Sunday, 26 February 2017

Gray Maidens of Fort Rannick

Grey Maiden Charter of Conduct 

In the name of Iomedae the Inheritor, I swear: 
- noble service cheerfully rendered 
- defence of any charge unto death 
- courage and enterprise in obedience to rules 
- respect for all peers and equals 
- honour to all above your station 
- scorn for those who are lowly and ignoble 
- military prowess exercised in service to House Kaddren in defence of Magnimar 
- death to all who oppress the cause 
- death before dishonour 
Let Iomedae strike me down if I should be foresworn. 

All This I Swear.

Numbers end M3 4714
Captain: Orianna
Corporals: 3  hp 45
Troopers: 12 hp 30
Recruit Trainees: 5 hp 15

The Gray Maidens have sent out recruitment notices across the territories of Magnimar and Korvosa.

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