
Smon: 2 hits inc 1 crit
chris107 rolls 3d10 and gets: 4, 3, 10, = 17
Keelia: (who is still in the water?)
chris107: 17 Force damage
JamesDevil: just me
Smon: Claw & 2 aboleth are in the water
DESTROYERBILL: drakien bow attack
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20+11x3 and gets:
9 (+11) = 20
10 (+11) = 21
15 (+11) = 26
chris107: nice
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d8+5 and gets: 1, (+5) = 6
DESTROYERBILL rolls 10d6 and gets: 5, 2, 1, 3, 2, 4, 4, 3, 2, 4, = 30
JamesDevil: nice
Smon: Drak shoots it for 36
Smon: Silrus is holding his readied Banishment
Smon: Quillax did you have a readied action?
Keelia: No
Keelia: Not that I called out
Smon: (cheers) The wounded aboleth rolls perception
Smon: /roll d20+10
Smon rolls 1d20+10 and gets: 17, (+10) = 27
Smon: realises there is a flying invisible birdman above it & tries to dominate Keravon
Smon: roll DC 14 WIS save Keravon
chris107: oh heck
JamesDevil: Bill please banish the hell out of these things O/o
JamesDevil: you too Q!
DESTROYERBILL: my banish is twinned and readied to get 2 of them
Upper_Krust rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 14, (+5) = 19
Smon: Keravon shrugs off the psychic attack; the aboleth re-subsides
JamesDevil: nice
sandor sunneson: well saved
chris107: yay
Smon: #17 Keravon
Smon: Keravon flies up to 45' above the water, bow Readied
JamesDevil: brb bio
Upper_Krust: move 45 feet up, still invisible
Smon: #16 Drakhaien
Smon: Drak hides & readies another shoot
JamesDevil: back
Smon: #10 Malassandra
chris107: Readies an attack for when they resurface.
Smon: ok - stay at 70' or close to 40'?
chris107: (@ DM would Cleansing Touch banish the possession?)
chris107: stay at 70' please.
chris107: (Not sure if sandor and Claw would be 'willing')
Smon: where is cleansing touch from?
9:13am  2019-8-10 Keelia Has exited the room
Smon: They won't be willing while enslaved no!
chris107: Paladin level 14 ability
chris107: No worries, was worth asking
9:14am  2019-8-10 Keelia Has entered the room
Smon: #8 Quillax your go
9:15am  2019-8-10 Keelia Has exited the room
9:16am  2019-8-10 Keelia Has entered the room
Keelia: At level 4. I believe you said the area was stormy?
Keelia: The water should be conductive and the lightning hit everything in it...
Smon: Yes the dark clouds mean you could call lighting w enhanced effect, also those in water have disad on save vs lightning

#7 Silrus flies over the pool ca 45' up, sees the dark forms below...
chris107: nice
JamesDevil: did Q get her turn?
Smon: Quillax are you doing call lightning on the wounded one?
Keelia: Yes, but the general idea is the water (and everything in it)
JamesDevil: me included ^^
Smon: Looks to me Q you will need to bonus action to Air Elemental to fly up to see scene then action cast call lightning ok?
Keelia: sounds good.
Keelia: (yep, sorry James  )
Smon: It only gets a 10' area so only 1 of them
JamesDevil: no worries
Smon: Crack! lightning lances down
Keelia: ok, she'll target the damaged one and if any electricity should be conducted through the water, well
Keelia rolls 5d10 and gets: 10, 9, 6, 5, 9, = 39
Smon: Luckily they don't have legendary resistance
JamesDevil: boom
chris107: nice rolls!
Smon: /roll d20-1x2
Smon Rolls 1d20-1x2 and gets:
18 (-1) = 17
1 (-1) = 0
Smon: rolled a 0
JamesDevil: technically -1
Smon: You used a level 4 slot there for 5d10 dmg
Keelia: yes, 4th level with an extra d10 for existing storm.
Keelia: gives 5
Smon: cheers
joriandrake: I'm back
Smon: It is electrocuted
joriandrake: and out of breath .huff
JamesDevil: i think you mean shock smn
JamesDevil: shocked*
Smon: /roll d3
Keelia: not if that killed it
Smon rolls 1d3 and gets: 1
Smon: #7 Silrus casts Banish on the 2 unwounded ones
Smon: /roll d20+4x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+4x2 and gets:
11 (+4) = 15
3 (+4) = 7
joriandrake: (OK, I I've read up on this... and it might not be a good idea to sneak into the water among all the lightning after all, even if I doN't need to breath)
chris107: YAY!
DESTROYERBILL: begone thots
Smon: They both flicker and vanish!
JamesDevil: hurray!
joriandrake: We fight thots now? as in Egyptian Thot?
JamesDevil: now you must beat the legendary barbarians! mohahaha
Keelia: (Thot is a derogatory word for women, implying they are whores. It's nothing to do with Egypt)
JamesDevil: i think we've been forgetting to pass the shehedron
chris107: yup
Keelia: Well, I can't pass it to half the team as they are mind controlled...
Smon: Next round #22 enslaved Claw clambers out of the water - what is Garvok's throw range?
JamesDevil: fair enough
Keelia: and others are not part of the sihedron group...
JamesDevil: eh? i got enslaved by one of the banished ones, surely its 1 mile away now?
Smon: I think all of you are attuned to Sihedron currently
JamesDevil: Garvok is 25' range
Smon: Yeah, if it stays 1+ mile away then after 24 hours you get a save Claw!
Keelia: Smon: You are enslaved indefinitely - you would get a save after 24 hours if at least 1 mile from the aboleth
JamesDevil: ffs
joriandrake: so glad I'm hidden
JamesDevil: well eitherway i can't hit anyone at this range
JamesDevil: so what do i do?
Smon: Claw charges up to Malassandra, roaring & waving Garvok (end turn)
Smon: #21 Sandor roll Perception
chris107: "Gulp...."
Keelia: Q uses her unused reaction to throw the sidhedron to M.
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+7 and gets: 3, (+7) = 10
chris107: (Thanks)
Smon: Sandor turns from the water's edge, runs past Drak's hiding place and also reaches Malassandra, death in his eyes (end turn)
joriandrake: (what type of barbarians are our fellows? Archetype I mean)
JamesDevil: I'll remain quiet, sijnce making suggestion on how to enslave/hold me would be unfair
JamesDevil: unenslave*
chris107: (M chooses Generosity)
JamesDevil: Bear and wolf
JamesDevil: plus i have a fiery exploding sword
Smon: The wounded aboleth shoots its mm launcher up at Silrus from under the water - 3 missiles
DESTROYERBILL: i use shield
JamesDevil: probably want to solve this problem quickly, plus there is still the Abolith floating around
joriandrake: can this trigger Drakh's shot?
joriandrake: if I see a tiny bot of tentacle?
joriandrake: bit
Smon: No, it stayed under the water & fired force bolts vertically up J.
joriandrake: k
Smon: It was trying to disrupt the Banishment
9:32am  2019-8-10 chris107 Has exited the room
joriandrake: Silrus got it handled with Shield anyway
9:33am  2019-8-10 chris107 Has entered the room
Smon: 2 aboleth are banished, incapacitated so can't give fresh orders to their mind slaves - Claw & Sandor will try to kill Mal until banishment ends, presumably
Smon: #17 Keravon
JamesDevil: so, 10 turn right?
Smon: 10 rounds
JamesDevil: ...also if mine was banished before my turn doesn't that mean i never got ordered to attack the group?
Upper_Krust: ready to attack if it surfaces
Smon: They gave instructions on their turn not yours, Claw
Smon: Keravon flaps around, bow readied
JamesDevil: ...great
Smon: #16 Drakhaien
Smon: BRB
joriandrake: so, situation is that I see no aboleths, but enraged and controlled barbarians?
JamesDevil: yep
JamesDevil: fair fight huh?
sandor sunneson: So the barbs are basically NPCs?
joriandrake: I'll summon Nightgaunts, 1d4+1 using the black, horned nightgaunt mask that has two eyeholes but no other facial features, I will roll and wait then until DM is back
joriandrake rolls 1d4+1 and gets: 3, (+1) = 4
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+9 and gets: 14, (+9) = 23
DESTROYERBILL: silrus shouts out " pain can break the domination so stab them or something"
Smon: OK a flapping horde of faceless nightgaunts appear around/above Drak.
Smon: #10 Malassandra
sandor sunneson: I know it's part of the game blah blah blah, but not really happy about attacking fellow PCs,
chris107: Seeing the mighty Claw and Sandor bearing down upon her she uses the power of Generosity to Polymorph into Giant Eagle form. Reaction the Sihedron to Quillax, healing her a further 20HP then flies up 160'. End turn.
joriandrake: I didn't finish
sandor sunneson: Lol, nice one Chris
joriandrake: The Nightgaunts are commanded 2-2 to go and grapple the barbarians with the order to bite at them while carrying them away
JamesDevil: not in range of an OP i hope
joriandrake: Drakhaien then hides, end turn
JamesDevil: @chris
joriandrake rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 19, (+17) = 36
chris107: 70' from you, 30 if you moved, James
joriandrake: 36 stealth
JamesDevil: ah, k good
JamesDevil: you#''d be fubar'd otherwise
joriandrake: Simon can roll their grappling, I think they are real good at that
chris107: (She intends to circle well ablove the field of battle until they calm down  )
Smon: OK they can grappple on a claw hit
JamesDevil: they *might* maanage
JamesDevil: 20AC
Smon: vs Claw
Smon: /roll d20+5x6
Smon Rolls 1d20+5x6 and gets:
19 (+5) = 24
11 (+5) = 16
3 (+5) = 8
15 (+5) = 20
15 (+5) = 20
10 (+5) = 15
Smon: 3 claw hits
Smon: /roll 3d6+6
Smon rolls 3d6+6 and gets: 3, 3, 5, (+6) = 17
joriandrake: three grapple attempts then VS Claw's roll
Smon: 17/2 = 8 slashing dmg and grappled
JamesDevil: str save?
joriandrake: (also 3 new save rolls to get rid of dominance! If what Bill said is correct)
JamesDevil: adv
JamesDevil: k, save against the grapples
JamesDevil: first one
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
9 (+17) = 26
15 (+17) = 32
Smon: no STR save but you get 2 WIS saves Claw
JamesDevil: second one
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+17x2 and gets:
18 (+17) = 35
10 (+17) = 27
JamesDevil: k, nvm
JamesDevil: wis then
Smon: Nightgaunts auto grapple when hit
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 10, (+2) = 12
joriandrake: please succeed
Smon: DC 14
JamesDevil: fail
Smon: roll again
joriandrake: one more roll
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 16, (+2) = 18
JamesDevil: yay!
joriandrake: yay!!
chris107: yay
Smon: The pain breaks the domination on Claw!
JamesDevil: ugh, finally
Smon: 6 attacks on Sandor - AC 22?
sandor sunneson: Nice one
Smon: /roll d20+5x6
sandor sunneson: Ja
Smon Rolls 1d20+5x6 and gets:
2 (+5) = 7
4 (+5) = 9
8 (+5) = 13
9 (+5) = 14
1 (+5) = 6
14 (+5) = 19
Smon: miss
JamesDevil: its ok, i got you mate
joriandrake: (telepathic command to them to focus on Sandor now and let Claw alone - I believe Drakh has keen enough senses to notice dominance wore off, depending on DM discretion)
Smon: #10 Malassandra - you see Claw looking a bit dazed, 2 nightgaunts are trying to lift him but he's too heavy (needs 3 as he counts as Large)
JamesDevil: Claw will look gleefully at Sandor >:)
chris107: hris107: Seeing the mighty Claw and Sandor bearing down upon her she uses the power of Generosity to Polymorph into Giant Eagle form. Reaction the Sihedron to Quillax, healing her a further 20HP then flies up 160'. End turn.
JamesDevil: didn't you already do that?
sandor sunneson: I thought your PC is above us looking down on carnage?
chris107: Yes but then we noiticed Drak hadn't gone.
sandor sunneson: in bird form?
Smon: OK Sandor roll an opp att vs Mal as she flies away
chris107: So now on #10 she does her stuff
chris107: She was 70' away
chris107: from him
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 17, (+13) = 30
sandor sunneson: sorry
Smon: Sandor hits Mal
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 7,
chris107: No worries Ferg.
Smon: roll dmg
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 6, 3, = 9
joriandrake: those are some looong arms
Smon: Sandor closed from 70' to 0' on his turn as I posted
Smon: He can dash 80'
chris107: okay.
sandor sunneson: +13=29
chris107: The Eagle is dispelled
chris107: 0/26HP
chris107: Mal falls out of the sky
Smon: ok Mal takes 3 dmg
chris107: 181/184HP
Smon: Is she walking away on foot? can back off 25'
chris107: It was a good plan while it lasted
joriandrake: yup
chris107: She flees from the wrath of the barbarian as far as she can.
Smon: #8 Quillax
Keelia: the one Abolith is still in the water? or is it gone?
Smon: One aboleth in water
Keelia: She'll drop a lightning on it
Smon: /roll d20-1x2
Smon Rolls 1d20-1x2 and gets:
18 (-1) = 17
12 (-1) = 11
Smon: zap
joriandrake: (I doN't truly understand what happened with the banished ones, didn't they disappear?)
Keelia rolls 5d10 and gets: 6, 1, 5, 3, 5, = 20
Smon: Yes they are on another plane J
JamesDevil: Bill is holding the banish
Keelia: not a great roll...
JamesDevil: needs to last a minute at least
JamesDevil: not the worst
Smon: Q directs lightning into the water
Keelia: and she passes the sid back to M
Smon: ok Mal heals 20 hp I believe
Smon: #7 Silrus
chris107: Thanks 184/184
DESTROYERBILL: i use dispell magic on the abolith dominate effect on sandor
sandor sunneson: Thank you Bill, fingers crossed
sandor sunneson: lol
chris107: (She chooses Humility)
Smon: DC 18
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 3, (+11) = 14
Keelia: want my inspiration to try again??
Smon: Silrus tries to dispel the domination on Sandor but fails.
10:01am  2019-8-10 chris107 Has exited the room
joriandrake: (I can't find the Sihedron data, can you please make a separate page for that Simon?)
Smon: Quillax inspires him!
10:01am  2019-8-10 chris107 Has entered the room
chris107: hard lines
DESTROYERBILL rolls 1d20+11 and gets: 11, (+11) = 22
joriandrake: yay
chris107: yay
sandor sunneson: freedom!!!!!
Smon: bottom of page J. Bookmark it & copy paste whatever,print it even!!
Smon: Sandor comes back to his senses!
JamesDevil: Claw still doesn't know this...
chris107: That's a relief.
Smon: #22 Claw you see Sandor looking dazed, Malassandra retreating
joriandrake: (bookmarked, thanks)
JamesDevil: coolio, thats good enough for me
joriandrake: (does anyone want a nightgaunt sky taxi to shoot from abover or such?)
Smon: Claw 2 nightgaunts are clutching you.
JamesDevil: Nope, I'm gong swimming again
JamesDevil: going*
JamesDevil: ugh, i'm going to have to waste my action are'nt i -.-
joriandrake: hold your turn
Smon: I;ll let Drak call them off as a Reaction. Claw tears free of the nightgaunts & can move over to the pool.
joriandrake: ok I do that
Smon: Is he diving in beside the last aboleth?
Smon: It's 10' under the water
JamesDevil: yep, and he begins to lay waste
Smon: Well your turn ends after you jump in
Smon: But you can get adjacent eot
JamesDevil: yea, i'll do that thejnh
Smon: ok Claw dives in again - eot - aboleth swipes at him
Smon: /roll d20+9x2
JamesDevil: it would be nice to get a hit in at some point
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
2 (+9) = 11
9 (+9) = 18
Smon: misses
Smon: There is a cloud of foul mucus around the creature now
JamesDevil: ew
Smon: #21 Sandor
JamesDevil: getting injuryed i'm guessing
sandor sunneson: Sandor will follow up with attacks on the aboleth
joriandrake: (yay, found the nightgaunt stats, altho not for 5e)
Smon: Sandor leaps into the water after Claw, eot
Smon: (I'm using 5e Primeval Thule nightgaunt J)
Smon: Aboleth swipes
Smon: /roll d2
Smon rolls 1d2 and gets: 2
Smon: At Sandor
JamesDevil: it already used it reaction on Claw
Smon: It has 3 Legendaries
JamesDevil: unless this is its turn
Smon: This is #2
Smon: /roll d20+9x2
Smon Rolls 1d20+9x2 and gets:
13 (+9) = 22
2 (+9) = 11
JamesDevil: Claw uses sentinel
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 11, (+19) = 30
Smon: ok Claw you can attack but have disad in water
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+19 and gets: 12, (+19) = 31
Smon: hit
JamesDevil: that is not an issue
Smon: The fire dmg is halved as under water
JamesDevil: Slashing
JamesDevil rolls 3d6+13 and gets: 3, 5, 4, (+13) = 25
JamesDevil: Fire
JamesDevil rolls 5d6 and gets: 5, 6, 6, 4, 5, = 26
Smon: /roll d20-1
Smon rolls 1d20-1 and gets: 10, (-1) = 9
chris107: nice rolls
Smon: ok 13 boil dmg
Smon: Sandor was hit
Smon: 15 dmg Sandor > 7 rage
Smon: Claw make a DC 14 CON save vs the mucus
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+14 and gets: 15, (+14) = 29
sandor sunneson: or you'll get membraned
Smon: pass
JamesDevil: why do i even roll these things?
chris107: yay
sandor sunneson: well done
Smon: #18 aboleth - badly wounded now, the last Aboleth tries to Dominate Claw again (WIS DC 14)
sandor sunneson: Maybe your next PC should be a random monster where all enemies have to roll random saving dice rolls James
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+2 and gets: 10, (+2) = 12
JamesDevil: ffs
Smon: Claw is re-enslaved
chris107: oh cripes
sandor sunneson: OOC- what time we finishing at today?
JamesDevil: is there no immun for 24 hours after it is broken the first time?
Smon: (nope) Then the Aboleth swims down to the bottom of the 30' deep trench to get away from the nasty lightning strikes - Sandor you get an Opp att
Smon: w disad in water
Smon: finish 11.30
Smon: #17 Keravon, you still just flying around?
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 6, (+13) = 19
Smon: disad so roll twice
sandor sunneson rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 6, (+13) = 19
Upper_Krust: yep, I don't need a bird bath
Smon: hit (AC 19!)
Smon: roll dmg
sandor sunneson: Yay!
sandor sunneson rolls 1d8 and gets: 8,
sandor sunneson rolls 2d6 and gets: 6, 1, = 7
chris107: nice
sandor sunneson: 28 damage
Smon: 8+bonus slash & 3 fire
Smon: 24 total
Smon: It had 23 hp so you just killed it!
chris107: YAY!
JamesDevil: hurray!
sandor sunneson: nice,
Keelia: whoo!
sandor sunneson: Huzzah!
Smon: Claw's mind clears.
Upper_Krust: lol
sandor sunneson: wahay!
Smon: The dead fish monster floats up to the surface.
JamesDevil: Claw swims up
JamesDevil: "that was....unpleasent"
joriandrake: ... .I had the idea of ordering the nightgaunts to get under water and attack the aboleth based on the Pathfider stats which says they are Faceless (no need to breath, immune to gaze/sight attacks and all inhaled effect, and got blindsight 60ft) but not sure if the ones Simon uses also have these, and I don't want them to suffocate or so... but you jsut killed it before my turn anyway
Smon: 2 of its tentacles have weird aboleth bracers, a third the MM launcher.
chris107: very nice
Smon: GM: You have some time (7 rnds) before Banishment ends & the other 2 reappear in the trench.
joriandrake: Drakhaien nods at the others with respect as they surface
JamesDevil: misread that, i thought it was ML missile launcher
chris107: we need a plan...
joriandrake: Drakhain goes take a good snipe position to hide and shoot from again
Smon: So you could eg try to get through the door, or get ready for their reappearance
joriandrake: (We doN't have to wait the 7 turns out, it can be ended earlier yes? the summon only has a 11 turn duration)
chris107: M becomes Improved Invisible, passes the S to M
Keelia: (I still have lightning going for 10 minutes, so if everyone wants to get out of mind control range, we can just drop lightning on them for a while
chris107: 184/184HP
chris107: good plan
Smon: I still have lightning going for 10 minutes, so if everyone wants to get out of mind control range, we can just drop lightning on them for a while - Very good plan
chris107: to Q rather
joriandrake: rakh eagerly and repeatedly nods at lightning spam plan
joriandrake: Drakh*
JamesDevil: I'd rather they stay banished,
JamesDevil: brb
joriandrake: He is going to hide as best he can in a max 600 feet distance from the water
Smon: GM: You all retreat well away from the aboleths - round the back of the palace is good - except Q in air elemental form
joriandrake: (Probably we don't have to be that far from them anyway)
chris107: (M currently 95' from the water?)
chris107: Note for log. remember to get bracers and wand next week.
JamesDevil: back
Smon: Knowing they won't stay banished long, Q-lemental watches from a safe distance; also Silrus flies beside her w readied chain lightning.
Smon: After 10 rounds the water surges as 2 aboleth pop back in; S chain lightnings while Q calls lightning down on them
DESTROYERBILL rolls 10d8 and gets: 7, 3, 3, 2, 4, 3, 8, 7, 7, 7, = 51
joriandrake: Masked elven sniper ready as well
DESTROYERBILL Rolls 1d20-1x4 and gets:
2 (-1) = 1
16 (-1) = 15
19 (-1) = 18
15 (-1) = 14
Smon: They reappear 10' under water so D can't snipe them
Smon: Q roll your lightning dmg, I'll let you get both
joriandrake: (after 10 turns, not 7? I guess nightgaunt summon ended then?)
Smon: (yes J)
Keelia rolls 5d10 and gets: 7, 7, 2, 4, 5, = 25
Smon: Q you can roll twice before the aboleths retreat to the bottom of the pit
Keelia rolls 5d10 and gets: 5, 6, 10, 9, 1, = 31
Smon: /roll d20-1x4
Smon Rolls 1d20-1x4 and gets:
4 (-1) = 3
10 (-1) = 9
2 (-1) = 1
9 (-1) = 8
JamesDevil: yay
chris107: nice!
Smon: /roll d20-1x4
Smon Rolls 1d20-1x4 and gets:
5 (-1) = 4
7 (-1) = 6
17 (-1) = 16
5 (-1) = 4
Smon: ok they take 56 lightning from Q
Smon: As they swim down, Silrus shoots twin heightened Disintegrate at them
Smon: /roll d20-1x4
Smon Rolls 1d20-1x4 and gets:
11 (-1) = 10
12 (-1) = 11
15 (-1) = 14
16 (-1) = 15
Smon: Green rays blast them
DESTROYERBILL rolls 13d6+40 and gets: 1, 2, 6, 2, 6, 4, 2, 3, 5, 1, 2, 3, 1, (+40) = 78
chris107: yay
JamesDevil: cool]
Smon: 78 dmg, they had 68 left
Keelia: whoo!
Upper_Krust: gg Bill
Smon: The aboleths are blasted apart!
joriandrake: nice
chris107: very nice
DESTROYERBILL: both now ash
joriandrake: best was to win battles, not even being at danger from enemies
joriandrake: way*
Smon: Fragments of aboleth tentacle and tail float up to the surface along with clouds of mucus.
sandor sunneson: Well done Bill
joriandrake: Drakhaien has some hunger for takoyaki now
Smon: GM: OK stopping there for today.