Monday, 28 April 2014

Session 7 13-14/10/4708 Hospice of the Blessed Maiden

Roth the Necromancer (deceased)

Corporal Oriana of the Gray Maidens
Events & XP
(Dawn - Hellknight force under Sir Jereth Rogare investigated the sunken plague wreck Direption, losing three Armigers to the Sea Hag and her monsters. They find a single corpse in Plague Doctor kit with a letter naming 'R. Davaulus'.)
Return Jolistina Susperio to the Citadel gaol a little before dusk.
Evening - Naglatha eavesdrops on Marshall Croft refusing Sir Jereth's demand to arrest Dr Davaulus, Croft claims the letter & corpse could have been planted on the wreck.
Talking with Sir Jereth Rogare in the Citadel Mess Hall, he tells them Lictor Severs deVri has ordered the Hellknights withdrawn from Korvosa at dawn tomorrow. Plan to meet Jereth & his two remaining Armigers at the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden and investigate it with extreme prejudice...
XP: 100 each.

ca 6am: Meet with Jereth & his Armigers. Unable to get in the back way, they enter the Hospice with Vemi Kaz & Durnhelm disguised as Plague Doctors. It doesn't last long...
F1 - get  past the nurse-receptionist via disguise. XP 150 each.
F2 - battle in the sick ward. XP Gray Maiden Corporal Oriana 800, 3 Gray Maidens 400x3=1200, 4 Queen's Physicians 200x4=800 = 2800/6=466 each.
F4 - The Lift - activated by Naglatha. XP 150 each.
One Physician went upstairs, Sir Jereth and the Armigers go upstairs to deal with Dr Davaulus and co while Kaz Vemi Naglatha & Durnhelm descend into the depths...
G1 Entry Hall - lurid murals depict skeletons cavorting among the dead of a Korvosa completely succumbed to Blood Veil.
Defeat 4 Gray Maiden guards from G2 guardroom - XP 1600/4= 400 each.
Defeat the Death's Breath Doors - Vemi detects the trap & Naglatha disables it. XP 600 each. 
G4 the Princess' Bacchanal - zombie floor & walls laid to rest by Durnhelm. XP 100 each.
G5 Operating Room - Rolth the Necromancer & 2 priests of Urgathoa surprised and killed. XP Rolth 2400, priests 400 each, total 3200/4=800 each.
Rescue & cure Sable Company stablehand Dalvun Krand. XP 100 each.
G6 patient cells - rescue three Varisian men and two women, all untouched by Blood Veil. All have been here less than a week. Can hear sounds of alarm.
Total XP:  2866 each.

Current Party XP 16062+2866=18928
23,000 XP for Level 6.