Saturday, 7 December 2019

ep 100 21/2/4720 AR - Aftermath

8:26am  2019-12-07 Smon Has entered the room
8:27am  2019-12-07 chris107 Has entered the room
chris107: Morning Simon
Smon: Good morning Chris
chris107: Hope you're well?
Smon: This will be the last Runelords session until the New Year.
chris107: How was Dragonsmeet?
Smon: I am good thanks!
Smon: I ended up not doing much at Dragonmeet, probably the best bit was playing Braggart with friends in the bar at the end!
chris107: Aye, it's getting to that time again. Just squeezing in the next two Tueadsays for CSWE then it's into the new year.
chris107: Nice
Smon: Bill had a good time though
chris107: Kensington Town Hall still?
Smon: No it's at Novotel hotel Hammersmith
8:30am  2019-12-07 JamesDevil Has entered the room
Smon: hi James!
chris107: Oh, bit of a change.
JamesDevil: morning
chris107: Hi James
Smon: Hope we get all 4 players today
chris107: brb just grab a coffee before we start
8:32am  2019-12-07 Keelia Has entered the room
Keelia: Morning
Smon: Hi Keelia!
JamesDevil: morning
Smon: I woke up 7.58 so still on first coffee! :-O
chris107: Morning Keelia
Keelia: Just to let you know, my mom is flying back today - when the cab comes from the airport, I'll need to disappear for a bit to get her up the stairs and into the flat (broken lift and 4 floors)
JamesDevil: k
JamesDevil: Tell her I said Hi!
Keelia: will do
chris107: Anyone heard from Jorian?
Smon: She's arriving in Germany today Keelia?
JamesDevil: nope
Smon: Not heard from J, just posted in the DF thread game on now
Keelia: @Simon, yes - landed 30 minutes ago. I suspect the cab will arrive in 30 minutes to 1 hour
Smon: (thx K) I checked diary & after today Runelords will be taking a break until the New Year/2020.
JamesDevil: k
Keelia: ok
chris107: If we survive....
Smon: Looks like you will be at a good stopping point which is good, those Skymetal vaults went on forever!
Keelia: i've saved one or two tricks up my sleeve
chris107: yay
chris107: I'm all out of everything!
chris107: Every spell cast.
8:39am  2019-12-07 joriandrake Has entered the room
JamesDevil: huRRAY!
chris107: Morning Jorian
joriandrake: hello, sorry I just woke up
Keelia: i saved my highest slots as a hail mary
JamesDevil: I don't have tricks, just a truck full of health and a really big Flameing sword :
Smon: GM: When consciousness returns you are floating in the starry vault of the Astral Sea. The first thing you see is the Sihedron in front of you, lazily rotating across the infinite expanse. It seems vast, miles across. You are gently floating towards the centre, where a small figure comes into view - Xin! No longer blasted and mutilated, but whole and hale. He raises a hand in greeting as you approach, smiling warmly. "Heroes of Thassilon - of Varisia! You have saved me! Just as you will save all Mankind!"
chris107: Worked for us so far, James!
Smon: Intact Xin
chris107: Mal bows low.
JamesDevil: "Hail!2
joriandrake: oh, he's sane
chris107: "Master."
Keelia: Q looks around at their surroundings and squints suspiciously at Xin before nodding.
Keelia: "Doesn't feel like I'm dead," she mutters to Claw.
Smon: On closer inspection he does seem slightly translucent. Tears well in his eyes as he looks at Malassandra. "I am sorry - sorry for all my failings. It is your turn now, to carry forward my dream. In the manner you think best."
JamesDevil: "I don't think we are, but what do I know? I don't understand this magic stuff" he replies
Smon: Xin looks to Quillax. "Wise one, you are not dead."
joriandrake: Drakhaien tilts his head to the side, unsure as of yet what to make of all this
Smon: The Sihedron is still rotating slowly behind Xin, stretching off to the heavens.
JamesDevil: Claw looks around, do any of his allkies have the Sihedron above their head or has it gone to Xin now?
Keelia: "Last time I was in some place like this, I blew up a portable hole, so I'm guessing we're in a different dimension of sorts."
JamesDevil: " how do we get back?"
Smon: Xin: "Soon I must go on to the Great Beyond. Call upon me in your hour of greatest need and I will send aid. But now the power of the Sihedron lives in your hearts. Touch the centre and claim your Destiny!"
joriandrake: "Soo... that machine coffin blew up, right?" Drakh asks
chris107: M, tearfully does so.
Smon: Xin moves aside, opening the path to the centre of the Sihedron, glowing softly in the 7 colours of the Skymetals.
joriandrake: "What abou you?" Drakh wonders and asks directly from Xin
chris107: "Can you not stay with us? Even for a little while. I have waited so long..."
Smon: GM: As Malassandra touches the Sihedron she receives the ultimate Boon - Epic Mastery (+7 Proficiency) and may choose 1 of the 7 powers as a permanent effect on her.
Keelia: "Brace yourself," she mutters in an undertone to Claw. "I suspect a magical shockwave is coming."
Smon: 1.Charity: Grants a +2 bonus to AC, and counterspell as a spell-like ability. Opposed by kindness and temperance.
2.Generosity: Grants a +4 bonus on weapon & spell attack rolls, and polymorph (self only, max CR 10). Opposed by humility and love.
3.Humility: Grants a +4 bonus on proficient Skill checks, and greater invisibility as a spell-like ability. Opposed by generosity and zeal.
4.Kindness: Grants a +8 bonus on weapon damage rolls, and ice storm as a spell-like ability.
Opposed by charity and zeal.
5.Love: Grants a +8 insight bonus on Initiative (DEX) checks, and charm person as a spell-like ability. Opposed by generosity and temperance.
6.Temperance: Grants fast healing 20 (this replaces the standard fast healing granted by the Sihedron), and Fear as a spell-like ability. Opposed by charity and love.
7.Zeal: Grants a +4 bonus on Concentration (CON) saves, +4 bonus to spellcasting checks (including any opposed uses of dispel magic, counrerspell, and spell attack rolls), +2 bonus to spell save DCs, and dimension door as a spell-like ability. Opposed by humility and kindness.
chris107: wow!
Smon: >>" how do we get back?"<<

Xin looks to Claw. "I will return you soon to the Prime - to Golarion."
JamesDevil: Claw will take Kindness
JamesDevil: Cos MORA damage
chris107: Temperance would regenerate 20HP every round?
Smon: >>"What abou you?" Drakh wonders and asks directly from Xin
chris107: "Can you not stay with us? Even for a little while. I have waited so long..."<<

Xin smiles kindly at Malassandra. "I can remain a little while. I have endured thousands of years of torment and madness - it is good to be free."
joriandrake: wow, now that we are meant to take one of the powers permanently it will be hard to choose, dimension door also seems useful, as many others do
chris107: She smiles warmly and talks of the simple things long past.
Smon: >>Temperance would regenerate 20HP every round?<< Yes, while at 1+ hp.
chris107: hmmmm nice....
Keelia: Q will take Zeal
joriandrake: Drakhaien sits on the ground "Don't mind if I'll do too. You and Malissandra are both walking history books. I think QUillax may be interested in your machinery lore too"
Smon: GM: Claw & Quillax also touch the Sihedron and feel the warm surge of power (Epic Mastery +7 Proficiency, and chosen Sihedron boon)
JamesDevil: the Spell like abilities, once per rest, or infinite?
chris107: Then Temperance it is for Mal.
JamesDevil: +7 prof as well? sweet!
Smon: Spell like ability is infinite use, still takes an action, requires Concentration etc
JamesDevil: k, cool
JamesDevil: Claw can turn off his rage and cast! ^^
Smon: Drakhaien realises there is no ground.
Smon: @James yes you'd need to not be raging to Concentrate
JamesDevil: fit his cold mountain background
JamesDevil: cool
joriandrake: Well, wherever we were meant to stand
Smon: You are floating
joriandrake: (I'm hesitating between Zeal and Humility)
JamesDevil: and we get +7 prof on top of everything else?
JamesDevil: well worth the trip!
Smon: Xin and Malassandra chat about the old days. Only the good things.
Keelia: Early warning - will be disappearing in a few minutes for about 10 minutes - will be back as soon as I sort things
Smon: Yes you all get +7 Profiency. But note that house rule roll bonus caps at +20 and DC/AC caps at 30.
joriandrake: ok, Drakhaien touches it too and Chooses Humility, even higher skill bonuses are not bad, but the decision is because Greater Invisibility without a need to worry about spell slots
chris107: She is so very happy to see him.
joriandrake: (I haven't checked yet, but I guess I cap out a couple skills now)
Smon: Drak touches the Sihedron and feels the Power (+7 Proficiency & Boon)
joriandrake: He then turns to Xin "So, how come you made a machine body for yourself, wouldn't the old empire's knowledge allow you to make clones, or other kind of biological bodies?"
Smon: Xin to Mal: "My consciousness has expanded... There are things of which I must warn you... "
chris107: "I shall hunt down those who betrayed you. If it's the last thing I do."
chris107: "Oh?"
Keelia: brb
Smon: Xin looks a little tetchily at Drakhaien, then turns back to Malassandra. "Lissala slumbers, and her Faith has lost the Path. It will be hard to bring them back to the True Way, but I know that you can do this."
JamesDevil: erm, if i've worked this out correctly I now have +26 to Att bonus and +25 damage O.o
Smon: Like I said, attack bonus caps at +20
joriandrake: now I need to look up tetchili
JamesDevil: bah, k
chris107: "I will make it my life's work, master."
JamesDevil: k, but damage caps at 30 right?
joriandrake: (Simon, can I replace the spell Greater Invisibility from class list, as if Drakh had leveled up? It won't do me any good from now on to have the spell and the spell-like ability both)
Smon: (no cap on damage) Xin nods. "The traitors... 5 have perished, long ages ago. One, Xanderghul, I sense he still exists, but beyond my ken. But the last of them...."
Smon: (yes J, on next Long Rest)
Smon: "Sorshen! I sense that she has awoken!"
joriandrake: "Hm, do you not consider the Rune Lords living, and your tritors?" Drakh is a bit surprised
chris107: ""Shorshen?! She who bound me in magical slumber?"
Smon: Xin nods.
chris107: "I swear she shall die."
Smon: "She is playing a game... behind the scenes... She plans to take all Thassilon, and rebuild it in her own image! This must not come to pass."
joriandrake: "Right, invasion plans. We started to do something about it already, but we need a large alliance for that, and/or a warmachine army"
chris107: "I have always been devoted to your cause. I shall not fail again. Sorshen will fail utterly."
joriandrake: "If only we could command some of those things you built"
Smon: OOC @Jorian of the 7 original Runelords only Sorshen & Xanderghul survived until the end of the Thassilon empire
joriandrake: I see, but now all of them got revived? Does this mean those two have 'Uninterrupted existence', like an undead ?
joriandrake: or perhaps demon?
chris107: "What can you tell us of her plans and whereabouts?"
Smon: Xin nods to Mal. "I know that your heart is faithful, your cause is true and your spirit dauntless." He frowns at Drak. "The Legionnaires are too dangerous. An army without spirit, loyal to any with the command matrix... I was wrong to build them. They must slumber forever."
Smon: Xin looks into the distance, his spirit reaching out across the planes in an attempt to sense Sorshen.

"Her ancient capital. Eurythnia. She is there."
Keelia: back
JamesDevil: ooc, what would be the Spell DC the Ice Storm spell? barbs don#'t have one
joriandrake: She nods towards QUillax "What if a druid leads only a tiny number of them, maybe allow some form of spirit, like that of an elemental inside?"
Smon: GM: Mal knows Korvosa was built atop ancient Xin-Eurythnia
joriandrake: (spell like abilities work usually from Charisma attribute by default James, so I guess you calculate the DC with CHA and as a class that cast it)
chris107: "Then perhaps, my friends. We can go there?"
Smon: The Save DC for all Sihedron abilities is 20, or a spellcaster's own save DC, whichever is higher.
JamesDevil: ooc cool, thaxs smn
joriandrake: (Quillax due to Zeal will have UBER spell DC :D)
chris107: "And finish Sorshen for good."
chris107: She is overwhelmed by their enthusiasm
Smon: Xin: "She will use her wiles in an attempt to entrap you, while avoiding direct combat. She has spread her life force across many Simulacra."
chris107: "How will we identify these?"
joriandrake: Do we know where Xin-Eurythnia is?
chris107: Korvosa
Smon: Xin: "Be careful, my beloved Malassandra. She does not yet know that you know of her existence. But when you go to Eurythnia - Korvosa - she will realise her deception has failed. You must be ready for her. Match her cunning with your foresight."
chris107: mal gives this careful thought.
joriandrake: ah right, too bad we weren't able to pick that Sihedron ability: foresight
Smon: >>"How will we identify these?"<<

Xin: "All are identical to the original, though she may dress them and disguise them as desired."
Keelia: Q's got the timeglass with foresight
chris107: "She was ever a deceitful slut."
chris107: Saucer of milk for mallassandra
chris107: "Is their any further aid or wisdom you may offer us, Master?"
Smon: Xin: "Also, be wary of the false Runelord, the one called Karzoug. Lord of Greed. He manipulates events so that the sacrifice of his armies will free and empower him. Better that he remain trapped - better still that you deal with him permanently in his Eye of Avarice. But compared to Sorshen he is a little thing."
joriandrake: joriandrake: Drakhaien nods towards Quillax "What if a druid leads only a tiny number of them, maybe allow some form of spirit, like that of an elemental inside?"
joriandrake: (regarding constructs)
Smon: Xin is ignoring Drakhaien now.
Keelia: "I have a construct that I already command, my Clank," perhaps a small group to support his guarding of my library?
joriandrake: I noticed, I might as well leave then
chris107: (You guys have had dealings with this Karzoug before?)
JamesDevil: I think we tore the sword of greed out of the hands of one of his minions
Smon: Xin to Malassandra: "I feel the call of Pharasma - soon my spirit must face Judgement. For my failings - and my accomplishments. Where on Golarion do you wish to go now?"
Keelia: "Should we sort out Greed so he may not support X-E? or should we leave him to challenge her?"
JamesDevil: They all kinda flow into one bloody mess for Claw
chris107: "So we must find a way to disband or disempower his armies without destroying them and thus increasing his power?"
JamesDevil: I think Greed should be next
JamesDevil: If we cut off the leadership at the hedad, his army should disband
joriandrake: (I believe it is Sorshen whom Drakhaien personally knows, Xin's speech doesn't ad up for him ,and also considers it a terrible waste not to use the constructs)
Smon: Xin nods: "I recommend that you go to Xin-Shalast before his armies march on Thassilon, enter the Eye of Greed and there destroy Karzoug."
chris107: M's heart says Eurythnia/Korvosa but probably best we lay ourplans from elsewhere first?
Keelia: Q nods
Keelia: Greed it is
chris107: Xin-Shalast it is then guys?
Smon: Claw: >>If we cut off the leadership at the hedad, his army should disband<<

Xin nods approvingly to Claw. "You have the wisdom of your noble race, Lord of the Shoanti."
joriandrake: (roght, Sosrshen was introduced actually as Drakhaien's former lover)
JamesDevil: "o, before we leave, the items we found in the vaults, might we return with them? they will of great assistance as we prepare for the coming battles"
Smon: (that is all wrong Jorian. His lover was Karzoug's champion)
JamesDevil: "Claw bows, thank you great one2
chris107: "The Shoanti lord is very good at removing heads, master."
joriandrake: (You told me Drakh knows one of the Rune Lords and was Drakh's lover, i believe it was Sorshen, if not her, then who else?)
joriandrake: (You spoke of even sneaking inside to steal the war plans from her table?)
Smon: (again, you are thinking of Karzoug's champion Jorian)
joriandrake: (okay,, need to refresh my memory with logs then)
chris107: (always time well spent)
joriandrake: "If... let's say Karzoug has someone in command I know, or knew. Is it possible to turn her to our side? Is she maybe manipulated into following Greed?"
Smon: Viorian Dekanti, former Riddleport mercenary, leader of the armies of Shalast, wielder of Chellan, Sword of Greed
joriandrake: "If you really see and know more than normal, perhaps you can tell me Xin"
chris107: "You question my master like he is some school boy?"
Smon: Xin ignores Drak and turns to Claw. "I can send you wherever you wish. Back to the Crystal Palace. To Xin-Eurythnia, Xin-Shalast, or the new city called Magnimar. But only once."
joriandrake: "I ask questions yes, that's what I do" he nods
joriandrake: (I feel the urge to do something nasty now to XIn, being ignored and all, perhaps I wil lsteal his army)
Keelia: "We have enemies outside ourselves, and we are all over-tired, I recommend we all be calm."
9:29am  2019-12-07 chris107 Has exited the room
Keelia: "Let us choose a destination."
JamesDevil: Claw looks to the other. "Xin-Shalast o great one"
Keelia: "Do we wish to return to the Crystal Palace and with you permission, Xin, may we take the weapons we have found for use in the next battles?"
joriandrake: "Loot room"
JamesDevil: "ah yes, could we perhaps have the items we acquired in the vaults with us? they will greatly help in the battles ahead"
Smon: Xin nods to Quillax. "You may take whatever you find. I have disabled my guardians - but beware of the Evil One, the Aboleth. She still lurks there."
Smon: OOC lost Chris unfortunately!
joriandrake: (oh, we can still fight something before we leave!)
Keelia: should we wait for Chris?
9:33am  2019-12-07 chris107 Has entered the room
joriandrake: (he tends to disappearl ike this, then log in again and say he never left)
Keelia: speaking of
Smon: Chris should I repost the bit after you dropped?
chris107: Computer dropped connection
chris107: Yes please Simon
Keelia: (we're trying to work out where to go. thinking Crystal Palace to loot gather to use in next fights)
Keelia: (with Xin's permission)
Smon: >>9:29am 2019-12-07 chris107 Has exited the room
Keelia: "Let us choose a destination."
JamesDevil: Claw looks to the other. "Xin-Shalast o great one"
Keelia: "Do we wish to return to the Crystal Palace and with you permission, Xin, may we take the weapons we have found for use in the next battles?"
joriandrake: "Loot room"
JamesDevil: "ah yes, could we perhaps have the items we acquired in the vaults with us? they will greatly help in the battles ahead"
Smon: Xin nods to Quillax. "You may take whatever you find. I have disabled my guardians - but beware of the Evil One, the Aboleth. She still lurks there."
Smon: OOC lost Chris unfortunately!
joriandrake: (oh, we can still fight something before we leave!)
Keelia: should we wait for Chris?
9:33am 2019-12-07 chris107 Has entered the room<<
joriandrake: interesting, the lines are differently listed than for me
joriandrake: perhaps because of lag
chris107: Thanks. Will you be able to get us from the Crystal Palace afterwards Karelia?
Smon: Karelia = Quillax I guess
Keelia: I've got Dimension Door, Wind Walk, and Tree Stride
Keelia: One of those will get us back
Smon: No trees on the Isle of Xin, but Wind Walk should do it.
joriandrake: Either that or someone just visited Russia along the Finnish border
chris107: Phone is auto correcting Soz
chris107: Rebooting the computer as we speak
Keelia: We used Wind Walk to get here, we should be able to use it back - and I saved spell slot for it
joriandrake: or maybe use that teleport spell we waited with
joriandrake: That could help us easily transport loot too?
chris107: Back in. Sorry about that.
Smon: Xin waits patiently.
chris107: OOC so the plan is Crystal Palace to gather our loot then back to magnimar to make plans?
JamesDevil: grab loot, teleport back to mags thengo onto Xin-Shalast
joriandrake: "We can leasurly explore the ruins now, only one creature to stop us"
JamesDevil: ((next year for Xin-Shalast is expect)
chris107: Sounds goood to me. And battle the Aboleth along the way maybe?
joriandrake: "WE likely missed a few treasures and interesting tomes"
joriandrake: (yup)
JamesDevil: ok, Q are you ok with that?
Keelia: yep
chris107: "It has been good to see you my Lord. Rest well."
joriandrake: We can also see if there are enough informations for QUillax to make use of the constructs, perhaps make simpler versions for herself
JamesDevil: she already has Clank and he is OP
joriandrake: Our master crafter druid would look great with a small elite machine force of her own
Smon: Xin nods to Malassandra, smiling. "Carry on the flame, my beloved."
chris107: She bows low.
joriandrake: (Maybe, but Clank is not a lot of aid VS a whole enemy army)
JamesDevil: you've never seen him fight
Smon: He looks to Quillax. "You will find items of interest in the remains of the Reliquary."
chris107: (I think Xin explained the dangers of the constructs pretty clearly?)
joriandrake: true
Keelia: She bows. "That is much appreciated."
Smon: Xin speaks words of power. Your surroundings shift...
Keelia: (Q might slap a bit more armour on clank and the librarian but she won't be messing around with armies  )
joriandrake: (Drakhaien is a chaotic good rogue, for the benefit of all we must ignore a dead man's warnings)
joriandrake: "Well then, let's carry on!"
Smon: ...And you find yourselves standing once more in the Crystal Palace, amidst the shattered remains of the Battle-Reliquary, though there is no sign of Xin's bones.
joriandrake: "So, let's see..." Drakh goes and inspects the remains for anything useful or interesting
chris107: Has the Sihedron vanished with him?
JamesDevil: lets head back to the wirkshop then go from there
JamesDevil: Claw picks up the loot again
joriandrake: "Perhaps QUillax can use the armor plating... hmm.... Is anything of the core mechanism left?"
JamesDevil: "btw I'm going to buy a bunch more bags of holding when we next get back to a city"
JamesDevil: i think I can hold about 59
joriandrake: hehe
JamesDevil: and stillhave stuff on hand to fight
joriandrake: I'll take one too then
Keelia: I just need a new bag of holding
joriandrake: or thee
Smon: No sign of the Sihedron. It will take a few man-hours to sort through the remains.
Keelia: Q will nose around.
Smon: and gather all the surviving magic items used to construct the Reliquary.
joriandrake: (Quillax has it easy, she can just teleport back home most likely with the loot without a bag, no?)
Keelia: (no, this place is shielded from teleport, we have to wind walk out of here, unless Xin removed those protections, which i doubt)
Smon: Amid the clockwork reliquary’s scattered remains is a king’s ransom in various skymetal components, worth 200,000 gp in all. In addition, several powerful magical items used as nothing more than potent components for the construct’s body can be salvaged from the remains, including a rod of quicken metamagic, a rod of empower metamagic, a cube of force, an orb of utter chaos (Ultimate Equipment), one of each type of ioun stone, two philosopher’s stones, a spindle of perfect knowledge (Ultimate Equipment), and last but not least, the Guardian Key (see page 58).

chris107: (I shall miss the Sihedron)
joriandrake: 2x7= 14 , plus 4 = 18 and 5 from observant, and 1 from magic item results in = 24, making Drakhaien's passive perception a total of 34
Keelia: (me too, fast healing was amazing  )
Smon: The Palace is still shielded from ingress/egress
chris107: "Many items of great power."
JamesDevil: copy and pasted that loot stash
joriandrake: I help quillax find any cog and wheel useful to her
joriandrake: I'm interested in the guardian key
Smon: It'll take a while to work out what everything does, but I'll tell you the Guardian Key.
chris107: (Metamagic is sorcerer stuff?)
joriandrake: (in this edition yes, in 3e and Pathfinder as far I can remember Metamagic feats existed for everyone)
chris107: (Thanks)
joriandrake: (I assume a rod can be used by anyone)
Keelia: brb
Smon: Guardian Key (Major Artifact) Aura strong enchantment; CL 15th Slot none; Price 90,000; Weight 1 lb. DESCRIPTION This simple-looking key seems to be carved crudely from stone, but is in fact a sort of skeleton key that can be used to wind all clockwork constructs swiftly and efficiently. Originally, the key allowed the carrier to command limitless numbers of clockworks simultaneously. With this key, Xin could command his entire clockwork army effortlessly, and its use was key to his power over Thassilon. But when Xin used it as an element in the clockwork reliquary’s construction, the key’s powers were vastly diminished. Xin accepted this as a necessity, since if all had gone according to plan, he would still be able to command his army using his new body. The diminished key can be recovered from the destroyed reliquary’s remains. The guardian key can fit into any clockwork construct’s keyhole, and fully winds a clockwork with a single turn made as a move action. Clockworks wound by the guardian key are healed of 5d8+20 points of damage, remain active for 10 times longer than they normally would, and during this period gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws. The guardian key can also be used to seize control of a clockwork. To do so, a creature must attempt an attack (STR or DEX) against the target clockwork. If it hits, the clockwork can attempt a DC 15 Will save to resist. If the clockwork’s save fails, that clockwork regards the key’s carrier as its creator, and follows that person’s commands to the letter—provided the commands are spoken in Thassilonian. The guardian key can control only one construct at a time. If it is used to control a second clockwork, the previous one is released from its duties immediately. DESTRUCTION The guardian key must be steeped in the tears of a wistful clockwork lover and then used by that clockwork to unwind itself permanently.

Smon: Re the rods, yes I'll convert them over to 5e and they can be used by any caster.
Smon: Will require Attunement of course.
Smon: The Guardian Key however does not require Attunement.
joriandrake: YES, so QUillax can still have 1 clockwork soldier at least with the kex
Smon: yup
joriandrake: key
chris107: A very dangerous item in Sorshen's hands..
Keelia: back
joriandrake: GOod that we will explore the ruins again one last time, QUillax will have the chance to pick among the various versions
Smon: OOC I need to take a break now but can resume at 10.30 if that suits?
Keelia: Q wants the Key for Clank
joriandrake: (Keelia we found a key that lets you control one clockwork construct!)
chris107: Sure thing
joriandrake: okay
JamesDevil: go for it
chris107: yup
Smon: ok see you at 10.30
joriandrake: oh, I thought it's an extra construct picked from among Xin's creations
joriandrake: I'll stay in chatroom
joriandrake: I can meanwhile update my char sheet
Keelia: see you in a moment then
JamesDevil: ok, so this is what we got -
JamesDevil: skymetal components, worth 200,000 gp in all
rod of quicken metamagic
rod of empower metamagic
cube of force
orb of utter chaos (Ultimate Equipment)
one of each type of ioun stone
two philosopher’s stones
a spindle of perfect knowledge (Ultimate Equipment)
the Guardian Key
chris107: wow
JamesDevil: I imagine alot of this will be attunement
chris107: All bar the key I think?
JamesDevil: think so
chris107: Though Mal's attunement slots are all filled so no good to her.
joriandrake: skymetal may be made into non-attunement armor I think, I'm interested in the Orb of CHaos, Spindle of perfect Knowledge and QUicken Rod as loot for Drakhaien
chris107: The fast healing 20 will really help her low HP issues
joriandrake: I can only assume what they do currently tho
joriandrake: Yes, that is a neat ability
chris107: Mal wants nothing. So you guys divide it as you wish
joriandrake: I was also considering it for a bit, then I looked at Humiility again, Drakhaien is now a master of skill monkeys, an invisible master
chris107: nice
JamesDevil: tts all caster/crafter/skill stuff
JamesDevil: except for the skymetal
chris107: Her armour and shield may be able to be upgraded in some way with the skymetals.
joriandrake: any skill that is with Expertise doubles proficiency, that is a flat +14 to such skills, plus 4 from Humility bonus means a +148 before any other modifier is considered
chris107: But I'm pretty happy as she is.
joriandrake: +18*
JamesDevil: which tbh will likely be the same pattern we'll see in here
joriandrake: for QUillax it may also be possible to have one or more constructs covered or forged from skymetal
chris107: Quick sandwich. brb
joriandrake: Drakhaien will replace his 4th level Greater Invisibilityo n long rest with Fabricate, so he will also start to tinker and can help her
joriandrake: Keelia did you get Prodigy feat for your Persuasion? If yes, remember the doubling of the new proficiency for that as well
Keelia: Yep thanks
joriandrake: Looking through my updated skill list, I'm unsure of the house rule, I doN't remember the cap mentioned before but we all have seen the immense modifiers the enemies had here, even without the house ruled cap there will be a chance for Drakh to fail things like stealth, still a very powerful benefit as reward from the story in the end
chris107: Indeed. makes you wonder what sort of stuff we will be up agin?
joriandrake: yes, I am worried what will come next
joriandrake: well, aboleth hunting for starters ofc
JamesDevil: theres just the aboleth left, thats what Xin said
JamesDevil: that thing is nasty -.- aboleth
JamesDevil: least I have Wis prof now!
chris107: and +7!
chris107: +14 as a starting point ain't bad
chris107: unless all save DC's are 25+
JamesDevil: pp now 30
JamesDevil: Str save 24
chris107: PP12 here
JamesDevil: Con save 22
JamesDevil: wis save +16
chris107: Nice!
joriandrake: I'll have to ask more in detail about that skill cap, I may have reached it with 2 skills. I also have to know if the permanent Sihedron ability counts as magical, because of things like being in antimagical field, skill cap, and because I have another minor item that boosts skills by 1 which in that case would not add together but be overriden by the stronger magic
joriandrake: Investigation +21 or +22 (depends on mgical bonus), Perception +18 or 19, my worst skill Persuasion (-1 from CHA modifier) is now +10 or 11, Stealth +22 or 23 and I don't even mention my passive perception/investigation which gets further boosted by Observant feat, I already had crossed PP/PI of 30 before, now they would be even greater for my Trickster Detective
JamesDevil: pretty sure 30 is the skill cap
chris107: Is 20 saves cap?
JamesDevil: maybe? not sure on that one
chris107: nor me withot checking
chris107: it is for to hit
joriandrake: but what counts as skill for that house rule? WOuld the +22 not be an issue for Investigation yet? Do passives matter (because it didn't bother Simon till now that I already had 31 or so in them) and is magical modifier still added even if it breaks the cap?
chris107: i think its a cap
chris107: as in maximum possible
joriandrake: I got +4 on proficient skills from SIhedron boon, so it is one reason to ask about it being magical modifier or not
joriandrake: and I already had above 30 in passives due to Observant feat
joriandrake: I honestly can't remember this house rule being mentioned before, my memory may be worse than I already assumed
chris107: I'm sure DM will clarify
chris107: its been mentioned may times
joriandrake: I hope so, that's why I posted all this here, so SImon can read it once back
joriandrake: perhaps it was, I can't remember it
joriandrake: If the skil lcap is +30 as James wrote then it is all good, my modifier aren't that high yet
Smon: The gemstone at the center of the Sihedron carving on the floor can be removed with ease now the clockwork reliquary is defeated.Malassandra recognises it as the crystal the Veiled Masters, lords of the Aboleth, gave to Xin’s ancestors so long ago. Currently, much of its energies have been depleted. In time, the crystal could perhaps regain its power to create a mighty palace like this one, but for now, it merely functions as an instant fortress that creates a tower with walls made of force-infused crystal similar to this palace’s walls.
joriandrake: hello back
Smon: Hello
Smon: Re the cap, DCs cap at 30 so if you have a Passive or minimum roll of 30 you always pass.
JamesDevil: ah, instant fortress, cool
joriandrake: oh, this gemstone could make a castle with time?
Smon: If the gem is recharged, yes
joriandrake: okay, shall I still write the passives with full modifier? I mean the result changes depending on advantage or disadvantage (-5 from disadv) and could mean not an auto-success every time thus
Smon: Barb with STR 30 always passes Athletics. Passive Per 30 always passes Perception. Only exception would be opposed rolls where each side's bonus caps at +20 but can roll over 30.
Smon: ok J
joriandrake: ok, so like a Stealth VS Perception check, would Observant feat still give a benefit in this case? as with PP above?
Smon: Benefits still count but the total modifier caps at +20
joriandrake: ah, ok, so only good if there in a malus to the modifier, then the Feat still could negate the malus
joriandrake: Is the Sihedron power a magical one? in consideration of antimagical fields and skill bonus from Humility?
Smon: Usually stealth vs per uses passive per which caps at 30 so a Rogue with minimum stealth 30 will succeed if they were unseen to start with, or fail if they were already observed
Smon: >>Is the Sihedron power a magical one?<< It's an inherent power so not negated by an antimagic field
chris107: yay
joriandrake: good to know
joriandrake: It also means it can be combined with the little Luckstone still!
10:32am  2019-12-07 chris107 Has exited the room
Smon: There is no 5e prohibition on magical bonuses stacking.
10:33am  2019-12-07 chris107 Has entered the room
joriandrake: as far I know there is, but okay, makes it even ebtter
chris107: Bad connection today
joriandrake: better
joriandrake: you had worse days Chris, this is fine
chris107: Usually the connection doesn't actually drop. Today it is.
JamesDevil: ok, shall we conintue?
chris107: Ready when you are
JamesDevil: Keelia?
Keelia: yep
JamesDevil: k, onwards then
joriandrake: Drakhaien now has a 'passive' of 26 result on his sleight of hand stealing attempts (due to Reliable Talent ability of Rogue)
joriandrake: onwards!
JamesDevil: there was a hallway just before the waorkshop wasent there?
Smon: Rod of Quicken Metamagic - requires Attunement, 3 times per LR caster can cast a spell that needs an Action as a Bonus Action

Rod of Empower Metamagic - requires Attunement, 3/LR caster may cast spell as if using a spell slot 2 levels higher.

joriandrake: we can check every room again, we may have missed something
joriandrake: even if we just take a peek inside
JamesDevil: sec, let smn finish posting
chris107: Very nice indeed!
joriandrake: ok, I guess if Mal and Quillax wish any of the rods its fine for them to have it
Smon: >>Joriandrake: as far I know there is<<

'You Know Nothing Jon Snow' comes to mind.

Keelia: Let's hold on to them
joriandrake: Drakh likes the QUicken one, but better if others have it, he still has a lot to do with his own rogue bonus action
chris107: Yup, Mal is fully kitted out. So if you guys can use them, go ahead.
joriandrake: poor author
Smon: Quicken is handy if you want to use a cantrip or attack while spellcasting.
chris107: (3/week not worth mal swapping for though a wonderfully potent item)
Smon: Any other items you want to know about?
joriandrake: would it allow Quillax to quicken a normal spell to bonus action then transform into elemental form? just a tactic I thought of
chris107: Are the Ion Stones the ones in the DMG?
Smon: Wildshape is a bonus action
JamesDevil: cube of force
joriandrake: ah
Smon: yes DMG Ioun stones
chris107: thanks
joriandrake: Orb of Utter Chaos and the Spindle of Perfect Knowledge please, then we are okay
Smon: 5e cube of force
JamesDevil: cool, thanks
joriandrake: (The sppindle may be already useful in looting here)
Smon: Orb of Utter Chaos (attunement)

This globe of varicolored material constantly shifts hue and texture, from steel-hard to spongy or even gelatinous. The bearer of the orb is constantly protected by entropic shield. Three times per LR, when the bearer holds the orb and casts a spell with the polymorph subtype, chaotic descriptor, or one that gives creatures the confused condition, she may modify her caster level for that spell by 1d6—2.
Once per day the bearer may hold the orb and command it to dispel magic. If the dispel check succeeds, the wielder absorbs the unraveled magical energy through the orb and gains the benefit of an aid spell.
The orb bestows one permanent negative level on any lawful creature holding or carrying it. The negative level remains as long as the creature has the orb and disappears immediately when the orb is no longer held or carried. This negative level cannot be overcome in any way (including by restoration spells) while the bearer has the orb.

Entropic Shield - A magical field appears around you, glowing with a chaotic blast of multicolored hues. This field deflects incoming arrows, rays, and other ranged attacks. Each ranged attack directed at you for which the attacker must make an attack roll is at Disadvantage.
chris107: Mal nearly faints just been near the horrid thing!
joriandrake: 1d6x2?
Smon: The spindle of perfect knowledge is large, bright, and flawless marquise-cut diamond ioun stone the size of a halfling’s fist.

The gemstone would be a treasure in itself if it lacked magic, but it is also a powerful ioun stone. The spindle of perfect knowledge functions like a headband of mental superiority +4 INT and grants +5 in Knowledge skills. The wearer can communicate and understand languages as if using comprehend languages, tongues, and telepathy with a range of 100 feet.


The spindle of perfect knowledge is destroyed if worn by a mindless creature for an entire year.
Smon: 1d6 MINUS 2 J.
joriandrake: I luv the chaos orb
joriandrake: both seem fun
chris107: Spindle reqires attunement?
joriandrake: do they need attunement? if no I would like to already use the spindle for our exploration now
Smon: yup
Smon: need attunement
chris107: thanks
joriandrake: ok then, later, unless we take a short rest we can go onward now
Smon: It took you about 3 hours to sort through the pile and work out what it does.
Smon: Could you all roll a DC 12 CON save vs Exhaustion please.
chris107 rolls 1d20+17 and gets: 14, (+17) = 31
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+22 and gets: 5, (+22) = 27
Smon: You've been on the go more than 24 hours
joriandrake: after this, we have to be careful of our HD spneding again, except those who took the healing ability of the Sihedron
JamesDevil: ah, k
joriandrake rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 20, (+3) = 23
chris107: Time for a sleep?
Smon: Drak feels quite fresh
joriandrake: heh,. Drakhaien is very eager to not leave any stone unturned and unloote
Keelia rolls 1d20+16 and gets: 2, (+16) = 18
JamesDevil: could do
joriandrake: d
Keelia: Q's ok
Smon: Quillax is pretty tired, but Mal's charisma buoys her up
Keelia: ok, I didn't add any bonus for Mal being near
chris107: Kill the aboleth then back to town then?
joriandrake: Drakh takes out a notebook and starts to take notes on the buildin'g layout and details now that the imminent danger is gone
Smon: You have +16 CON naturally Q?
joriandrake: (could count as disadvantage to his passives)
Smon: Guess you got CON save prof somewhere!
joriandrake: "If we can later make such a palace ourselves, it is a good idea to learn how things look and work"
Keelia: Yes, have con prof, and the zeal bonus and rings of protection, etc
joriandrake: (perhaps a boon? like Resilient (CON) feat?)
Keelia: just re-calculated, so it should be current.
Smon: >>(could count as disadvantage to his passives)<< According to the rules you actually can't use passive per at all while doing something else. Which has some odd implications.
joriandrake: okay
joriandrake: Drakh lets others go first while he works, looking up to check every room as the party moves
joriandrake: during his work*
Smon: GM: Are you heading back through the vaults picking up your missing loot?
JamesDevil: yep
chris107: M seems somewhat distracted following the reunion with Xin. But she takes her duty seriously and will stand guard whilst the others search.
joriandrake: that is a lot of stuff, if we do that we are maybe not even able to move anymore
Smon: /roll d6
Smon rolls 1d6 and gets: 3,
JamesDevil: my 900lb carry wieght says othrwise
joriandrake: the giant assassiN's sword alone is unlikely to be possible to be moved
joriandrake: okay...
Smon: GM: Claw has STR 30 and x2 carry capacity so he can certainly lift everything
joriandrake: Claw will look like an ant that carries food
Smon: Yeah I didn't mean that sword!
Smon: Just the stuff you cached earlier
JamesDevil: I could probably carry the whole party at this stage
joriandrake: the doors are probably still too small for that
joriandrake: everything here can be reused, from the constructs to that sword, even if we have to take them apart
joriandrake: the whole palace is a treasure heap
Smon: GM: you move back through the vaults collecting your loot.
JamesDevil: we'll leave the sword
joriandrake: Drakh's little rogue heart works overtime
JamesDevil: ah much as Claw will miss it
joriandrake: (Perhaps we can take it later, if a spell can resize iot, or we can take it in pieces for material?)
Smon: It would obviously take a long term expedition to take all the tons of construct parts etc from here, but you collect the best stuff.
joriandrake: ok, Drakh will work on the layout and such
JamesDevil: just try not to take on the Abolith on your own :
Smon: maps
joriandrake sent you a private message. If it did not open automatically, check for blocked popups and/or [Click Here]
joriandrake: "oh of course not, we do that, together" Drakhaien mischievously smiles
Smon: In the first (ie last you return to) vault (Horacalcum) the Bythos Aeon still stands guard - The guardian of this room is a creature whose very existence is a paradox of time—a bythos aeon. Appearing as a smoky humanoid with four arms and a swirling vortex in its chest, this 13-foot-tall outsider has waited patiently over the years to serve its master Xin. It bows to Malassandra.
Smon: This is where Quillax got her Timeglass.
chris107: Mal bows back
joriandrake: now thankfully not hostile anymore
joriandrake: I think it may have been the hourglass that Drakh stole then from a vault
chris107: "Your duty is done Bythos Aeon. Xin has passed into the realms beyond."
Smon: The walls of this room are plated in sheets of coppery metal, and are carved with numerous depictions of First King Xin through the ages. Some depict him as a child, others as an old man, with most falling somewhere between these extremes. A single stone statue of Xin stands between two pillars to the northwest—in his hands he holds a coppery platter on which sat the Timeglass. Seven spidery limbs extend from the sides of the contraption to hold the glass in place, while within the glass whirls a cloud of pale blue smoke.

joriandrake: (oh, I hope it won't attack us and just fade away)
Smon: The Bythos Aeon nods to Malassandra then swirls into its own internal Vortex and vanishes into the infinite reaches of Time.
joriandrake: (yes!) Drakh takes some nots then steps to the walls to see if he missed anything earlier
joriandrake: notes*
joriandrake: is the coppery platter or plated walls made of skymetal maybe?
Smon: The platter is indeed made of horacalcum, 6,000gp worth.
joriandrake: "Oh, this is also skymetal, good we came back, more loot"
JamesDevil: is it possible to put it on Claws back like a shield? (300 style)
Smon: As you are checking over the Vault, there is a flash and a green-robed woman appears on the Sihedron, having teleported in from the entry room, the Skymetal Nexus. Beautiful and dark haired, with Azlanti features, she regards you with bewilderment. "H-hello?" she ventures.
JamesDevil: Claw's eyes dat over
JamesDevil: "who goes there?"
chris107: Does m recognise her?
Smon: Mal doesn't recognise her.
Smon: "W-who are you?" she asks nervously.
joriandrake: "Greetings" Drakh answers either Common or Thassilonian
chris107: (I just remember the pictures of sorshen as being beautiful with long black hair..  )
Smon: She seems to be speaking with a Tongues spell, so you all hear her native language.
JamesDevil: Claw looks around to his friends
Smon: She's not nearly as beautiful as Sorshen
Keelia: Q steps up, "Who are you?" she counters gently
chris107: "I am Malaxandra.Servent of Xin. These are my friends."
joriandrake: "Considering m'lady you just poped up here without further notice, we also have the same question from you" says the detective and bows a bit as greeting
JamesDevil: "I am Claw, of the Shoanti"
Smon: "I am Aulthunn of Thassilon - I was Stasised here, but the spell is broken..."
chris107: History roll for mal to recognise the name?
JamesDevil: "Why we're you in stasis?"
Smon: She has bangs and wears green, Sorshen has no bangs and wears red
JamesDevil: Claw whispers to Q
joriandrake: "Ah, welcome to the modern world then. No THassilon, no Xin" then Drakh points to Mal "YOu are in luck to meet the last true Thassilonian right there"
Smon: Aulthunn was a pretty common Azlanti name.
JamesDevil: "what IS statsis?"
joriandrake: "I assume she was locked in a time prison ro such" Drakh tells Claw
joriandrake: or*
JamesDevil: "I gathered that Drak, I'd like to know WHY"
joriandrake: "because Xin was insane and paranoid"
chris107: Can M discreetly use her detect ability to see if this is a demon etc?
JamesDevil: I don't want us to have unleashed something worse than the lords of Sin"
Smon: Aulthunn: "I was here as an emissary from Azlant, sent to broker a new peace with First King Xin, to ally the realms, but I was placed in Temporal Stasis, I suppose by Xin..." she looks nervously at Malassandra.
chris107: "I too remember Azlant, sister. Time is a great healer."
chris107: "And the emperor has gone to his reward."
joriandrake: Drakhaien will inspect her, careful of any strangeness in her speech, mannerism, clothing, words or context of information, Xin may have been mad but the woman could be a demon or such anyway
Smon: Mal uses divine sense - Aulthunn does not register as celestial fiend or undead.
chris107: Thanks
joriandrake: Drakh nods and smiles , acting friendly towards her
Smon: Drak you can roll Insight then
JamesDevil: "Did you have some kind of escort with you? a group of guards perhaps?"
Smon: Aulthunn: "I have used divination to ascertain I was placed in stasis 11,211 years ago..."
joriandrake rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 9, (+12) = 21
Smon: "Guards? Yes, but they are long gone."
chris107: "Oh! me too!"
joriandrake: 22
joriandrake: Did she cast any spell as claimed? divination?
JamesDevil: "ah...then you home will surely have gone as condolences..."
chris107: "I too was locked in a time prison, Aulthunn. trapped there by wicked Sorshen."
Keelia: "Long Gone where?" Q asks, suddenly suspicious.
Keelia: "or when, I suppose," she amends.
Smon: Aulthunn nods to Malassandra. "Then we are sisters of a kind!" she smiles slightly.
Smon: She turns to Quillax. "They were not Stasised - they must have died 11,000 years ago or more."
Smon: Aulthunn to Mal: "King Xin has gone? Did he say anything about returning the Crystal?"
joriandrake: (22 gives nothing?)
chris107: "I know of no others who remember Azlant. We are the last I fear."
chris107: "Which crystal?"
JamesDevil: (have we got an end time? my family have arrived and want attention
Keelia: "It seems strange that you are so certain they are dead. That you know how long you were in stasis but not what happened to Xin."
chris107: "Xin has only recently gone, dear Quillax."
Smon: Aulthunn nods. "The Crystal rightfully belongs to Azlant. Xin stole it when he went to Thassilon. If you can return it to me, I still have valuables with which to reward you - and I am a skilled Diviner."
joriandrake: I guess we should stop now, but I hope to get to know if Insight still had any outcome.
chris107: (M wants so badly for there to be another Azlant survivor that she is blind )
Smon: >>(22 gives nothing?)<< nope
Keelia: "I find it odd, especially when a question about returning a Crystal, is her highest priority)
joriandrake: Mym other also jsut told me she wants to go shop
joriandrake: ok then
joriandrake: Perhaps she tells the truth in that case
Smon: GM: I'm happy to stop 11.30 if you like
joriandrake: yes please
chris107: Cool by me.
JamesDevil: I'm ok with that
chris107: Mal is not very clever after all.
Smon: Aulthunn: "Some disaster has befallen Azlant, I sense, but with the power of the Crystal we can rebuild, find other survivors..."
chris107: Does M remember any story of Xin stealing a crystal on his flight from Azlant?
joriandrake: "You got really good senses." Drakh notes
chris107: (Also I'm assuming we have the depleated tower building crystal safe?)
Smon: >>Does M remember any story of Xin stealing a crystal on his flight from Azlant?<< Yes, it was before Mal's time but it was well known he had taken the Crystal into exile with him contrary to the wishes of Azlant's rulers.
chris107: Thanks Simon.
Smon: By default Claw has the crystal with the other loot unless someone else took it.
Keelia: "We were warned that there is one very good at cunning."
JamesDevil: (its probably safest with me
Smon: Quillax seems suspicious so she can roll Insight
joriandrake: "This is not a safe place for a lady, multiple traps, dangers, and at least one aboleth lurks somewhere. We could try send you to a settlement if you wish, then later tell you what we found"
Keelia rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 18, (+13) = 31
joriandrake: (yay)
chris107: good luck Keelia!
chris107: nice!
Keelia: I didn't add any bonus from Mal or anything.
Smon: Althunn smiles at Drak. "Thank you. However I am a skilled Diviner and have some other magics..."
joriandrake: Drakh still wary of her, but her story seems watertight
Smon: Quillax thinks Althunn is distinctly 'fishy' - literally. She kinda smells.
JamesDevil: Claw takes the of horacalcum and fixes it too his back
JamesDevil: "other magics?"
chris107: hehe
chris107: The Aboleth!
Keelia: I can roll again for Adv and try for 20
chris107: 'She'
joriandrake: nose used for smelling with Insight?
joriandrake: do it K
Keelia: "You smell of Fish," she accused. "You are not who you say you are."
Keelia rolls 1d20+13 and gets: 18, (+13) = 31
Keelia: (just for the hell of it  )
Keelia: the dice gods have spoken, it will remain 31
joriandrake: OK Drakh reacts and attacks now
chris107: Good effort!
joriandrake: he trusts QUillax
JamesDevil: Claw will intimidate
Smon: Althunn glares at Quillax. "Foolish petty mortal!" Tentacles burst from her towards Quillax...
Smon: roll init please
JamesDevil rolls 1d20+12 and gets: 2, (+12) = 14
joriandrake rolls 1d20+5 and gets: 9, (+5) = 14
chris107: "Deceiving slag!"
Keelia rolls 1d20+3 and gets: 12, (+3) = 15
chris107 Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
12 (+2) = 14
14 (+2) = 16
JamesDevil Rolls 1d20+2x2 and gets:
10 (+2) = 12
19 (+2) = 21
chris107: 16
JamesDevil: BOOM
joriandrake: Oh, definitively not a lady
Keelia: she/ it has disadvantage against me for attacks
joriandrake: yeah, Simon wil l still roll too
Smon: /roll d20+6
Smon rolls 1d20+6 and gets: 4, (+6) = 10
joriandrake: and after Init decided, we end
joriandrake: yay
joriandrake: Thanks for the game Simon, everyone. Have a nice holiday season (Christmas, New Year Silverster, etc) and please Simon post when we next meet
chris107: Merry Christmas, Jorian.
Smon: James you rolled 3 times
JamesDevil: first was imntimidation
JamesDevil: I was good yell at here
JamesDevil: her
joriandrake: Yeah, Claw tried to intimidate and me attack her
Smon: ok well I rolled terribly so you all won
JamesDevil: happy dance
joriandrake: She's stil lthe slowest so that is lucky for us
chris107: yays
Smon: OK stop there I guess and resume next year!

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